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Ok so the chances of ANYONE ever reading this is close to... I'm thinking none. But oh well, here's some information about me anyway! First off, just some randomness about myself, then this little quiz thinger I found and filled out.

So what's important to me?

Music by far, Phantom of the Opera, RENT, and a million others are pretty much constantly playing for me either in my head or in my house or my ipod... yup that's about that. Books. I counted how many books I have simply in my bedroom a little while ago, over 350 of them, oh yea... we're talking I have a bookshelf, the closet, small dresser in my closet, the walls along my room, and I've resorted to the window ledges and even taking all my clothes out of one of my real dresser drawers to make room for more books. This was before i started reading all of the Manga (those japanese comic books for you poor unintelligent children out there), this includes some of my favorites (in no particular order), Full Metal Alchemist, From Far Away, Decsendents of Darkness, MeruPuri, Cross, Ceres, Fushigi Yugi, Angel Sanctuary, and more that I'm not remembering and too lazy to go look up. Movies, who doesn't like movies... I still enjoy disney movies but my basic idea for a good movie is one of two subjects, either a good chick flick with plenty of "awwww" moments, or you have to laugh, cry, and SOMEthing has to be on fire or blow up throughout the movie. Unlike some girls the sight of blood or violence in a movie really doesn't make me upset... besides that on TV I'm a Gilmore Girls obsessive with seasons 1-6 on DVD, Boy Meets World is astounding and I have seasons 1-2 and soon to be 3 on DVD, besides that I'd have to say the OC is pretty good and I like What not to Wear... idk whatever happens to be on at the moment is good for me... I play in the school orchestra, I'm a cellist, meaning I play the cello (said chell-o) and play the piano off and on. but more often I play the radio. I love to sing but in my opinion I'm not amazing at it. Ok so that's about that...

And now some random things.

I don't like people who talk about others religions in a poor fashion, people who talk about other people in a poor fashion, poor fashion, boys who are simply in a relationship for the sex, boys who are simply in a relationship to show off their girls, boys who don't respect what they have, girls who don't respect what they are, people who say one thing to your face and another behind your back, people who say good things behind your back, and not to your face, people who don't respect anything, people who don't respect good art or music, those who don't appreciate what they have, anyone who abuses or hurts others for no reason, anyone who allows abuse to go on, anyone who thinks that life is pointless, anyone who makes life pointless... there's more, I'm just braindead at the moment.

Things I wish for life

Love - a person who would rather hold me all night then even pressure me for sex, some people to see how great life is, others to see how great everything they have truly is, to know how feeling cherished really is, to dance in the rain WITH someone, to have a night under the stars with a person who cares, and many many more... but MOSTLY, I wish that everyone would know of God's amazing grace and how He can make you feel better then any boyfriend (or girlfriend) ever could. Wanna know about me? head to the source, send me a message, or just read the Bible! ...oh and one more thing... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

And I totally found these in another's profile (credit goes to princessroshini92 haha, it was greatness I have to say!)

If you have ever tripped over your own feet, put this in your profile. Are you kidding me? I trip over absolutely nothing all the time. You should SEE the bruises. sigh oh well, I just have a way to do that I guess.

98 percent of teenagers have tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent that hasn't, put this in your bio. Never have, been asked WAY more then once, and for some reason, I don't think I ever will. Oh wait, I know why, BECAUSE IT'S LAME!!!!

92 percent of teenagers would die if Abercombie and Fitch told them it was uncool to breath. Copy this into your profile if you'd be part of the 8 percent laughing your arse off. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I wouldn't shop at Abercrombie if my life depended on it.

If you think those stupid kids should just give the rabbit the freakin' Trix, copy this into your profile. Yeah, sure, give the rabbit his trix. How long has he been waiting for them anyway? Like, seventy years? It's about time he gets some trix (that was not meant to sound dirty, it just came out that way...).

Now time for that quiz thinger! confetti falls from ceiling, cannons fire, a large finale like pose is struck in the back. ummm... yeah... ahem not really THAT interesting guys...

Full Name: Catty Adiana something else (yes, I have two middle names.)last name What are you a stalker?
Birthday: April 28th.
Birthplace: A hospital.
Eye Color: Green, but they tend to change.
Hair Color: Brown with highlights. Natural highlights, yup, suck on that.
Height: Short. 5' 2" and not growing.
Weight: Um no, since that's just creepy.
Right handed or Left handed?: Left
Your Heritage: I'm not really sure actually.
My Worst Habit: My ability to not trust others?
Zodiac Sign: Ok, my birthdate is up there can't you figure it out?
Shoe Size: 6
Pants Size: Yeah the creepy-ness just doesn't stop does it?
Innie or Outie?: Innie... this is a weird question...
Parents Still Together?: No.
The Shoes You Wore Today: I didn't, I'm home sick, what kind of person wears shoes when they're home sick?
Your Weakness: Wouldn't you like to know...
Your Fears: ...really random things... like... new moons...
Your Perfect Pizza: CHEESE!!!! and CHEESE!!!!
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: This year? ummm... finally move? Actually I have no idea...
Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger: lol. Who doesn't overuse this (not counting those who just don't use it for sheer lameness of phrase)
Thoughts First Waking Up: need... coffee... hate... morning... coffee...
Your Best Physical Feature: Will not answer question. No answer could be given anyway.
Your Bedtime: Whenever I fall asleep.
Your Most Missed Memory: Ummm... my friend who died a few years ago...

Favorite color?: Seafoam green.
Food?: Oh geeze... ummm... I have no idea, too many!
Sport?: Dance?
Animal?: Wolf. Weird yes, but true.
Ice Cream?: Ummm... I'm partial to chocolate chip cookie dough.
Candy?: I have no idea... probably kit-kats, I love kit-kats!
Store?: Urban Outfitters.
Salad Dressing?: I don't like salad. Actually I should correct that, I don't like lettuce, I have nothing against salad.
Actor?: No idea...
Song?: WAY too many to count! Music basically equals life.
Letter?: Letter? As in the alphebet? What a strange question... I haven't ever thought about it before...
Number?: 18 or 33. Only one of them has a reason, guess which one...
Gum?: Orbit! Wooo!
Holiday?: Christmas... or Halloween!!!!
Season?: That depends on what outfit is cuter this year, the tank or the sweater? Just kidding, i'm really not THAT girlie. It all depends on my mood.
Toothpaste Flavor?: Ummm... crest? I don't know, I've never been a big toothpaste eater.
Radio Station?: Anything country! Yep, you read right, country!
Perfume?: I don't really wear perfume, but I do wear a Jasmine and Vanilla aromatherapy lotion.
Scent besides perfume?: Jasmine if you mean on a person, or else COFFEE!!!
Body part on the opposite sex?: Eyes. I look at people's eyes.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?: A princess! Actually as long as I'm in love with someone I could care less.
How Do You Want To Die?: It doesn't matter, I'll get to be with Jesus, what do I care?
Turn ons: umm...
Turn offs: umm...
Which One Of Your Friends Acts The Most Like You?: Sky. Hands down Sky. Or maybe Je.
Who's The Loudest?: Sky. Hands down Sky.
Who Makes You Laugh The Most?: Oh man, probably... I don't know, Stephan is pretty good at it, as is Kaleb.
Who Have You Known The Longest?: Kates.
Who's The Shyist?: Shy? In our group? No such thing.
When Have You Cried The Most?: When I watch "The Phantom of the Opera".
What Is The Best Feeling In The World?: Love. End of story it has to be, I don't know what it feels like yet... but someday I hope to.
Worst Feeling?: Loneliness. Even when you are in a group of people and feel alone, that's the worst I've ever known.
Where Do You Want To Live When You Grow Up?: South of Nowhere.
If You Could Change One Thing About You What Would It Be?:
How Long Do You Think You'll Live?: As long as God wants.

Let's walk on the: MOON!
Let's look at the: sea.
What a nice: smile.
Where did all the: anvils go?

Why can't we: just get along... (that random space between these questions is a technical difficulty, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have created).
Silly, little: pipsqueak!
Isn't it weird that: we're all friends?
Never under any circumstance: will I ever do THAT!
I wish: that people could just understand.
Everyone has a: secret.
I am: myself!

Been In Love?: not yet.
Been To Juvie?: no sir!
Mooned Someone?: surprisingly no.
Been Rejected?: Yes.
Ran Away From Home?: Almost but no.
Pictured Your Crush Naked?: Um. Ew.
Skipped School?: ...just the end...
Thought About Suicide?: Once.
Slept Outside?: Yes!
Laughed So Hard You Cried?: All the time!
Cried In School?: Yes.
Thrown Up In School?: Yes.
Wanted To Be a Model?: Hell no!
Cheated On Someone?: You obviously don't know me. Of course not!
Done Something Really Stupid That You Still Laugh At Today?: Welcome to my life.
Seen A Dead Body?: Yes unfortunately.
Been Bitched Out?: Hahahaha all the time!
Drank Alcohol?: no.
Smoked?: no.
Been On Drugs?: no!
Eaten Sushi?: no but I want to...
Been On Stage?: Will be again on Saturday! Wooooot!
Gone Skinny Dipping?: No. I want to though...
Shoplifted?: No.
Been Drunk?: Remember how I said I've never had alcohol?
Been Called A Tease?: No.
Been Beaten Up?: No way! I always win the fights!

Swear?: Not if I can help it.
Sing Well?: I'm not sure, others say so.
Shower Daily?: Generally yes.
Want To Go To College?: Yes I do.
Want To Get Married?: Someday maybe.
Believe In Yourself?: Depends on what subject.
Get Motion Sickness?: No.
Think You Are Attractive?: Not generally.
Get Along With Your Parents?: Usually but not always.
Like Thunderstorms?: OMGSH YES!!!!
Play An Instrument?: Yup, cello, some piano and someday a harp!
Own An IPOD?: Yes, her name is Faye.
Pray?: Everyday.
Go To Church?: If I can.
Sleep With Stuffed Animals?: No, but I have a blankie.
Keep A Journal/Diary?: Yes yes yes.
Dance In The Rain?: Every chance I get.
Sing In The Shower?: Yes actually I do.

Pepsi or Coke?: Coke yo!
McDonald's or Burger King?: Neither if I can help it.
Single or Group Dates?: ...I have no idea.
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate usually.
Strawberries or Blueberries?: Strawberries.
Meat or Veggies?: Depends on my mood. And only free range and non chemically altered meat pleace.
TV or Movie?: Again, it depends.
Guitar or Drums?: ...I have no idea.
Adidas or Nike?: No preference.
Chinese or Mexican?: Chinese, the people I order from know me before I ever finish saying "hello"!
Cheerios or Corn Flakes?: Cheerios!
Cake or Pie?: Ummm... I don't know.
Blind or Deaf?: Again neither.
Boxers or Briefs?: What?

Do The Splits?: Yes, one way.
Write With Both Hands?: No.
Whistle?: Yes.
Blow A Bubble?: With what?
Roll Your Tongue In A Circle?: Can people not do this?
Cross Your Eyes?: All the time.
Walk With Your Toes Curled?: Um... hold on. gets up and tries yes I can.
Touch Yo! ur Tongue to Your Nose?: Nope, but I try anyway!
Dance?: I think so, sometimes...
Eat Whatever You Want And Not Worry?: Somedays.

You Touched: my mommy. EW YOU PERVERT GET OUT OF HERE! I gave her a hug!
You Talked To On The Phone: ummmmmm... probably Sky.
You Instant Messaged: I AM instant messaging Sky right now!
You Hugged: Read above idiot.
You Yelled At: ...I have no voice at the moment, but I believe it was Joseph.
You Played A Sport With: I was at dance last night. Yeah that's right, dance IS a sport freaks.

Time You Laughed?: At "Gilmore Girls" a little bit ago.
Time You Cried?: I'm not sure... I don't like crying.
Movie You Watched?: Ummmmmmm letsee... "West Side Story"?
Flavor Of Gum You Chewed?: Whatever Caleb had yesterday in bio.
Joke You Told?: I can't remember.
Song You've Sung?: No voice, but yesterday at showchoir we sang "Only Hope".

Where Are You: My house.
What Can You See Out Your Window?: No, curtains.
Are You Listening To Music?: RENT!!!!!!! (this is a sad song... sniff)
What Are You Wearing?: My pj's, I'm sick!
What's On Your Mousepad?: Weird... it looks just like my desk... hmmmmmm perhaps I don't have one!

Do you believe there is life on other planets?: Maybe, sure, why not?
Do you believe in miracles?: Yes, they happen everyday.
Magic?: Actually yes I do.
Love at first sight?: It has to be the right time, people, and love.
God?: Of course!
Satan?: Yes, it comes hand in hand with God.
Ghosts?: No, the Bible says they don't exist, but spirits and angels sure do.
Santa?: Sometimes I do, he represents joy, hope, and good cheer. So in a way, yeah.
Evolution?: NO GO DIE!

Fav Eye Color: Ok, I'm not a very egotistical person, so frankly, I don't give what the person who I'm with looks like, so I'm not even going to answer these questions.
Fav Hair Color:
Short or Long Hair:
Best Clothing Style:

What Country Would You Most Like To Visit?: Europe. Been there once (Germany and Austria), and I'd go back in a heartbeat.
Number Of CD's I Own: Oh geeze, I have absolutely no idea.
Your Good Luck Charm: Don't have one.
How many pillows do you sleep with?: One, but two on my bed.
Do you drink milk?: SICK NO!!!! I actually dispise milk!
Person You Hate Most: My french teacher. Go die!
Most Outdated Phrase: Groovy. Not even kidding, my friend's mom said it once and we were both like "ummmm... how about not."
Do you think God has a gender?: No I don't. I think that God just is. God actually said to Moses "I am that I am".
Where do you think we go when we die?: Hopefully Heaven.
How many rings until you answer the phone?: However many it takes to find it.
What is something scientists need to invent?: A blood alternate that everyone can use, then we would never have the blood droughts and there would be no fear of unnecessary deaths. Yeah that's crazy random, but it's true.
Are you a health freak?: I know a lot, but not usually.
Are you a virgin?: Yes, and proud of it.
If you could travel into space, where would you go?: Pluto, because dangit, it's still a planet!
What is the worst weather?: Blizzards, or scorching hot times, those suck.
Did you play with Barbies as a child?: You know I had a ton, but I ended up having way more fun just blowing them up. As terrible as that sounds, it's true.
How many grades have you failed?: None. Ever. It's not allowed.

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