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"Love knows reasons where reasons know nothing." -along the lines of a quote by Blaise Pascal.

My Profile:

Name: Laraine

Age: 16-turning-17

Likes: school, reading, writing, listening to music, chatting, hanging out with friends.

Anime: Fushigi Yuugi, Alice 19th, Ayashi no Ceres, Chobits, Angel Sanctuary, Ruruoni Kenshin

Those were my favorites, but here's the long list: Cardcaptor Sakura, Trigun, Sailor Moon, Love Hina, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam Wing...

But anime isn't the only thing I love though. Writing is and will always be my life. I get alot of inspiration for my fictions/prose/fanfictions from historical-romances (hence, my main genre is romance). To be frank and honest, I have a lot of compositions yet I never took the time to type them out. With high school and all, everything is stressed out...even my love life. Nightmares really do linger, opening your eyes to the possible cruelties of life that exist.

Here are a list of fanfics I'm working/ thinking of doing right now. Note: Some of these (or mostly all of them) are not intended for younger ones ex: 12-13.Sorry, but just cautioning you:

A World Apart- a Byakko story about their miko, Suzuno and Tatara's forbidden love. 5 years after the tragedy, Fate turns her world around and grants her a favor...on one condition. This is lenghty, and may take a LONG time to complete. There may be a few minor mistakes, but bear with me. If you're not into sappy-love stories, pls. turn back.3 chapters already...more to come

Keeping Up the Losing Faith-This maybe the most scandalous thing I've written all my life..but the story idea was just too good to pass off. Not even bothering to write a summary about it the 3rd time. maybe up to 5-6 chapters

All for His Love- Soi is seriously in love with Nakago who had been all her life. Butshe soonlearns that hedoesn'tlove you back...the hard way. Heres a fanfic to at least put a good twist on the situation. Its full of sexual scenes, profanity in it, so BEWARE! can lead up to 10 chapters, including epilogue

Turn Back Time-When Tamahome dies from battle with Nakago, Miaka is truly heartbroken over his death. Suzaku, on the other hand, pities his priestess that he reincarnated one of his beloved seishi, hoping to cheer up her up. But, broken hearts take time to mend...currently on process

LOTR: The Summunning of the Heir- Sauron, after being defeated, floats around Middle-Earth as only a ghost. He's still half-alive, looking for someone to continue his legacy. A mysterious lady whose blood carries both good and evil, suddenly rides up form her humble beginnings to one that hanges the destiny of Middle-Earth...yet again. currently on process

Last Logged In Notes:

July chapters for the fanfictions, and currently working on a fictional short. Coping with emotional stress and I dont know why XD.

September 16... almost all of the chapters have been completely wiped off! May take up to...3 months for me to find the rough copies from my "editor" and to upload it. Sorry!


February 17...5 months to my last log-in note. Good thing my average is really up u.u and now can spend more time with my laptop. Expect some more chapters to come up. Belated "happy-hearts-day" err...

November 14...HAHAHAHA -big laughs- haven't updated in a loonngg while. stresssed out with school and all. In the meanwhile, developed an obsession with another anime: Kaikan Phrase. Hoping to update soon, due to my nagging editor!!! lol. no harm intended. I'll be keeping you posted...-wink-

Empathy by Blue Quartz Foxy reviews
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