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Appologies to those who I would care about upsetting, but I'm quitting all projects. The fandom is no longer enjoyable for me. I won't even waste energy explaining it, because anyone who knows me knows I've been going on about the fandoms state for a long time now until I've been blue in the face, but it changes nothing.

As for FF7 Experience which comes from a different fandom, I've already accomplished what I set out to do: show that a self-insert doesn't have to suck, and can certainly have its original aspects. That fic spawned a lot of obvious rip offs. In an alternate universe, I take it as a compliment. Here, it just pissed me off. (However, there are a select few who actually e-mailed me about their fics. To those people, I wish you well)

Lastly, as to why I had to delete my stories and contact information: I have no desire to be lambasted by the lower end of FFNet's ilk.