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Hi Everbody!

My demented mind has told me it's time to fix up and perfect my profile. Do you fear? I'll add an 'Eclestic Wisdom' section when I'm bored.

I gots a deviantArt account now! It's Check it out! Just as a warning, unlike my other stuff, some bits may be PG-13 (some mild language...teenage years have finally gotten to me...). I'm open to requests!

Welcome to the warped and twisted world of chaos and darkness that can only be described as...MY IMAGINATION! BWA HA HA HA HA!

Man, I am soo excited about actually being here, so before I start mindlessly ranting (which, in confession, is pretty much what I always do), here are some commom FAQ about me

Q: What is your real name?

A: Ha! Wouldn't you like to know!

Q: Where do you live?

A: Currently, in the northern hemisphere, why?

Q: What is your age and grade level?

A: Sixteen now (WOO HOO! ROAD RAGE CITY!), Junior. (Blink blink) Wow...

Q: How tall are you?

A: Tall...ish. Hey, why are you asking me this? ARE YOU A STALKER?

Q: If I have two Algabraic formulas, 2x-9y=35 and 4x+6y=65, what is the point of interception using the elimination method?


Q: I'm thinking of a number between one and twenty-

A: Ok! That's enough of this section!

It is my dream to one day become a great Author and forever to be remembered by my strides in literature. Oddly, it was only three years ago when I won a local writing contest bashing the mass belief system, and suddenly, I LOVE WRITING! I like to think my skills are slowly improving. If such skills include thinking up demented OCs, then I've come a long way.

If you haven't guessed, my favorite style of writing is comedy. There is nothing I love more than laughing my head off for no good reason.

I try to be an optomistic person, and that's pretty darn hard when you are dusted in gym class every single day and you barely have any friends. However, it's almost comforting to think that one day, you'll be interviewed by psychotic journalists, and I'll always be quoting, "I bet those idiots in Gym are tearing there hair out right now. They chose to scream obsenities (a fancy word for cuss words) behind my back insted of trying to know me. Oh well, they missed out on their chance of being a friend to a millionare."

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Oh yeah. I'm also good at writing drama, adventure, and parody, which is really a different form of comedy.

I've had a long love of Japanese Anime, and I'm into the Manga craze. I read 'Othello', 'Fruits Basket', 'Megatokyo', 'XXXHolic', 'Chikyu Misaki', and I'm still trying to broaden my horizens by buying different ones. It really became official when I started buying subtitled Japanese Yu-gi-Oh DVDs. Now I know there's no way to turn back.

My one goal is to find a kick-butt female character. And after a long search, I found some! Like Yuko from Xxx Holio, and Nana from Othello. Both are very cool mangas by the way.

However, I have a love of all cartoons. My favorite stations are Nick, Cartoon Network, and latly, I've become hooked on Anime Network on Demand, and I've recently become a 'House' nut as well. I should really start watching 'Greys Anatomy' too...and 'The Venture Brothers'.

Whenever I am not writing, I am reading! I love to read, and I suppose that's what helps me write, being inspired by other great works.

I would write down all the books I love, but that would take me absolutly forever. However, to make a long story short, I love Historical Novels, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, and anything that provokes thoughtfull questions.

Yes I'm a nerd! Don't rub it in!

I've recently become a gaming NUT! Unfortunatly, I only have a Nintendo DS, so my selection is limited. But that hasn't stopped me! I currently play a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh games, KH Chian of Memories (RIKU!), and I'm such a huge Fire Emblem fanatic that I bought every game compatible on GBA (yes, even Fuuin no Tsurugi the non-translated into English version that I had to print out a four hundred page script just to understand what everyone is saying, miraculously not killing my printer. Thank you so much Fire Lizard! I owe you!) I also play Sims just because it was made for crazy people who like to make their own crazy people like me.

Favorite characters in Yu-Gi-Oh, in no particular order

Serenity Wheeler
Ryo Bakura ( I always reffer to him as Ryo)
Seto Kaiba ( I always refer to him as Seto)
Tea Garnder ( I refer to her as Tea, not Anzu, but then again, maybe I should start the original Anime version of course. The English dubbed Tea is a bigger loser than I am)
Mokuba Kaiba
Mai Valentine (she just kicks butt so hard! I can't help it!)
Ishizu Istar (Well kinda. She has an awesome voice actress in the Japanese Version, and she's a big sister like me, and she has to bail her little brother's sorry butt out of trouble like me, so I feel to her)
All the 'Little Kid' versions of the characters (THEY'RE JUST SO CUTE!)

Favorite Couples in Yu-Gi-Oh


Favorite Fire Emblem Characters

Sacred Stones

Eirika ( I am the kind of girl who loves to play as a girl)
Marisa (Coolest sword lady ever!)
Joshua (He's just too fun...)
Innes (He's fun too)
Tana (Am I the only person who likes her?)
Cormag (Wyvern Riders are always cool, but he's just the best!)
Lyon (ANGSTY!)
Oswin (My favorite NPC, just because he's a happy loony)
Artur ('cause he's a pretty boy!)

Fire Emblem (Rekka no Ken)

Lyn (See Eirika)
The Pegasus Sisters (All of them are cool in their own ways)
Heath (He's so pretty...and I want his hair...)
Lucius (I know...I don't want to think he's gay but...but...when I get my hopes up so high that there's a female monk, only to have them crushed...)
The Reed Brothers (I wish they stayed on board...I think they're both funny, cool, and sad at the same time...)
Nino (She has such a bittersweet story, her stats rock, and she's got green hair. What more could anyone ask for?)
Jaffar (He's creepy, but cool...and he makes me cry...a a good way though)
Erk (He makes me laugh)
Serra ('You're my escort Erk! MINE!')
Renault (He's just way too cool a character!)

Fuuin no Tsurugi (The Sealed Sword)

Rutger (He's a pretty boy...a cool pretty boy...)
Clarine (Most people hate her because she's so stuck up, but that's what makes her so funny!)
Fae (I love her supports! They're so cute! GO FAZILLA!)
Lou (Nino in male form! What's not to love?)
Hugh (SPAWN OF CANAS! So of course, he's a barrel of fun!)
Enchida (She's so cool!)
Gonzales (He's such a good guy...he doesn't deserve to be ugly and stupid)
Sophia (At last! A female shamen!)
Cath (God-awful hard to recruit, but she's great fun, and a wicked awesome female theif!)
Karel (He was fun when he was a homicidal maniac, but his calmed down version is great fun too)
Geese (Wow, he's pretty! And he doesn't look like Geitz at all! Which is a shame, I liked Geitz too...)
Dorthy (She kicks butt, even thought she isn't the prettiest girl in the world! Go her!)

Random Characters I Personally Can Live Without

Sora from Kingdom Hearts (for a main character, he just strikes me as annoying. Like a yipper dog that stole Tai's hairdo)

Tethys from Sacred Stones (Honestly woman, at least try to act a little less like a dancer!)

Eliwood (He's way too vanilla for me personally. Ninian, if you love the guy, it's one thing, but cutting your life short for that? Oh, and terrible stats...yeah, that too...)

Roy (Every FE fan and Smash Brothers player screams "WE WANT ROY! WHERE'S ROY? IS HE IN THIS GAME?" Well...Roy does nothing but succeed his father in the vanilla king of the doinks. Add, like, five potential brides to that, and you can see why I'm not preferable to him.)

Almost every female character in the Final Fantasy Series (God, they're all flirts, dim wits, overly passive, serve nothing more than love interest, two dimensional, and are scantily clad. To Square Enix, if you're reading this, I wish to point out that fourty percent of the gaming world consists of women, and that number is growing. I therefore request that you make you female characters a little less like the fanciful ideal that you seem to model them after and a little more like real women. I mean in Fire Emblem, they at least TRY!)

In all aspects of my life, kindness is very much appreciated. Therefore, I try to answer all of my reviews as best I can. I can't thank all of you enough for being so nice to me. It's the many kind reviewers out there who keep my work flowing, and you need to thank yourselves just as much as you thank me. I also have infinate respect to anyone who gives me constructive critisism (especially about my attrocious spelling), and still manages to keep it polite. To everyone who has made my day a little bit brighter, wheter it be kind reviews, recomendations, or nudges in the right dirrection, whether your a review, a reader, a fellow author, a friend, or just someone who helped me pick up something that I droped, I hope all of you are treated as well as you've treated me.

Oh yeah, about my writing. I am not a swearor our of choice (though that's recently been chagning...), but since I portray a lot of teenagers and sinister idiots, sometimes I have a real conflict of intrests. So I usually keep my swearing to a minimum. All my stories are rated under PG.

Alright, that's all the time I have to rant. Please read one of my stories. It would make me happy.

Before I let you go, I need to read this note I found in my mail box.


I love you.

The annoying kid who sits next in class.


Oh well, that's all I got! Thanks for reading!

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Those Crazy Obelisks reviews
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