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Author has written 47 stories for Teen Titans, and Rising of the Shield Hero/盾の勇者の成り上がり.

Return Missionary from the Michigan Lansing Mission.

About me:

Skin: White, yet tanned (don't really sunburn all that easily thanks to years of sports and walking around a lot in the sun during my mission (Go ChevroLegs!))

Height: 6'1" (At least I claim to be)

Hair: Brunette, almost blackish bordering on brownish.

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Birthday: May 29

Currently live: Salt Lake City, UT (Attending University of Utah)

Hobbies: Basketball, Ping Pong, Video Games, Writing, Track and Field, Football, Playing Piano, Golf, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah.

Religion: Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Don't know why I have to add this, but yes we believe in Jesus. Apparently, some people don't know that despite the name.

What I like the most: Reading/Writing/Procrastinating (Thought I should finally put this third one up here since it's so true)

And that is all there really is to know about me without going into detail.

I will do story requests as long as they fit the parameters down below. Please don't ask me to do anything outside of what I'm comfortable with. Also, be aware that I college workload and a life outside of fanfiction.

1. If it includes pairings, I have to be comfortable with them. (Ex. I won't do BBxStar, NaofumixMalty/Bitch, or a weird crossover like NaofumixRaven)

2. The max rating I'll go to is T. No smut requests.

3. It cannot be a rip off of someone else's idea.

4. It can only be either in the Teen Titans or Rising of the Shield Hero Fandoms.

5. One-Shots and short chapter stories preferred.

6. I can't use your OC for it. It has to be something involving the actual characters.

7. I will not do crossovers, period. Do not ask over PM or review.

Ultimate Favorite Pairings: BBXRae, RaphtaliaXNaofumi

Other pairings I like: Rob/Star, Cy/Bee, Cy/Sarah, KF/Jinx, Jericho/Kole, Hot Spot/Argent, basically all well-written pairings that are canon in the DC Universe. As for Rising of The Shield Hero: Itsuki/Rishia, Ren/Wyndia, EclairxSword, KizunaxFishing (Sad Glass noises), FohlxKeel (Feel), TheresexL'Arc, and Melty/Ruft. Oh, and BitchxSoul Devourer.

Biggest pet peeve: When I find other authors on this site who hate BBxRae and RobxStar and don't explain why they don't like them. It's alongside my pet peeve of anyone who trashes on Beast Boy or any of the other Titans.

Other Biggest pet peeve: Raphtalia is only 10 years old argument. It is old. It is annoying. And it doesn't work. It is a fantasy world, with fantasy races and fantasy cultures. Her race is one of those. Due to how demi-human biology works with leveling and aging, she is for all intents and purposes 18-19. End of discussion.

Shield Hero: Light Novel or Web Novel?

As there are other Authors here who trash on both (I trash on the Web Novel, not a fan of it), I highly recommend the Light Novel. I have read up to LN 18, and can't wait for the anime to cover past Cal Mira. I notice that most on this site who trash on the LN haven't even read it. They either base their accusations on being web novel readers, personal bias, the information they read on Reddit, Google, the Shield Hero Wiki (which, I suggest not using as source material, as the Wiki mods I talk to have been trying to fix all the information problems web novel readers put into it ever since last year), or friends who in all honesty had no idea what they were talking about (and I say this after reading over what their friends had to say about it). Literally, the only problem I have with the LN's are the crappy translations in LN's 1-5 (which, ironically, covers everything the anime covers). I'm just glad the translators are finally getting better at their jobs for these later LN's.

Now I suggest reading the LN for multiple reasons. One, you get better details about how the world works, and what Naofumi and his party go through. Two, it makes writing fanfiction for the story easier when you actually know why stuff happens and how things work (like the strengthening methods or skills, no need to bull crap how a method works when you can find the details in LN 5). Three, it really is an excellent story. Just looking at my hard copies and the notes I put inside, I can tell Aneko put a lot of thought into everything. Fourth, you get to meet all these great characters, some of which aren't in the WN, and who read more as trope characters in the WN than actual characters in the LN: L'Arc (LN character), Therese (LN character), Kizuna (LN character), Kyo (Villain, basically the male version of Bitch but actually smart, also LN character) Atla (Trope character in WN), Fohl (Also trope character in WN), Motoyasu #2 (LN character), Sadeena (Trope character in WN), Shildina (LN character), Ruft (LN character), RAPH-CHAN (great in both if I'm being honest because it's Raph-Chan, cult followers for Raph-Chan, anyone?), etc. Seeing all of their character development is fantastic.

Fifth, and this is the big one, the anime, manga, and various spin-offs (with the exception of WN Reprise of the Spear Hero) are all based on the Light Novel. Aneko themself has said the Web Novel is a separate story from the LN. In other words, none of these media are going to take from the Web Novel. If you write fanfic for Shield Hero based on WN knowledge, you're going to be screwed by the anime, by the manga, and by everything else. I mean, I hate to break it to you, but what I'm currently reading in the LN isn't even covered by the WN since Medea doesn't exist. So where it begins to diverge in LN 5, it divorces from the story entirely at LN 16 and 17.

TLDR: Ignore the ignorant heretics, stop relying on 2nd hand information, read the damn LN's. It won't kill you.

But she's Ten Years Old

Since people can't seem to tell that it's a different race of people we're talking about here with Raphtalia, I'll explain about demi-humans in Shield Hero. First, they're not half-human. Demi-human is a general term applied to the various fantasy races that look like humans but aren't. Their proper terms are Raccoons, Tanukis, Hakuko, Aotatsu, Genmu, Kitsune, Dog, etc. etc. etc. there's a lot of them, okay. And that's just Raphtalia's world. Just wait until you see the wood elves, spirits, gem people, and other fantasy races in Glass's world in S2 of the anime that are also called demi-humans.

Next, unlike in other anime or lore, they aren't biologically the same as humans. They grow and mature (keep this word in mind) not only by living life but by leveling up. In other words, a 10 to 12-year-old can grow to look 16 to 20 years old physically, mentally, and emotionally if they decide to level up a certain amount. I'm not saying that chronologically they're not 10-12. That'd be stupid to argue against. What I'm saying is that they mature. They grow up, much, much faster than a normal person.

For Tanukis, that's shown to be around LV: 20-30 to get them from 10-12 to 19-20. For Dogs, it's around LV: 30-40 to get to 15-16. For Hakukos, it's shown to be somewhere between LV: 50-60 or even higher to get to 18ish. And it ranges with different species. Now the point of this is that when they achieve a certain level and grow up, in demi-human culture, they're officially recognized as adults. And allowed to do what adults do. Like join the military, raise a family, drink alcohol, etc. In a way, this gives them an advantage over humans since they can grow up twice as fast, and reproduce more quickly because of it. Even if they were born 10 years before, after growing by leveling up, they may as well for all intents and purposes have been born 16 to 20 years ago. They aren't bothered by it at all. That's like visiting Japan and being bothered by the different culture there.

If you still find it weird, I'll mention something else that's weird. Elves. They live for hundreds or sometimes thousands of years. Depending on the lore, some elves can still be considered kids even at 50-70 years old (like the twins from Overlord. There's no way I'm going to say they're adults just because they're 70 years old. They haven't reached the age of maturity for dark elves in that isekai). And let's not forget the classic 100-year-old 'young' elf that falls in love with the 18 or so-year-old human protagonist in stories. (Got to love Lord of the Rings, Eragon, and other pieces of literature with elves like that). Imagine dating someone older than your great-great-great-great-grandmother (Hell, she was probably there to witness her being born). The only reason we accept this and don't find it completely weird is that elves are a different race and go by different standards. That's the same for demi-humans. They're literally a different race with different standards. If you quote the point above in bold to me in an argument, I will refer you to this.

TLDR: For those who want to troll with this copy-paste on Reddit: If you want to argue age instead of maturity, you are saying baby Grogu is legal since he's around 50 years old.

Could Naofumi Do Major Damage Without Using the Cursed Series?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Still no. But the answer is longer.

Before that, I'm just going to highlight this here: Shield Hero is a FANTASY story. It takes place in a made-up world where things work differently than in ours. If you can't wrap your mind around how the fantasy genre works in general and get pissed off at the below explanation, then I recommend you stick to genres besides Fantasy. It obviously is not for you.

Now, with that out of the way.

Spoilers ahead:

Physics calculates damage in the world of Shield Hero: False. Shield Hero operates under a completely different set of rules compared to ours. Even the laws of Gravity are subject to it. Not to say Physics can't play a part, but before that, you have to deal with Status Magic, the overall system of rules that the world of Shield Hero runs on. To give a short summary, Status Magic is another term for game mechanics, and they, not physics, have first say in what can, should, or would happen in a given scenario.

Say you were to attack someone with a sword, you try to slice off their head. That kills everyone in real life if you land the blow. However, in Shield Hero, it doesn't depend on how hard you swing (Not at first at least), what matters is whether or not your ATK stat is higher than your opponent's DEF stat. If your ATK is higher and you swing hard enough, then congrats, you've lopped off a head and killed someone. If your ATK stat is way higher than your opponent's DEF, you can behead them very easily without much effort. However, if their DEF stat is higher, you're not chopping off their neck no matter how hard you swing. At best, you might scratch it. In fact, if their DEF stat is significantly higher and you swing too hard, you can break your steel sword on their flesh neck. This also applies to other weapons, like guns, bows, spears, catapults, ballistae, airplanes... you get what I mean. All weapons rely on stats, especially the stats of whoever is using them. Nothing's scarier than when you fire a catapult at an enemy army and see the large stone bounce off their front line. Unless the people you have operating the catapult are all level 1, then of course it'll do about nothing.

But Ballistae and Catapults are siege weapons! How can they rely on stats too?! As I said, Status Magic is the overall system the world of Shield Hero runs on. OVERALL being the keyword. That means EVERYTHING in the world is affected by Status Magic. In the LN's with the fight at the Wave at Cal Mira, Raphtalia and Itsuki both operated separate Ballistae. Itsuki's shots did little to the giant whale. Raphtalia's shot, however, did some serious damage. The reason why was because of the difference in their stats. Also, to go a bit bigger in size, Naofumi's high DEF stat allowed him to not only survive but block attacks from a monster the size of a mountain range. Attacks he didn't block destroyed mountains.

Do you really think a stone catapult is comparable to that?

TLDR: Your stats are what first determine whether you do damage or not, not physics.

Sharp Edges hurt: Again, this falls in line with the above. Stats determine if sharp edges hurt in combat or not. I'm highlighting combat there to mean ANY situation from an assassination attempt, straight-up attacking someone, or even as I've seen people try to argue, 'accidentally' walking into someone's weapon. If your ATK stat is higher than the opponent's DEF stat, sharp edges hurt. If your ATK stat is lower than your opponent's DEF stat, sharp edges won't hurt. It's really that simple.

The same reasoning and logic apply to bullets, stones chucked from catapults, ballistae bolts, crushing attacks from monsters the size of a mountain range, massive powerful ritual spells, nuclear explosions from dying Phoenixes, and everything else under the sun that happens in Shield Hero. This is the same kind of logic to anyone that plays games with stats, actually. If your ATK stat is lower than your opponent's DEF stat, you aren't going to do much, if any damage to them. I believe we all should have played enough games to understand this by now. I also hope you wouldn't be stupid enough to attack someone much stronger than you when your stats are absolute garbage. I did that once in Skyrim attacking a Giant when I was level 5.

Needless to say, I have never been yeeted so hard into the sky by my stupidity in any other game I've ever played.

Environmental damage: Yes. This actually did work. Naofumi killed a bunch of zombies at the Lute Wave by setting fire to a watchtower. Environmental damage can very well be utilized to damage and/or kill enemies.


Kills from Environmental damage award no EXP. It's much like Skyrim when you shout someone off a mountain. They're going to die from the fall, but you aren't being credited for the kill. The same applies here. So while these environmental damage strategies would work on lower-level enemies, higher-level enemies won't be killed by them due to their higher stats. And of course, killing monsters this way wouldn't make Naofumi level up any faster since, again, he doesn't get any EXP from environmental kills. Why even go out to kill monsters if you're not going to get anything from it?

The same can be said for spike traps. I can't say 100% if Naofumi can even set them or not without his stats affecting it and making the trap as useless as a pincushion. Or having his Shield identify it as a weapon and zapping him for trying to use something other than the Legendary Weapon. But anyway, if it did work, it'd still fall under the realm of environmental damage. Meaning Naofumi gets a net gain of 0 EXP from the encounter.

To summarize a bunch of other stuff, the people are real, but the world very much runs on gamelike mechanics. If you think of the people in the world as NPC's in a game, you're going to get screwed. If you think the world acts just like a normal world and go out on that train of thought, you're going to die. You have to find the balance that: "The people are real, and my actions have consequences" and "If I try to treat this like my world, I'm going to have a very hard time."

Now, for the meat of the explanation for why I mentioned physics and sharp edges in regards to Naofumi.

The Legendary Shield has the special property of "abysmally low ATK, but ridiculously high DEF." This doesn't just mean that his Shield's ATK stat is low. This means Naofumi's personal ATK stat is kept from ever being raised to ridiculously high proportions like the rest of his stats. Meaning he is never able to do significant damage to anything other than a LV: 1 Balloon. It doesn't matter if he uses magic (he's also restricted from using anything outside of support or healing spells by the Shield), physics (why I mentioned it up above. A punch from him, or him throwing someone into a wall, etc. does nothing, in some cases, the people or monsters don't even register that they just got punched), even using, you guessed it, the sharp edge of his shield does nothing to hurt enemies. He could use a GunShield, a SwordShield, a SpearShield, a BowShield (some of these are actually shields he does later unlock) and still do little to no damage to monsters stronger than a LV: 1 Balloon simply because of his own low ATK stat.

Nothing except environmental damage works, and even then, it depends on the stats of his opponent. If stats are too high, or if they're immune to fire damage or things like that, it would be extremely difficult to use environmental damage. Naofumi is also unable to hurt his enemies outside of key instances where the circumstances align just right (using Soul Eater Shield on Glass, a Spirit/Soul Person), (using the Spirit Tortoise Heart Shield while surrounded by energy from the Spirit Tortoise, a phenomenon that only happens twice in the series).

So to end the long answer: no, he has no means to consistently do major damage to monsters or people strictly because of the Legendary Shield attached to his arm.

At one point, the Legendary Shield is stolen from him by a future antagonist. His DEF falls drastically, but his ATK stat rises a lot and is actually fairly decent. He's able to wield a staff or a sword, he's able to use Decay Magic (Offensive Healing Magic the Shield restricted him from using before), and he's able to do quite a bit of damage with Hengen Musou. In other words, while the Shield isn't equipped, he's capable of all sorts of epic attacks.

However, when he takes the Shield back from that antagonist, his ATK stat immediately becomes abysmal again, he is no longer able to use Decay magic, and neither is he able to use Hengen Musou techniques to attack anymore. This is why I said, the Shield itself is responsible for the eerily low ATK stat of the wielder, and even restricting the wielder from certain avenues of attack, so nothing the wielder does will get around this restriction. Nothing. After 22 LN's, Naofumi still has no way around it short of having it stolen by evil people, which as it turns out, is worse than keeping it on himself.

It should also be noted that when the antagonist had the shield equipped, his ATK stat also became abysmal, to the point where his attacks did nothing at all. He was level 350 too! It nerfs people THAT MUCH! It doesn't matter who you are, this thing is literally one of the pillars of reality holding the world together while the Waves of Catastrophe are trying to destroy it. You're not getting any loophole or jack squat to raise your ATK stat a few points. Naofumi has tried and failed in all sorts of ways, from making bombs that turn into duds when he throws them, to unlocking and trying out Swordshields and Gunshields, which his Shield still nerfed the hell out of ATK wise, but heavily boosted DEF wise.

Any ideas you have for attacking while the Shield is equipped are better thrown out the window. You have no real way to do any sort of damage outside of using the environment or relying on others, be it people or monsters. The latter is far better, as you not only get EXP from kills, but the Shield has plenty of abilities that'll strengthen your allies to be absolutely OP. Seriously, trying to raise your own ATK when you're meant to be the ultimate DEFENDER just isn't worth it.

Unless, of course, you equip the Cursed Series, the only thing that allows you to Attack and deal major damage. But we've basically seen what Naofumi's like under that, and that's only for short periods of time. If he were to keep it equipped continually, well...

The SH author actually did write what'd happen in such a scenario. Naofumi basically levels up super quickly, killing everything in his path... which includes people. A lot of innocent people... his Cursed Shield grew so strong actually, that by the time of the Sacred Duel, he blocked a hit from Motoyasu and activated the Shield of Wrath's (possibly X rank) counter effect... nuking the whole castle as well as the entire center of the Capital clean off the map with a fiery explosion. This killed himself along with everyone in and around the explosion.

In short, he basically turns into EDGE when he keeps the Cursed Series equipped for too long. And that is the end result you'll get from using Naofumi's only means to attack.


For any serious fanfiction author, copy and paste the following to your Profile page:

The following are examples of constructive criticism I prefer to receive from a reader:

Allen Blaster: "I think you have a good thing going here, but you have a few issues I want to address. One, I don't like the way you have (insert character here) interact with (insert character here). Two, I don't like how (insert grammar, punctuation, syntax, or another issue here) disrupts the flow of the chapter. I feel if you were to (insert another idea here), and (insert idea for how to fix grammar, punctuation, syntax, or other mistakes), then it would improve the flow of the fic and lead to something better than the good you have now."

RageALot: "I really don't like how you use (plot element) in your story. I don't think that's something that should be joked about. Could you please refrain from using (plot element) in the future? You have something good here, but this is really killing it for me. Try this instead to make it less cringy."

It doesn't have to be exactly like what I said in the two examples up above. However, it should at least satisfy the following parameters:

1. Unless it really is that bad, start with something nice. Or end with something nice. Or start and end with something nice. Authors take criticism a lot better and a lot more seriously if it's sandwiched between compliments.

2. Don't just address what the Author is doing wrong. Offer advice on how they could improve like in the example above. How can we improve on something if you're not going to open our minds on how that something can be improved?

3. In some cases, offer an explanation for why you don't like something. Just stating you don't like something could be very misinterpreted by the Author or by other readers.

4. No one likes a Guest Troll or Guest hater. Don't have authors mistake you for one. Try and sound friendly as you offer input. If you want to show you're serious, offer the input under your actual fanfiction persona instead of as an anonymous guest.

5. Don't purposely try to kill the Author's motivation. A bad author will never improve if he isn't allowed the chance to practice. Unless he really is that bad.

The following are examples of what we Authors hate to see offered as 'criticism':

Guest (Dumb as F*ck): "This fic is dumb as f*ck, and so are you."

Guest: "I hate where you're taking the plot. It could be sooooooo much better, but instead, you went and (insert dumb here). I'll be taking my leave now."

A Random Troll: "I'm offended by your writing."

Guest: "(Criticism and derogatory comments about fic and other readers, then ending with something like) I hope you are better than that. Or prove me and the others wrong."

The first example is an example of "Really?" It offers no explanation for why the fic or Author is dumb. It's literally a waste of time reading it.

The second example isn't as close to hate as the first one, but its close enough. The Guest claims the fic can be a lot better but offers the Author no ideas for how to improve it. Acting as if the Author should be some all-powerful deity that can satisfy everyone's wants and demands by reading their minds and putting down what it is they want. Newsflash, no author is like that.

The third example honestly speaks for itself.

The Fourth example is the worst. Not only is the reviewer hiding his unhelpful comments behind anonymity, but they then try to pressure/bully the Author into changing the fic to his/her preferences. This type of review is the biggest motivation killer any Author could fear to receive.

I'd include a fifth example, but it's not exactly criticism of the Author. Still, I'll include it here. Don't criticize other reviewers and start a review war between each other. Us authors find it very annoying when that happens.

For all you reviewers out there, if you have a problem with a story, please be like the two examples up top instead of the four examples down below. This is Fanfiction, and we're all different in some way. I'm sure we're all here though because we either have an idea we want to write, or we are simply trying to fine-tune our writing skills. Try to be someone who's here to help others improve.

Above all: Don't bite the hand that writes the Fanfiction for you ;).

Currently writing:

Justice League Vs. The Beast: Trigon was defeated. The end of the world was averted. Things can go back to normal now, right? If only a superhero's life could ever be that perfect. One big demon has been defeated. One girl has been freed from a demon's influence. One boy has seen his mate die and come back to life. And now the forces of good want them both for reasons unknown. Will they survive what is to come? Will they finally be able to live in peace? Will the two of them be able to stand each other for that matter?

Diligence of The Shield Hero: Naofumi Iwatani was summoned to Melromarc as the Shield Hero. Everything looked great... until he overheard Itsuki and Motoyasu talking about parties sharing experience from kills. He then finds out some stuff from his help guide that Malty hadn't told him about. In going to Malty to ask his questions, he eavesdrops on her conversation with a nun from the Church of the Three Heroes and learns more than what he wanted to hear. Not wanting to stay and wait to be arrested and tried unfairly, he runs away from the Capital. Now a criminal on the run, Naofumi has to do his best to avoid the Church and the King outside the waves. And find someone who, slave crest or not, will help him to overcome his own trials and pains past and present, and restore that which he thought he lost long ago. Hope. RaphtaliaXNaofumi, other pairings galore

Price We Paid: Happily Ever After can be reached, but what is the cost of getting there? (On Hiatus)

I'm Sorry: War of the Titans: The pairings have now been formed. Love is abounding among our heroes. Everything seems normal. But what happens when an enemy comes back to earth to recapture its prize and exact its revenge on all our group of heroes? And what happens when it extends to all of the Titans? Well, one thing's for sure. This means war. (On Hiatus)

I Am A Teen Titan: Alright. Imagine that you were once a normal kid. Then imagine that out of nowhere you find yourself in a strange place with strange powers and stranger friends you recognize somehow. Oh, you also have Amnesia. Welcome to my world. (Season Six, written out. Publishing)

Future Ideas:

A World Without Green: Garfield Logan was never bitten by the monkey, so Beast Boy was never born. He lived a normal life in Africa, up until he and his parents died on the waterfall. What effects would this have on a group of teens who meet years later where he was supposed to be. Would relationships be the same? Would things be better for a certain empath on the team? Or would everything change for the worse? And by that, I mean the end of the world worse. Raven POV.

Hurts of the Past: Like The White Stick, this is from a series of connected one-shots from my submissions to BBxRae week. Beast Boy has always been seen as the most carefree of the Titans. Yet he still has his days where he needs to be alone. What happens though, when a certain empath finds him on one of these days? Will she allow him to wallow in the darkest of feelings? Or will she bring him to the light? BBxRae (Thanks Force for suggesting a story for this!)

Devil's Gambit: Beast Boy has been gone for two years. Batman has been gone for longer. The Titans are trying to move on. But things have changed. Drastically so. Raven only smiles for her daughter. Nightwing is obsessed with the villain who killed his teammate and his mentor. Starfire and Cyborg aren't so cheery anymore... and just when you'd think things couldn't get worse, an evil organization is after Raven's daughter. With two villains helping them towards that end. The one that killed Batman. And his newest apprentice.

Episode Summaries for "I Am A Teen Titan"

Episode One, Meet The Titans:

Episode Two, Blood Control: An old villain is out of prison, and his nefarious goal is the same as before. Only, it gets complicated when things don't go according to his plan. The Titans are set on bringing him down. So if he's going down, he'll settle for one he assumes to be the weakest willed of them all. Beast Boy.

Episode Three, Training Disasters: Robin thought he had had trouble training Titans before. But Adam's new abilities, and his almost utter incapability of using them right, make training him a downright disaster. He hadn't been this frustrated since... an annoying villain kidnapped the Titans to date Starfire.

Episode Four, Trouble in Paradise: It starts out normal for the Titans. Normal morning, normal banter, normal... argument between our favorite star couple? Strange. I guess things aren't so normal when you've got trouble brewing in Paradise.

Episode Five, Clone Shock: It was a normal routine. Go in, take the bad guy down, go home, celebrate. It was their routine. Things are shaken up though when things go south in the fight against Doctor Light. And the Titans receive reinforcements from a source they never could have expected. Themselves.

Episode Six, Geo-Force: Just when the Titans are taking a day off, things are again shaken up in their city. Villains left and right are being taken down by a mysterious ally, and an old face is brought back up with old memories on their mainframe. Will the old memories shake up the team? Better yet, will two Titans finally be able to move on from the past that comes with it?

Episode Seven, The Return of X: Red X has returned. And his targets are more valuable than ever. With the Titans pushed to the limit trying to defeat him and our new Titan going through some trauma of his own, will he pull himself together to help the Titans take down their greatest agitation, or will his fractured memories doom him to despair?

Episode Eight, Mad Dimension: Something weird has happened. It was only a routine capture of Cinderblock. And then things went wrong. Very wrong. Now Robin, Beast Boy, and Adam are trapped in a dark version of Jump City. Unsure of how they got there. And the enemies they're facing... are Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg.

Episode Nine, Guilt Freeze

Episode Ten, The Devil In A Pink Dress

Episode Eleven, Rose Connection

Episode Twelve, Opposites

Episode Thirteen, Coming of Dimension X

Right at the bottom:

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There are billions of people in this world. Trillions of souls across this universe. Thousands of dimensions full of people. And even millions more to discover. So how in holy Azar's name did I fall for the greenest, most immature one of them all? BBxRae. Rated T for suggestiveness among other things.
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