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What is this profile thing? what i'm supposed to write here? (Nature Queen: I think you're supposed to write about yourself) right soo...

Hi everyone! I'm Alsheon and of course it's pen name, I'm from Indonesia (hay semua yang dari indonesia _) and as you all see i'm new in .
so please take care of me~! and don't be too harsh i have a fragile heart i'm gonna curse you depressed if you do (Fire Queen: Really?).

I make my account because I really wanna write my own fanfic for One Piece! seriously it's the first time I really want to write something I always read fanfictions i like to read them but the idea of writing it is didn't really excite me but One piece is different!... everyhing that i'm trying to write is always ended in mid-way but don't worry! i will serious for my first fanfic [One Piece: Supernova Kaizoku] because i'm a fan of supernova and i'm so thrilled about the idea supernova in a same crew... don't get me wrong i love SHP member the one i love the most -aside from Luffy and Zoro- is Robin, Robin is so Mature and I already like her when i'm 7 years old!

And I'm a really big fan of Luffy! He just so adorable! sometimes I just wanna kidnapped him.

I'm actually already asked some authors to adopted their stories and Ice queen really mad at me, you know something about "you have no times for writing fanfic that much!" or about "you studied in health department! FOCUS!" and "did you really put your heart into it? we-the queens- all know that you have a really messed up brain {Hey!} you'll just get killed by your readers if you slacking off {me: for your information I'm ranking eleventh last semester.. *smug face*} oh yeah? well it's because you're cheating right? {Me: what?! I'm dissapointed on you Icey how could you think of me that way! i thought our friendship is better than that} Don't you dare to getting us off topic!".

so all in all I'll Give My Best!!! thank you for visiting!!~

btw I'm gona introduce you to some of my personallities, yep they're character made by my own personallities that was so random. Here it Is!:

Ice Queen: She's cold (lol) but cares for all other queen and me... she's always making a rude cold comment but she's nice [Nickname:Icy or Icey]

Fire Queen: She need anger management class but she really cares for me, she sometimes defended me if Icy nagging at me but i think she just like to mess with Icy and she likes it when I'm Naughty, she always give a blunt comment and like to talk sarcasm. [nickname: Fi (like Fi in Fire)]

Nature Queen: She's kind and always look after me, she always play peace-keeper in the group especially if Fi is involved, she hates it when the nature get burned down [Nickname: Nat]

Thunder Queen: She's a woman of few words, she's really reserved, but sometimes made some rude comments [nickname: Thun]

Earth Queen: She's an easy going person but sometimes act like a mother like Icy. she's like that kind of mother that want you to be free and do whatever you want as long as it is a good thing while Icy is that kind of strict mother. [nickname: Ea or Rhea(it's like a joke among us but she didn't really care)]

Water Queen: she didn't really like Fi, she likes to lay back but have a carefree personallity,She always shut Fi up whenever she's cursing if Icy isn't around [Nickname: Nirina (it's means water in canada, I called her that because it's beautiful, unlike other queens' names water is ugly if you shorten it]

Metal Queen: She have a rude personallity, but she likes to spoiling me... [nickname: Mai from Maitala(it's means metal in punjabi)

Music Queen: She's nice! she always plays songs for me! and singing along with me. [Nickname: Muse]

Wind Queen: have a really carefree personallity she like to make a joke and and laugh at anyone's stupidity even that anyone is her [Nickname: Windy]

Light Queen: She's mother figure aside from Icy and Rhea, she is a gentle mother that always cares for her children,... she isn't really in a good relationship with Darrie, she hates can't stand her. [Nickname: Lumina (guess what language is this! and btw it's means light]

Darkness Queen: She likes to annoy Lumina, she's a good prankster [Nickname: Darrie (just cause')]

and that's a few queens that you will know.. there's others but they're too shy and will strangle protesting to me if I introduced them

I'm a fan of novels... Not really, as long as the novel is worth it I'll read it. I'm also a big fan of Legend of Sun Knight, yes! My favourite character is Grisia! His cunning mind, handsome face, twisted personality, far-sightness, everything about him make me love him as a son! !

I ship Grisia with nearly everyone- don't look at me that way people! So yeah, I pretty much ship him with anyone with the exception of the females in the novel- sorry Grisia! Here's my ships:

1) LesusXGrisia (JudgementXSun): Why? Don't lie to me, you guys saw it clearly in the novel, no? The tension. and Grisia's submissiveness to Lesus. And Lesus' fierceness when Grisia become the Demon King? Yes, the tension

2) RolandXGrisia: Because I can't resist it. It's hot. Roland's franticness over Grisia also very swoon worthy, let me tell you guys this, Roland's overprotectiveness towards Grisia when he knows Grisia is blind is cute. Also remember when the 'promise' happens? The promise about 'not killing any Twelve Holy Knights no matter the situations are' from Grisia to Roland? The event before that when he's panicked because Grisia responded to him without looking at him, also when he asks Grisia about the world Grisia 'sees'. I ship them so hard.

3) NeoXGrisia: WHY!? I DON'T KNOW! Blame the delicious creator from deviantart that drew the picture labeled 'Rosemary' which is NeoXGrisia picture! It's Hoooooot Daaamn! I blushed really hard when I saw that but can't stop staring as I'm blinded by the two suns! Oooh whyyyy!? I'm not into pedophillia, but I swear, It's just too hot to resist! Daaamn you amazing creator! I love youuu!

4) CeoXGrisia (StormXSun): It was all Ceo's fault for telling that 'tip' when they're in parade... Yes... Maybe because Ceo's also handsome? But everyone is handsome... Oh, that's right! Maybe that's because Ceo often make appearance, beside he's also intellegent- second only to Grisia and Lesus- ehem! Brain attracts brain.

5) AdairXGrisia: Why not? I'm entirely invested in this ship. I like loyal people. And Adair has practically 'husband'-ing and 'wife'-ing Grisia since eighteen, so why not make it official?

6) GeorgoXGrisia (EarthXSun): The love-hate relationship with delussion over their facade as 'bestfriends'? Yes... Just YES!

7) EcilanXGrisia (IceXSun): I agree with Judgment back in the 2nd volume, If there's anyone Grisia would propose to it would be Ecilan. And just because Ecilan is entirely 'wife' and 'mama' material, who said he can't top? *grins* Grisia could be a mama too, a kind of mama who simply do nothing, aside for making her children worry and angry.

8) ChikusXGrisia (BlazeXSun): Why not? Though I can only sees obedient but brash boyfriend and cool-headed as well tempramental girlfriend relationship here... I think it's cute.

9) Others:

-DemosXGrisia (I can't decide who tops who in this relationship. Demos is too much of a pushover for his own sakes.)

-LaicaXGrisiaXVival (S&M relationship anyone?)

-CharlotteXGrisia (Demon Queen X Sun Knight) (not the charlotte princess noooo, I hate that one. But Charlotte the Demon Queen candidate one... Though, this ship only burried over various ships above in my consciousness but I love Demon Queen Charlotte.)

-why I don't ship Grisia with Aivis and Elmairy? Don't get me wrong I like Aivis but he's not 'brilliant' enough to outshine his comrades in personalities' matched. I think he's more suited to a good friend that likes teasing you. As for Elmairy... He's too much of a good guy, and I view him as Grisia's 'Mother' or 'Friend Mother' as he often fussed over Grisia, I'm not denying a lover possiblity but... If only he's a bit more bad, I may ship them! The 'I'll be your eyes' prompt suited them well! But alas he's too Nice!

Lately I become obsessed with another chinese Novel. Some of you might know it? The King's Avatar.

My favourite is Ye Xiu, because he's so cool and down to earth. And maybe because I have a 'MC-doting syndrome" where as long as the MC is likable I'll be rooting for them to the point like a doting mother. My ship in The King's Avatar is sooo many. Bcz there are so many guys... But... [MAY CONTAINS SPOILER]

#1 Huang Shaotian/Ye Xiu (HuangYe/ShaoXiu): Because I love Huang Shaotian. And his closeness to Ye Xiu is just that irresistable. At the scene where he offers a support (though the moment ruined by Ye Xiu), whether in the donghua or the novel it's soooo Sweeet!

#2 Wang Jiexi/Ye Xiu (WangYe/Jiexiu): I love Wang Jiexi's character and the fact that he's Qiao Yifan's (soon to be) ex-father... Ehehe. Qiao Yifan is Wang Jiexi's and Ye Xiu's lovechild... *giggles*. But in the end Ye Xiu won him over. And the scene where he suddenly attacked Lord Grim and co, is squeal worthy. He really regard Ye Xiu with all he got (well other pros does too) despite with that "crude style" comment.

#3 Yu Wenzhou/Ye Xiu (YuYe): Ehem... It's their fault to be the most shining Tacticians. And Yu Wenzhou also cool headed. It would be cool if they're dating. Imagine what will happens? While in a match Huang Shaotian would type-singing about them just to distract Ye Xiu which also distract Yu Wenzhou. Wei Chen also would tease them relentlessly like: "Darn, two lovers in opposing side! Ye Xiu you better not kill yourself after we won.". "Don't let them met, Shaotian! The may make out!". "Sheesh, look at them. Even without sending messages they know each other's moves. What a pair, go kiss already!". "Little Shaotian, are you ready for a gaming night in Happy? Because after this ends, I bet the two would go on a date. don't worry, we'll play downstairs while they're upstairs.". "What are you waiting for? Go kiss already!- on the second thought No. Swoksaar is originally mine... But you can kiss in real life!". "Give it up Blue Rain! Happy have two Master Tacticians while you only have one! Bad news, your Master Tactician date our other Master Tactician. So while they making out, I'll still be able to lead the team to victory!". "Hey, Shaotian. Let's play Romeo and Juliet script drama. I'll be Juliet's father while you're Romeo's father. Mainly because I want to have a daughter. Let's do it!" and the chatbox filled with overtheatrical R&J script drama. That's gonna be gold.

#3 Zhou Zekai/Ye Xiu (ZhouYe); Yes, same ranking. I heard that this is the most popular ship in China? I approve. Though I still haven't seen much interraction between them yet aside for Ye Xiu greeting Zhou Zekai. But I hope the future chapters show us more interraction.

#3 Su Muqiu/Ye Xiu (SuYe/MuXiu/QiuXiu[Hold on, it sounds like I'm shipping Ye Qiu and Ye Xiu... But SuYe and MuXiu sounds like Su Mucheng/Ye Xiu): They're totally have something going on before Su Muqiu's death, my two cents. If I ever make any fics with other pairings, I'd always make it that Ye Xiu dated ONCE and not bother to date anymore. If you read "Two Stands For..." You'll notice that Wang Jiexi recalled that Ye Xiu mentioned there had never been anyone who confess to him since nine years ago... That means two years (it's already eleventh year) had passed since Glory's opening. Yeah, Muqiu died several days after confessing.

#3 Lord Grim/Ye Xiu (JunYe?): I found myself loving this ship. No question asked.

#3 One Autumn Leaf/Ye Xiu: a lost master... Again, I found myself loving this ship. No question asked.

#4 Han Wenqing/Ye Xiu (HanYe): The BROMANCE is REAL! See the last episode of first season if you don't believe me! What's with those double meaning sentences!? "Our dreams? ""Our ambitions?" and etc? Han Wenqing is crushing on Ye Xiu since forever I bet! I can't even watch that scene without grinning and cheering "WOOOHOOO THE BROMANCE IS STROOONG" and the fact that I accidentally (or not) stumbled upon many HanYe's fanart... They're hot.

#4 Fang Rui/Ye Xiu (FangYe): ehem! *grinned madly* I love it... Can't say more about the ship just yet.

#5 Mo Fan/Ye Xiu (MoYe?): I can't say anything about this ship just yet...

#5 Zhang Jiale/Ye Xiu (Zhang Ye): Like I said I ship Ye Xiu with everyone so...

Actually forget it. I'm fine with AllYe whether it's anyone/Ye or Everyone/Ye

Btw, I lowkey ship Yu Wenzhou/Wei Chen. Bcz dude, predecessor and successor. I have a thing for that

Prompts for The King's Avatar: (Bold is for those that had been used and written) (Underline for being in waiting)

Huang Shaotian/Ye Xiu: [TrashTalkings] Huang Shaotian is really not trashtalking about his feelings for the handsome dark haired senior gamer. But alas, his own habit that he loves has come biting back at him. Huang Shaotian should do anything to make Ye Xiu knows that... It's not just some Trashtalkings... "I rather admire you.. Nono, not quite admire, but more, y'know? L-like... Like something! It's... F*k it... I Like You!" "... Well, thank you... What's the occassion?" "no, I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!". "

Yu Wenzhou/Ye Xiu: [Subtituting Pride] Both are mature men with levelled temper. It's hard to make them lost their cool temper. But enough is enough. What's with this so called new god-candidate challenging Yu Wenzhou arrogantly in World Chat? With insults? Oh, did he just said Yu Wenzhou's hands are handicapped? Oh no, the only one who can insult Yu Wenzhou like that is only him, Ye Xiu (and some other troublesome guys). The guy is only a candidate. Ha! A joke. It's annoy Ye Xiu further that Yu Wenzhou acted like nothing happened. Ye Xiu had to take this to his own godly hands... He may or may not destroy that player.. Oops? "You... Played my Swoksaar? Without my consent?" Yu Wenzhou is speechless. Ye Xiu hold up his hands "Manner is everything. I had asked Swoksaar's first original owner to borrow it.". "... Ye Xiu, you're really adorable..." Yu Wenzhou smiled.

So-called rookies/Ye Xiu: It's not what Ye Xiu expects as a gamer god. Trapped in a room of computers with these colourful kids along with their account cards. "HOLD ON! I'M NOT A ROOKIE! I'VE PLAYED FOR MORE THAN TEN YEARS DAMMIT! Little Tang is the rookie!". Gods outside snickered and ushered the security to mind his own bussiness. Ye Xiu has to take care of these guys now?. Sun Xiang found himself wanting to be closer with his OAL's predecessor. Tang Hao wants to know how Ye Xiu could train a great brawler from a noob. Zhao Yuzhe dimished his grudge and eager to hear all about Ye Xiu. Gao Yingjie wants to know why Wang Jiexi admires Ye Xiu so much. And Qiao Yifan is clueless on how he's in this hell hole. "It's your fault to be a text book expert really." "It's also your fault to be an expert-level in all class". "Of course, Everything is my fault... Would you mind letting go of my waist? I don't think you could handle a grown man leisurely sitting on your lap" Ye Xiu sighed. "Why don't we test it out?" Sun Xiang smirked. "Hold on, kids. Why are you guys stripping? We're not playing strip poker." "GREAT IDEA! Team competition, whichever lose, STRIP!". "Who wants to be the sacrifice in God Ye's team then?". "Wait-What?".

(Snippets for future refference: -Every juniors went out of the room with varied expressions. Ye Xiu exitted the last with exhausted and lost expression-

HS: soooo... How is it junior? *grins widely*.
YX: They're all talented...
WJ: Of course they're all talented or else-
YX: for being shameless.
Everyone: *relented* What?
YX: They're all talented for being shameless *shivers*
WC: It must be you who opens "The Gate" right?!
YX: *glares* how should I know!? Can shamelessness even be teached through and through?! They're only applied to those who are born shameless!
HW: in any case. They have -You- to keep them in line right?
YX: *helpless* Old Han, I might be a text book lvl pro. I might be one of a few that can counter Old Wei's shamelessness... But when you're surrounded on all side, you can only give in and wait for your fate...
YW: That bad?!
YX: *shivers* Kids this day... They're shamelessly terrifying.
From a distance
SX: Senior Ye!
Everyone: *looked at SX*
SX: *Grins somewhat sardonically* Next time, let's -Play- again!
Tang Hao: *smirks* Yeah, next time let's bring a camera.
Zhao Yuzhe: *snickers* Senior Ye is actually not -That- proffesional at all.
QY: *smiles coyly* I'll always be at your side, captain..
Gao Yingjie: *blushes* Um... Next time, let's work together again senior...
SBI: That was fun!
Lu Hanwen (?): *giggles* Yeah!!
YX: *pales* Help me, control them quick!
Juniors: *snicker and leave merrily*
HS: Just what had happen inside there when we're not looking?! Even Xiao Lu acted strange?!
HS: Ye Xiu! Speak!
YX: *helpless* It was a strip team duel... Idk how my team is always lose when I had given them a clear instruction...
HW: ... Strip what?
YX: Strip team duel, they come up with it. Whichever team loses, have to strip!
Everyone: *Gawks*
WJ: T-then... You stripped?!
HS: How Far?! Give me the -details-!
YX: Why should I tell you guys?! I will only add happiness for your satisfaction. *glares despisingly*.
HS: What d'you mean?! We're trying to protect your chastity here!
Mo Fan: They stripped him until only boxers left.
Everyone: *relented and gawks at the sudden interruption of the new player*
Mo Fan: *smirks Ye Xiu's way and leave*.
YX : (He did that for revenge isn't he?)
HS: Th-that's... Shameless! Really shameless!
YW: your team... (His team lose on purpose right?)
YX: *helplessly nods*
ZX: They know they can't won easily if it's one vs one. So they propose team battle. Those in your team are them who sacrifice themselves to strip along with you...
YX: That's why I said... They're talented to be shameless!
Everyone: (Why we never thought of THAT before?!))

Wang Jiexi/Ye Xiu: everyone has a flaw. Huang Shaotian with his never ending streams of words. Yu Wenzhou and his handicapped hands. Han Wenqing and his anger issue. Zhang Xinjie and his bedtime. Zhou Zekai and his inablity in socializing. And Wang Jiexi with his one Big eye. "Then, what about you?" Wang Jiexi looked at Ye Xiu. "My amazing ability?" Ye Xiu offered. Wang Jiexi frowned, "That's not a flaw". And Wang Jiexi is in for an investigation about Ye Xiu's flaw!

Qiao Yifan/Ye Xiu: Qiao Yifan diligently studying below Ye Xiu because he admires him as a gamer god. But the first time Qiao Yifan looked at Ye Xiu in that dark corridor, he fell in love at the first sight. Pursuing his dream and love, he's not so much worried about getting kicked out of Tiny Herb. And perhaps... Becoming his Tiny Herb's captain's rival in pursuing the ex-Battle God. "To be honest, I like you a lot God Ye...". "Why Thank you, that's a fantastic praise. To think that I actually could charm Wang Jiexi's subordinate to chose in my team...". "It's not like that...". "Huh?". "Give it up Yifan. Unless you tell it straightforwardly this so called text book expert won't get it." Wang Jiexi frowned, great, now another rival appeared and it's a freaking teenager who was his ex-subordinate.

Huang Shaotian/Ye Xiu: Huang Shaotian can't take this anymore. Either confess now, or be silent forever. "I heard you're getting married..." "huh...? Oh, yeah... Why?" "I... It's against my pride as an opportunist chatterbox to be silent forever." Huang Shaotian looked at that confused face determinedly. "Ye Xiu, I love you!". Ye Xiu blinked, "I know...". YX is getting married? With whom exactly?

Han Wenqing/Ye Xiu/Zhang Xinjie: Zhang Xinjie actually kind of having a feeling for his strict captain. But he knows his captain have a huge crush on a certain rival of his'. "Wait, you like Han?" Ye Xiu asked. "Yes," Zhang Xinjie answered easily. "You're not jealous that he likes me?". "Why should I?". "You're strange Zhang Xinjie...". "In any case I don't mind polyamory. Especially with an attractive guy like you. In fact, I'm entirely invested in it," Zhang Xinjie smirked and shrugged. Ye Xiu gaped at Zhang Xinjie.

Han Wenqing/Ye Xiu: [Retirement] having reached his goal, knowing his era had passed and it's the time for younger generation. Ye Xiu decided he'll retire for sure now. Intending to go home to grudgingly switched place with his younger brother that even years passed still have the same dream. But a certain strict man prevents that. "You're retiring for sure?"Han Wenqing asked gruffly. "Yes, but you can keep on. Don't let me drag you down, old friend" Ye Xiu smiled softly. "Your plan?" Han Wenqing asked. "Going back home" Ye Xiu nodded. "... I won't let you drag me down... But can I drag you away?" Han Wenqing bravely proposed. Sadly, Old Wei loses the bet to Zhang Xinjie...

Zhang Xinjie/Ye Xiu: Zhang Xinjie is a very meticulous planner and man. Everything is planned, everything is scheduled. Ranging from training region, sleeping schedule, few minutes break, bathroom break, breakfast, lunch, dinner, waking up, one minutes, two minutes, one hour, two hours, a day... But sometimes, some strange variables might happened and disturb the flow..."Look at you, still looking at your watch?" a cunning smug voice cutted through Zhang Xinjie's train of thought. Zhang Xinjie turned back to see 'Tyranny's most hated person', Zhang Xinjie's life's strange variables, The Battle God, Ye Qiu. Zhang Xinjie stiffened, He certainly never scheduled nor planned himself to fall for this man. At all. This is out of the expected plan...

Han Wenqing/Ye Xiu: Lin Jingyan sighed as he saw the hysteric fans of Happy and Tyranny shouting profanities and provocations at each other, "I wonder what would stop them from hating each others...". Zhang Jiale snorted full of mirth and exasperation, "Maybe when Han Wenqing and Ye Xiu ended up with each other," he joked and Lin Jingyan actually laughed at that. "That's a good idea" Han Wenqing suddenly piped in making the two players startled. "Zhang Jiale said it first!" Lin Jingyan immadiately threw the hot potato onto Zhang Jiale who frantically shakes his head, "That's not- wait... What did you just say?" Zhang Jiale gawked at Han Wenqing who ignores them and tyrannically strolled toward team Happy's area. "Ye Xiu," Han Wenqing called out to the unsuspecting guy. Ye Xiu turned around- he never expect he would suddenly got pulled into a very dominant embrace and his lips to be seized in a domineering way... By his long time rival nonetheless. The audience including fans from both side went silent, gawking at them. Whereas amidst the incredulity, Chu Yunxiu snapped a picture.

AU where Ye Xiu failed to run away and forced to inherit the family bussiness?! Because he long to be a gamer he fund Glory's expansion sincerely then met with his (supposedly) fellow expert gamers?! Yes! Yes! Yes! And the romance unfold! Bonus if Su Muqiu is alive!

So parent!AU huh... Ye Xiu is a single father to many children he picked and adopted, like Qiu Fei, Tang Rou, Bao Rongxing, Qiao Yifan, An Wenyi, and Luo Ji...? Hmmm, which man could steal this single hot father?

What about a Hero!AU?!


Hey... I've actually wrote one in which Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu escaped together... Y'know Queens? The one where my mind went awry with speculations? Because I'm certain the author really wants to convey that Ye Qii have the same talent and hidden skill like Ye Xiu in gaming but never have been excavated. I mean, I was literally holding my chest in expectation when YQ sat down intending to try Glory but sadly (NOOOO F*CK IT!) He just had to do something and rushed home ASAP. So I made one where they both run away just for my own amusement Tell mee...

"Don't. Don't talk like leaving me all alone here would do me good. You selfish despicable older brother! What kind of brother are you!" Ye Qiu yelled as he pounded his fist to his identical twin beneath him.

"Alright... We'll leave together then..." Ye Xiu stroke Ye Qiu's head, deep in his heart he's also unwilling to leave his other half despite the latter planned to leave him first.

"Don't talk to stranger Ye Qiu, you might get pregnant." Ye Xiu sharply reminded his younger brother, protective instinct flared up as a deffense for this only darling brother of his'. Su Muqiu sweatdropped at this pair of twins.

"We don't accept stranger's request. My mom said many weird people outside have weird fascination over twins." Ye Xiu directly insulted with blank face. If it's only him alone he might take the offer without any consideration after all just seeing Su Muqiu's handsome and gentle face anyone would got a good impression. But his twin's presence here make him rather insecure.

"Xiu, we're really in need for a shelter.." Ye Qiu reminded.

"Qiu, Inns are not rare. Shut up and just follow me, if you don't want to get pregnant." Ye Xiu dismissed.

"Xiu, I'm not anymore that clueless stupid ten years old me..." Ye Qiu glared annoyedly. Since that occurence back in their younger days where their mother said "Don't let anyone touch you freely or you'll get pregnant" YX never stopped teasing him about it because Ye Qiu actually believe it while Ye Xiu at that time had completely grasped the reproduction systems.

Su Muqiu stared as Ye Xiu walked into his sight and the younger boy's lower half is not covered by that old counter anymore, "Wow, nice legs..." Su Muqiu blurted out appraisingly at how fitted his old short pants are on Ye Xiu. Before Su Muqiu knew it a plastic glass hurled square at his face.

"Shameless! Ye Qiuuu don't come out! It's a trap!" Ye Xiu runs back to his' and Ye Qiu's room slamming the door opened. Ye Qiu's "Huh?" could be heard before the door slammed shut back.

"Wait, it's not like that! Sorry!" Su Muqiu yelled.

Su Muqiu/Ye Xiu- Autumn Tree/Ye Xiu: One day, Ye Xiu went online with his OAL he glimpsed a very familiar avatar with painfully famillar name "Autumn Tree". YX chased after that Avatar and after fifteen minutes of chase and shameless display of power, Autumn Tree disappeared beyond the sight, YX desperately searching for the avatar again but instead he's intercepted with Han Wenqing who got a call from hus subordinates in game about OAL sighted chasing someone. HW asked what the hell YX is doing in the game, bullying? And YX answered he glimpsed a very familiar old avatar. HW asked who is it? And YX answered "Autumn Tree, do you remember?". HW said he remembers and asked if the player behind Autumn Tree played the game again? YX denied sadly, "The original and only owner is long dead now...". HW becomes spectical before reminding YX "he's your friend right? Check your friend list?". And YX realized he had been stupid, he checked his friend list and checked when did the last time Autumn Tree online, the answer in blindingly obvious "Three years ago". YX wondered if he's imagining that fifteen minute wild goose chase filled with frantic duels. Sensing YX's distress HW offered a PK. -- long later, YX went online again and once again he glimpsed AT and chased after him with deadliness of a battle god, he caught up and even engaging AT in a duel, in the middle of it YX becomes even more distressed because the style this AT displayed is painfully similiar to his dearest old friend, Su Muqiu, YX demanded who it is but AT once again escaped.--

after his second encounter YX began to desperately went through his thing that Su Muqiu had left in his hands but even after turning his whole room upside down YX only found one account card... Lord Grim... Autumn Tree's card is nowhere in sight when SMQ clearly had given it to him too. YX weeped at his recklessness and how it had took him one of SMQ's possession. Su Mucheng come inside and gasped at the mess, she asked what is wrong to YX and YX answered that Autumn Tree is gone and YX met him at the game. SMC is too bewildered at that and comforts YX that he wasn't at fault. It's the stealer who is. But YX have to wonder just what kind of stealer that could mimic his style and soul play?--

long while later in fifth ot sixth or seventh season, OAL went online again and engaged himself in duelling a Wild Boss alone, unfortunately his mana is not enough to deal with the boss' thick health. When OAL is in a pinch, an avatar rushed forward with his dazzling and skillful momentum, delivering Delivery Gun to push back the boss. Then he offered YX a party which YX absently accepted. The both of them under everyone's incredulous stares killed the Wild Boss with incredible team work.

Afterwards YX once again demanded who is he? Then Autumn Tree answered, "(Gamer extraordinaire! You buy I sell! I have everything here with me, uncommon materials? Amazing party member? Beta tester? How to be an awesome gamer? Revenge Killing? I have everything just ask! Now, how should we divide the profits, my dearest runaway young master?") all in speechbubbles. YX is struck speechless, because that nickname is SMQ's nickname for him in private not even SMC knows it. YX once again feels helpless. Turn out Su Muqiu loves Glory too much to move on, and even when YX clicked on AT's name in the party it still the same "Last online: Six Years Ago.", trust SMQ to be a ghost in the game...--

addendum?: AT followed Lord Grim to the tenth server, somehow retaining his inventories. When he died for the first time, YX is frantic and when he respawn YX scolded him furiously. AT assured that it's normal and he's used to it before YX furiously cutted off "One day, what if you suddenly cannot respawn anymore?" and AT can't answer to that. When finally! One day, Autumn Tree dies bcs of wild boss or smth and for once... He didn't respawn, after they had gone this far AT could hold on anymore and magically LG's inventory is filled full with so many rare items and both finished and unfinished silver weapons, YX also found blueprints inside his mail. The status is still the same [Autumn Tree - Last online: Ten Years Ago.]

I got like this idea where YQ is being a very dear brother whose heart break when seeing his brother having to father some children (QYF, QF, TR, SBI, AWY, or LJ-) which YX actually lied saying they are his children when he actually picked them up.

So YQ decided to search for a good match for YX who he pressumes heartbroken by those girls who 'gave born' of his children. So YQ search for a guy instead.

So after searching with various standards, YQ finally found the guy (It could Zhang Xinjie ZX and YQ yes, or someone else) he deemed perfect for his perfect brother. So YQ urges the guy to 'serenade' his brother and be a father to YX's 'children'. The guy was shocked by the suddenness of YQ who was a stranger to him. After that YQ and the guy know each other closer and much to YQ's relief the guys swung both ways.

But... The guy end up falling in love with Ye Qiu... Not Ye Xiu as Ye Xiu already have a harem in my mind anyway...

And Ye Xiu be like... "Bro, you take him"

"I have enough in my hand anyway..."

And YQ was "But he's perfect for you gege!"

"Nah, he's naggy" YX said

Ye Qiu denied the guy's affection and instead still insisting that YX is better saying all thing about their faces are same anyway and YX is Waaaayyy better than he is...

But the guy refuse to budge... Whom he loves is Ye Qiu not Ye Xiu who does not have a touch of YQ's innocent childishness... The twins are similiar at first glance but YQ is more endearing in the guy's eyes... So, the guy is subjected to various sets up to set him up with YX all the while trying to seduce YQ.

YX: I pity you... looks amused instead my didi is always a bit of an idiot. Good luck in serenading him~

Imagine if Ye twins' dad is very against his son going out with another man (when the eldest son is showing no other interest in woman and having like a giant harem).

In the midst of whole drama of which YQ is thinking of eloping and the chosen guy is trying hard to do it traditionally and convince

YX dropped by unceremoniously, deffending YQ and said "If you're worried about heir, I have many children just pick one." and realizes that even when YX have a whole harem full of guys, he still have six children. So he settled down... He never knew YX's children are all adopted tho...

So I got this weird idea where when Su Muqiu died in an accident, Ye Xiu lost his purpose and just went "Screw it" and stop trying to become a pro. And YX become a doctor instead... But he become a head doctor to Glory's medical wing for the injured, so yeah he never really strayed far from Glory.

And the top tier pros somehow always got injured whenever in the HQ (just to see him, a handsome charming shameless fun doctor). And imagine their surprise when they invite him to play Glory with them to test a new dungeon only to know this young doctor plays so indescribably GREAT! (And HWQ threw a fit when he saw YX's avatar is OAL)

Yeah... Like:

HST: Damn! I got headache! Aaagggh! Medical wing!

YWZ: My hands feel a bit aching recently, maybe I'll consult with the head doctor.

WJX: No matter what you say about my eye. I'm not sick (sees the hot doctor in medical wing) Alright maybe it feels prickly sometimes...

SX: Huh? I just come because I want to-no! I'm sick! I'm sick! See my piercings? Yeah, I think it feels a bit itchy...

ZZK: Ummm (JBT: ZZK have a headache issue doc, can you take care of him?)

HWQ: No I'm not sick, I'm glaring bcz it's my default expression (sees YX) and maybe I have some problem about my eyes...

ZJL: Crashes dramatically Damn My Luck!

SZP: I'll help you, let us both go to medical wing for a doctor. Guys, don't wait for us! half dragging ZJL to the medical wind

YX: I wonder how you guys are still alive at this rate. Everytimes you got here there is always a disease or accident cases.

HST: It's Zhang Jiale...

ZJL: F*ck! Why me!?

HST: Just take the blame!

WJX: pretty sure it's written in the stars somewhere...

YX: To take care of your health you guys should exercise often. Damn gamers and their laziness.

HW: Says Mr.Why-The-Medical-wing-is-not-in-my-room-instead.

Ye Xiu's a water deity who is responsible to lay in waiting and guarding a certain lake... But he also have a duty in which if someone ever threw their important things there he have to come out to test that person's honesty (have u heard that story yet?). But let's just say, it's hard for YX to do his duty when he's too much of a rebel and everyone is damn always threw something into his lakes the moment they knew a hot water deity is living there.

YX: You just dropped something in my lake, is it this golden sword or silver sword? Which one is belong to you?

HST: gapes dazedly YOU! You belong to me! (coveting glint in his eyes)

YX: (threw litres of water toward HST) You lied.

YWZ: He dropped an iron one...

YX: oh see! A honest good samaritan how boring I'll give you these two golden and silver swords plus the iron one instead.

YWZ: (Smiles benevolently) Can't you give yourself to me instead?

YX: ... "God, whatever happens to this world?"

Demon King X Heroes.

In this world there are many valiant heroes, brave and strong. They all live in harmony minding each own bussiness until the topic of "Who's the best come up". They fought to prove they're better than the other until finally King Su Muqiu can't handle it anymore and decided to order them: "Whoever could defeat the Demon King, will be the best hero this era!". So every heroes sets out on their own way to defeat this notorious Demon King... But wait...

No one ever told them that the Demon King is this charming, hot and shameless...

Ye Xiu: You want to challenge me? Have you done the side quest yet? Go back after you rid all of those poisonous bugs in my garden- my pets? Don't be ridiculous! They're all bugs!

YX: U get rid of the bugs? Have you helped the surrounding villagers to evacuate? In any case, I don't want to fight with people with silver swords! Come back after you all have a Mythril sword!

Can the heroes do their job to slay the Demon King and go home safely? Or they would rather to settle down there to seduce the charming Demon King instead? The King is not pleased by the outcome. As expected even as a Demon King, YX always have his way.

Physic!Ye Xiu: Ye Xiu always could see those spiritual beings but he never told anyone in fear to be called "Freak", even to his bestfriend he never breath out that fact...

Eventually YX found himself to feel harder in telling SMQ the truth about his ability... Especially after SMQ died, and SMQ still didn't realize that he's dead.

[This one is my favourite but I acknowledge. Impossible for me to expand it. So I put it up for the grandmasters to use... *bows down and stepped back]


YX was a very notorious and *strong* Demon Lord in his past life, known as "Ye Qiu". Unfortunately bcz of his 'wrong' way he's denounced and made as an enemy by the whole world, before dying beneath the combined force of the 4 big sects (Tyranny, Tiny Herb, Blue Rain, Samsara) and other smaller sects (etc). He died by the hands of his fellow 'ex-friends' whom study and learn along side him since young.

He died a painful death as his body self detonated and his soul is *gone* even with the combined force to try and trap his soul is failed. That means it either escaped or *shattered to pieces*

A decade later YX's soul woke up in an inconspicous body who done a forbidden ritual and mistakenly pulling him in- but this body somewhat resembles the Demon King YQ, although not by much. YX resolved to just use his original birth name of "Ye Xiu" and changed his name

In this life, YX wished for a leisure life to laze around and play around... But Fate is not so kind as he's forced to use demonic at some moment as a self deffense to his current weak body.

YX then met his past 'enemies', who hated him so much that it could be hurt, from his past life. These 'enemies' also noticed some similiarity from YX to YQ and was really vigilant on YX.

They still haven't give up the possiblity YQ's soul had ran away, but some also had relucantly leave the matter. YX is force to supress himself to the very lowest level to not attract them yet somehow always bumped onto them (World is such a small place)

But as times goes on, YX slowly realize that his 'enemies' were never truly his enemies... And he also realized... Their 'Hatreds' are also not quite a 'hatred'.

Warm breath tickled YX's lips, the other side smiles. With a tone broken as well filled with grief _he_ laughed *"You're finally back,"*.

"Self detonating is a _cheat_"

"After years, you finally dared to come back?"

"This time, I would never let you leave again."

"We should really talk more, senior"*

~~When I was writing it. I couldn't get rid the Otome game's vibe...~~

Legend!AU (This is a distant legend in my country, and convert it to be a bit of chinese, Idk if other country has a version of it too but here it is...)

From the Jade Palace up in the heaven, there live Seven Princes. These princes representing the colours of rainbow. In the heaven there's a probihition, "There cannot be people who go down and touch the earth unless they're having a duty to do so."

One day, all of the Seven Princes of Rainbow broke the rules and go down the earth, wanting to experience the earth's beauty under the lead of their eldest brother, Ye Xiu. (The younger brothers could be YQ, One Autumn Leaf, Lord Grim... And who else?)

The played around a holy waterfall, bcz they wanted to play around in the water, they took off their coloured scarfs which representing their authority as well powers and put them off to the side. However, after some time, The Palace Bell rang signalling them to come home quickly or else they might get caught breaking the rule.

They all hastily took their coloured scarfs but to their shocks, their eldest brother's red scarf is gone! Without power, YX can't go back home making his younger brothers deeply distressed for his sake.

YX then commanded them to leave without him and they finally left after telling YX repeatedly to be careful and they'll tried to distract their father and mother. YX is then left alone to search for his scarf which no doubt, had been *stolen* (Who stole it? Up to you)

So... YX is forced to stay on Earth in a journey to track down his red scarf, meeting many people who got charmed by him and secretely determined to not let the celestial man get his scarf back.


Wang Jiexi is a witch living in the forest. Minding his own bussiness without a care to outside world, only paying attention to his creation of magic (and sweets) that's it until a passing pair of twins crashed into his place without fear and starts giving him obnoxious directions. The eldest twin, YX, is an annoying know-it-all. Whilst the younger twin, YQ, is a noisy perfectionist.

WJX's calm life turned upside down at the twins' appearance that demand his constant watching if he didn't want an apocalypse spell is made by them.


In an official rl event. Every teams sent their voted Duo to accept a challenge that randomly chosen by the Alliance.

The challenge is, "To switch clothing with your partner".

Everything is going smoothly for almost everyone... SX and ZZK, HWQ and ZXJ only slightly loose and tight, LX and WYC is all comfy, Misty Rain's Kexi and Kexing(?) are doing perfect, the Witch Duo and Blademaster Duo also doing pretty good. Though HST is feeling a bit pressured.

Happy's duo however faced an entirely different problem... YX and SMC. How does YX suppos3d to wear SMC's uniform? The skirts????

YX: Mucheng, Kill me now..

SMC: *giggling her life out*

HST: Sister Ye, nice legs~

WJX: stop tugging the front edge. Your behind is showing..

Others: WJX! shut the hell up!!!


Idea: For YX's and YQ's birthday.

China Glory Team planned to have a surprise party for YX's birthday. And they think it would be a good idea to let SMC distract YX whilst they prepared the party. SMC agreed.

But when they were planning, to theur surprise SMC is gone. But YX is still here!!! They took it to themselves to distract YX, switching periodically. And they thought... It would be a good idea to prank and bully YX a *bit* (turn out to be *much*) as he's the birthday boy. So YX found himself being dragged around and pranked from morning till evening. Before eventually they grandly 'surprise' him.

... At that moment the real YX and SMC come in... Both gawked. YX, bcz he's surprised. SMC, bcz she's shocked at the presence of another 'YX' who looks terribly miserable.

"..." turn out SMC had going with the plan to distract YX by forcing him to spent the day with her, reminiscing the past...

And the 'YX' they had bullied... Turns out to be YX's twin brother, YQ, who had come to visit to spent the day with his elder brother to celebrate their birthday together...

YQ burst out crying... YQ: "GEGE!!!"

Everyone: ...

HST: ... Well... Surprise?

I swear I don't know how this suddenly got into my mind when I'm pondering about my life choices...

SZP: Why if it isn't the Magician, Wang Jiexi.

WJX: Please...

YX: Huh? Your tittle is 'The Magician'???

ZJL: Yup! Neat and cliche-ish for a newcomer right?

YX: ... starts snickering uncontrollably

YX: Magician... Hehe... Ahaha!

LJY: what's wrong?

HWQ: Leave him. I guess he still can't let go of that Magical girl video game...

YX: MAGICAL GIRL! AHAHAHAHA! I guess big eyed Wang, You'll be known as... Ma_Jie_ca

WJX: ...

Others: ...


Everyone: sweat


YX is a legendary song composer who stayed anon and mysterious.

And the godly pros are all singers/idols.

An event is established for the right to get one of YX's composed song. And ugly things getting uglier as the idols met the hot, sexy charming composer.

It also didn't help as YX decided to just damn make a song for each of them. But they didn't just want a song. They also want his heart.

Sigh, such a beautiful idea born in the middle of depressing period...

Idea: How about... What if Happy Internet Cafe is not a normal Internet Cafe, but rather a cosplay Internet cafe with varied themes? But YX still applied anyways, as it's cold outside and he didn't care much bout' everything.

Liu Hao would have a time to celebrate YX's misery, whilst other EE's members would blush and unconsciously think YX looks good in the cosplay.

And HST would be in heaven once he come to help YX, snapping so many cute rare pictures of YX in cute cosplays. And the other guys got pissed off after HST showed the photo with him and YX in their chatroom.

Ye Xiu got a message from YQ in the QQ, saying that YQ is getting married with a beautiful girl (who is willing to run away with him if wanted to, leaving all the riches behind). YX saw the girl and admire her beauty that could match SMC. Then YX suddenly got an idea...

YX then start to trolling around, sending YQ's and his gf's pre-wed picture into the pros' QQ chatroom, saying.

"I'm getting married. Here is the pre-wed photo. Isn't she beautiful _?"

Dramas unfold.

Suddenly popped up when I'm thinking about Wallets and Han Wenqing.

Ye Xiu is a professional Pickpocket(?). And HWQ is a dutiful cop.

Zhang Jiale: Don't you feel afraid of his glares? Don't you feel like the urge to hand over your wallet?

Ye Xiu: F-ck no. My job is to stole wallets not to hand them away!

HWQ's glares intesified.

Hero AU.

Where YX is a realist but also a very strong esper who refused to be a hero.

But a certain hero alliance named Glory Alliance keep insisting to make him a hero. Everyday, new hero appeared on his doorstep to talk reason into him.

Starting from the beast like Desert Dust. Annoying Positive-Grumpy Duo named Blossom thing-a-majig. A strange eyed Magician who pulled out divination to persuade him of all things. Annoying chatterbox and his annoying teleportation as well attempted Charm Speaking. A smiling creepy gentleman. A quiet and soundless handsome guy with dual guns. And many others.

YX wondered if it's really worth staying in his current house if it get destroyed eight times a week.


The china Glory national team's club (practice) house suddenly went out of electrics in the middle of practice night. In fact the entire city B went out. Not to mention everyone left their phones in their own room.

So they're forced to grope around to find smth they could use. Until someone thought it would be fun to sneak a grope or two (or ten) on YX... When the others also thought the exact same thing.

Prompt: Ye-mama and Ye-father come to see how's their son is doing in his isolated training. The entire national team immadiately fussed.


ZXJ: Alright, I'll just serve them faithfully and showed how dependable I am.

YWZ: I'll smile at them and showed them how virtous of son-in-law I would be.

WJX: Everyone clean up.

Others: bustling around messily

YX: ... *expressionless expressionless expressionless*

I got this right when I was about go to sleep

Like... SHOTA!Ye Xiu/MonsterInc!Playersharem

Of the Ye twins, YQ is the one who kept getting scared and tattled there is a monster in his closet. YX is tired of the constant scream every night and requested to their parents for a room exchange "Just to prove it to the crybaby".

Surprisingly, something did come out of the closet. The monsters were doing their routine but... A fearless boy is the one they have to face instead- many monsters tried but... Maybe they should just destroy the f*cking door leading to the fearless boy's room...

"So this is the monster's world? It's pretty high-tech, huh?" That cheeky and bored voice make every monsters in the meeting whirled around to look... At the absolute Wonder of Monsters' world.

YX grinned, "Boo!"

Huang Shaotian screamed like a banshee.

Casino!AU (with some spice of fantasy)

YX run away from home, then in the street he met and got tricked by a handsome cheerful boy. He chased after that boy and fight him. Toe to toe, brain with brain.

SMQ is a proffesional trickster who decided to take YX in after come to admire YX.

SMQ always thought he have a good fortune. And finding YX brings more good fortune, as YX become his partner in crime later on.

Eventually, there's a very big underworld's event in one of the biggest Casino in the world and SMQ himself is actually quite famous amongst underworld's people, so he's also invited. He took YX and SMC along with him, trying to see his luck in this event.

In the event, YX was only intending to see around, keep sticking to SMQ like his own tail whilst SMC goes to the females's side where the deceit and schemes ran deeper there.

Eventually, someone notice the eye candy behind SMQ that mostly escaped radars bcz of SMQ's brightness, and pointed YX out loudly. They persuade YX to come and try. "My treat, baby. Just try, hahaha!".

It's just once YX tried... He can't stop. No, it's not because he become addicted but it's...

Because he never lose.

Not even once.

Every of his guesses are right. Anything that he waged turns up. When he spun it always stop at the right number. His cards never disappoint him. His dices always come with perfect numbers. Everyone keep throwing all kind of casino games at him. At first it was just to have fun and play around but eventually, everyone is shocked at YX's winning streaks.

Everyone had secretely checked but YX is not cheating else, the proffesional tricksters and cheaters here would at least notice some suspicious movement. Even SMQ is baffled, he always knew YX is a lucky guy but not this lucky.

By the end SMQ realized it was bad. Everyone had come into the same conclusion as him.

Ye Xiu is born with the Golden Hands of Fortune. At which anything he touch/played will always get him to win.

SMQ curses himself and pulled YX out as quickly as he could. But the others had set their eyes. Fortune is what all tricksters live on.

Ghost hunter Ye Family!AU.

Ye family is secretely a ghost hunter family no shit and when SMQ woke up, he's stuck inside a supernatural cage with several other depressing ghost?

SMQ: Oh shit...

Then SMQ met Ye Family's youngest son, YQ.

SMQ: YE XIU! OH MY GOD! YOU'RE HERE!!! Quick help me escape!

YQ: (Immadiately went all deffensive) Who the f-ck are you?

SMQ: No f-cking way, how long did I die?!! Don't you recognize me?! Ye Xiuuu~~~ it's me!!!

YQ: Don't casually call that name.

Then YQ forget to mention it to YX. Before years later YX finally willing to come home, and was checking his family's Ghost Dungeon.

And then he saw Ghost!SMQ.

YX: FUCK!!! SU MUQIU!!!??!!

SMQ: perks up Ye Xiu? YOU MOTHERFUCKER, YOU FINALLY REMEMBER ME!!? Shit! Fuck it YX! I thought we were special but you need years to finally remember me!!?

Then YQ come inside,

YQ: Gege? I forgot to tell you that- oh? Nvm, you met him already... *glares* stay away from my gege. Alright I'm leaving.


SMQ & YX: ...

SMQ: Holy fuck, you're twins? Years I'm spending here howling my grieves, it's actually not you all this time?! I'm wronged! Why you never told me anything?! Why is that twin didn't just tell me the truth!?

YX: Why are you a ghost?

SMQ: ... I should be the one who is asking why you have a supernatural cage in your house...

Both: ...

SMQ: Fuck this shit, Idc anymore. I miss Mucheng, how's her?

YX: Good.

SMQ: You'll bail me out right?

YX: shrugs heh, It wouldn't be the first time. bail SMQ out casually

SMQ: Great! Let's run together!

YX: I just got back and you asked me to run away again???

SMQ: ...

YX: alright. Let's go.

later on

YQ: I know that guy is a bad influence. Damn.

Ye Xiu woke up in his fifteen years old body just before he run away, after he won the international tournament. This time, he's determined to not let SMQ died. Three years later, he already done all he can, but SMQ still died- just the day differed. YX restarted to his fifteen years old self. He tried again, but SMQ still died, this time is even faster than the scheduled time. YX restarted again, again, and again.

Eventually Yx is tired bcz SMQ just keep dying, so YX for once being selfish and stop trying. He ruined YQ's plan to run away but not running away himself. Instead YX stayed in his home obediently, intending to try out different life.

It's just years later when he's already handling some parts of his family's bussiness, he went and invest some money for Glory's funding... And he found out SMQ is alive here in this world... The world where he chose to not run away from home... A world where he's not the Battle God's owner.

YX smiled bitterly, maybe he and SMQ are really not fated.

SMQ noticed that rich investor's look toward him, SMQ couldn't help but to feel he was really familiar...

I just want YX to die in SMQ's place after he literally make everyone fall in love just through his game character, OAL.

SMQ, in despair, broke through his 'only god in gunner classes' and strive his hardest to be the best battlemage, abandoning Dancing Rain to SMC. Later on he's known to be the Battle God in the proscene.

Everyone liked him because he's OAL, he's the one who made them fall in love just through the game right? But somehow... why he's different? so Everyone kept the 'love' in their heart...

until one day in an interview a young upstart reporter asked such a mundane question like "Where did you got OAL" to whivh everyone ridiculed him for such a stupid question, that's it before SMQ's smile completely gone replaced by melancholy.

"I... used to have a friend.

He was the best player, my bestfriend...

The number one God of Glory and no one can tell me otherwise...

He beat me so many times before... haha... he was so perfect, he is made for this..."

SmC began to feel worry as his brother's gaze becoming more distant and misty.

"OAL... was his." then someone asked where is this friend now?

"... He died. my Leaf died, my original One Autumn Leaf died... heaven envied his talent, so he died... dead." SMQ lost his control and SMC quickly went over to console him.

And everyone found out the one the had fell in love to had long died and feel terrible. end bcz i seriously can't do this sobs

crazy idea ahead, you have been warned.

Upon hearing YQ's new of retirement the pros are all mourning for the lost of such a good sexy eye candy (SMC: he's not dead yet guys...)

So for celebrating make a memory for it. Everyone decided to do a writing contest to which what they're wishing for YQ in the future...

that turns out very nsfw much to the girls' delight. So many pros awaken their writing talent at that friendly unofficial competition. (They basically used YQ as speciment of their imagination and the fics are all pretty much them/Ye)

YX come back and it's revealed his actual name is Ye Xiu... To which everyone had a hard time to accept.

"Goddammit! I used 'Ye Qiu' in all of those fourteen nsfw fanfics!"

"Are you expecting me to go back and edit my thirty something nsfw fanfics!?!"

"Fuck it Old Ye!!! Don't just change name as you pleases! do you know how many fanfics I've written since the first season?! but oh- well you're lucky you're my favourite uke to write..." CYX.

"... You know what? rather than going back and edit our nsfw fics, why don't we make a new one? based on real life"

YX: ... What do you mean? uhh Guys calm down... Wait! (slowly inching backward) what nsfw? Mucheng do you know something about it???

SMC: (solemnly recalling all of those nfsw fics) (covering her nostrils with a hankerchief ellegantly, as blood gushing out) ehem! Do I?

YX: Mucheng, I'm serious- WOAH! (quickly running out with hungry wolves hot on his trails) Heeelllpp!! some glory's pros turn crazy from computer's radiation!

CYX: Yesss! Live p0rn woohoo! (eagerly running out as well with several other female wolves)

YQ; (blankly open up his QQ and typed down fastly) What kind of life did you indulge brother dearest?

YX: What?

YQ: I don't want to be suddenly faced off with harassment and sexual contract when we switched back...

YX: ... What sexual contract?

YQ: I'm traumatized. can you stop?

YX: ...???

YQ: just... Stop using my name... Don't sign any marriage contract with my name, Don't sign any form with my name. In fact don't sign anything with my name. especialy not slave contract.

YX: What Contract!? That's it I'm blocking you!.

YQ: Too late! I already know EVERYTHING!!!

[User Lord Grim had blocked you]

YQ: Brotheeeerrrr!!! That's it! I'm paying another visit! (pack up his things and exitted)

but YQ visited at an unfortunate time as Happy is in another city for a team meeting. He still bravely charged upfront and fled to another city to meet his brother to talk about life ...

but then he not only met his brother. But his brother's friends as well... though he's bewildered if they're really his friends as they are all running after him, shouting profanities...

YQ didn't care, he still called out to his brother... "Ye Xiu!"

Everyone stopped.

YX felt like he couldn't love his baby brother more at that moment...

until the female pros caught up and CYX squealed out loud...


YQ wondered if coming here is a good choice at all...

hybridsAU; where everyone are hybrids.

And YX is a bird hybrid who have a pair of beautiful wings tinged with gold, basically he looks like an angel... and destroy everyone's expectation of an angel.

EE kicked him out and the angel-looking shameless guy immadiately become the center of everyone's attention.

crouching down in one corner folding his wings to himself, everyone pity him and CG took him in impulsively- later on she regretted it deeply.

prompt: Where the pros got asked what's their ideal type was, and answered mostly the same... ehem how YX is mostly.

The fans speculated they all like the same girl and currently battling to get her heart. Only the female pros who all rejoiced and know the fact.

meanwhile YX was like, "Wow, they're so uncreative... Was it a trend? smoking, pale, calm, shameless and have YX as an initial? ...Was it YunXiu?" (CYX; Noooooo !!!)

Prompt: Upon finding out about SMQ's death, YX collapsed and lost his memory of SMQ's death. SMC always tried to remind him for it, but everytimes he'll just collapse again with more damaged memory as his brain refuse to acknowledge the fact that might be harmful to the body, PTSD?

So SMC resigned, bcz she loves YX too much and if reminding YX of SMQ will only brought disaster, SMC would gladly pretend everything is alright. So she make a fake reality for YX, telling SMQ is sick and cannot meet anyone in some hospital room that in SMC rented out in the future... this goes on for years, and YX just kept believing it.

He still act like SMQ is still alive, occasionally bringing the topic whenever he talked with his fellow pros. To which his fellow pros goes curious and asked SMC about it. SMC avoided the questions like plague. Until someone finaly dug through.

And accidentally blurted it out.

Where not everyone within the National Team knows English. So they decided to appoint the one who is well versed in it to be their teacher. After weighing the pros and cons, YX become the most suitable one because not only his english is perfect, he's also the leader. YX truly did not mind teaching them, he's a very patient teacher...

Only could someone stop these kinky guys dropping many sexual innuendos when he's teaching?.

"Where's the long ruler? Won't you hit us if we got it wrong?"

"But of course, being hitted by your beautiful hands would be our fortune."

"If your hands are hurt after that, you can always use your lips~"

"Or you can kick me..." Sora?

"Teacher Ye! I didn't do my homework, will I get called to your office later? Cough! I'm ready for anything you know?"

"Teacher Ye, if you keep staring at me like that, others might notice our dubious relationship"

"If the teacher in my highschool was as hot as you, I wouldn't mind some punishments"

someone please help YX...

YX: I want to finish this torture quickly (whispering to SMC)

SMC: I know how to

YX: How? Tell me.

SMC: Bait them with rewards so they will be more serious in studying.

YX: How?

SMC: I'll just show you (Turning to the guys)

SMC: GUYS!!! Ye Xiu said, If you guys could complete the curriculum book completely and gained average scores above 90, HE'LL REWARD YOU WITH A KISS ON THE LIPS!!!

YX: Wha-

Everyone: DEAL!!!

Chaos happens.

prompt: Sun Xiang's first crush ever is YX. In fact, YX is the one who inspire him to be a pro gamer.

Because back when SX was still twelve or thirteen, he was bullied and YX who only passed by, helped him and invite him to play Glory to console the weeping boy.

Only the problem is... SX didn't know his savior is the Battle God, Ye Qiu.

Years later, he could only lament the fact he recalled YX's face too late... as YX had signed the resignation contract. Route could be taken, should YX remembered who SX is since the start? or no, and wait SX refresh his mind?, ohnoishouldstop

Switch place! Kinda, maybe. ZhouYe!

Prompt; Where Ye Xiu is the current top male model. And Zhou Zekai is the banished Glory's god, because he doesn't want to show his face. Both met, And Zhou Zekai might coming to love modelling... as long as it's YX or with YX.

YX's fans are displeased of their idol getting himself a boyfriend, but upon seeing the bf, they were like "Never mind, We support you!"

Glory's pros instantly done a spittake when they saw the headline including their fellow ex-pro and a hot male model

And everyone were like "Damn! He got it Good!!!"

So, if by chance YX headed to a different city than city H and didn't meet SMQ and meet others instead. There are so many possiblities of YX starting in different club rather than EE.

Blue Rain YX: YX met Wei Chen instead and WC helped the helpless runaway boy who beat him in his games, when he usef to be unbeatable in his area. Then, we'll have Captain Wei and Vice Capt Ye.

A start of mentor! Ye Xiu to Huang Shaotian (Who will always try to hog him all to himself) not to mention, YX's personality to encourage and point out good points in people would help YWZ alot for getting recognized. So yeah, basically a legal Mom, who can be NTR-ed once the children are old enough. I've written this one

Or Tiny Herb YX: Where YX strayed not too far from home, and still in the same city. Then he met Lin Jie, whom we all know is a very sweet cinnamon muffin, and Lin Jie would offer him a place to stay.

And Fang Shiqian would love the captain as well detest Vice captain... And WJX would repeatedly questioning his life choices with the Vice Captain who kept finding new topics to tease him everyday.

"Ma-Jie-Ca, our team is blessed with Ma-Jiexi!"

"Big Eye, Big Eye, Big Eye, Why are you looking at me like that? with one big eye, are you insulting your senior!? Oh wait, I forgot your eye is like that."

"XiXi, You sweep the practice room! The broom listen to you better!"

And GYJ as well QYF got to get out of their shell faster.

or heck,

Even Tyranny could do!

prompt: my fluff and humourous side is back!

Where YX is the world's (Shameless) Hero. and SMQ is an angelic (looking) greedy demon King. Both met, and Chaos happened.

SMQ: So as a Hero, you have so many sparkling rare materials and items right?

YX: If I beat a Demon King that is.

SMQ; Deal! We fight, I lost and pretend dead. afterward, we split the rewards.

YX: Weren't as Demon King you're rich?

SMQ; Oh, you mean the inheritance? I spent it for... ehem, research. And my sister forbid me to abuse my powers to rob people.

YX; You're the Demon King.

SMQ: Have you met my sister? Deal or no?

YX: Fine. (shrugs) Acting might be interesting.

SMQ: Alright, when I need money again. I'll pretend to be reborn or smth. Then you kill me again. We'll split the rewards again.

YX: Sounds fine. As long as I got to prolong my journey to defeat you.

SMQ: why?

YX: Family problem (rolls eyes)

SMQ: Ah... I see, you can crash over my palace in fact.

And then the journey of a pair of DemonKing-Hero swindling the entire world started.

Modern Legend AU.

- One day, YX is on a mountain sight seeing that his friends keep pestering him on. Some people began to talk about the tale of Wish to the Falling Star. So when YX is pestered to no end he left. but the mountain at night is really dark and YX didn't see the steep ground then he slipped off to a deep ravine. right before he crashed to the ground he saw a bright falling star.

Remembering the legend, YX closed his eyes and wishes with all his willpower. "Please protect me!"

The next day YX woke up at the bottom of ravine within a secure embrace of a man.

Upon an episode of freaking out, the Man introduces himself as Wang Jiexi, and he's actually the falling star YX wished to.

YX: So because I wished it. I'm save now?

WJX: That is so

YX: Thank you...

but the problem is.

WJX: You wished me to protect you, without any details. So from now on, I'll be in your care.

YX: What???

WJX: (smiles) because from now on. I'll be with you to protect you

So that the start of the tale of how a star and a human fell in love


Where most current players had retired. And YX is not coming back home.

he runs and become Glory's official or chairman or smth. And the young players, in spite knowing him since their noob er young years, keep bothering him for his attention.

let's see...

Lu Hanwen, Qiu Fei, GYJ, QYF, Song Qiying, and other young players.

Basically they all tried to win his favor bcz they're crushing on him since young. And every Captains meeting always end up in mess.

QF; Stop it! Treat this seriously and stop flirting with my captain!

LHW: WHAT!? Yours?! Claiming without resource you're shameless! Let's PK!

SQY: So ignoring those hot heads, strategically speaking the matter couldn't be solved this way. I'm interested to help you out senior, Should I PM-ing you tonight?

QYF; No need, Captain Ye is busy. I'll handle this for him.

GYJ: But Yifan, you have Happy to care to. But I believe senior Ye have his resolve. Captain always said so.

LHW: Why are you talking so much Gao Yingjie!?! Aha! Have you finally showing your true nature!? I knew it, Huang Shao was right! those who have innocent face and always so reserved are shameless! faker! cheater! Zhou Zekai! Sly!

YX: God help me. Not again... facepalm

Where YX & YQ are royal twins but YX got sent away instead. however, YX never forgot about his younger twin and strive the best to go back and assist him. Along the way, He charms many people to admire, respect, love him (It's YX gdi).

but his twin had become so corrupted that when YX finally go back, YQ had been a very bad and selfish king. YX tried to mend things up but it's not enough. Rebellion happens and YX decided to switch place and sent his twin away. He got caught by the very people he charmed. They were surprised at the king's similiarity to their benefactor but YX acted resentfuly saying that may be his 'dissappointing twin brother' which solved the issue but made them angrier.

Lss, YX is executed. And then they found YX's all important pendant around the king's neck and found out they had been deceived... and the one they executed is YX. there he died again, woohoo!

Mafia as well SoulmateAU.

Where you either died because old age, suicide or your soulmate kill you. In other words no one could kill you aside for your soulmate.

HWQ and YX had always been a rival, enemy, you say it. and they're mafias from two different side.

YX and SMQ were dating happily.

One day, in a gang war (?). Not finding his target, HWQ shot at SMQ instead, only to have YX jump in and take the hit.

And the undying battle god collapsed as it hit square in the chest. SMQ called for medic and HWQ only coldly watching to the side... before the medic announced YX is dead. the two were shocked.

HWQ is in state of disbelieve denial whilst SMQ is furious. SMQ swore to kill off and get revenge in the name of YX one day... idk, I just want YX died somehow.

YX is a runaway Prince and the guys are his sworn protector since childhood. and when YX runaway, they search to every places but found nothing.

Years later, when fighting a wild boss monster or strong bandits YX who couldn't hold on despite working together with his friend for three years, SmQ. finally have been annoyed enough and released a firework signal to the sky.

when his attackers are confused YX laughed maniacally (with grace ofc) and spread his arms.

"Come, my protectors!"

just when SMQ thought YX had gone insane a barrage of strong guys barged in and attacked the villains with so much proffesionality.

and YX dramatically revealed his status just to spit on those bandit. he basically shamelessly boasted on how dare such lowly bandits attacked him.

Before HWQ hits him hard...and the other guys cracked their fingers with dark gloomy aura behind them.

"If those lowly bandits cannot attack you, then surely, Generals are allowed right" HWQ said and YX knew he's screwed.

In which, Glory is a virtual reality game and YX is the game master who sometimes disguise as a 'rare mission NPC' in his free time. he enjoy swindling noobs and deceiving the pros. And was hated by his victims, although all missions from him are all worthwhile. by time, more victims fallen and their hatreds turn to be obsession then infatuation.

"Too bad he's an npc or else..." They once cursed their bad luck for falling with an AI... But oh, is it?

"Fuck! you're a player!? That's it. Me. You. Real Life. Now."

"... Will you help me defeat this Wild Boss? I'll give you worthwhile presents. [Mission level A]" Ye Xiu tried.

"Stop with that bullshit!"

Team Chinese Glory has always been attentive and protective to their female players, after all two girls are heartthrobes, so if there's anyone who come to disturb them, one or two men of the team would come to their rescue. one had to say they're really sweet to the girls... but the girls would deny that and say they're the sweetest when it come to their leader.

once YX got grouped up by some guys, and he looked troubled. Everyone had practically threw their jackets and rolled up their sleeves, ready for a battle. Make trouble they should even they'll have to be disqualified later.

Turn out, those guys around YX are only asking for direction which YX have trouble to answer.

SMC dared the guys to threw pick up lines at YX real life. they accepted the challenge. and YX is tortured by cringy and cliche af pick up lines whilst SMC is dying in laughter at the corner.

SMC almost died even more, when the second YX come in and greeted them all with "'sup," and then asked if they had met his twin... which is the one they're flirting at since the start.

YQ; Ge... I think we need to talk about your friend choices... (solemnly leading YX out of the room) They're strange.

YX: Huh??? (followed YQ anyway)

Everyone: ... (gazed at SMC who smiled sweetly back) DAMMIT SU MUCHEEEENNNGGG!!!

I wanted to post this yesterday, but my pad suddenly drop dead so...: King ArthurAU.

- In which, the guys are the knights (whoever u chose as the king, doesn't matter I want harem anyway)

And Ye Xiu is the mischievous Merlin who kept giving them ridiculous prophecy to be done.

YX: You'll kill a radioactive monster ant queen.

Random: but there's no radioactive monster ant queen in this world- Suddenly fell into the underground radioactive monster ant's nest OMG!!!

Before finally no one could stand it anymore.

Eveyone: Tell me, who I will fall in love to?

YX: umm... Oh, you'll fall for the girl you'll met in the mountain, whilst you will fall in love with the queen-

Everyone: WRONG!!

YX: huh?

WJX: Let me tell you our divination, Merlin.

YX: ... Go ahead.

Everyone: We're not falling for anyone.

YX: but-

Everyone: We're falling for you, all of us.

YX:... stares concentratedly to his crystal ball. I didn't see that. Shit.

Prompt where Huang Shaotian is crushing on Ye Xiu. And Ye Xiu is a mute who can read lips' movement(?). Fluff or angst happens.

HST is annoyed why YX rarely looked at him and then YX explained that "You talk so much and so fast, my brain hurt to catch up." and HST promised to talk slowly around YX

HST learned sign language just for the sake to converse to YX romantically comfortably. It gets funny to the others as when HST is talking (rambling), he also unconsciously made gestures with handsign which actually impress many people.

- then slowly, HST replaced SMC's position as YX's translator...

And he challenged Jiang Botao on "Who could translate better! You and that lousy handsome good for nothing, ZZK or Me and my wonderful Ye Xiu!? Let's PK!!!"

When YX's face is almost unknown, he once took a stroll and got mistaken as the new guy who applied to become a waiter in Glory's HQ cafetaria. He got forced into the uniform and shoved into the cafetaria to serve the players.

Surprisingly, he did really well and no one actually recognize him because of his uniform hat

And everyone liked him. The next day, they kept asking where's "that nice and fun waiter" whilst YX is sitting in the corner, smoking.

Prompt: Where YX is kicked out at Summer Transfer instead and he wandered the street like a lost cat.(bcz it's no cold, he didn't go to Happy) eventually spotted by a modelling agency who saw promise in his non-cared face and got snatched off in a broad daylight.

He then become a model bcz... He wants to spit it on EE.

Prompt Super power AU. Where everyone is born with super power, but they thought YX is born without one... When he actually did, but never really said it.

YX: I'm actually a remote control... Or controller.

Guys: what???

YX: I could control people with my mediums (Right hand: PS' game controller, left hand: a holographic keyboard)

YX: I could control anything. Could make my characters gouge out their hidden burried capability.

Random: ... You're taking manipulating to a whole different level...

sooo WJX/YQ???

In which WJX found something interesting gifted by his fans. A large weird sheet of canvas(?) painted with suspiciously a magic circle? (Srsly? he thought the joke had long died) There's even a manual on how to use it.

Bored, WJX spread out the 'magic circle' and do the 'ritual'.

shockingly. It worked! WJX hadn't even manage to regret it before intense light almost blinded him...

"You summoned me. Do you have any request, Master?" Soft familiar voice greeted WJX.

WJX: "Senior!?"

YQ: "Who?"

Ye family is secretely a demon-hybrid family, YX is a demon too. And YQ got summoned because... he's the closest in B city.

WJX: So it's true... (Looking dubiously at YX)

YX: Can you not looking at me like that?

YQ: Master! You forgot your scarf! You-- Bro?

YX: (gawked at the two) Dear God... WJX you took your job seriously even outside the game?! Not to mention my twin brother at that!?

WJX: ...

YX: I took your silent as your confession. Let me tell you one thing, Don't let him runaway.

YQ: What's that even mean!

Don't you think it would be good if that YQ is almost YX's lvl of pro (my HC) And when YX got kicked out he called YQ and ask for his help. The two of them like... played together then and YX taught YQ about Unspecialized and then... YX asked WJX to recruit his brother with YX's ID. And when he's back everyone is like "Long time no see! You change name?"

YQ would say, "Nope. I'm his twin brother, here for revenge. My didi suffered enough. It's time for me to avenge him"

And whole drama happens with YX is acting as YQ, shamelessly boasting about his "Ye Xiu-gege".

Whereas YQ is acting as YX, lamenting daily about "My poor sweet little Didi, Ye Qiu, got bullied alot"

I lowkey want to see Traffic!Police Han Wenqing and how YX always broke the traffic law just to be called off by the hot (totally his type) traffic police.

And whenever YX is late to his work, his excuse is always the same "Got in trouble with a hot traffic police. Thought Red light is for "I love you" and green light is for "Hit on"."

That. And HWQ (at some point) wonders if YX was actually colour blind bcz of how much he seems to wrongly perceive the traffic light...

Prompt; ZXJ lost his watch...

After sometimes of struggles, he finally couldn't take it anymore and announce that whoever found his watch, he'll do anything for him/her.

Then YX was like, "Was it yours, then?" With ZXJ's watch dangling on his fingers. Bcz of his shamelessness YX becomes the first person to be questioned whenever they lost their things... yes, even when he's in a different city.

Prompt: False alarm. Engangement (to the others)

After the fourth season, when a gathering was held. HWQ found a champion ring on the floor. He still had his champion ring... then this one must be belong to a certain shameless guy. YX did lost his third champion ring, imagine his surprise when HWQ suddenly stepped in front of him and give him the ring, even as far to personally slid it on bcz HWQ is not believing YX's ability to take care of it...

Imagine everyone's shock when that happen and everyone was like "OMG! CONGRATULATION YOU TWO!!!"

CYX even cried in happiness as she record the whole thing...

Prompt: Wei Chen want to gift smth to Blue Rain's duo at their victory, but too embrassed to... He decided to pick YX to become the victim and sent that bouquet of full red roses ("Roses are popular right? ... shit, wrap it up!") to the Blue Rain's duo anonymously.

Needless to say even YWZ blushed and extremely flattered when YX (emotionlessly) presented the flowers, bcz really? YX never gifted anything before... Were they special case?

Apparently HST thought so too as he suddenly pounced forward and kissed YX... on the lips.

prompt: Where SX is a borderline stalker. Whenever he's feeling energetic in the evening in EE, SX liked to sit on the first floor's lounge and directly looked downstreet whenever YX is working his shift. SX even starts to notice every little details in YX. ("It's for research alright!? purely scientific!")

Whereas YX would always got goosebumps on some certain night and he's starting to suspect there's some kind of supernatural creatures in this internet café.

It wasn't until he's in Samsara SX found himself missing his nightly secret schedules and YX himself... Watching the others are not just the same... ZZK blushed whenever he got stared at for too long

Prompt: Drink machine problems.

Where YX had inserted his money but the drink won't come out. one by one pro gamers passed by and eventually try to help him as much as they could, kicking, shaking, inserting more money, borderline vandalizing, eventually it escalated from friendly vandalizing to deadly murder attempts toward the machine. Even when YX tried to stop them they refused, because it's a matter of pride... How dare this lowly machine to not bow down before them the gamer gods?!

YWZ, who have no arrogance of a god, offered YX a drink he bought from another machine.

"It's been hours, does Senior hungry? I'll treat you at nearby ramen restaurant" YWZ offered YX his genuine patented smile.

YX took the drink, "Finally someone notice. Let's go then."

Then the both of them went on a simple date whilst the others are still brainstorming the Drink machine. By the time they finally could snag out a drink from it YX had long gone...

So sly YWZ, so sly...

prompt: Where YX and YQ never run away and were in a bussiness trip, staying at a hotel.

And Glory alliance's pros were bullied and obligated to part-time working in the said hotel for promotional purposes as well fanservice purposes.

Long story short, YX is sick with so many offered room services whilst at the same time, trying to not let YQ accept any of it.

Random; So YQ, What's your answer? You kissed me back so... we have a chance right?


HST: We have so many things to be offered my dear hot and sexy young CEO. in fact I have so many to offer. So what can I do for you my dear fair mister? What should I do to make your perfect self become even more perfect, hm?

YX: You're certainly good at lip service, young sir...

HST: (brightened) Yes! That's a given! In fact I can offer you a different kind of lip service!

YX: ...

YX: Excuse me, um, there's some problem in my room, I live at the third floor my name-

YWZ: Ye Xiu, the elder twin from the Ye Twins, live at the third floor with room number 307 VIP suite. phone number XXXX-XXXX. Age 24 and born in B city. I know. (smiles brightly)

YX: ... The guest book does not even contain those... right?

HWQ: Can I help you sir?

YX: No need, sorry for calling. My luggages were already taken care of by lil brother.

HWQ: Don't fool around. some people are working here. I need to do my job.

YX: I can see that.

HWQ: If there's no luggage around that's fine. you must be tired?

YX: Yeah, troublesome people at work, y'know?

HWQ: Fair enough. Excuse me. (suddenly bent down and throw YX over his shouder like a sack, proceeding for the elevator) Room 307, third floor right?

YX: ...!?

prompt: Where YX is several years older than SMQ. And SMQ is a very greedy and sly (but promising) camp member of Excellent Era, who tried to get his senior's attention with a thousand plans.

YX: What are you doing here, Muqiu?

SMQ: Meeting you.

YX: It's useless, not you nor Qiu Fei getting OAL. Don't you see OAL is not mine anymore?

SMQ: That is fine, I never want OAL anyway, I'm a gunner. actually, I'm gunning for you now.

YX: How many times I had heard these sentences from different juniors again?

So the long winding journey of SMQ trying to get his senior's seal of approval (for relationship one) started. Or basically I just want a cheeky shameless younger SMQ X An older, mature and sexy, Ye Xiu

Prompt: LuYe/AllYe?

In which, LHW came from a rich family and YX is the boy's (dragged along) family doctor who is obligated to keep LHW out of trouble in Blue Rain and Proscene. Needless to say, HST is pleased, not only he found himself a talented successor he possibly found his future spouse. Whereas YWZ always have fun in pulling the doctor to the side to chat (Had i mention YWZ found out of YX's great exp and tactics?).

And the originally young and willfull LHW who used to ignore his doctor's (babysitter's) order, becoming even more amiable once he notices his so called seniors are trying to steal his future spouse favourite doctor away!!!

Not to mention LHW sprained his leg at one moment before the Alliance's formal gathering, forcing YX to tag along with them, catering LHW, while getting so many attention himself.

I forgot my tumblr account password... and damn if I'm not pissed. Putting it here first...

Prompt: You're the Demon King, who can't see the beauty (or simply the importance) of nature. One day, you met a florist who seems to can grow any kind of flowers and you fell in love with the beauty (both, the flowers and their ehem! caretaker) so You kidnapped the florist and make them work for you, to which the florist vehemently against it, but shut up when you offered them the gems from your Demon King's stash.

One day, your castle is under attack from various united army forces, worried for your cute beautiful florist, you hide them away whilst you fight the armed force. But to your surprise, your florist actually manage to come out while you're still resisting the united force's attack.

It's just the united army's furious attacks ceased to nothing when your florist come out.

Turn out, the florist you kidnapped and forced to work under you is actually the World's Hero, who is fated to defeat you... But they ran away instead to live normally much to everyone's shock.

The problem is, your florist only know you're the Demon King, just now... And definitely is not happy.

Florist; What The Hell!? You're the Demon King!!? You should have paid me higher!

In the end you have to spent your whole treasure stash to out-do the united army's bidding, to get the florist to stay.

Years later, you woke up and sees a beautiful person is curling up sleeping next to you. You never regret it. not one bit.

QiuYe...: Time travel/loop(?)

Ye Xiu always saw Qiu Fei as nothing more than a dear little brother (or son) and that made QF rather disatisfied as he likes his captain so much.

It wasn't until one day that a young man crashed into them... who turns out to be Fifteen-year-old Ye Xiu who time travelled accidentally. so it's up to SMC, YX and QF to take care of this problem as well trying to hide the fact.

Bcz, YX and SMC is often busy, QF is left to take care of the young (time travelling) game prodigy. And Qiu Fei ended up learning a lot about YX than he already is for the past years.

Things gotten a bit serious as Young!YX fell for Qiu Fei's responsible and determined self, and YX who often visited when he's not busy also starts to feel there's something that slowly changed between QF and him.

It wasn't until Young!YX is back to his own timeline that YX realizes he'll always blush whenever he looked at QF or even if QF talked beside his ear (He talked from behind YX's seat). Not to mention he start to feel kinda stuffy and all fluttery(?). YX realizes he's in love with QF bcz damn! If QF is not the type he likes but never notice.

And QF notices that. But let's just say... QF had picked so many tricks and shamelessness from YX over the years, enjoying to torment his senior. And actually feel delighted that he got to be the one who is teasing. Meanwhile, SMC could only shakes her head and secretely celebrated how YX actually would look good beneath the serious younger QF...

HC going to prompt: Some pros once come and invite HWQ to sign himself in this blind dating site. Because HWQ did not deign to do so, ZXJ (who was worried for his captain) sign him instead.

The number one 'ideal type' for HWQ is...

"You are Ye Qiu whom had won the three championships"

Bcz ZXJ knew his captain that well.

HWQ agreed to ZXJ. If he's to be roped going out with someone, might as well it roped his rival that he could stand to be with, as well.

And everyone said that it's not "ideal type" but you already have someone in mind!

Surprisingly, it worked. In a sec HWQ is pinged and paired with someone. That someone is YX. And to everyone's shock, they both went on a date in saturday.

Bcz days before, SMC(the little devil) begged YX to at least try to try the blind date site and to fill in his 'ideal type', Ye Xiu make "Han Wenqing who have deathly glares" because he thought that would be impossible (then he doesn't have to do it) and SMC threw tantrum at him for hours after that... Who knew it really will worked in the end? Blind date site is terrifying.

The Ye twins never got to run away, and Gao Yingjie is actually their dearest cousin. When they heard that their shy-shy-shy cousin is joining Tiny Herb, they're a bit worried but oh well, it's just a phase, let him be happy for a while, Yifan is with him right?

When they got the news that GYJ is to be become the famous Magician's successor, it had to be established "successor means, he'll be roped and swindled to stay there permanently. And i don't trust this WJX, he's a pervert. I just knew it!"

"You're just saying that because he succeeded stealing a wild boss once, against you, but I agree, he might had swindled our biao-di"

So Tiny Herb have to welcome two unwanted but they're hot, so nvm guests, who seem determined to prove their upright captain is a pervert and insist they are swindling the poor little Gao. In the end, having enough of his biao-ge's embrassing him, GYJ snapped and kicked the twins out and yell at them to stop being so embrassing!

WJX expressed that getting those judgemental stares is worth it if it meant to get GYJ out of his shy shell.

When Yifan is out of TH bcz of his contract expired, the Ye twins acted again. "Ha! they kicked Yifan so he couldn't watch over Yingjie! I knew it, they're evil! Qiu! Get the car!"

"W-wait, Xiu-ge. I got kicked bcz I'm not good enough. Yingjie is fine there, no one is swindling anyone!"

"Ridiculous! If they're not swindling, how could they got you an assasin character when you're more suited to be a Ghostblade? Did that WJX blind!?"

QYF (Who knew the twins are 'The gods who never make it to the proscene'): "... Really? Ghostblade...?"

YX: Yes. I'll teach you later, now help me to convince Yingjie to get out of that Witch's Cauldron.

YQ: Yeah! We're the Hansel and Gretel to that witch!

QYF: ...

So... kinda Otome game-ish. And I can't write this sooo

SMQ is a strange guy, he always complained to YX that his exp is so high and YX's 'relationship point' is hard to increase. He also keep complaining that YX always invited 'Trouble Event' with his pheromones magnet and always reminding YX about 'perverts with high attraction point toward you'. But despite all of that, YX loved him all the same.

It's just when SMQ died, smth strange happened in YX's life... his sight become full of data and... what is this various points? Turn out, SMQ is the one who have that power but before his death SmQ reminded on how no one would be able to protect YX and SMC from 'possible perverts' without him being there, so he transfered his power to YX so that YX could know which people they should stay away from...

YX used it to the full extent to protect Mucheng from perverts and suspicious people.

It's just when he joined the Alliance he keeps wondering... Why are those pros' relationship point with him always increased dramatically when he barely talk with them? Why their attraction point toward him is MAX? Eh? His answer increased the Relationship Point, why? He didn't even chose it from the choice box!

And Why Random Event Kept Popping Out of NOWHERE?! But alas, YX is still a gamer purely in heart, so when he saw the words 'event' He would always do it till the end, no matter how weird it is. Yes, even when he finally knows those events triggered the enhanced version of Relationship Point, which is Love Point.

[Congratulation! You successfully Maxed out Everyone's Love Point! Now, They're SO in love with you and there's no turning back! Expect (omitted value) proposal rings that will given to you by the time You're retired!]

YX eyed the notification then look around him to see those infatuated looks everyone sent him.

"Su Muqiu, Just look at what have you done. I baited so many instead... Damn Events..." whereas SMQ can only facepalming so hard in the Heaven.

Suddenly struck with "My girlfriend is a Kumiho" feeling... still won't write it

Idea: in which, YX come from a Kumiho family and runaway for his freedom yada yada. But in his fox form, he was injured and was helped by SMQ who was passing by. YX ended up falling for SMQ and determined to get his full power back to help SMQ. When YX got his human form he made up a story and befriended SMQ... by the end of day, they both living under the same roof.

Lss, YX and SMQ ended up in a really complicated relationship with SMQ is falling so hard but doesn't know how to deal with it, whereas YX is trying hard to subtly seduce SMQ, not knowing SMQ had always want to jump at him.

When SMQ got into an accident, YX gifted his life pearl and confess his whole feeling and existence to SMQ, wanting to know if SMQ would accept him (cuz', if he's not. YX will rip off his life pearl from SMQ, and dying together with SMQ.) SMQ accepts him ofc.

Then their days as loving couple started, filled with so many jealousy and misunderstanding and YX threatening to die together...

Why? bcz, YX is a kumiho ofc it's natural for him to attract so many flies-err suitors, and SMQ is trying hard to keep YX close, and glaring at those guys. Whereas bcz SMQ keep having 'meaningful' stares toward other people, YX always got the wrong idea. aanndd, they live happily I guesss. No, we don't follow the drama's ending.

DomesticAU where all the pros are single parents who live at the same neighborhood.

And YX is that one single Dad who could be trusted to stock everything in his house, so the other Dads are often barging into his house asking to borrow something even to the most mundane things such as salt, sugar, pepper everyday. YX thought there's no difference in this and living with them.

Tbh, the others just come to borrow to see YX and done some liberty with him Though the dense mf never realize it.


In which, YX silently make his own youtube channel and post his game walkthrough there whenever he's bored and have quite a bit fans... He ofc used his voice to explain quite a bit thing. Bcz his voice is infatuatingly calming as well comfortable to hear. His fans easily remember it.

Plus, cannon divergence where, when YX got isolated by his teammates he often sneaked out. Only Mucheng who knows this- bcz those a-holes are too conceited to even pay attention, let them burn themselves.

And YX made so many friends (albeit annoying, you have to admit that he's charismatic) in so many internet cafes he visited (yeah, he changed cafes everyday, according whim). Basically he had many fans who don't know his face but completely memorize his voice, and so many brothers who idolize him to death.

Many people were surprised when he worked at Happy (Yes, CG and TR had long know him atp), but nonetheless they worship him all the same (and even more). His youtube channel went on hiatus without any news and his fans were anxious... Did the great god retired?

Yeah, Happy still faced so many mockeries...

But when they saw the 'Traitor YQ', and hear his voice in an interview. All shit just go down with a boom. And EE lost so many fans immadiately. (bcz YX basically travel almost the whole city to try out different Internet cafes)

"There's no way Big Brother could be so treacherous! He helped us through so many things and even often treated us food!"



AU where: bcz of some space thing went wrong... now all the top tier Glory avatars come to live... yeah. in real life.

Cue chaos.

A bit nsfw? only slightly.

OAL somehow keep managing to sneak away and challenge Lord Grim for YX's affection whilst at the same time trying to pair SX with YX. As hey, essence work and perhaps they could have threesome (to which LG firmly disagreed, and propose a foursome instead)

Swoksaar would always disappear from YWZ's side just to flirt with Wei Chen and Windward Formation, insisting having a polyamory is fine as long as it's them (YWZ wonders if that count as selfcest as Swoksaar was once and WF is Essensially WC... then he remembered YX, and stop thinking about it as he pulled WC away from Swoksaar's persistent persuasion)

DD always tried to attack OAL while firmly supporting HWQ in attaining YX. to which, OAL protested and told him that "Package works. I'm not officially YX's anymore, so we don't come in the same package! Go punch Lord Grim instead of me! (So that I could sneak master Ye away...)"

Blue rain got numerous fine for vandalism, as Troubling Rain keep unrestrainedly destroy anything that have ZZK or Cloud Piercer's face in it. HST insist, he couldn't do anything. but he always have a very pleased expression whenever ZZK's face is shredded to pieces with the savageness of Ice Rain.

CYX learnt Zhao Yuzhe's desire to have her avatar, she always felt rather strange and annoyed about it. but now Windy Rain come to life, she couldn't be any happier to give her blessing, as long as she could watch the BL. Windy Rain cried for abandonment and Zhao Yuzhe plead innocent.

As suddenly, Tiny Herb got some attention because of Vaccaria... Mainly involving his alchemic chemicals. For prank and revenge purposes. Btw, Tiny Herb have Two Dads now that without a fail always remind them to sleep early. But the witch one would put you to sleep for a long time if you disobeyed, LXB had to be in coma for three days after a certain incident

Prompt: Where Ghost!SMQ is lingering by and haunting YX (only YX who could saw him). So yeah, he watched and commented on everything.

Until Mo Fan appeared and He seems really close to SMC... SMQ went hysteric. Moreso when SMC also subtly showed that she is interested.. SMQ went ballistic.

And YX had to follow any of SMQ's whim to 'test' MF's crediblity to be with SMCn which consisting bullying MF everyday.

MF wonders if YX hates him, and demand about it one day. Whereas YX thought MF is pretty lucky that SMQ is dead... because it was supposedly three times harder, but YX soften the blow.

in the end as to not lose MF in the conflict YX is forced to answer the reason... not completely but vaguely ofc

YX: It's to test your worth.

MF: As much as I know gaming did not include all of that.

YX: ... But domestic life do.

MF: Wtf about domestic life?

YX: So We could welcome you easily to the family... (He meant Su siblings and himself)

MF: ... Family? (YX's family)

And MF thought that YX 'tested' him because he wanted to get serious with MF or else... why would he brought up his family into the picture?

Although at first MF is sceptical but shortly he began to notice YX's good traits(as he always glanced YX's way whenever he feel sceptical), and honestly he won't mind if they get serious and be in relationship.

Then MF confessed to YX and told him that they had to make it more official first (like lovers) before they got into 'meeting family stage'. YX can't catch up with it... So MF likes him and not SMC? YX thoughtlessly accept him.

Needless to say, SMQ is hysterical... No he doesn't want to hand over his sister but he's even more unwilling to hand over YX. I swear to God that it's born MoCheng and kinda SanXiu... then midway typing it spiralled to this. gdi brain!

Haunted House, (The fake one)

YX: Never really afraid of it. Often, he's the one who pointed out the ghost. But he's that one friend that 'enter with smooth shirt, exit with wrinkles all over' because he's the target of everyone's 'tug-o-war'.

SMQ: He's one of the main culprit that make YX had to lost two of his shirt's buttons. Always act like nothing happened when they exitted it.

SMC: In charge of teasing those who got scared. Easily scared over jump scare and will flip you over if you tried to scare her with a touch. (a natural reaction)

HST: Keeping his monologue along the way. Screaming whenever a jump scare popped out. Complaining about the ghosts' ugly make-ups while crying.

YWZ: Never really afraid of it. He keeps smiling through the way, and sometimes the people with him is more scared with his smiling face than with the ghosts.

HWQ: No one actually dare to scare him. He usually kill the scary moods. But same with YX, he's that one friend who 'enter with smooth shirt, exit with wrinkles all over'

ZJL: The guy who kept tripping in a crucial moment like when a ghost suddenly appeared and everyone run away- yeah he always tripped on that moment. Usually, if he's with YX or HWQ, he's the main culprit that got their pants wrinkled.

WJX: Countless of time his own friends scream at him rather than the ghost... You can't blame them, the lighting make his one big eye feels... you got it.

ZZK; The girls who easily scared usually like to hang around him, cough- to take some advantages- usually they forget their fear and more focused to take more advantages. His silence in the place is usually out of freaking out. But as expected no one ever notice.

ZXJ: Killed the 'Terrifying screaming mood' with his "We're running out of time. And you, stop pulling his leg, we don't have a time for it." but surprisingly, the 'ghosts' always obeyed him quietly.

WC: He curses along the way, Yes he even curses the ghost's seven generations.

SZP: He usually the one who have to drag ZJL out when the poor man can't stand up on his own. If there's YX, Then he'll have to drag two out. (bcz YX just stood there, with one or both leg(s) trapped in ZJL's death grip)

SX: Tried to act tough, but still screaming when a ghost sighted. Tried to boast his fearlessness to YX and end up to be one of the culprit that messed up YX's shirt. Become a tug-o-war enemies with HST usually.

FR: He's that one shameless guy who faked scared just to cling and annoy the fuck out of someone (mostly YX).


YuYe. Drunk.

After a party where YX accidentally drunk, he cried and cried accussing YWZ for stealing SMC in the group chat.

Which actually made a big gossip about how YWZ actually one-up YX in term of offense/defense tactics. And that SMC and YWX were going out.

After a whole some drama and misunderstanding, as well YX's confident statement goes by "SHUT UP YOU F#CKER! I SAW IT MYSELF"

YWZ finally could get an answer out of YX on Just what he meant by SMC and YWZ going out?

Then YX furiously accussed him back and tell him that he will show him the proof. He then sent a fish dishes picture that have nothing to do with the whole drama.

YX: look properly! The fish have an orange in its mouth!!!

YWZ: ...

Everyone: ...

SMC: facepalm emoji He's drunk. Don't mind him.

Then YWZ made a jaw dropping move by sending a picture of a fish bitting on a leaf.

YWZ: With this. Does it mean, I'm going out with you now? _

in his drunken stuppor YX nodded satisfactorily.

YX: Yes, you do. Wait, since when we're going out?

YWZ: Just now. Expect me in Happy. Drunken confession, still count as a confession.

Wei Chen: Oh shit. You're literally screwed Ye Xiu.

HST: This escalated so quickly that even my brain still can't catch up.

CYX: Hopefully we'll see a real life people in the position of the fish and leaf very soon?

YWZ: Smile-smile


Where YX missed the opportunity to live (or even met) with the Su siblings. So with his creativity, he tried to get money himself and made his own money before living in a secluded place.

He made a name for himself as the "Master of All Games" and because of SMQ is not there to encourage him, he doesn't really want to join the Alliance. But in the entire City H, every gamers know the existence of an unbeatable god who always loitering in a certain internet cafe, whom you can ask for help or challenge a duel instead. Everyone respect him, sometimes to a greater extent than they are to the pro players.

Whilst EE's SMQ accidentally heard the rumour about a normal person who have skills above the pros, he scoffed. Then he sought this 'god' and challenge him, he lost. Not only that, YX actually used his OAL bcz SMQ asked him to play in his main class.

Then, SMQ started to pester YX to join him in EE, and even tried to track down every of YX's alt account to be ganged up (familiar?) and beaten to submission.

Noticing, SMQ's strange predicament (which he showed extreme annoyed face and wailed about it in his social media), his friends from the pro league asked what was wrong.

SMQ tell them that he found OAL's player and he's annoyingly hard to convince And they also began to visit YX's den and some extent, his house.

They all were trying to recruit him, everyone got one chance to be forceful. So YX have to check his door and windows several times before sleep to determine his chastity safety.

In case in the middle of night there's someone who come demanding a PK.

The break of the season always become a torture to YX, as almost the entire team paid a visit, trying to convince him to join their team and made love history together.

And sometime around, YX is clueless as to why he got dragged into their gathering as if he's their teammate already. (But free food will never be denied) Then there's this legend in the media circle about a man who always present in every teams' gathering. Who is he?


YX is born with eyes that can see the thread of fate that connected two or more souls whom destined to be soulmates.

So sometimes when he's in the mood, he'll try to made them met or realizes each other. Sometimes also bluntly pointing out that "You guys are meant to be with each other". more often than not, it will make the pair so conscious and realize something.

YX himself did not see any thread on him, albeit a bit heartbroken about it, he resolved to make others met their soulmate and be happy in his stead.

That's it until he met Qiu Fei, his successor and also the one who could see the same thing as him. QF admitted he's jealous of YX for having soulmates while he himself have none.

which is Bullshit ad YX could see a red thread on QF and argued he's the one who have none.

The two fell silent for a while until QF shakily pointed at YX.

QF: But Captain... You have so many-about a dozen or more red thread on you... how could you have none?

YX: ... Wait, don't tell me... to one's own thread, one can't see it? Bcz you have one FeiFe- Wait, what do you mean more than a dozen?

And YX found out his other soulmates are those whom he had paired off with their other significant whom also YX's soulmates. And they also had fell for YX the moment YX tried to pair them off. And this is so confusing


Where YX created and owned all class godly-level accounts (To hone his skill, he accidentally made a name for those accounts) and no one ever know it was him all along.

When EE kicked him out, he decided to put them on sale online to scrap some money as he's never aware that they're famous- not like he care anyway.

And various team instantly eyed the avatar as YX clearly stated the stat points, the avatar had- although not comprable to top-tier gods like OAL and others... they're still very high.

Cue, every team tried to get them at all cost. Several future pillars of the team got them to be their avatars. And by the end of fiasco the pros are all discussing about it, sceptical over so many of those accounts' original owners who suddenly sold their account at the same time too.

And YX dropped by, seeing the gossips and the details, he simply commented "Oh, those were all mine."

That message alone suffice to make everyone cough out blood.

[Prompt] That coming back angst thing.

One day in the gathering of pro players YX suddenly asked them, "How much painful do you think if you got hit by a car?". Everyone is sceptical over his question and told him "Fucking hurt a lot, I guess"

Everyone asked him why he asked that and YX simply smiled at them, "Nothing". months afterward they won the world champion, And mysteriously got sent back in time- to which they just restarted after much confusion and disbelief.

HWQ restarted at fourth, searching for YX, Instead he met this guy named SMQ who seems to be SMC's brother? HWQ wonders if YX also come back and decide to change thing. if YX stopped playing Glory, HWQ will hate him.

And then, slowly everyone who come back gathered- or more like maybe in season six-seven (as everyone did not restart at the same time). Before HST can't hold his curiousity and demand "Where's Ye Xiu?" bluntly to SMQ.

SMQ is shocked, how do this people knew his bestfriend?

And soon, they got their answer. YX died in a car crash, long ago. And now it's only him, SMQ.

Unable to live on with that fact, things lead to another and they restarted again... just several months before the first tournament. And damn, they will stop that self-sacrificing asshole and the man he saved. Only to fail and got sent to a different timeline, again


So in the day SMQ supposedly go to his death, he was stopped by a surprising accident of Ye Xiu suddenly collapsed.

SMQ tried to get YX to a hospital but YX refused as their financial won't be able to support them and assure SMQ that he was only feeling a bit under weather. So SMQ let it go, but take care of YX the entire day.

After the first season of tournament, YX collapsed again and SMQ forced him to go to hospital only, YX begged him to not to.

On the second however, YX's collapses are getting frequent and SMQ can't just focus on team battle without worrying that YX collapsed in the closed room and no one to help. So SMQ finally had enough and dragged him to hospital, the result is disappointing to say, as the doctors can't find anything wrong with YX... But the problem is, as time went past, YX's body gotten weaker and weaker until it's unbearable. And the doctors could only prescribed some vitamins or those useless suplements that did nothing to make YX better.

Until in the sixth season's final in team battle facing off against Blue Rain, OAL suddenly just stopped moving altogether and put up no resistant when he got killed nor he responded to SMQ's call.

Not caring about discualification threats, SMQ exitted his gaming chamber and barge into YX's chamber, much to everyone's bewilderment.

What welcomed SMQ, dropped his heart to the pit. YX is sitting, his upper body sprawled at the desk, he was so pale that it scared SMQ. Alarmed, everyone practically swarmed to SMQ's side only to gasp at the sight.

The match is stopped and the rest of the teams are perplexed. When it was told 'Ye Qiu' had experience what they suspect "Heart attack". Needless to say, the rest of pros rushed immadiately.

And... To be honest, I just want YX to die sprawled on his desk while playing Glory, while SMQ is alive and they lived happily.


YX is a writer and he never understand SMQ's obsession towards game. Sure it was fun, but that's it. And SMQ always lamented how the only who could beat him when he was serious turn out to not having any appreciation over games.

After SMQ died, however, to respect his best friend's passion, he wrote a novel about gaming and named the MC "Ye Qiu" (after some consideration, of mixing his name and SMQ's) and Glory in his site. The webnovel suprisingly got a good response from masses, not to mention an offer to publish it officially from the Alliance itself. And YX have to research for materials... from the proscene because he wanted it as real-like as possible.

The thing is, The pros are all hostille towards YX because of YX's err well YX-ness? Also YX's subconscious pointers that come out as arrogant from the supposedly unexperienced writer.

Not everything went like a plot. They finally snapped and told him that "Why don't you do that yourself?"

That suggestion actually enlightened YX to try and play to get the feeling inside the game. He then remembers their account cards- Autumn Tree & OAL, which he never had touched anymore then go back home.

Everyone thought he had given up but the next day he come again, asking to join one of the teams.

Because of this, the pros are all itching to give him a beating- inside the game ofc. And fight to get him in. Eventually, the Alliance decided it might be good for their young shameless as well dense writer to get into a team that didn't fight for him (to beat him into submission)

The choice gone to Tyranny after some argument whether HWQ would kill YX or not. HWQ accepted as he also wanted to crush show this pretentious guy that Glory is not so easy.

The team gave YX a random account when YX said he could play all class (as if, they thought) and he's given no chance to say he brought his card. After showing he really got skills that made HWQ impressed, they accepted him completely.

When they bring him to the tournament (for further research), they won with flying score, thanks to him. HST (or some other pro) challenged him to a duel and although he put up a good fight with his avatar- he still lost badly in 1v1 with HST. They relucantly accepted him to their circle, and start telling him that his play in his class although good- it could be better.

And YX tell them, that class is not his main. HWQ who is beside him then ask what his main class is? Everyone did too and tell YX to bring it there.

And seconds later, The lost-in-time God, One Autumn Leaf, appeared once again before them. Everyone feel numb in shock and HWQ dragged YX for a talk about telling people if you used to be a number one god, especially to your rival.

[In the end, the novel sells splendidly]

[Prompt] AU

After OAL, YX made his second account and name it "Lord Grim". little did he know, his new neighbour (also transfer student) also named "Jun Mo Xiao" precisely, no character differs. So YX always have a kind embrassing feeling when playing LG, which coincidentally have an uncanny similiarity with JMX.

Not to mention, YX also have a growing crush on this JMX.

Meanwhile, JMX also played Glory... and have a crush on his playmate that he only met on game... One Autumn Leaf.

JMX: Wait, you name your character Lord Grim?

YX: And you have a crush on One Autumn leaf?

JMX: ... That's beside the point. The problem is, you name your character with my name and play with it... Why don't you play with me instead?

YX: Shameless!


Ye Xiu is terribly stressed with this whole problem about being a responsible adult for a whole team of kids with different quirks. When told to go discuss about tactics, they go and gossip about their peers from different team.

When told to sleep, they go and talk about their latest dream and nightmare.

Told them to rest. they still go and play more.

It's not like he's terribly disapproving it. But more problem arose when they started arguing here and there about anything they set their eyes upon.

In the end, YX decided to go to the expert at this kind of thing... Who else, if it's not WJX?

WJX is extremely pleased, his prediction of YX asking for his help that he made since Happy is in challenger league did not disappoint him.

He had made every steps of plans and speech And now, it's only for the practice on how WJX would slowly direct and convince YX that being a single father is not so easy Why don't they work together through marriage instead?


In his last visit to Happy, HST ordered a barrage of ice cream to be eaten for the unplanned movie night... it's just the ice cream come with a bonus that is... ZZK's poster.

Ofc seeing it, HST is pissed and decide to completely wreak it... But because shredding it is already too common for HST, he decide to do something else.

Not caring even if it's wasteful, HST dumped some vanilla ice cream onto ZZK's face and let it melt there becoming sticky and goey. He dumped it in YX's room out of forgetfulness.

YX was too lazy to get rid of it and let it be there. Ofc it wasn't a big problem...

Only, ZZK come to visit in the next day. And found a poster of himself in YX's room covered with... white sticky liquid?

When YX come back in, he shivered... Why does ZZK's gaze is so hot and dark? YX gulped... he had a sudden urge to plead innocent- moreover when ZZK watched him with that predatory stares... What's going on?


Camping trouble. AllStars

YX didn't understand why they even have to do it.

The girls ofc sleep in a separate tent. And YX had to share with others.

Beside HST- he kicked on his sleep and YX kicked him back. in the end YX have t admit he's suck at wrestling and change place.

Beside YWZ- YX just now know that YWZ seems to be a tight cuddler in his sleep? But why he kept nuzzling and touching dangerous places-?- Stop! YX changed place again.

With ZXJ- YX gave up at the idea. He doesn't want to be woken up before five.

With ZJL- The guy starts narrating his last night's dream and then gossiped about his team. Change

ZZK- YX felt he's being stared at in his sleep. Change

SX- The guy created a line in between them and he seems to be sick with flushed face and all, YX doesn't want to be affected. Change.

WJX- He also very touchy in his sleep. YX looked down and decide to change place again.

HWQ- He glared at YX when he nuzzled into his arms, seemingly trying to get all the warmth HWQ's black jacket could provide. When seeing YX have eyebags under his eyes because he can't find a suitable place to sleep earlier, HWQ sighed and pull him closer.



De-aged YX kept his secret and tried to search for a way out of his predicament.

LHW found this older teen is somewhat cool and likeable (HST: shrieks Which part of him is likeable!!?) and LHW likes to pester him, after all his age is the closest with LHW.

LHW thinks he likes this older teen which is actually YX, and kissed him. (Because that's what you supposedly do to someone you like right? HST always kissed senior Ye's pic in his phone when he thought no one is watching)

YX completely freaked out as... Omigosh, he just taken an advantage of an underage more than a decade younger than he is and he probably should just die for it!!!

Everyone was like "DAAAAMMMNNN!" When they saw LHW's bold move to the other young player, marvelling how kids these days are overcoming the olds.

And shockingly after LHW's kiss, YX suddenly grow back to his original age... right under everyone's eyes. LHW was shocked but still happy nonetheless, "You were cursed! And I healed you! I'm your prince, we should get married!" LHW happily said.

After overcoming the initial shock they all snapped and glared at LHW.

Really, kids these days are overcoming the olds!!!


It seriously would be fun heartbreaking if YX is truly sick with chronic illness.

And in all-star weekend, YX really couldn't help it... When he coughed out much blood just before he could slip out. Tang Rou doesn't know what she should do... she really doesn't. So she screamed asking for help, that's when the reporters barged in, trying to get a shot of 'Ye Qiu' only to find, the short haired beauty is panicking beside a unknown man (who is most probably 'Ye Qiu') who is coughing out blood endlessly.

Everyone who saw it from the live broadcast on the stage were horrified and every pros practically fled down there. And even ZZK barked out an order to scram out of the way!

The event is forcefully suspended as the all-stars are currently busy, in scolding the patient and screaming at him to stay alive and stop coughing out blood, Dammit!

They all know YX is sick... Well, only a few upper tier pros who knows. They didn't know what happened but first they should quickly save this dying reckless man...

Perhaps, he died in the end? It will be a tragedy in Samsara ...


Where YX is ten years younger and is SMQ's (EE's captain) successor.

And Lu Hanwen is a determined suitor to get the senior's affection.


HST: Xiao Lu! How many time do I have to tell you to be subtle!

SMQ: HUANG SHAOTIAN! your demon spawn is molesting my successor again!

SMQ: Yu Wenzhou! That damn brat brought my cute YX away again! Explain!

And then... more things happen as everyone tried to mediate the fight by "Let them play together"

SMQ: Old Han! I caught your successor trying to strip down YX's pants! What strict man did you say he was!?

SMQ: WJX! Goddammit! Your kids are corrupting my successor!

WJX: They didn't! It's your successor who is corrupting them!

SMQ: But you like it right!? you like it when he slowly brought them out of their shells- you fucking hypocrite! You planned this!

SMQ: old Tao! That Qiu Fei brat in the camp have something impure in his mind toward YX. We should separate them!

TX: Muqiu... He was just offering a health potion... In the game

SMQ: Well, it could be some sexual innuendos that I never knew about!

SMC: Bro, you need help.


Where CG had never put up a hiring poster and YX didn't have any money with him.

When he was walking aimlessly in the cold night, he met with Qiu Fei who was doing a night grocery...

They ended up living together. Because Qiu Fei know how hopeless YX is and he might die if Qiu Fei leave him outside.

So their day as 'father/son'(according to YX) 'a pair of lovers'(According to QF) started.

QF would try and find a way out so that YX could play again in the proscene. A team that would be suitable for YX... Whereas YX would simply stay at home playing Glory and making dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner while QF is busy searching for a suitable team.

Blue Rain: Old Ye's original successor?! Do you know where he is? that damn old man! I tried to get a hold of him but it's just impossible! I already told him if he want to retire he has to tell me so that I can propose a marriage right away! -HST.

"Oh? Senior want to come back? He could always come here... But we might need him for a wedding dress fitting first" -YWZ

Tiny Herb: Practically harassing YX in the game with their 'training'

Samsara: Qiu Fei almost reached the team captain when he stopped... Why do ZZK have a picture of sleeping YX in his phone... Why is he staring at it? QF decided to scram

Tyranny: Bad Idea... QF shakes his head. the captain, HWQ, has some design on YX from years of rivalry- even QF can sense that.

QF: Captain, let's just make our own brand new team.

YX: ? As expected, no one want me in their rank?

QF: (Not answering the question) Anyway about new team... I found this jie-jie in the internet cafe across EE...

Like hell QF letting YX go to other teams, making their own team would be more romantic right?


In which, SMQ is literally a villain in superheroAU and he dragged YX along with him to do his 'evil' whims.

Which usually include looting, tricking, gambling, revenge-prank, And make various dangerous weapons that never been intended to be dangerous at all.

YX is an amazing side-kick always logical, blunt and could put SMQ back in his place when he was being too much. They're a perfect match of villains who do many evil deeds.


Now, SMQ would really appreciate it if those Freaking heroes could just STOP flirting at Ye Xiu in any given moment when in action!!!

Don't they understand? They're villains! Heroes don't supposedly flirt with a villain!

But why are they only threw the cliche heroic lines and curses to SMQ only? YX is SMQ's partner! Heroes don't supposedly to be so discriminating!!!

And why the fatal strike is delivered to SMQ whilst the strike that meant to capture is thrown to YX? the mastermind is SMQ, y'know?

"And YX is my boyfriend, assholes! Kindly stop seducing other people's future spouse!"

Heroes also don't supposedly flirt with other people's lover, villain's or not!

[Prompt] KnightsAU.

In Glory kingdom's military army. There are many outstanding and famous strong figures whose names had spread wide in the continent.

HWQ, the general of Army 1, in charge of very frontline and famous for his tyrannical fighting, that even the king himself is lowkey (very highkey) afraid of him. Nicknamed, The King of Fighting.

There's also Wang Jiexi, in charge of the Magical Army along with Yu Wenzhou as his co-general who is also in the rank of Master Tacticians.

Then, there's General HST, who is simply there as a boost of moral as his leadership is a bit lacking, but he's also one of the most dangerous swordsman in the world.

Then there's the gunner Army, lead by ZZK. The silent general whose word is weight as much as gold.

And many other generals, commanders and others.

Oh, and don't forget the useless man whose everyday's life is only filled with smoking and skipping the practice, Ye Xiu, who could be found in some shady corner of training grounds. Why is this man even in the army anyways?

And why do most of the generals reacted calmly upon seeing him slacking off?

However, The juniors learnt the hard way... Even the shadiest man in this army could very well be one of the living legends.

[Prompt] XiangYe, ZhouYe, ZhouXiang or ehh, anything. Entertainment!AU College!AU A reckless move to hastily declared that he's good at playing the latest as well hottest online game, Glory, in a talk show. But SX's crush, ZZK, was also there and he looked like he really loves the game... So SX became a bit impulsive... Now, everyone practically cheering and requesting for him to do a demonstration and play Glory, when SX knows no shit about the game... SX knew he's screwed. In a moment of desperation, SX found a senior in his university who is actually an expert in Glory. SX go and begged the senior to teach him about the game, It's just later on when SX played the same class as that senior, ZZK said his playstyle is like a certain someone he knew... Lo and behold, That senior SX begged for help is the legendary 'Ye Qiu' who turned out to be ZZK's acute online crush. It also didn't help that SX is slowly captivated by the cool and indifferent senior. God, how could a reckless statement about game evolved into This???



Lady of the Lake: Ye Xiu

Excalibur: Huang Shaotian

King Arthur: Yu Wenzhou

"I can sense a great destiny in front of you young man, hence, I bestow to thee the legendary sword!" Yu Wenzhou raised his face dumbly, face still dripping wet, to see the most beautiful being smiling divinely at him... If only YWZ could understood what the heck the being is talking about before the divine being quite literally tossed a screaming man right to YWZ.

"You shameless fake lady- WAIT THE FUCK-" But the two pair of man and sword are quickly thrown out of the illusion world...

"... What happened?" YWZ asked.

"The fucker randomly chose a passerby as the bearer of The Sword of A King, because apparently I was too noisy for him."

And so, the tale of them trying to complete the randomly assigned mission happened, with the only hope and goal to gain a free access to the Land of Kings where YX resided.

"I've never play a game before..." YQ trailled off before his phone goes off, he quickly opened the message. "Rebellion against the government took a place, before you lash out, you were gone for a WHOLE NIGHT! They panicked and revolted much earlier, where have you been?!" YQ's face darkened, "I gotta go, asap. Brother, go home as soon as possible did you hear me?! I want to be out of this shit, quick!" YQ briefly looked at YX and hurried to depart. YX secretly looked up and winced, he really didn't want to inherit the family's business . 20

[Prompt] ~Years ago~ YQ had wanted to see what's so special about this game for his brother to be so obsessed. He ended up got hooked by Glory. He accidentally become acknowledged as a god-tier player too. Years later, when YX is hard pressed to get a wild boss against ZXJ, he regretfully have to call the last person he would call. A character stormed in literally like a storm, immediately caused disaster at the opponent's troops. And much to everyone's shock, they recognized it as that one character who refused every team's offers, and become the legend of Glory alongside with the gods. With a high pitched, indignant tone, YQ yelled, "How dare you?! why didn't you tell me you started over in tenth server?! You degenerated useless big brother!" "Help me get the Wild Boss, I'll talk afterwards!" YX yelled. ZXJ and LJY practically scrambled to tattle to HWQ. And soon, the entire pros circle knows it. Hell ensued.

[Prompt] Where the God-tier players were all secretly heroes in their free time, and they knew each other's identities... Except YX, He's the oddball amongst the god tier players because he's not a hero??? Cue, everytime they hang out, monsters coming out of nowhere and they had to evacuate and protect YX whenever that happen while at the same time trying to be subtle about their secret identities. Meanwhile, YX is really in a deep dilema... How is he supposed to transform into his secret hero persona when there would always (At least) two guys holding him tightly and keeping him away from the fight? And don't give him that "It's gonna be okay" bullshits, what about the others that they left?!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

A Familiar Face by FinallShadoww reviews
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For Old Times' Sakes reviews
What if... Luffy's burst of Conqueror Haki had been too late? Would Ace die because of his lateness? Or did fate already planned otherwise even without the conqueror's will's intervention? After all, Buggy couldn't just let his captain's son died just like that. Nakama-feel. Roger was practically the cabin boys' dad. Familial Roger Pirates. Buggy DOES have a heart.
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In which, Luffy's plan to "Stay quiet, silent and don't make a commotion" proceeded smoothly. Or to say more bluntly, when he did not make any sounds, it's easy to overlook the rubber boy. But eh, Ace is not complaining, though it will forever be a mystery to him how Luffy could sneak in... Or HOW they even managed to get out.
One Piece - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,321 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 460 - Follows: 234 - Updated: 9/15/2021 - Published: 10/6/2018 - Luffy, Ace - Complete
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Ye Xiu had always been a passionate writer, he didn't understand Su Muqiu was so obsessed with games. Despite Su Muqiu's insistence of Ye Xiu having the astonishing talent for it, Ye Xiu was never interested in it. Years later, a famous writer, Ye Xiu, decided to do a research about pro players' for his newest novel. The lost god coming back without anyone knowing it...
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 17,720 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 143 - Follows: 165 - Updated: 3/13/2019 - Published: 11/14/2018
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ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 96,159 - Reviews: 54 - Favs: 180 - Follows: 174 - Updated: 1/6/2019 - Published: 4/23/2018
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ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,215 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 59 - Follows: 41 - Published: 11/7/2018 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
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Grisia's death from Roland's POV: Roland cannot even blink. He's forced against his will to only watch as the last bit of life inside those unseeing beautiful azure eyes drained. There's no sound in the room with the only exception being Pink's cheerful, victorious laughter. Disgusting... He loves it. Bit of DemonKing!Roland. You'll see pairing if YOU see it that way.
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,844 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 3 - Published: 10/13/2018 - Legend of Sun Knight/吾命騎士
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AU. Neo decided to choose Roland to be his successor. Then, what happened to Grisia? Pope takes him of course. Everyone happy. PopeInTraining!Grisia P.s: okay that's it I admit my tittle-naming skill is sucks. Someone! Give me a proper tittle please! (Image not mine... It's Luca's picture. May I add the creator is amazing.)
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 11 - Words: 28,408 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 68 - Updated: 10/3/2018 - Published: 5/8/2016 - Legend of Sun Knight/吾命騎士
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Ye Xiu failed to runaway and now the chance is gone. But he won't give up on his wish and with Ye Qiu's help, he managed to persuade his mother to let him play Glory. Just because one way is blocked doesn't mean you can't see what's on the other end. The twins made their own account and chose their own way. Meeting the unlikely acquintances, allies and rivals along the way.
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Family/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 19,606 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 141 - Follows: 140 - Updated: 9/20/2018 - Published: 5/3/2018 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
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An unlikely way of the two very opposites standard of captains in the Alliance, to get in contact with each other. Lin Jie is the nicest, gentlest, most compassionate of all captains. Wei Chen is the roughest, rudest, and hold grudge like no other, the dirtiest of all captains. That didn't stop Lin Jie have a crush on him though... Ye Xiu is just so done with the drama.
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,013 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 8 - Published: 9/15/2018
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In which, Light had to hurry home and have no time to check on that mysterious black book that fell from the sky. Years later, he's not suspect on L's list. But rather, a protected witness, which is really important to the case at hand. If only the witness could act like a witness and not causing L numerous headaches and stress with how he is! PossiblyOOC!Light (he has to)
Death Note - Rated: T - English - Humor/Mystery - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,204 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 53 - Follows: 61 - Updated: 9/13/2018 - Published: 8/27/2018 - Light Y., L, Near, Mello
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After Su Muqiu died, Ye Xiu feels all this thing about Glory and dreams are meaningless. He took Su Mucheng with and go home willingly to learn something useful. Years later he become a doctor and applied in Glory HQ's medical wing... In the end he truly can't be too far from Glory. And the other pros suddenly found themselves always 'sick' in the HQ after seeing the hot doctor.
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,237 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 140 - Follows: 148 - Updated: 9/4/2018 - Published: 4/30/2018 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
What did you say? reviews
In a world where everyone from the Grand Pirate era reborn, those who were strong enough in their past life were granted with their memory. Everyone was trying hard to find their missing pieces, friends, brothers. Meanwhile, ten years-old Ace and Sabo couldn't believe their eyes as a baby presented to them, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY YOU FORGOT TO MAKE LUFFY EARLIER, DRAGON-SAN!"
One Piece - Rated: T - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,245 - Reviews: 36 - Favs: 700 - Follows: 455 - Published: 9/3/2018 - Luffy, T. Law, Ace, Sabo - Complete
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Yu Wenzhou admitted that it was a bad idea to give Ye Xiu a chance to get a dog by offering to rear a bag of flour of all thing. "Then, I'll name her Little White," Ye Xiu smiled as he held the bag of flour like his own newborn daughter. "She looked really looked like you," Mr. Huang had taken the Dad role rather quickly as he cooed. Chinese National Team!
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,347 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 45 - Follows: 21 - Published: 8/5/2018 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
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Summary: At that day, Su Muqiu couldn't help but feel drawn to a young boy sitting in the corner of Excellent Era Internet Cafe. He's too young to be outside without a parent watching over. "Boy, How old are you?" Su Muqiu asked. "I'm six," Ye Xiu replied. 10yearsYounger!YX, delayed meeting
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,261 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 102 - Follows: 84 - Published: 7/27/2018 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
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Involving the 39th generation! Ch1: they should know better than to leave (dumped) their students to Sun. Ch2: Storm Knight's tip. Shuis is in a dillema, Storm is having fun and Sun is an innocent fall victim. Ch3: Sun & Storm in a mission to discover the terrorizing kidnappers. One should be the bait and dressed up as girls. It's Storm. But why Sun is the one being tied down?
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 3 - Words: 10,953 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 7/3/2018 - Published: 12/14/2016 - Legend of Sun Knight/吾命騎士
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In a meet and greet event, Ye Xiu is forced to hang around despite not joining the event at all. Whilst loitering around, Ye Xiu met a fanboy and made an unlikely friendship with the kid. Accident happened and the boy can't join the meet and greet, Ye Xiu decided to take his place. The pros are all speechless, why is Ye Qiu lining up in Tyranny's booth?
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,005 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 235 - Follows: 90 - Published: 6/7/2018 - The King's Avatar/全职高手 - Complete
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Ye Xiu always know how to comfort his friends with his presence alone and without being all sappy about it and they love him for that. He could only make this feeling inside their chest grew, romantic or familial... And they can't do anything about that, despite how painful it is
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Angst/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,604 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 59 - Follows: 29 - Published: 4/18/2018 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
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Instead of the losing team, Liu Hao and co who come to Happy at the night after their lost to 301. It's Yang Cong, 301Degree's captain who found the banished god in his night shift. It's a very tempting as well rare chance, how could Yang Cong did not exploit it? "Either you come with me or I'll kidnap you," DiffTeam!Ye Xiu
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,728 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 138 - Follows: 95 - Published: 2/28/2018 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
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It's said if soulmates do a handshake, even only brushing hands, a red thread of fate will appear encircling one's wrist connecting one to their soulmate. Leading you into your happily ever after. So here they are at the end of sixth season where Blue Rain is decided as the champion, Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian found a thin red thread connecting them, under everyone's gazes. HuangYe!
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 12,436 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 96 - Follows: 57 - Updated: 1/21/2018 - Published: 11/21/2017 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
End of Rebellions reviews
Ye Xiu, a young teacher fresh out of college, actually a son of a rich prestigious family. In 20 years of age he got the job in Glory Highschool as a teacher but... A homeroom teacher to a class full of problem children? A sacrificial lamb? What is this? They want to take advantage of him and rid him? Oh, this young master has never been the one in the losing ends. Teacher!Ye Xiu
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,650 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 71 - Follows: 79 - Published: 12/28/2017 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
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Su Muqiu lived through the accident but left crippled, unable to play Glory like he used to. Ye Xiu swore that she'll made One Autumn Leaf lives up both's dreams. Live as a pro gamer is hard but a prodigy like Ye Xiu always left with stunning results to be a pillar for her loved ones, stealing many hearts unknowingly along the ways. Muqiu/FEM!Xiu. Changed! From Somewhere to Belong
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 4 - Words: 11,620 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 121 - Follows: 118 - Updated: 12/19/2017 - Published: 10/7/2017 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
Dear Master reviews
The god-tier Glory's pros are mysteriously invited into a building for various reasons. They didn't even aware of the others got invited. Now, they're facing a huge crisis where they all had to find out what's this all about. "We're locked!" "what should we do?". Glory... Might be their only answer... "And you called yourselves pro gamers?"
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,494 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 123 - Follows: 127 - Updated: 10/24/2017 - Published: 8/5/2017 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
Mending the Leaves reviews
Han Wenqing remembers that stunning female character, always been dutifully beside One Autumn Leaf striking through any obstacles with teamworks no one can measures. Of course he recognize it when it reappeared in the fourth season. "That female character, Dancing Rain, used to be playing alongside One Autumn Leaf right?". Ye Xiu smiled sadly, "You still remember?". HanYe!
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,482 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 110 - Follows: 53 - Published: 8/31/2017 - The King's Avatar/全职高手
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The church of God of Light have another rules that had passed down from generation to generation. Started with the decision of the first Twelve Holy Knights. Now, it had to be done. Obligatory Rule for Twelve Holy Knights:"Odd Generation is all male while even generation is all female". How does this work out then for our dear 38th generation? Genderbent!38th generation.
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,284 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 11 - Published: 6/20/2017 - Legend of Sun Knight/吾命騎士
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In which Pope found a different seal that enable Grisia to go around freely, but Grisia probably would prefer the restricted seal much more. As a problem rise by the day he's retired. And this problem also widely known as: Neo Sun
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A crack shots of legend of sun knight, possiblity of Au and ideas for possible fic. this is my second fanfic ever. rated T for safekeeping. Add: I don't know why i rename this story to be THAT.
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A guideline or manual about how to functioning your beloved human sized Sun Knight android! After all not everyone would know how to handle androids nicely. But somehow, this manual still feels incomplete to the costumers
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,508 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Published: 1/1/2017 - Legend of Sun Knight/吾命騎士 - Complete
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Sun just had to enrage Ice again by accidentally knocked a shortcake to the floor. Ice refuse to bake him sweet for a month and Sun come up with a crazy idea to keep his sugar consumption in check, only the problem is the rest of Twelve Holy Knights did not approve of his idea. Could Ice really maintain his stubborness to not let Sun consume his sweets for a month? One shot.
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,068 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 15 - Published: 12/31/2016 - Legend of Sun Knight/吾命騎士 - Complete
In different Universe: Kudo twins reviews
Yes, I'm just that loser in making up tittle. Set in a universe where Kaito and Shinichi is Twin from Kudo couple and world couldn't be more chaotic. And then Shinichi found out Kaito's secret and boy... Why Lady of luck decide to dump Kaito in this kind of time? Probably go with flow... Depends. Over exposure of fluffs and bromance. No romance,IGuess rated T: for mild cursing
Detective Conan/Case Closed - Rated: T - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,759 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 78 - Follows: 82 - Updated: 11/21/2016 - Published: 11/13/2016 - Shinichi K./Conan E., Kaito K., Yukiko K., Yusaku K.
A twist in Demon King's ceremony reviews
To be fair... Grisia never heard any of this. Fully: Awaitsun being forgetful. Roland is a troll. And Grisia is miserable. No one seen it coming anyways. What should they do to come up with a good choice without killing each other? Marriage... Mild cursing (or not. Depends...) Hinting Shounen ai: RolandxGrisia. Don't like don't read.
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,173 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 10 - Published: 7/10/2016 - Legend of Sun Knight/吾命騎士
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How will our beloved Holy knight fare in their reincarnated lives? Moreover they have their past lives' memory! Being parted in this life is not making them any happy, then what happen when they got a 'call' from their leader? Reincarnation fic. Rated T for language
ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画 - Rated: T - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,871 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 25 - Published: 6/8/2016 - Legend of Sun Knight/吾命騎士
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"And I want 10 peoples to be my crewmember." The boy said. "Well, 11 is a good number" Zoro approved. "Eleven does not even fill in an avarage quota..." Bonney protested slightly. "Eleven is good!" Luffy shouted back indignantly. "For what?" Bonney threw back. "For.. To become... Shining?" the strawhatted boy struggles. "Shining? As in Stars?" Zoro inquired.
One Piece - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 7 - Words: 13,634 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 94 - Follows: 101 - Updated: 1/16/2016 - Published: 12/23/2015 - Luffy, Eleven Supernovas