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Author has written 11 stories for Teen Titans, and Fruits Basket.

Name: Iris

Nationality: Australian

Birthday: 17/5/1991

Star Sign: I am a Taurus, beware my stubborness!

Looks: Blonde hair now to my butt... I wear lots of pink... I'm 5ft; I'm short XD; I have sky blue eyes...YAY!

Personality: THe Nice girl that can snap any time but I don't usually snap just if I have to put up with too much people being rude to me it makes me really sad then I yell then I try to be happy but fail and be sad, but usually the happy person :)

Where I live: I live in Australia, one of the places with the bluest sky but it can get quite hot and to my standards can be cold

Favorite things to do: Umm... Hang with Friends, Play games... read fics... School isn't a favourite nor do I have a choice :'(

Major Dislikes: Cold Hearted People,Like Fully cold hearted people... Or those who tease people...

My Likes: Oh! I like lots of things... But I like Chocolate and Mustard(Seriously... I tried it and I could drink that stuff...
Animes... and Teen Titans(some people classify it as anime some dont soI specifically put it there) people that can laugh at themselves, If you can laugh at yourself u can laugh at others

Favorite Movie: Paws! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I still watch it now ever since like 4 years ago and over and over again! AND Emperor's New Groove... BAD LLAMA!

Favorite TV show: Teen Titans... But It always changes so I kinda trying to stay to it this time :D

Biggest Fear: Spiders... Snakes... Anything! Burglars! I HATE ALL THINGS THAT ARE SCARY!

Favourite Couples:
StarfireXRobin: I love this couple, it may be slightly predictable but it is so cute, the clueless with the leader and obsessive dude, so cute!
BB X Terra (They show it and went on a date... If BB said she had friends, She would be alive
and wouldn't of tried to kill them! But it is not permanent stone so yeh) but I love this couple!
Bee XCyXJinx (I like any of those two with Cy!)

You can't control me, Anymore! ~Terra, Aftershock Part 2
I wish to, Go the Fish!~ Starfire, Winner take all.
Evil Beware, We have waffles~ Raven, Cyborg the Barbarian
I so have a brain! I just don't... use it as much~ Beastboy, Mad Mod
You may not value my life, by I still value yours!~ Starfire, TROQ
HIVE FIVE, EAT EM ALIVE!~ Jinx, Mother Mae Eye
Favourite Characters:
Starfire, She is my favourite Titan and she is the sweet and caring one, I love her and I wish I was as nice as she is but constant annoyance from people expecting me to... nevermind, Anyways I love her, she so cute! and she doesn't go psycho on her friends as I do sometimes cause people are mean to me sometimes

Jinx, She is my favourite villain, I do not know why I like her, I didn't like her so much until I began drawing her and now I love her, HIVE FIVE EAT EM ALIVE! lol, She is like the fashionable obsessive girl and somewhat evil, She is gothic and yet so happy, I am so happy but not gothic so... Hmm... she is gothic yet not, so confusing! But she is a really good character they just don't use her to her full potential...

Terra, I get so annoyed with people hating her for no reason, I accept that some people may not like her but beware I will try to change your mind and I really like her and she doesn't deserve how rude people are to her, You people obsess on how much you hate her and it makes me sad and stuff so if you dislike Terra please don't try to be so mean about her to me, It makes me sad and stuff and I will get angry then whinge and... yeah

I love animals like doggies and kitties and anything happy...

At school I am in the catagory of the over happy one, like not psycho That's Sean and I don't even go to his school But Just always happy but annoy me I can burst can be quite annoying cause I like to be the happy person.. sniffle

Woop! Woop! Some may notice a decline of about 4-5 fics; that is because I either have no inspiration for them or I just want to make it a better story; better written etc.

Working on:
Its a Teenage Life - This is 2nd priority except I promised myself the next one will be up on it's first birthday; 30th of March so expect it up then.
All grown down - Trying to complete this so not as many stories pulling me here and there.

Coming Soon:
? - Just having Iris in it; as I rid of that; so getting this up as soon as All grown down is finish.

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