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Author has written 3 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Final Fantasy X-overs, and Harry Potter.

Hi, I am Extreme Groping. (And I am his wonderful fiance, Suzu no Miko. Doesn't it SUCK when peopleknow your passwords? Ne?) When I started writing fanfics, I had no idea that I would be publishing them. (I did.) But thanks to the constant prodding from my wonderful fiance (ME! ME!), here they are. I hope you enjoy these as much as Suzu did.

Also, I am a full-time student at UC, so much of my time is consumed by schoolwork, or just plain work. (He literally has 3 hours a week to write, if he's lucky.) Please put me in your author alert list, because my updates will be very sporadic.

I am an anime otaku, so here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

Chobits (DIOS, she's Kawaii!)
Yu Yu Hakusho (JIN! TOUYA! I LOVE YOU!)
Dual: Parallel Trouble Adventure
Inu Yasha (Sesshomaru X Kouga! Kouga as the uke of course...)
Ranma 1/2 (Name your yaoi pairing, it's a veritable LOTTERY!)
Cowboy Bebop (Mmmmmm... yummy.)
Spirited Away (KOHAKU!)
Princess Mononoke (Eh... not really.)
Castle in the Sky (Laputa)
Shadow Skill
Peacemaker (I know how the kid feels, I'm REALLY short too! T.T)

Some of my non-anime interests are:

The Nightmare before Christmas (Non-yaoi. Otherwise it would be SEVERE necrophelia)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (Yaoi! Yaoi!)
Harry Potter Books & Movies (Of COURSE this is Yaoi)
Jay & Silent Bob (Um... ew.)
Bob & Tom (Again, ew, but in a more sarcastic tone.)

Visit my fiance's site at: www.fanfiction.net/~suzunomiko

If you're a fan of yaoi, slavery, rape, and (crossdressing) villians (There's a hell of a LOT of them in anime, ne?), you'll love her stories.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"There was a murder on my street... the chalk outline is still there... we could play hopscotch"
-Me, in a text message at 1:30 am to my fiance.

"Tomorrow, you will bow to the shop sign before you enter"
-Peacemaker character, after he kicked someone's butt with the shop sign pole.

"I'll tell you what it's (the blowhole) not for. And when I do you'll understand why I can never return to Sea World"
-Peter Griffin, Family Guy

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Based in a Final Fantasy universe of my own making. Dimensional gateways and super-power- enhancing bodily parasites abound in this fic. The parasite thing is kind of gross, I'll admit... but what about Vampire Hunter D? You all loved him, right?
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