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Yes, I AM alive. No, I haven't abandoned any of my fanfics. Life just happened to get in the way ... for a very long time. I said I'd finish my stories and I intend on keeping my word. I finally have my first (stressful) year of college behind me and three entire months of free time ahead of me, so keep an eye for some major updates.

A HUGEEE thanks to anyone and everyone who has had the patience of Buddha, and is still waiting on my lazy butt for an update.

(=Necessitating Love=)


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January 26, 2007 // Insensitive, Chapter 2

Posted stories:

1) Oblivion – This is my first Digimon fanfic to be posted up on this site. I was just feeling very angsty one summer afternoon and I was listening to one of my favorite songs (about a guy who can’t get himself to forget the girl he loves), and then TA-DA! The idea for this story just kinda popped into my head. I still don’t have a clue how many chapters this story will be, but I already have the last chapter all typed up. Now I just need to write the chapters in between.

2) Insensitive – Okay, so the general plot for this story isn’t exactly original (because the movie, What Women Want, also deals with a guy who can read women’s minds), but I certainly didn’t have the movie in mind when the plot idea came into my head. Joshua Seth (Tai’s voice actor) inspired me when I saw a video of him hypnotizing a large crowd and I also heard that he was a comedic mind-reader (forgot who told me that). And in case you want to know, the word esprit, translates from French to mean mind. Hence, Espritmon (digimon who can read minds). :D

3) Ferris Wheel – Just a little oneshot I wrote after watching some old episodes of season 1. I saw this hugeee ferris wheel from Tai’s living room window, and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. And then Sora just popped into my head and the rest of the story just kinda fell into place.

Stories to come:

1) The Candlelight Canons – (postponed for now) My second Taiora oneshot, and all I'm saying for now is that the main plotline revolves around a blackout. I had the basic idea for this one before I wrote Ferris Wheel, but I wanted to get the entire story just right so I just played around with it in my head all this time. Now I've started to type it up, and I'm absolutely loving it so far. I think blackouts are just about the most romantic occurences ever (however chaotic they may be). I’m still angry that I missed the big blackout of New York back in the summer of ’03. Stupid me, I was on vacation in Florida.

A lil about lil ol' me

They call me: Jane
Terrorizing: New York

Me? I’m just a high school senior anxiously counting down the days until graduation. I can’t wait to get out of this hell hole that they call high school. Who the heck said high school years were the best years of your life? Because whoever said that was a liar! Honestly, I can’t wait for college to roll around.

I used to be an aspiring writer. Then I was an aspiring veterinarian. Now I’m an aspiring nurse (or rather, I’m being forced by my parents to aspire to nursing). But I still absolutely love to write, even though I’m no longer planning on writing as a living.

I’m pretty sure most (if not all) of my stories will be Digimon fanfics. If the story is in the romance genre, you will ALWAYS see Taiora because I’m just addicted to the couple. I’m also addicted to Tai for reasons unknown. I think it has something to do with his crazy hair. It’s hard to forget a character with hair that big. When I was younger (during which Digimon’s popularity was at its peak), my best friend and I had this argument over which one of us liked him better. Petty, really. Now, 6 years later, I’m still addicted to the gogglehead (though I’m not so sure of my best friend’s position on Tai). I just adore him beyond comprehension. XD

Couples that appear/may appear in my stories:

Taiora – I don’t care that Sora got married to Matt, because call me stubborn, I still think Tai and Sora are perfect for each other. I don’t understand why Toei Animation decided to go with Sorato. It just came out of nowhere. The infamous Christmas episode just shattered me when I first saw it. I think I cried watching it. I definitely cried during the epilogue when I saw Sora and Matt married with kids. Those definitely weren’t tears of joy.

Takari – Absolutely love these two. It was a crime not showing these two married with kids during that terrible waste of an epilogue.

Mimato – You have to admit, these two look so flashy and cute together. But sometimes I think this couple is a little too superficial because they don’t seem to have much in common besides being ridiculously good-looking and being good at singing. Nevertheless, I like these two together.

Koumi – I like this couple ‘cus it just seems to be the perfect mix of beauty and brains. Mimi and Izzy also used to crack me up A LOT whenever I watched the show, so they're like my little humor couple.

Couples that will never appear in my stories:

Sorato – Actually, some of my stories will have some brief Sorato in it, but I will NEVER end a story with Sorato. But don't get me wrong... just because I don't write about Sorato doesn't mean I hate the couple. I just prefer Taiora much more than Sorato.

Michi – Just…no. I really don’t connect with this coupling.

Any slash couple – Homosexuals in real life, I have zero problem with. Homosexuality in Digimon…I just can’t fathom. Way too OOC for me.

I don't like the DigiDestined of the second season. Period. So I'll probably never have Davis, Yolei, Cody, or Ken in any of my stories. Don't like it? I don't care. If you like them so much, read a fanfic where they appear, or write your own fanfic. Don't bitch to me and tell me to add them into my stories.

A note to flamers: If you're going to send me a flame for any reason, please, for your own dignity, make sure you use proper grammar. I can't count the number of times that random idiots sent me flames that I couldn't understand due to poor grammar. You'll look like a babbling moron if you send me a flame like that and I will laugh cruelly at you. Mwahahaha. (And I'm a really nice person unless you really piss me off, so don't give me a reason lose my temper.)

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