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Author has written 10 stories for Spider-Man, Justice League, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sky High, and Final Fantasy VII.

About myself

I am an aspiring author and I have found this site to be a great place to express my love for writing. Personally, I have interests in action/adventure as well as romance. I've considered humor and I have thought of a story about it but whether I go through with it will remain to be seen.

People have told me that I describe action very well and I take much pride in that. I always take a while to consider how well I can pull off all my descriptions. I feel that I have standards that I have to live up to and not meeting them is a major disappointment for me.

When it comes to romance or plots and personality overall, I like to keep it true to the movie, show, etc. I found that stories that keep the feeling of the show or at least the personalities are the most appealing to me. I know that doesn't seem very broad when you observe it from a far point of you but it's who I am and I'm staying that way. I also hate slash fics. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuals or any other sexuality in the slightest; it's just a matter of finding the situation very off putting for me. But don't let my opinions deter you from writing them anyway; I support your opinions as (hopefully) you support mine...just don't expect me to read any slash or any other fic I don't enjoy.

If you are readers of my current stories, don't worry, I'm getting to them. They're planned out and need a bit of fine tuning. I also have some important exams coming up and I won't be writing for a bit of a while but they will go on.

I don't know if I'll continue my Sky High fic as I found it to be a sort of..."just out of nowhere" kinda thing. I do plan on a Sky High fic but I want to have an emphasis on action because...well I'm a guy (I know, stereotypical) but I'm not complety sure if that'll happen.

On another, more postive note, Drained will be finished shortly with about two more chapters and perhaps on epilogue but only if you ask for it. My Spidey fics aren't done yet and they won't be finished for some time but that doesn't mean they're dead. Just bear with me folks; I try.

My soon to arrive League fiction is being planned and I'm working out the errors in the plot but I have a summary all ready written. It's not the final version and it might change but here goes: The League is in turmoil. The core team is falling apart at the seams: Batman is incapicitated, causing Diana to fall to pieces, The Flash and J'onn J'ones have disappeared, John's sudden engagement has alienated Shayera and Superman is left to deal with responsibilites of all seven members at once. Realizing his golden oppurtunity, Gorilla Grodd and the Legion of Doom have set in motion their final plan: the dismantling of the Justice League and the eradication of its members. At the same time, Braniac and Luthor have an agenda of their own..

And trust me, not EVERYONE will survive...if any at all.

I also'd like you to visit my family's spa. Athena Spa in New York. Check for more details.

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