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Hi, guys. Thejazzienerd, here, and welcome to my mind. I've wanted to be a writer since I was thirteen, although my mother would say it's been a lot longer than that. I got involved in fanfiction after learning that a lot of writers in recent years got their start writing and publishing fanfiction. My writing style varies depending on what I'm working on, but some things are true to most or all of my work. My protagonists are always young, female, and tough as nails. My faith (I'm Christian) always has a subtle influence, but probably nothing that someone who didn't grow up in church would notice.

I'm also on deviantArt, under the same name. And check out my YouTube channel: The JazzieNerd.

Pokemon: Uprising, my biggest project at the moment, is a massive, planned trilogy based on the fan-game Pokemon: Insurgence. Also includes a long one-shot fic, Blinding White Light, that serves as a prologue of sorts, as well as several one-shot side stories. Background information is on my deviantArt page.

A note on dialogue that applies to everything in the Uprising universe:

"This" is regular speech.

This is characters' thoughts, flashbacks, and dream-sequences.

"This" is Pokemon dialogue, used in scenes with a Pokemon POV.

"This" is Legendary Pokemon dialogue, which is similar to telepathy in that it's heard with the mind, but can be heard be anyone in the vicinity.

"This" is genuine telepathy, directed at a single person.



Vale Darcy always wanted to travel and maybe take a Gym challenge. Unfortunately, the conditions in her home region made that impossible, until a different kind of challenge from a man she hated gave her the chance she thought she would never get. Little did she know what she was getting into.


Vale and her friends all thought the crisis was past. In fact, it was only the beginning. Soon, shit hits the fan at the Hall of Origin, and a family feud of Legendary proportions re-ignites. (This is the best summary I can write without giving major Uprising spoilers.)

Pokemon: Firestorm

Vale has one last thing to do: finally bring the woman who destroyed her life to justice. If only it was going to be that simple.

In addition to the big three, I'm also writing a whole bunch of short stories to flesh out this AU. This includes one story centering on each Legendary Pokemon appearing in the main trilogy, as well as a series of five stories for the climaxes of the evil team plot arcs of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Black/White, Black 2/White 2, and X/Y, to show how they differed from game canon. Most of these are just the germs of ideas at the moment. The few that aren't include:

Mirage (already uploaded)

Mew rather enjoyed being known as a myth. It meant no one would be trying to catch him. But then the combination of a powerful Pokemon with a plan to destroy the world, an over-eager young Trainer, and an ultimatum forced him to reconsider.


Shaymin was once known for playing pranks on ungrateful people, until Arceus put his foot down and made her stop. So what happens when a woman comes looking for her to ask her to do it one last time?

Too Late

Darkrai never intended to hurt anyone. Unfortunately, his intentions wouldn't matter...

My Last Breath

Songfic centered on Groudon. Summary impossible to write without spoiling the end of Uprising


Rayquaza hasn't opened up to anyone in thousands of years. But with the entire world in danger, she may have to in order to save it.

Dragon Aspect, my other main project, is a Skyrim fic based loosely off my own experiences in-game and starring my player character, Magdalyne, with a few added details that I think will set it apart from the other Skyrim fics out there. Also includes an as-yet-unnamed sequel that will follow the Dragonborn DLC quest line, a series that will chronicle the events that take place in between the two, and an AU sequel that I'm calling Dovahkiir ("Dragon Child"). I'm planning for this one to have little, if any, presence on my deviantArt page.

I originally intended to upload the main part of this project as one story, but I recently realized it's to long for that, so I split it in five. The parts will be uploaded as Dragon Aspect Parts 1-5 for the time being, but the actual titles are as follows:

Dragon Born

Dragon Soul

Dragon Heart

Dragon Blood

Dragon Aspect

Status Updates for all Projects (as of January 1, 2021)

1. None of the Uprising universe stories are dead. I lost the motivation to work on these for a while, but I've recently gotten it back. The finale of part 1 is now posted in its entirety. The story is going back on hiatus while I work on other projects and plan the chapters to come.

2. Dragon Aspect is not dead, nor is it technically on hiatus. I have the Bleak Falls Barrow chapter written; I just don't know if I like it enough to upload it yet.

3. The Smash Bros. story is still being written, but I've changed my plan for it quite a bit, and now have no idea when I intend to start. I am, however, writing a bunch of Mario one-shots and novellas, some in the same continuity as the Smash story, others in my own re-imagined continuity.

4. The Dungeons & Dragons story is most definitely still being written, but will not be uploaded here, or at all. I've decided that I'm going to write it as original fiction.

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