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I am simply a person who loves to read and write stories, obviously. Kinda redundant to say, but it's not like anyone will read this anyway. There is really not much to say about me other than that. I'm boring.

But hey, if you like a boring Joe Schmoe girl, please check out my account on I use the same username as here: PenUltimateInkmaster. Thank you in advance.

Sooo... here's some random stuff I found on the internet somewehere!

Star waiting to explode

Vision upon vision penetrates
Firing neurons inflame
Precognitive details like
Chaos inside my brain

I'll walk this schizosphere
Forever the night extends
A crucial happenstance
In a Universe that never ends

Burning projectile mind
Flying through the Milky Way
A Star waiting to explode
Maybe I'll last 'til end of day

It's like rubbing at your eyes
Open lightning-stricken eyes

Twisting through the black sky
Every sense has combined
Is it a Butterfly effect?
Seems space and I intertwine

Now the Goal's been reached
It is the Artist's empathy
Found in the glimmering truth
In the Omega Point purity

Sworn order of the rose
Mistress transmutation
Keeper of ancient secrets
Chaos, order, passion

My newly formed invention
Now filters through the silver skies
This naive new dimension
Is like open lightning-stricken eyes

Dances With Chaos

A conflagration of malice,
A slighted soul unbound, unfettered.
Gripped by maladies of chaos,
Rage unchained, unhinged, unbowed.
Surging in the veins, an elixir of emotions raw.
Steeped in phantasmagoria and raging excess.
What miasma clutches this form?
What engorging eidolon echoes from the deep
That men might weep and beasts cackle?
The prophecies of idiot gods,
Yet intellect there is to astound the cacophony of man.

A master’s whip crack,
A slave’s degradation.
Purging, cleansing, cull of the feeble.
Sanity’s tortured death rattle,
An echoing chord, snapped taught
To slit the throats of the putrescent.
Silhouettes against the flame,
Parodies of the son, regurgitations of the first.
Heavy in hand, dead in mind,
Yet rampant with life in flowing form.
The inferno devours its way to lick the lofty throne of stars.

A harbinger’s dire verse,
A resplendent usurpation of life.
The wheel spoke snaps and bends,
Cracks on the surface spew flame from the world's guts.
Twisting, ending, burning, dying,
Cataclysm unrestrained in its gluttony.
The children of that pantheon in ascension,
Their brutality unrelenting,
Their excesses unrepenting,
Suckling at the chest of sin,
Driving forth with the will of the conqueror.
Hoof and tooth, judge and jury,
Redeemer and destroyer.

A world in death throes,
A sanctuary perverted and raped.
Chords of fate pulled and cut,
Lustful secretions purveyed and spent,
Sonorous putrefaction reclaiming the cycle,
Violence and murder spills from the throne.
Now to the void,
Now to the abhorrent,
Now to unlife,
Now to damnation.

The Old Clock on the Stairs Related Poem Content Details


Somewhat back from the village street

Stands the old-fashioned country-seat.

Across its antique portico

Tall poplar-trees their shadows throw;

And from its station in the hall

An ancient timepiece says to all, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

Half-way up the stairs it stands,

And points and beckons with its hands

From its case of massive oak,

Like a monk, who, under his cloak,

Crosses himself, and sighs, alas!

With sorrowful voice to all who pass, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

By day its voice is low and light;

But in the silent dead of night,

Distinct as a passing footstep's fall,

It echoes along the vacant hall,

Along the ceiling, along the floor,

And seems to say, at each chamber-door, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

Through days of sorrow and of mirth,

Through days of death and days of birth,

Through every swift vicissitude

Of changeful time, unchanged it has stood,

And as if, like God, it all things saw,

It calmly repeats those words of awe, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

In that mansion used to be

Free-hearted Hospitality;

His great fires up the chimney roared;

The stranger feasted at his board;

But, like the skeleton at the feast,

That warning timepiece never ceased, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

There groups of merry children played,

There youths and maidens dreaming strayed;

O precious hours! O golden prime,

And affluence of love and time!

Even as a miser counts his gold,

Those hours the ancient timepiece told, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

From that chamber, clothed in white,

The bride came forth on her wedding night;

There, in that silent room below,

The dead lay in his shroud of snow;

And in the hush that followed the prayer,

Was heard the old clock on the stair, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

All are scattered now and fled,

Some are married, some are dead;

And when I ask, with throbs of pain,

"Ah! when shall they all meet again?"

As in the days long since gone by,

The ancient timepiece makes reply, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

Never here, forever there,

Where all parting, pain, and care,

And death, and time shall disappear, —

Forever there, but never here!

The horologe of Eternity

Sayeth this incessantly, —

"Forever — never!

Never — forever!"

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