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Should come out to about 60 chapters. (Note to readers who have asked: this is considerably more than originally projected.) And a huge shout out to my Reverse beta JesusFreak100Percent-- She's absolutely fantastic!

10/21/14: To my dearest readers,

Your outpouring of love and affection toward Reverse continues to astound me. I am deeply grateful for your dedication to this story, so please take this note as an assurance of mine. As I mentioned in my most recent updates, I have just begun a six-month yoga teacher training that is a very important step for me in my personal journey. Since starting, I have gained a full appreciation for the immense time commitment it involves, so I've had to figure out what to do about Reverse during this period; I simply don't have the mental space to manage both fully and fairly.

I've decided the best approach will be to take another hiatus, a bit like any serialized TV show. Once the training is nearing completion, I'll start back up and continue updating every few weeks, rather than once every month, or longer, in the interim. For all intents and purposes, Reverse is a fic of epic proportions in the literary sense. I would like to do it the justice it deserves and finish it (and enjoy myself while I'm doing it), rather than hastily scrabble to upload chapters in the precious little free time I currently have. The latter may also appear disjointed to you, as a reader (I know long gaps between each new chapter can jar one's experience of a story, especially in such a detail-rich fic as this).

Thank you for your understanding, and to those of you who have always come back throughout what has evolved to be a decade-long affair. You are, truly, the best, most wonderful fans any author can have on a site like this. I hope you go out and enjoy being part of this big ol' world as well in the betweens.


Reverse Fanart:

Some extremely awesome Reverse fanart from MDominatusP - Check it out!

mdominatusp (dot) tumblr (dot) com (forward slash) tagged (forward slash) reversefanfic

Remove the forward slashes, dots, spaces and parentheses to get where you need to go.

(You don't have to be part of tumblr to see it.)

Reverse Audio:

If you're interested in listening to a developing REVERSE audio recording, reader Emily J. Redbird has done a lovely job with a few of the chapters here:

soundcloud. com/ emily-j-redbird/ reverse-prologue

Plus a question from reader AllAboutObsessions: How can the muggelborns be so corrupted? I figure they would have spent their first 11 years with people with normal morals. How does the transformation come about?

And my answer: Keep in mind that even the Muggle world in Universe B is morally 'reversed' as well. It's a mostly dystopian world. So the ethical standards of the majority of normal people living in London at the time, for example, would fall a bit on the darker, more corrupt scale (versus here in Universe A, where I would say the standard moral inclination tends to swing more toward what we could consider as 'good.'). The Universe B country of Muggle Britain itself, even, may not even be a pillar of freedom and tolerance at all (what I was sort of trying to get across with the American President bit in Chp. 22 -- that so many Universe B countries which are looking the other way and/or condone Dumbledore's severe suppression of the conservative uprisings would potentially have been the first countries to speak out against it in Universe A). So, first part: for the majority of Muggleborns, and people, their 'normal' morals in 1999 Universe B equate 'questionable' morals in Universe A. That's the world I've created.

Second part: It's true that a few Muggleborns may have been raised in the less common 'morally upright' families. But still, Muggleborns as a whole are pretty rare, so perhaps only a handful of them over the decade have not personally subscribed to the oppression. But consider that when they arrive in the wizarding world, there's only a handful of them, and they're treated like royalty because of Dumbledore's strong support of the Muggle world and Muggle/Magical partnerships. They're also fed the Sovereignty propaganda that conservatives/pure Light wizards, which include most Old-Bloods, haven't supported Muggle/Magical Integration, and, therefore, Muggleborns themselves. It would be very easy for them to view conservatives as a threat to their greatly welcomed position in the wizarding world, especially since they're new to the magical world and might not understand it fully. Unless they have very strong principles and an advocacy drive like Hermione (who, let's face it, is a rare flower anyway), I could see how they wouldn't speak out against it or would just go along with it.


Thanks so much everyone for all the wonderful and interesting reviews throughout the years. Word of mouth has really been what's gotten so much readership for this story, and I certainly couldn't have accomplished that without you! I wrote HYE in my younger writing days. When I read through it now, a lot of bits, especially early on, really showcase my lack of experience as an author, so quite frankly I truly appreciate your generosity of praise and willingness to go it through to the end!

I have had several banners made for this story. They are absolutely amazing and very fitting, and if you would like to see them, check it out at these links. Just be sure to take the spaces out.

http: //i20. photobucket .com/ albums/ b206/ eleriel/ hyebanner2.jpg -- Courtesy of Eleriel

http : // i22. photobucket. com/ albums/ b349/ Ravenclawgirl /haveyouever. jpg --Courtesy of Flora Hiemis

http : // w. deviantart. com/ deviation/ 61740808/ - Courtesy of Supposedlysophy

And one, courtesy of LoneStranger, at www. deviantart. com - search under all keywords Have You Ever, Hermione, and Tom.

http:// img . photobucket. com/albums/v328/ KB_Lachance/other/ Have_You_Ever_by_Aniron_Mornie . jpg -- A beautiful image of Hermione, by Solitaire's Mornie. She's also made another amazing image of Hermione, which you can find at: http://img . photobucket . com/albums/v328/KB_Lachance/ other/ Have_You_Ever_Holiday_Soiree_by_Ani . jpg

And, lastly, a wonderful manip by ga nat nat, found at: http:// photo . xanga . com / HermyJane / f65c398612342 / photo . html

There is also a lovely HYE music video, courtesy of PygmyPuff20, that you can check out at:

http : // media. putfile. com/ Have-You-Ever-28

As well as five absolutely breathtaking trailers for the story:

The first, by Lost-In-Narnia: http : // youtube. com / watch?v = 2cDv2fqZHjU

The second, by YunaKitty2987: http : // youtube. com / watch?v = vK52BVUP4Rg

The third, by Lone Stranger: http: // youtube. com / watch?v = NDLBYj3QZy8&NR

The fourth, by Kendra86: http : // youtube. com / watch?v= bBvhknxz- 6U

And the fifth, by xxtingxx: http: // youtube. com/watch?v= OHI5b 8V8StA&mode =related &search=

Actually, there's a bunch more now and they're all amazing! So be sure to check them out!

About Me: I'm a fan of strong but real female characters. There aren't enough of those in this world.

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