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Hello. You obviously have too much time on your hands to be looking here but, thanks anyways well here's some info on me:

Name: Emmery (Yeah, real name. Not just pen name...it's like french or something...whatever..lol)

Age: I'm14 now! Yey!

Hometown: Phoenixville (Oh, but of which state...MUHAHA! I hate my state..it's big and boring...and hard to spell...)

Favorite Show: Pssh. Teen Titans. DUH!

Favorite Posession: My ipod mini (a.k.a Pinky)

Favorite Obsession: Robin (XD he is so dead sexy)

Favorite T.T character: Starfire. I swear to god I'm just like her.

Favorite Store: Probably Pac Sun...dunno. (Sadly, I have this liking for Hollister too...I need to shoot myself)

Favorite thing to do outside(sport I guess...but I hate sports...):Snowboarding

Favorite Band: I have 2...A perfect circle and Evanescence

Hair Color: Naturally brown but now I'm blonde and I'm never going back!

Hair Texture: Curly hair. (God dammit I hate it. It's so annoying! and guys like girls with straight hair...-.-;)

Best GirlFriend (Like friend that is a girl...O_o): Emma (Writernebie401)

Best Guy Friend (same thing ): Parker...God, he makes my legs feel like jellooo.

Favorite Show: Teen Titans.Can't wait for the 5th season

Favorite T.T Episode: Apprentice Episodes or End Pt.2/3. Love them both to death.

Relationship Status: Is it really wrong for a Junior to date a Freshmen? O_o

Overall Summary: Emmery. I think it's a french boy's name. Oh well. But I'm a 14 year old who can sometimes act like a five year old, or have the maturity of a 30 year old. Depends on my surroundings. I've been through some pretty dark parts of life, everything from loosing two of my sisters to my father beating me. Yeah, I know, there are bigger problems in the world but the smaller problems can make just as much as an impact. Anyways, I love to write fan fiction. It takes a little while for me to think up a plot and what not, and usually my stories start out pretty short, but now with my4th fan fic, I'm making the chapters hell of a lot longer. I used to think I suck at writing, but I haven't recived one flame yet, so I assume I'm alright at it.

Hmm, my mom thinks that if I'm not into an outdoor sport like all the other kids in the world, that I'm going to end up on drugs. Yeah, whatever. I don't like to run around, chasing after a ball or something. My kind of day is sitting in my room listening to music and reading a book or writing stories. When I'm at school, I'm a totally different person. I'm zany, I'm happy and I love to make people laugh. I seem to be enlightened at school, but when I get home, I'm so different, it's odd.

Enough about me already! Ahh! On to my random thoughts!

Thoughts on Teen Titans Relationships:

Robin/Starfire : Hell yeah! This is like my favorite couple! There is beyond enough proof in the series to show that they are so together! Besides, they make good for lots of fluffy moments.

Beast Boy/Raven: Aww yeah, my second favorite Teen Titans couple! My friend Emma insists that they aren't a couple but, forget her! I loved the end of spellbound and the beast within. Such good B.B/Rae moments..(even if B.B did ruin the end of Beast Within)

Beast Boy/Starfire_ Tehe. I've changed my mind on this couple. I've went from disliking it to loving it! Don't ask how or why, I just dooo! I know there's like only a spec of proof but I still like it. I've drawn a couple pics that turned out pretty sweet and I'm considering writing a fic hinting at this couple or something. Don't hurt me because I've changed-lol.

Robin/Raven: -dances- Oh, I love this couple now. XDD Yeah, I went from like wanting to burn it to I've written a story about it. My friend Emma thinks that it's sort of -bleh- but I think that Birthmark is nice proof and that they really understand each other. Check out my story, should be some good RobRaeness coming up.

Robin/B.B: FIRE UP THE YAOI! XD That's my fav phrase now. Anyways, I'm such a Yaoi fan gal now. This couple is pretty cool and makes for good yaoi goodness. Woo!

Raven/Terra: No, it's not a "love/hate" relationship...

Raven/Starfire: A nice Yuri every once and a while is alright. I still preffer 'traditonal' couples and Yaoi a bit more but, this is alright I suppose.

Cyborg/Raven: Cute couple, not as good as B.B Rae but still a nice couple.

Cyborg/Jinx: Another couple I've changed my mind on! I actually like this couple now. They look pretty good together and the fics I've read with them in it have been pretty good, so they've got my vote!

Cyborg/Bumblebee: Yeah, this is a descent couple. I really like them together. (points to Titans East episode where bumblebee wants to dance) Aww yeah! Only thing though is that everyone just puts them together because they're black. That's not right. I preffer CyJinx a bit more.

Red X/ Star: (shrugs) Well, it could work...what am I saying? I wrote a story on this couple...but it ended up as Rob/Star anywho...lol. It's not a bad couple, just Rob/Star works betta.

Slade/Robin: FIRE UP THE YAOI! XD This has to be like my fav Yaoi fic couple. It's so twisted and weird. Just my style. Plus, I swear to god Slade raped Robin in the apprentice episodes, so it's all good. (Then again I think things rape other things alot...-glares at Kyle- )

There you have it. My new and changed opinions on couples. I no longer bash other people's beliefs in romance and have learned to accept that not everyone likes the same thing. -grin- I love RobRae now. ;

Random Quote of the week:

"He looks like a bad boy...I mean like...Don Juan..." My grandma reffering to Parker 10/26/05



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