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Aloha Friends and Writers!

You can call me Jazz or Hales! I've been on fictionpress for 11 years now!

I have a Bachelor's in English-Literature and Minor in Creative Writing. Books and the written word are my passions! Future goals include working as an event planner or in hospitality management and continuing to freelance edit manuscripts on the side.

I am beginning my adventure as a photographer and hobbyist Cosplayer. My other passions include Football (Soccer), collecting (stuffed animals, snow globes, books, bottles and cans) and being a sportswoman, occasionally playing tennis, running, swimming and biking. I also follow British/English television and enjoy several American Shows: So You Think You Can Dance, One Tree Hill, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 7th Heaven.

I am a sports lover and enjoy supporting the following teams:

Fire (Chicago Soccer) and Finland, England (European Football), The Bears (Chicago Football)l, Broncos (Colorado Football) and Longhorns (Texas Football), and The Blackhawks (Chicago Hockey) and Blues (St. Louis Hockey).


Recently, I experienced some car issues and so will be out of a car for a few weeks. This doesn't really impact beta work or writing negatively, but just a heads up that if I snap at you or anything it's not you - it's the stress I'm under so I apologize ahead of time.

My story Herme's wings is now under way! The first five chapters are plotted out, and the prologue is written!


I NOW HAVE A NEW LAPTOP! Abernathy is a Toshiba Satellite and I'm very happy to have a computer at my fingertips again! I've been busy editing old fanficitons, ones that have been taken down for that purpose! I will be working on adding chapters to those fanfictions, as a fun prompt to get me back into fanficiton writing!

I function on the 10 CHAPTER RULE (a self-imposed rule): Post chaptered works when 10 chapters have been written and edited. It's slow going, but don't worry! I've also been writing one-shots as well as Two-Shots for DeviantArt. I will be posting those as well!

All Betaees, authors who have requested my hlep as beta, whose stories are listesd in the CURRETN BETAEES section of this profile, will remain on my list. For now, as I have no stories posted my Fanfiction Beta account is not accessible. It wil become accessible as I post stories.

The Forgotten has been removed from this account and is being edited. Due to my personal set goal - not uploading any chapters until I've written 10 - The Forgotten won't be reposted for some time. If you're still interested in reading what I write please make sure to add me to your Author Altert list.

I am going to overhaul this account. This means that stories you have added to favorites may disappear. This is due to my much improved writing skill over the years. I also have several well-trusted friends who are willing to Beta my writing. Once the stories have seen two pairs of eyes that aren't mine I will be reposting them.

I will also keep you updated in the section below 'Updates' about which stories will be overhauled and about some new ideas that have been germinating in my head.

MOVEMENTS AND AWARENESS (Bullying: Online and In Real Life)

BULLYING IS GETTING OUT OF HAND, AND MUST STOP! It's getting to a point where children, innocent teens, adults, or whomever is on the receiving end of bullying will take their life. If you have bullied in the past or are a bully now consider going to therapy or counseling with your family members to try and figure out what is prompting this behavior. More often than not, despite what you may think, therapists or counselors can become friends and offer a safe atmosphere to get your feelings out so that you don't take them out on people who don't deserve it. What you are doing, by bullying another person, is creating fear in the life of some ones else on top of whatever insecurities the person who receives the bullying already has.

If you took the time to speak with a person who has been bullied or is being bullied, by yourself or another person, you may discover that they have similar issues as you do. Their family life may be broken, somewhat dysfunctional and a place that inspires fear rather than safety. School then, would be their escape from such fear, a place where they come to receive healthy relationships and learn how to socialize.

A lesson you should learn is: Not everyone will like you. And, you might not like everyone. However, that is no excuse for bullying, it makes bullying even more wrong. Instead of making fun of someone you don't like, you should treat them with respect instead of pushing, shoving or calling them names.

School has been used a lot in this example but this message is also for workplace, internet, and socialite bullies. School, the workplace, the internet and public scenes are supposed to be positive places for people to make contact and friends with one another. Everyone should be able to enjoy these places in peace and happiness.

BULLYING DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK 'COOL'. It creates unnecessary drama that one's peers should not put up with. School, the workplace, public scenes and even the internet should be places where people treat each other the way they wish to be treated. Would you like to receive the bullying you dish out? Probably not.

The fear created by bullying is not fleeting. The emotional pain is permanent. It stays with someone their whole life, and often people are bullied about personal attributes they can't fix, or ones that they can remedy but don't really need to, like having glasses. Fear is not a fun existence to try and get out of, in fact it takes years to gain back self-confidence that is taken away by bullies.

This permanent fear can lead to deep psychological issues for a bullying victim. If the person who has been bullied doesn't have access to someone who will try to help and understand them the bullying can and does lead some to commit suicide.

This result does happen from bullying, news headlines and personal experiences of family and friends losing a loved one to bullying speaks to this fact. It isn't always the bully's fault, but the act of making fun of someone, who may have underlying issues, can be the last straw for the person experiencing bullying.

THOSE WHO WITNESS BULLYING DO NOT GET OFF THE HOOK. If you see bullying don't ignore it. Those in authority will ignore bullying; it is the job of the person's peers to call the bully out. If you just stand there and watch the bullying happen you are as much responsible as the bully. Always say something. Or, if you see someone shoved to the floor help them pick up their books and say nice words to them. The victim of bullying will remember your kindness and sometimes one kind person will make all the difference.

So whether you are a bully or a bystander, or a victim, but a stop to bullying by speaking out against it or revising your own actions. Remember physical, emotional and online bullying are NOT acceptable. Put a stop to them.

Revised version of Lady Natsu Malfoy's Message.


I have since moved to other parts of the net, from my earliest days as a FanFiction and FictionPress regular! The links below are other places on the net you can find me and see what I am up to!

Advice Blog: The Mirror's Edge

Deviantart: H-A-Cooke & H-A-CookeStock

Fictionpress: H-A-Cooke (previously Fleur-de-lis Evans )

Review Blog: The Review Lounge & Fandom Vortex

Travel Blog: An Anglophiles Journey in Europe

Tumblr: TheNorse-Saxon & Curelian Anchor Press


Jazz E Roisin - Beta

Ever wondered how a passionate Content and Proof Editor marks up a story? To see my process and hear about my experience just follow the link above! All the information you need to know is on my Profile!

In short: I use my own editing system complete with color coding. The only requirement I request is:

All stories be e-mailed to: jazzeroisin19(at)yahoo(dot)com and ALL CHAPTERS be in: Time New Roman, 12 pt font, Single Spaced, 1" Margins.

I also recommend that ALL BETAEES get Yahoo Messenger. This way I will be able to discuss story ideas with you out of e-mail and in a quicker fashion. I am on my messengers anytime I am online.

Yahoo ID: jazzeroisin19


Kosagi (The Mummy X Hetalia Axis Powers): The Mummy : Rated: T, Language: English Supernatural/Adventure Chapters: 12

Arthur only wants to find a book, Alfred only ant to get rid of the debt he owed to the grouchy Brit and Gilbert just wants to go home. Too bad Fate has other plans. "I think it's time for use to run now." "You think?" With that, the three of them ran from the cloud of locusts descending upon them. It was shaping up to such a good day, too. American/England and Britain.

Cyrelia J (Hetalia Axis Powers): Who's Afraid of Roderich Edlestein : Rating: M, Language: English Drama/Angst Chapters: 6

Kink Meme de-anon. "And thus the three princes, bound together by blood and sin set about to conquer the world, unaware of how deep into the darkness their journey would take them" Austria/Prussia.

Nea Marika (Harry Potter) : Words Fail: Rating: T, Language: English Drama/Romance Chapters: 17

Fighting a heroic battle in a room full of mysterious time pieces is not a smart thing to do. Time Travel. Slash: TM/HP.

Kleinnak (Harry Potter): A Harriet Potter Adventure Year 3: Rating: T, Language: English Fantasy/Adventure Chapters: 15

Another attack on the innocent, an escaped convict, and the beginning of Harriet Potter's third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Who really is Sirius Black? What does he have to do with Sherrod Howe, enigmatic Headmaster of Rathlin School for the Arts (and Magic)? Who's the traitor Sirius Black speaks of? Time will tell...


The following are great woman who have superb Betaing skills. If I am not the Beta you're looking for please at least check out the following:

Anime Monster: A knowledgeable and friendly woman! She is great with the concept of a story and keeping you on track if you are writing either a purely Canon story or a story that is Alternate Universe pairing but you want to stick with Canon facts most of the time!

WeasleyForMe: A friendly and pleasantly quirky woman! She is more than capable of editing your work if I'm not to your tastes. You'll always be in for a good laugh talking and receiving help from her!

Her-My-Oh-Knee:A wonderfully passionate writer! She can provide great content and other guidance for writers of any ilk!

WildDog14: A brilliant and intelligent woman! She is a writer of many fandoms and can help you if you're not an HP-Universe Traveler.


In order to get involved in FF again, I am breathing life back into my forums as well as jumping back into some that I have been away from far too long! The links to the forums and authors can be found below!

Time Turner Talk (Also Has a Profile: Time Turner Talk): "A glitch in Time put me where I am today, but I live for the everlasting friends and fun at Time Turner Talk."

The Vortex: Welcome to the meeting place of Fandom! "Our journey's begin and end differently but all must travel through the vortex!"

Magical Adventures HP Role and Story Play: Need to flush our your OC? Having problems determining if your OC is a Mary/Gary Stu? Here's the place for you! Any and all HP fans are welcome to role/story play any character!

The Room of Requirement (AmethystDraogn81): This room is just for you! Sit back, relax with your favorite snacks and beverages and talk about your favorite witches and wizards!

Twin Exchange(Jack of the North): I solemnly swear that Fred never died and George wears blue boxers! I am a member of the Twin Exchange.

The Cherry Tree (Shuna): A tree which is strong enough to carry us all, as we eat the cherries on the tree and share our hopes and dreams.


As It Happened: Neville Longbottom was just a normal boy born on July 31st, until the fateful night his parents were betrayed and murdered by Voldemort.

Untitled - Ideas to Good Homes Prompt: After the war Hermione finds herself pregnant with George's twin son's. Unable to cope in the magical world she leaves raising one son while George raises the other. Neither parent tells their son about the other nor that he has a twin brother.

Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Family/Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 0 Words: 0 - Hermione G./ Geroge W.


Hermes' Wings: Holly Cambridge, healing after Secessionists bomb the first professional soccer game she was scheduled to play in, finds herself attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To her astonishment Harriet Potter and the Golden Group may be able to help her more than she realized. Written in parallel with author KLIENNAK'S story Harriet Potter Adventures, beginning with Year 2.

Twin Exchange Monthly Challenges 2009: The alternate universes where pairings change and it's questionable who's in power, did Voldemort win? Did Harry? You'll never know what you'll experience when George wears blue boxers and Fred never died.

Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2, 689 - Varying



MY PICK OF THE MONTH: Frostfyre7 - The Man With No Name


January: GrandeVanilleSkimLatte - A Different Kind of Battle


CrimsonDrop7: It's been ten years since we met, and you still coax me out from behind my desk! You're an amazing friend and inspiration to me! Thank you for kick starting my creative writing career! I hope to follow in the footsteps of the dedicated, loyal and patient wolf I know you to be!

Solo By Choice: It's been nearly nine years since we met over Cool Aid - Hawaiian Punch in Sunday School! But, you're the voice of reason and blunt reality that keeps my writing honest! It's been great fun sharing life in between the awkward spacing!

Wilddog14: Thank you for being my patient sounding board throughout my writing adventure! It's an honor to travel with you into the worlds our minds create! I hope to share many more whispers of rebellion with you in the years to come!

AmethystDragon81: I am so glad our paths in time crossed! It's been a pleasure going through the rough road of friendship with you! Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope to spend many more years in friendship with you!


Age: 23

Degree: Bachelors of Arts in English Literature Minor: Creative Writing

Passions: Writing is my passion as well as giving honest advice to people and helping them with struggles in their life. I have begun research for my vampire novel, and I have begun work on several ideas that have begun to translate into book plots. I work in food service and hope to save money to attend courses at a community college for a certificate in Hospitality Managment.

Favorite Harry Potter Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Favorite Harry Potter Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Favorite Harry Potter Directors: I -heart- Christopher Columbus and 1492 Films

Favorite Supporting Actress: Evanna Lynch

Favorite Supporting Actor: Mathew Lewis

Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Luna Lovegood, Bellatrix Black/Lestrange, Hermione Granger & Sirius Black

Currently Reading: Elizabeth Sladen the Autobiography by Elizabeth Sladen


"Fine-tuning your talents is what makes life successful. Following your heart & passions is what makes you a success. So, to be truly content follow your heart and build your life around your talents and passions."

" Find your passions and your talents and refine them. This will lead to true success and happiness." - Unknown

- Jazz/Hales

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Dean stared down at her and almost forgot to breath. He almost forgot the sketchpad in his hand and the charcoal he had dug up from his art kit that smudged his fingers as he raced to capture her image in the early morning light. DeanHermione.
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WINNER OF THE TWIN EXCHANGE AUGUST 2009 CHALLENGE! It reminded her of seventh year. Ron always had issues of Playwizard & Harry sometimes needed firewhiskey to sleep, so she was essentially where she was now-surrounded by halfnaked men, porn and alcohol
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I'm free now... if you want me," she said, walking around the desk to stand by his chair, looking down at the obvious tent in his robes before bringing her gaze up to his face. RemusHermione.
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You may have to use your hands... you do know how to use your hands don't you Sirius?" she asked cheekily, fluttering her eyelash’s when he turned to glare at her. SiriusHermione.
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FredHermioneGeorge - WINNER OF THE JULY 2009 TWIN EXCHANGE CHALLENGE! - Full Title - The Poorly Laid Plans of Fred, George, and Hermione and the Abduction of Betty the Boa Constrictor. FredHermioneGeorge. Gift for Sweetheart in the corner.
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The house elf would come, always after, never before, before when his stomach gnawed and his heart pounded and he just walked ever-so-silently around the perimeter of the room, ears listening nervously just in case once, just once, the pattern broke.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Horror/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,241 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 5 - Published: 9/20/2004 - Harry P., Lucius M.
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Tonks has a special someone in her life, but who? Ron and Harry, sick of the speculation, dare Ginny and Hermione to come right out and ask. But the answer might be a little more than they bargained for. This is your official marshmallow fluff warning.
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A one-shot. Ron and Hermione get stuck in the pantry. You can guess the rest. A little HG on the side. Rated R for sex and language.
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Wes, Wedge, Tycho, and Hobbie are drafted to sing the song "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. Insanity ensues.
Star Wars - Rated: K+ - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,042 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 11 - Published: 7/14/2001
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