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hi peoples! im iLUVfire and this is my profile.

Apparently 98 percent of kids have tried weed. If you are the only other person in the world who thinks cinnamon sticks are better, copy and paste this into your profile.

my new laptop makes editing me profile all funny, so if i edit my profile itll be at the library or school. anyway, moving on...

i name all my stories after songs...just thought id get that out there...

hobbies: scar drama, songwritng, reading, music, singing, woodshop, writing, video games, and guitar hero


movies: SoR, PotC, sahara, star wars , v for vendetta, all indianna jones, breakfast club

books: lets not get into this...

bands: system of a down, family force 5, alot of soundtracks,queen, acdc,led zepplin,lynard skynard, aretha franklin,chuck berry, george thorogood, weird al yanchovic, dave matthews band, heart, joan jett, nirvana, police.

manga: fruits basket, naruto, FMA, bleach, dnangel, wish, descendants of darkness


bleach: dude, i have the biggest crush on chad...rukia, tatsumi, ichigo, hat and clogs.

fruits basket: kyo, yuki, hatsuharu

naruto: kakashi-sama...and hinata...

FMA: ed, al, winry


descendants of darkness: watari, hisoka, watari's owl, the gushoshin and tsuzuki

sahara:al,sandecker, rudi, dirk.

star wars: han solo, luke, leia, anniken, master yoda, chewy, C3PO, R2D2.

sky high: warren peace, layla, magenta,


star wars: han soloXleia

sahara:dirkXeva, alXterra (oc).

danny phantom:dannyXsam

sky high: warrenXjillain (oc), willXlayla, majXzach, ethan, well, ethans just the single friend you can always count on to be hitting on girls!not well, tho...

fruits basket: none, really. altho i really support kyonkyon/uotani.

naruto: SASU/NARU! mwahaha, yaoi...teehee...

FMA: ed/winry

dnangel: none.

wish: none.

descendants of darkness: errrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm...henh...yaoiyaoiyaoiyaoiyaoi... XP

things i have learned:

1:being behind a camera is better than being in front of it.

2:u must always have a towel with you. i have this old limited too one that i got in the third grade. it took me through some hard times, that towel.

3: u must always have a lucky hat. mine is this black knitted thing i wear all the time. its so awesome!

4: teenage boys are idiots.

5:always carry a pencil and paper. song ideas just come out of the blue at times.

6. TOYF!!! (think on your feet, for those of you not in theatre)

7. most PE teachers are fat... i dont know why...

favorite qoutes from movies/tv shows/books, anything fiction:

'Ancient weapons and superstitious mumbo jumbo are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.' -Han Solo, Star Wars IV A New Hope.

'i have a very bad feeling about this' luke skywalker, star wars IV, a new hope; obi wan kenobi, star wars III, revenge of the sith.

'do you want me to warm that up for you?'

'we aren't supposed to use our powers outside of school!'

i was just going to stick it in the microwave.' layla and warren, sky high.

'i lost my hat!'

'you did?'

'yeah.' al and dirk, sahara

'this guy is so accidentally cool!' one of the amigo penguins, happy feet

'remember,remember, the 5th of november, the gunpowder treason and plot.

I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.' v, v for vendetta

'you know how my mom can communicate with animals? well apparently they don't like being eaten.' layla, sky high

'bloody hell!' ron weasley, harry potter, 1-7

'can we panic now?' ron, HP # 2

'holy shinkey! we're in the detention room!" payla cunnings, bonded in fire, by Lt. Commander Richie

'stop blowing holes in my ship!' Capt Jack Sparrow, pirates of the carribean (ah, so sexy...)

'oy! me eye!' pintell, pirates of the carribean

'i dont care where you're from, that has to hurt.' another amigo penguin, happy feet

'MONKEY!' Capt. Jack Sparrow, PotC

'look! an undead monkey!' Capt. Jack Sparrow, PotC2:dmc

'believe it!' naru, naruto

'where is that monkey because i REALLY need to shoot something' jack, potc dmc

favorite qoutes from my every day life:

' ugh, i feel like i got hit by a truck.' me, when i am sick.

'SHUT UP! i knw you're hungry!' me talkign to my growling stomach in the library at school whne im supposed to be researching...

im no longer a danger to society

'oh, poor you!' my shirt and my bud amanda.

'AHHHHHH! WINX CLUB! HEAD FOR THE HILLS!' me watching TV one day and seeing the opening for that show of evil, Winx Club. :shudders:

'you're coming for me and my tortillas' gabi, the insane asylum escapee who sat in front of me in science quoting the yuotube clip "little tortilla boy".

'his brain is on steriods' parker, another escapee whosat next to me in math.

'molesto-meter!' taylor/homeslice, the drummer in our band.

'the cake is a lie!!!" my friend ari quoting soem video game.

'there goes gravity, trying to kill me again!" me, tripping. again...

'gee looks like a nazi!" another escapee, mary, talking about gerard way's new hair-do.

'what the hell is a continental breakfast?'

'its a fancy word for free!' my freind nick and i, talking about one of the annoncements

'you look like an emo'

'thanks so much. you look like a hippie.'

'YOU MUST DIE!' my friend parker and i talking about each other's new haircuts

'im not off! oh look, a butterfly!' nick again, on the DC/NY trip.

'there arent any hot guys here.'

'damn, no use going then.' my friend lexi and i, texting late into the night

'you'd make beautiful children!'

'mom, if you keep saying that im going to kill myself. slowly and painfully.'

'i might have to join him on that one' me and my neighbors josh and roberta, talking about... i dont really want to know, actually...

favorite songs:

message in a bottle, smells like teen spirit, minority,blood,sex and booze, johnny b. goode, dear mr president, love addict, chop suey, bounce, every little thing she does is magic, sweet child o mine, welcome to the jungle, kountry gentleman.

and thats my profile! hope u liked! if u want 2 contact me, just PM me.

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