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Whats up? Well im updating this cuz i have the time today. Well heres my new stuff...

†Favorite Animes†
(Not in any particular order.)
Full Metal Panic, Hot gimmick, Naruto, Inuyasha, Peace Maker, Chrono Crusade, Orphen, Saiyuki, Full Metal Alchemist, Escaflowne, Trigun, Samurai Champloo, Paranoia Agent

†Cutest Anime Guys†
(NOT in order)
Chrono Crusade: Chrono & Aion; Naruto: Kakashi, Itachi,Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara; Inuyasha: Inuyasha, Kouga, Bankotsu; Evangelion: Von; Trigun: Vash; FMA: Edward & Al, Roy Mustang; FMP: Sousuke, and the green haired dude; Saiyuki: Hakkai, Sanzo, Goku; Final Fantasy VII: Cloud; Peace Maker: Tetsonosuke, Susumu, Suzu, Hijikata; Hot Gimmick: Subaru, Ryoki, Shinogu, Azusa; Probably a lot more…but yeah that’s the basics. They are not in any specific order! All of my men are loved equally Except the ones in bold are loved especially much!

Favorite Shows
Fresh Prince of Belair, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, SpongeBob, Bugs Bunny, Ed, Edd, & Eddy, Sister, Sister, Thats so Raven, Next, My Own.

My Monthly Babbles
You know on Chrono Crusade, on the anime they make Aion look so evil and so bad but he really isnt. In the manga he's a goofy guy and really funny (and hot @_@) he's just...not on the side Chrono is ;;

My Quotes

All men are dogs, some are just trained more than others.
Info: If you watch Jeff Foxworthy and like him, you will understand this quote

Heres a story me and my cousin Veronica made :

Naraku: -walks up to man behind cash register- Do you have this in a bigger size? –lifts up pink dress with yellow polka dots

Man: O_O Sir…you do know thats a dress…

Naraku: How dare you question this Naraku’s motives!

Man: --_-- Um…

Naraku: Just like your slogan Have it your way! I will have it MY way!

Man: That’s Burger King sir..This is Wal Mart

Naraku: Crap..curse these stores and their cute little catchy tunes!

Man: --_--() SECURITY!

Please dont take it. Its mine for keeps. Thank you!


1. Inuyasha and Kagome

2. Miroku and Sango

3. Tetsunosuke and Saiya

4. Chrono and Rosette

5. Hatsumi and Shinogu

6. Subaru and Akane

Ok Kagome and Inuyasha are SO close to saying those three words to each other. Yes yes they are. Well maybe not but they know it.They know they love eachother. Well even if they dont say it in the episodes on tv i still have my fanfiction where i can make anything happen on and i still have the 2nd Inuyasha movie where they kiss...

Chrono Crusade is my newest love. He surpasses Inuyasha deeply. Yes i know. It brakes my heart to anounce it but its true in my world. Chrono is SEXY! Not that Inuyasha isnt but Chrono is just -takes out fan and fans self- yeah...that much. lol him and Rosette are gonna be together for ever. Literally. lol

Saiyuki...well my cousin let me watch her only Saiyuki movie and i LOVED it. The red head was hilarious. He is worse then Miroku. Well maybe the same but it was funny. And the blond dude is cool. I still have to learn the names...but i remember Goku cuz he has the same voice as Chrono in Chrono Crusade and well his name is Goku just like Goku from Dragon Ball Z so its easy to remember. Just got on google and i found their names. Just so i can remember them im gonna write them down here!

Hakkai Cho- He started out as a silent boy named Cho Gono who used to be feared by the children in the orphanage. As he grew up he fell in love with a woman named Kanan (in English version, Kanna) and tried his best for them to live together. However she was raped and kidnapped by the 100-Eye Demon, so he went to their tower and exterminated all 1000 of them—which made him a demon. But because of her being pregnant from the demon, she killed herself in front of him. He was taken care of by Gojyo later on and met Sanzo and Goku who arrested him to the Three Buddhas for murdering the demons. Instead of being executed, he was said to live a new life and changed his name to “Cho Hakkai”, and since then he traveled with the other three to the West. His role of a peacemaker made him Sanzo’s adviser (but he doesn’t usually listen to him), Gojyo’s best pal and Goku’s big brother. He is the brown headed one with glasses.

Sanzo Genjo - He was nicknamed “Kouryu the River Drifter” by fellow disciples in the Kinzan Temple where he grew up. Komyo Sanzo was like a father to him as he taught him everything there is to know. When he was killed by demons his title was passed on to Kouryu and his name changed to Toua Genjo Sanzo Houshi. He possesses the Evil Sutra he can use to exterminate demons quickly and to retrieve his late master’s sutra. During the time when Togenkyo’s demons are going maniacal, he is being ordered by the Sanbutusin (Three Buddhas) to journey to the West along with three demons to find out something about Gyumao’s revival and hinder it. Hes the blond and hes SO hot. Hes so serious and thats cool.

Gojyo Sha - Gojyo comes from a taboo intercourse between a human and a demon, which is said to bring misfortune. The proof of his being half-youkai half-human is his red hair and eyes. He was taken care of by his demon stepmother and her son Jien—the stepbrother of Gojyo since they have the same father. Because he resembles her husband and a strange woman, she attacks him at times until it grew serious and Jien had to kill her himself and ran away. As he grew up he gets by life through gambling and women often flock to him. He found Gono (who changed into Hakkai) and lived together in his apartment 3 years before they were summoned to prevent Gyumao’s revival with Goku and Sanzo.

Goku Son - Goku is born from a rock that contains the spirit of the world for centuries, making him rich with earth’s aura. He was imprisoned in a dark cave made of rock on top of Mt. Gogyo due to a crime he committed in an early age, and his years were frozen there. He stayed there for more than 500 years until Sanzo freed him and let him stay in the temple where he causes trouble to the dismay of the monks. He follows the highest-ranked monk anywhere and was one of the selected youkai by Sanbutusin to accompany Sanzo to his journey to the west.


Yes i saw the Chrono Crusade volume 7 man i CRIED! i own it now. THEY DIED! NO! They must come back! I hope in the manga they dont really die.


x_X It's been a long time since I update. And Its kind of creepy on what I have typed on my profile, like the part of Kikyo being to serious and all @_@ Ok well since then I have gotten into SO many new animes, well a couple actually. Peace Maker is like my new obsession, Susumu is sexy. Get over it. He's damn sexy. He's mine. Dont touch him.Don't claim him, he's already been claimed. Yes. Ok lol sorry I'm a bit hyper right now. I have been working on alot of fanfictions, and been drawing alot. Christmas was cool. I got alot of good anime stuff it was nice. And I'm going to buy the next volumes of Peacemaker. If you like Peacemaker, I like you. Because it rocks. Yes, and it totally fuckin' sucks they dont have more on Peace Maker. I'd rather have Peacemaker than Saiyuki any day. Yes. And Hotgimmick. Its cool too Well heres some ramblings of mine:

Hatsumi Narita (16): Hatsumi is the heroine of the story. She's kind, helpful, passive and at times naive. She is also insecure about herself and she believes that her younger sister Akane, inherited all the 'pretty genes' in the family. When she is asked by her sister to buy a pregnancy test for her, she is caught by her neighbour (and son of the company's owner) Ryoki Tachibana, and is blackmailed to become his slave.

Ryoki Tachibana (16): Ryoki is the son of the "queen" of the company apartment. He and Hatsumi have known each other ever since they were little children, but they are not considered to be 'childhood friends' since Ryoki used to bully Hatsumi as a child. He is very intelligent, and good-looking but not very popular since he is considered a 'jackass' by some people. (He is however, popular with the ladies. _~)

Azusa Odagiri (16): Azusa is the childhood friend (and crush!) of Hatsumi. He would always stick up for Hatsumi, when she was being bullied by Ryoki. He moved away when he was little, but has finally returned to Japan -- as a famous model for the magazine Revolver! Hatsumi still has feelings for him, but she finds it difficult to express them because she is too shy. But it does become obvious that he feels the same way -- or does he?

Shinogu Narita (19): Hatsumi's older brother. He and Hatsumi are very close, and he is very protective of her. He is intelligent, and is a first year law student. He isn't home alot of the time because he works as a bartender, tutors, spends time at friends houses, etc. He is saving money because he plans to move out and live alone a.s.a.p (secret).

Akane Narita (14): Hatsumi's (promiscious) younger sister. She is known as the number one complex babe, and has many boyfriends. When she suspects that she is pregnant, she asks her older sister to purchase a pregnancy test for her. (Which led Hatsumi to the whole "slave" incident.) Even though she is very popular with the boys, she is still sometimes jealous of Hatsumi because some of the guys that she likes, likes Hatsumi instead. She currently has a budding relationship with the geeky but lovable otaku, Subaru.

Subaru Yagi (16): Best friend of Ryoki, and known as being the "otaku." He is obsessed with gundams and anything that involves anime and is constantly being picked on at school for it. Subaru has a crush on Hatsumi, but ever since Akane's confessed that she loves him, it may turn out that he feels the same.

contains minor spoilers!

Hatsumi Narita is your average sixteen your old. She's kind, helpful, and at times naive. She is also inserure about herself.

Her family lives in company housing (housing owned and administered by a company for it's employees and their families.) The complex is literally ruled by the rumor mongering Mrs.Tachibana. She has power over the people who live in the complex, and likes to use it. Therefore, the people who live in the building treat her as if she were a queen, and they must be care in what they do or say (or else they might just get evacuated!)

One day, Akane's younger (and very popular) sister asks Hatsumi to buy her a pregancy test because she is "late." Hatsumi is shocked of course, because her sister is only in junior high. At first, she is hesitant to buy it because she wouldn't want to get caught, but Akane convinces her passive sister to go and get the pregnancy test for her.

After buying the pregnancy test, Hatsumi is very relived and heads home. However, she is stopped by Mrs.Tachibana's son, Ryoki. (Who used to bully Hatsumi as a child.)

Ryoki takes the pregnancy test and says "After all this time I haven't seen you, you turn out to be pregnant." 0 Hatsumi is horrified, and accidently spills the beans about Akane possibly being pregnant.

Ryoki blackmails Hatsumi, and says that he won't tell his mother about her secret if she becomes his slave. Hatsumi wants to protect her family, so she agrees.

But Ryoki's blackmail may not go as planned since Hatsumi's childhood friend (and crush!) Azusa has returned and has come to her rescue. He is now a popular super-model, and wants to date Hatsumi.

As the story unfolds, you find out that some characters aren't who you think they are, and it get's really exciting! So many questions to be answered, and there's only one way to find out!

Heres stuff about Peacemaker, my love ;;

It is now 1864, the first year of Genji era. Ichimura Tetsunosuke, age 15, has always wanted to join the famous police force, the Shinsengumi, in order to become stronger and in hopes to someday avenge the death of his parents. Although his height is short he has an immense will power to do anything he sets his mind to and is finally allowed to join the Shinsengumi along with his brother Tatsunosuke. Now in the police force Tetsunosuke will learn to become a strong fighter and along the way make some new friends and even fall in love. Many hardships lay in his path to avenge his parents death and to be a great asset of the Shinsengumi, but little does Tetsunosuke understand that before being able to get there he will have to undergo many changes to be able to unleash the demon inside.

Well if your looking for one of those action packed animes with all sorts of fighting in every episode, this isnt the anime your looking for. Just thought I'd get that through first. But that dosnt mean that Peace Maker Kurogane isnt worth watching. The animes storyline isnt anything special or unique but its still interesting enough to watch or at least take a look.
The Story revolves around a shorty named Tetsunosuke. His parents were murdered right infront of his eyes when he was just a young little kid. Wanting to avenge his parents he decided that he would join Shinsengumi. Although he does get in along with his brother, things are a bit different then he imagined. Hes always running errands or doing chores for people, which is pretty much the exact oposite of what he wants to do. As the story progresses further you learn what happened on the day of Tetsukosukes parents death and more about each character. The characters development is easily seen as charcters change throughout every episode. Each one of the poeple have their position in the Shinsengumi that help them make who they are.
Now when you hear about the whole police force and all that normally you'd think that this anime must have a lot of fighting. Now i'm not going to deny that this anime has fighting, because it does have some fights between swordmen and such but it isnt really overwhelming in the anime. So dont expect to view any real cool fight in each episodes. More likely you see more of each characters part in the storyline and how they fit in. Everyone ends up with some sort of relationship with Tetsunosuke in some part of the anime. So its like the whole Shinsengumi is like a big family living together. Tetsunosuke also finds himself a girl he falls in love with. And its funny how all the women think he looks so cute becuase of his shortness. Heh, who says its bad to be a midget?
The Anime does a good job of showing that to become powerful you have to be able to lose yourself to your skills and become a demon. It shows that if you want to fight you cant just be some sort of innocent bystander or being a fighter that cares too much for your own life. To be a real Shinsengumi you better be ready to lose your humanity and be ready to be faced by death at any moment and stand still to fight as a true soldier.
The music isnt the best part of the anime. It dosnt really stand out to much when your watching the anime. Usually while im watching the anime I didnt really pay to much attention to the music because it wasnt like any real work of art or some sort of masterpiece that would bury itself in your ears. So lets just say that the music could have been better at helping to make the anime more indulging.

Well although the music wasnt to good and there really wasnt any real originality or uniqueness put into making the storyline, the anime isnt all bad. Its nice to see how the Shinsengumi become like a family to Tetsunosuke. Its pretty staightforward and you never get to confused so you dont have to worried about being puzzled or anything like that. Overall the Peace Maker Kurogane does lack in a nice set of music and a really indulging storyline, its still not something you should just pass by. The anime is still worth watching, but I do recommend finishing it if you ever decide on watching it. Then again, I suppose that goes for any anime, right?

You should check out Peacemaker. Its awesome and rated 8/10 points. Pretty good. But anyways, I'm off to watch volume 1-5 again and again till I drool of stupidity.

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