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Lets get the basics out of the way .

I am a 20 year (and 8 month) old girl , studying engineering and dreaming of bishies. I am not that great in physics and though I like it, all this liking seems to disappear when I have to sit for exams..I wonder why _~. I am not that great at maths either but I manage to pass semesters just fine. Moral :~ Believe in miracles. I did.

What other murky secrets can I reveal ???

I read and write slash..writing is ocassional while reading is a daily must. I am at that stage when just watching two innocent men on the road makes me want to slash them ( on paper ,silly ) and ...cough..make them romantically inclined. Wishful thinking. Thankfully though, I have not yet done that to my male proffessors...yet..who knows when the eyes will gleam and the pen will be inspiried ? Even tried scanlations but nothing beats a sexy set of adjectives. :)

I have a japanese alter ego (atleast thats what my mom has begun to think ). About time I got a name for it . Any suggestions ?

Am available for betaing and drooling over good fics because reading is what I do best, though I would give something to be able to spew vitriol in elegant english like Snape is purported to do...more by the fanfic authors ,than the lady herself.

I dislike anything my mind perceives as work which ..let's EVERYTHING..almost. I am incredibly lazy but one thing ..if I take the responsibility ,I will see it through.

Anime :~ Yami no Matsuei, GetBackers,Ghost in the Shell, Trigun , Weiss Kreuz, Fushigi Yuugi,Loveless, Fruits Basket,Inuyasha,Mirage no Blaze, and most recently Trinity Blood.

Manga :~ Unfortunately can't read japanese so its all scanlations and all yaoi :)

Characters :~ Kazutaka Muraki, Akabane Kurodo, Legato Bluesummers,Nakago, Kazuki, Mido Ban,Mojor Kusanagi, Tasuki, Chichiri ,Ayame ( yuki's elder bro ), Schuldig ,Soubi , Naoe, Sesshhoumaru-sama, all the methoselah( vampires) in Trinity Blood, Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, and Jack Sparrow

Muse(s) :~, I am in the market as it were .( Guess which movie )

Blogger :~ Paul savante's bedtime stories blog is the best by far. Check it out.

This is the first time I have written a profile and I like the way it turned out..hmm...a verb here and a spellcheck there...done.

Well, if you managed to read to this point and haven't decided to kill me yet, drop a message anytime _


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