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Updated Dec. 8, 2007

Hi! I'm Spike!

And I'm Archangel!

And we're, Spike and Archangel! How'd you guess?

GUESS WHAT!! We have PICTURES!! That's right, for those of you who loved our TLOD: Next Generation series, we have drawings up on Deviant Art. Right now, there are only two, but Archangel is drawing more and more for the series, so keep in touch! The link is below:


Quick rule, DO NOT EMAIL THIS ACCOUNT! This email account is one that neither of us actually uses. If you want to contact us for any reason, please visit one of our personal pages, Archangel7 or Spike9. We'll be glad to answer.

Some of you older authors might remember the old stories, The Legend of Dragoon: The Next Generation, and The Legend of Dragoon: The Next Generation, The Return.
For you new guys, dont worry, you didnt miss anything. We were looking
over the old stories, and decided that it was abrupt, error riddled,
and without any depth whatsoever. So, Archangel here put together a new
version of The Next Generation and Spike loved it. Spike demanded
putting it online, making the sacrifice of eliminating our old stories.
Now we are posting the upgraded versions of the stories, to see if
people will like THEM better.

We greatly enjoy and appreciate
reviews! Please tell us what you think of our stories! We were only going to make this trilogy that ended with The Cataclysmic Reunion, but Archangel thought up another story, so we're throwing that one up there too, but we still limit our writing strictly to this series. If you want to read our other work, look under the
names Spike9 and Archangel7. The stories we are co-writing are called:

The Legend of Dragoon: The Next Generation--Down!

The Legend of Dragoon: Shadow Dragoon--Also Down!

TLOD: The Next Generation: Cataclysmic Reunion--Down as well!

TLOD: The Next Generation: Throne of Darkness--Inexplicably Down!

The Legend of Dragoon: Torrent of the Wicked--Workin' on it!

Shadow Dragoon is a new story, Archangel thought it up,
and we discussed it and he put a story together, it will be posted
shortly after The Next Generation is finished. Archangel also rewrote
the first one before Spike even knew about it! So he gets a majority of
the credit for that one, but Spike is taking care of Cataclysmic
Reunion (Revised version of The Return)

Torrent Of the Wicked is a totally new and unrelated story from Next Generation. We missed you guys so we put our heads together and tried to come up with a totally new story. What do you think? Check it out, it should be a bumpy ride!

As for Disclaimers, our's is right here: We own nothing we didnt create. We dont own Legend of Dragoon, however, we do own every character in the stories that hasn't appeared in the game, unless we specify otherwise, thank you and thats all! Later!

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