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Author has written 6 stories for TV X-overs, Battlestar Galactica: 2003, Misc. Books, Smallville, and Twilight.

I took down the third installment to my BSG 41 series. The simple fact is I got back into writing again for a brief moment, then the motivation left me. I would rather get the story going far enough so I felt compelled to finish, other than doing what I am now and just staring at the computer screen trying to force the third chapter.

I have gotten numerous emails (like a handful, but I exaggerate) about my No Escaping Fate story ST:VOY xover with BSG. Funny thing is, I finished the story long ago, but I never proof read, fixed or cared to go back after all this time to post it. As of March 24th 2010, I vow to finish the story by the end of Summer.

I get the urge to write in intervals, and if my computer is not with me when it happens, then the moment slips by. Sorry :(


The Last Colonials: The story will be in 3 parts. The first part will be about Cody's time with the Cylons, his escape with the help of Sta, and finally how he caught up with the fleet. The second part will be about the Fleet, how they managed to pick up Galactica's trail, and follow breadcrumbs to Earth 1 (cylon earth). The third part is all about the fleet going from Earth1, and finding a new home.

No Escaping Fate: I wrote this story while BSG was still airing. The continuity has tradically gone askew since then, and minding a few plot holes, it deals with mainly space battles. I must say, the comments discouraged me from writing. Crossovers are always tricky.

That's mainly it. I have no ideas right now for another story, tho I entertained a few thoughts about what if? scenarios. What if Admiral Cody and his armada jumped in just when Cain and Adama were launching their Vipers?

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