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'Greetings, my fellow readers, writers, and reveiwers! Welcome to my humble little place on this magnificent site. Before you continue onwards, allow me to say some things about that which I expect from those who read and reveiw my works:

1.Be polite. There is no concievable reason to be impolite or indecent in a reveiw or PM. I will always endeavor to be as polite as possible to you, just as I expect it of you.

2.Be appropriate. I am no juvinile to simply speak of lewd topics and am in fact very much set against all forms of pornography. So please, do not mention such and do not ask me to even consider writing such. Also, I will be tolerant of swearing, but not to excess.

3.Leave all politics at the door. I realize that what I type may spark controversy because of my opinions and beleifs. Any sort of bashing based solely off this will be removed as soon as detected. To translate, I simply do not want to deal with people who rage because some of my beleifs go into my writing, as most other authors would side with me on this.

4.Insanity is encouraged. I may be polite, but by all means, unleash the randomness of the net (within the terms of 2)! It will help me write and may even help you as well!

That should sum it up. As for why there is so little information in the record, why would I put it up? This is the internet, afterall, it's not entirely the safest playground. In any case, good day/night to you all. Farwell!'

Message end.

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