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Hey! I haven't updated in a while because I've been going through my chapters of my test story (Kids Next Door Rocks) to find the perfect style for a KND fanfiction (that should explain the awkward title). I'm gonna start on my first Kids Next Door fanfiction pretty soon, so there's something you can expect! Oh, and Kids Next Door Rocks was written by one person, not a bunch!

Loading: Operation M.E.L.T.D.O.W.N Preview:

Kids Next Door Central Command

“Numbuh 86 was found unconscious at her house.”

“What? What about her bodyguards?”

“They were found dead outside of her home. No heart beats, no breathing, no nothing!”

Dead? You mean the adults are now killing our operatives?”

Father’s Mansion

“Move out!” Numbuh 1 shouted, signaling for his team to get down from their helicopter. Sector V quickly roped down onto the roof of the mansion. There were the roars of battle below, as Numbuh 2 quickly opened the vent.

“Go! Go! Go!” Numbuh 1 shouted.

Kids Extermination Camp

“Get in!” the man yelled, pushing Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 into a small prison cell. “Don’t worry, your time will come. No one comes out of here alive.”

“What’s going to happen?” Numbuh 3 asked, looking around. Suddenly the screaming of a kid echoed throughout the prison camp.

“I-I-I think they’re going to kill us,” Numbuh 4 replied.

“That’s horrible!” Numbuh 3 yelled, putting her hands to her face. “What’s wrong, Numbuh 4?”

“Huh? Oh, I-I just have something in my eyes,” Numbuh 4 said. He paused and looked around. “Kuki, I have something to tell you.”

Operation M.E.L.T.D.O.W.N – Coming to FanFiction.Net March 18th.

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