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~About me~

age: I'm 26 until next year he he he

name: You can call me whatever you want, just as long as you like my work ;)

gender: I'm a man and plan to stay this way he he

Well after more than a year, I suppose it's time for a little update. For those who like to visit this page, I'm still a french speaking canadian who likes to write stories. I currently have more ideas in my head than I can possibly put down on paper he he he. Also, I always finish the stories I post, whether it takes me a year or a day to do so. I just love writing too much to quit.

The way I picture my characters in my stories are the ways I see them at the moment I write the story. This vision often changes with time and is not always exactly the same as in the manga. After all, it's the proper of fanfiction to elaborate on a specific character. I absolutely love to delve into a character's psyche and as such, I love the characters of both Kikyo and Sesshomaru because of their aloofness and the way they constantly hide their emotions from the rest of the world. In essence, I like to ask myself "What on earth could possibly be hiding behind this mask?" and provide a credible answer.

Here are a few of my views on some of the caracters of the serie. Feel free to e-mail me any comments you may have on them. I will post more as time goes by, but for now, here is what I have. Note however that I receive a lot of junk, so if you want me to actually read your message, put something significant in the object, not just "hi" or "Hello". Those are systematically erased without a second glance.

Caracter profiles

Inuyasha: One of the main caracter of the story. He's got one hell of a temper and a mouth to go with it. He also has a rather big ego and is very reckless. Yet, as reckless and stupid as he may seems, he did manage to surprise me sometimes with his insight. The best example comes from Miroku's explanation in episode 27. Though the monk says it may be "reading too much into his behavior", I do think that he's right. He's also not very trusting of other people, thanks to the harsh life he had to live so far and Naraku, who pinned him and Kikyo one against the other. His heart is good however and he will show it numerous times, but it is also very troubled. He cannot seem to decide whether he prefers Kagome or Kikyo, much to a certain schoolgirl's distress. In short, Inuyasha's a ruffian with a heart of gold that is too proud to admit he has feelings for someone else. That's it for now, more in the future maybe

Well, in my point of view, she's probably the most straightforward caracter in the whole serie. She has a kind heart and will go at great length to help her friends, not caring what may happen to her in the process. She's not one to let herself be trampled by anyone especially Inuyasha who gets a piece of her mind more often than not (Osuwari!). She's slow to hate and very quick to forgive and the only caracter she will absolutely never forgive is Naraku. She always tries to see the good in people, even people who she thought were bad in the first place. She's of course in love with Inuyasha, but the problem is that Inuyasha just can't forget about Kikyo, so a lot of anguish, torment and also a spark of jealousy is born from that. And yet, despite all of that, she will never try to stop Inuyasha from seeing Kikyo because she understands the place she holds in his heart... though she doesn't necessarily has to like it. That's about all I have to say on her, more in the future maybe.

She was Inuyasha's first love, 50 years before he met Kagome. Physically, she looks almost like Kagome, which makes sense because the latter is her reincarnation. She hates Naraku with a passion and she will stop at nothing to see that he is taken care of. Though it is not said clearly, I do believe that she is jealous of Kagome, because the girl was able to do what she could not: heal Inuyasha's heart. As such, she will do many things to hurt the girl, like force her to watch as she takes the hanyou to hell and so on. One thing is for sure though, she does love Inuyasha and she wants to win his heart back, no matter what. She is about as open about her emotions as Sesshoumarou, which is not a lot. But they are there and they will show themselves many times in explosions of anger. Though she might be cold to the point of cruelty sometimes, she does have a soft side, one where she will show surprising kindness. The most striking of these examples being episode 22 where she formulated the desire to actually stay in a village. You see her smile genuinely and care for children and in the end, when she has to leave, you can sense that Sayo's rejection has really hurt her. This leads me to believe that "under the aloofness and mystery of her lie a really fragile woman" (quoted from IKnowNot's review in Kikyo's lonely journey).

Miroku: A man of contradiction. Miroku is a monk... though only in title. He has a hopelessly perverted nature and he will go off after any pretty woman he sees. If the said woman passes his beauty test, he will ask his traditional question "Will you bear my child", causing rather humorous reactions depending on the target. Let's not forget his right hand, which has a tendency to wander off on its own and generate a few well placed slaps from the target. Still, as hopelessly perverted as Miroku is, he can also surprise you with his insight on critical matters. His ability to sense a person's true heart is rather surprising, especially when it comes down to Inuyasha. Still, he is a man that loves luxury and he will not hesitate to lie a little if it can provide him with easy food and a roof. He is also a very loyal friend and strong fighter thanks to his kazaana and his spiritual powers. His ultimate goal is to defeat Naraku and thus break the curse on his right hand. He also has strong feelings for Sango, which he will show mainly by rubbing her backside every now and then, causing an instant and very funny red handprint to appear on his cheek. But when it really matters, he will not hesitate to risk his life to save his sweetheart, showing incredible selflessness and courage. All in all, Miroku is a very good person and his passion for luxury and women (even if presented in a very humorous manner) makes him all the more human to me.

Naraku: The big badass villain of the serie. Naraku is a half-demon born of the thief Onigumo and he's the one who pinned Inuyasha and Kikyo one against the other. He's extremely smart and devious. He absolutely loves to play with people's feelings, trying to make the most loyal of friends betray each other for the sole reason of tainting the jewel. He never fights an opponent directly, he always sends either demon puppets or one of his incarnations to do his dirty work. When he does face you, you can be sure that he has devised a plan to escape should he fails to defeat you (like in episode 81). He's very rarely taken aback by anything, but it is always a pleasure to see his eyes widen when he is (just like when Inuyasha breaks through his barrier with his red Tessaiga, the look in his eyes is absolutely priceless he he). I could go on forever with how bad that guy really is, but that would just be a waste of time. The only thing I do know is that when he does kick the bucket, he won't be missed he he he.

The almost impossibly strong demon slayer of the group. Even though she's only human, I'm sure her strength could match Inuyasha's, which is quite impressive. She's a very loyal and kind-hearted person and will stop at nothing to protect her friends. Naraku has a string attached to her however in the name of her brother Kohaku who is under his control, thanks to a jewel shard in his back. He tries to make her hate him in the beginning, but Sango's love for her brother is stronger than her will to live. She's also in love with the hopelessly pervert Miroku, which causes a lot of frustration and a lot of slapping, especially when his hand wanders a little too much. She's also very close to Kagome. I'm not certain, but I do think that she sees her as something very close to a sister. She will often cry in her arms and will confide in her when she needs to. Strong, kind-hearted, generous, loyal that's what Sango is and that's why she's so important to the whole gang.

He is Inuyasha's half-brother and shares some of the same physical traits (white hair, golden eyes and so on). He is proud, almost to the point of stupidity and will refuse any form of help, even if his life is threatened. He resents his brother Inuyasha because he is a hanyou and also because he inherited the Tessaiga, a sword capable of slaying a hundred demons in one swipe while he inherited Tenseiga, a sword that can heal one hundred people in one swipe (which he considers useless). However, as much as he wants to beat the pulp of Inuyasha, he wants to do so in a fair fight, otherwise there would be no purpose to his victory (so he claims in episode 52), which leads me to believe that he has a strong sense of honor. He is extremely cold and will not show emotions often, probably because he considers them to be a source of weakness. He does have his moments though, moments where he will explode in anger or show a protective side of him that you wouldn't suspect. He saved a little girl named Rin with his sword. Though his reasons for doing so are rather obscur, I think that he was touched by the kindness she showed him and whether he wants to admit it or not, he does care about her like a father would his child. That's about all I can think about for now about this caracter. If I get new thoughts, I'll post them.

Shippo: A small kitsune youkai that had his family killed by the thunder brothers for the jewel shards they possessed. He's still young and as such, not very strong physically. He has courage though and he will not hesitate to use his fox magic to help and protect his friends. He is very fond of Kagome who he sees as a foster mother and will not hesitate to fall under her protective wing when a certain hanyou is angry with him. For all his young age, I found that Shippo could have surprising insight on things, even more so than the adults in certain ways. I wondered for a while on the purpose of his presence in the story as I didn't see his contribution right away. But as I began to wonder, I realized that he served as a strange kind of buffer between Inuyasha and Kagome. This became apparent to me in episode 38, when the two had their fight over Kouga. He's the sort of guy that will try his hardest to keep the relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha harmonious, because he sees them both as parent figures (though this is never actually said out loud). Well, that's it for now. More in the future maybe.

-Future ideas-

Untitled as of yet:

On the eve of her graduation, Kagome and Inuyasha become mates. The only problem is that the ritual leaves traces on Kagome that starts to attract unwanted attention.


During a battle with a samurai, Sango gets slightly wounded and falls ill because of it. The thing is that there are no treatment in the past for her disease. The only hope she has of surviving lies in the present time. But no one except Kagome and Inuyasha can cross the well...

-Current projects-

Journey of the soul:
Status(October 18th 2006):
chapter 9 posted, chapter 10 on the way
Note: I was taking a walk one day and the idea popped into my head. Originally intended as a one-shot, it quickly grew to something a LOT bigger. As opposed to my other stories, the pace in this one is a bit slower and there's a more characters interactions in this story than in my previous ones. Since this story takes place 50 years before the original series, Kagome and the rest aren't there, but it doesn't mean we can't have a few new characters to replace them :).
Summary: Thinking Kikyo betrayed him, Inuyasha runs off in the forest to try and cool his head. However, he is quick to stumble upon the real miko wounded and dying. Thanks to a blood ingestion from Inuyasha, Kikyo's life is saved... but at what cost? As the miko struggles with the heavy side-effects of her healing, it quickly becomes obvious that Naraku isn't the only enemy there is. Can the couple win this two-sided battle and recover the jewel or will Naraku's deviousness succeed in the end?

Pride, honor and family I: Divisions:
Status(October 18th 2006):
Prologue finished and posted, chapter 1 underway.
Note: Massive is the word for this project of mine. Originally one story, I simply had to split it into many books because of the sheer size of the thing. Just about all the characters will be in there, plots and subplots... well to make a long story short, this thing's a MONSTER! And I love it he he he.
Summary: 4 months after Akkimaru's defeat, Inuyasha's gang must once again take arms against evil. Now, scattered all over japan, facing different threats, they all must find within themselves the strength to regroup and retaliate against an opponent that they thought long dead.

-Finished projects-

Kikyo's lonely journey:
status: Finished on April 8th 2006
Note: I was watching Inuyasha: Castle beyond the looking glass and there was a scene where Kikyo was walking down a road. It gave me the idea for this story, surprising how little it takes sometimes to get my imagination all worked up he he.
Summary: Having lost Inuyasha to Kagome, Kikyo is now condemned to roam the earth endlessly... or so she thought until a chance encounter with a young girl named Susune turns her world upside down.

status: Finished on September 24th 2005
Note: Well here goes, after warming up with "Heart's destination" I had an idea for another story. This story will be bigger and will center on the whole gang rather just Inuyasha and Kagome. There will be romance, but not just that, action and adventure will also play a big part of the plot. I'll update this page to keep you posted on my progress.
Summary: The last battle with Naraku has been fought and the jewel is finally complete. With Miroku and Sango down for the count, can Inuyasha and Kagome prevent the jewel from falling into the hands of evil once again?

Remember our bond:

status: Finished on june 20th 2005
Well, seeing as I was stuck in the two stories currently in going, I decided to change my mind a little and write this. I made this the sister story of "Remember the past" as the core idea is basically the same. It's basically a serie of flashbacks as Inuyasha remembers his life with Kagome who died a long time before. Quite sad if I do say so myself, but I like writing sad stuff he he he.
More than two centuries have passed since Kagome died, leaving Inuyasha behind. As he goes to visit her tomb, Inuyasha remembers their life together and how harsh fate was to them and the ones he cared about.

Remember the past:

status: Finished on january 21st 2005
It's a one shot fanfiction that I felt like writing to get my mind off aftereffects a bit. It took me quite a few handkerchief to get through it, but the result is there I think. As always, I'm proud of how it turned out no matter what anyone says.
70 years after the dreadful battle with Naraku and the completion of the shikon jewel, Kagome goes to visit the tombs of her friends who fell during the battle and remembers the events that lead to their demise.

Heart's destination

status: Finished on January 1st 2005
It's a short and sweet vignette about Inuyasha and Kagome opening their heart to each other. It came out completely different than what I had expected, in fact, the original idea for this story isn't even IN the story he he he. Nonetheless, I'm proud of the result. It allowed me to test my writing skills and see if I wanted to write something else.
With Naraku dead and the shikon jewel completed, Inuyasha grows distant from Kagome. Will he be able to open up to her or will his heart remain closed forever?

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