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We are Cocabella, Charletto, and Emmy, and2gether we are...THREE SAD, LOST,OG SLIGHTLY MAD SOULS!

and this is charletto, messing up what the other two wrote because she wasnt there!wheeeeeeeeee...

kk, just so y'all know (Cocabella, stop saying y'all!) "Og" is the Norwegian word for "and," and we thought we'd present you with a long, boring, tiresome discussion on the history of Norway. NOT! and wouldn't fit in our pen name(1! letter too long)-and they wouldn't accept symbols (they being the gods of fanfiction), so we have "og." Yes, we do. Nothing else to say there. except that og is part of eggnog, which i think is gross.

Just so you know (for all you slightly erm...less bright folk out there) Cocabella, Charletto, and Emmy are not our real names. DUN, DUN, DUN! (mwahahahahahahahahahaha! and a side of spam) Yes, you may guess our names, but they are distinctly different from the real ones-kind of. ha. ha. ha.

Ok, a little background on us!

Emmy: wannabe British

Charletto: harrassed author, main user of profanity in fics, rolls eyes often, cant stand other two religious maniacs and has multiple large bruises on head from mad priest dropping in from the heavens and whacking her with bible after every infraction of "no profanity" taboo, loves terry pratchett and monty python as well as harry potter, enjoys dancing in front of mirror to accordion music,wants to go boarding 4 high school, loves giving really weird flames to angst fics, really, seriously despises Herm/draco ships, etc, etc, etc...

Cocabella: just...weird...

KK, we spend our time writing fanfictions, obsessing over three incredibly hot/handsome/prettyfulpeople, (Tom Welling-cocabella, Daniel Radcliffe-emmy, and um...some guy named Chris-charletto). actually, i dont obsess over chris anymore, tough luck, guys, u cant tease me anymore...except that i have to agree with emmy in saying that daniel radcliffe is one lovely looking bloke if i might say so myself...

Good Lord, Charletto...

What? I could easily see that coming out of YOUR mouth, Emmy! So there! (OOO don' make me snap my fingers in the Z fo'mashun a' you...)

We also pretend that we are British witches who attend Hogwarts with Norwegian slang (and can speak Norwegian, of course) oh my god! what is it with you guys and norwegian? i think i missed something here... (Also of course, our straight jackets make it difficult to levitate stuff) "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" Emmy shouts, but with no avail, as her wand is residing slightly out of her reach. Bobo takes pity on her and attempts to hug her even with his arms in a straightjacket. bobo! smile

Who is this chivalrous, daring, courageous character you ask? It's BOBO! THE HOBO!teeheeheehee... Bobo will be appearing in all coming attractions. He is very dear to us, as he was the first to introduce us to pink pearl nail polish. This was truely a bonding experience. Currently Bobo is somewhat of a mysterious character, but more light will be shed through the many fanfictions to come. We hope he will be your friend someday. We must warn you, that in the meantime, he is very protective of his shopping cart. Oh, and he's obsessed with camels. Maybe someday you can visit him in the depths of Charletto's room, where her parents can't see him. 3 dollars admission, and souvenirs depend on how willing he is to auction off the contents of his cart.

THe 3 Sad Lost Og Slightly Mad Souls write HARRY POTTER FICTION, and ONLY HARRY POTTER FICTION, and even if you see the occasional cross-over, it is still strictly HARRY POTTER FICTION. yes! hear, hear! anything other than hp HAS NO POINT WHATSOEVER! (well, I do like terry pratchett and monty python as well...but u know wat? if i were ever to write on them, IT WOULD HAVE TO HAVE SOME RELATION TO HARRY POTTER. I HAVE SPOKEN.)

Don't feel bad if we make yours into a parody-as your mommy always said, "If someone copies you, it's because they're jealous." Just believe that, and you'll be fine. We'll credit you...with your permission.(It'll take a long time to do this-we won't copy any characters or ideas that are strictly yours, just the cliches we all seem to use.)

On an informative(very smart word there, eh?) note, we write mainly HUMOUROUS FICTION and RANDOM FICTION(parodies included). If we ever end up in tragedy/angst/romance/drama/action-adventure/mystery/horror/supernatural/suspense/sci-fi/spiritual, something has seriously gone wrong. Do not hesitate to notify us immeadiately. siriusly. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Unless, of course, we're trying for something more serious-don't worry, we'll give you a heads up. no joke there...i usually try to give some credit to all works of literature, but at one point i have to admit, angst really can offense to all you authors out there, its the imagination that counts, dont worry...

Um...everyone -you know, no one understands our inside jokes and profile because of your commentarycoughcocabellacoughcharlettocough

Oh, be quiet, Emmy, this is fun.

As this is getting rather long, we will say goodbye in the simple, traditional way:



Sayonara, earthlings!

Au-Revoir, amigos!

Ciao, dawg!

Aloha what? i thot that was hello! o wait...oh ya...

Pip Pip! (trademarked by Cocabella)

Cheerio and Granola! (trademarked by Emmy)


Laters (trademarked by Charletto)

se De i morgen huh?

一会儿见. wat?

Auf Wiedersehen (gesundheit?)hehehehe...

adios, comadres

Malo lei lei whoa...?

Arrivederci haha cool word

до свидания what the- crazy priest comes falling in through the ceiling and attacks charlotte for the unwritten word that would have filled the hyphen's space, but was bleeped out for your convenience



and the ever-popular, "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude" Pounds her chest and makes rainbow with peace sign

We're not Norwegian (sob). Or British (break out in tears). god...u and norwegian...driving me nuts...

what?thats the end? come on, u guys, u can get more random than that, I no u! something like this:



Review, you insufferable gelatinous chestnut.



Except for the fact that you can't review on bios, Charletto. Sorry about that, we all sit in our own rooms and randomnly change the bio.For two reasons: a)we're bored losers(well, not me...) and b) we cant update until March 4, 2005 at 9:53 because we had a list for a fiction(aka 55 Ways to Torture Kreacher). Why do they not allow lists? I have found no reasonable explanation. Isn't the motto of fanfiction . net, "unleash your imagination?" I thought it was. And I will continue to believe that my imagination is put to as much use writing lists that have to do with HP as it is with actually story-lines or poems.


Burn, Cho. Burn-Our first fic which we love dearly. We have stopped updating it for the time being. A resurrection may be in the works, though!

Ye Olde and Slightly Stupide Chronicles of Potter- brought to you by Emmy(who isn't taking all the credit-Charletto and Cocabella correct them, but it's my "plot"-maybe I shouldn't take credit...)Updated once a week. Chapter 9, 10, and 11 are all written and waiting for second drafts from the other two people.

In the works:

55 Ways To Torture Kreacher(not a list)- Cocabella was the creator of the list, and I, Emmy, want it back up. We just have to bend the rules now, not break them(which I must add we did unintentionally).

Several other fics(possibly a few serious ones too-who could've thot we'd be up to that challenge! Another humor one is also being made. These probably won't be revealed to the public for a while though, so wait patiently my friends!)

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