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September 8, 2008 (10:06 pm, Mountain time, Canada): Hey, I'm back (ducks and hides for cover). Please don't hurt me.

I know, I last note was, what? Almost a year ago? I apologize. I just came back yesterday and took a gander at my reviews list--it's fairly depressing to see a note from someone who's well aware that you may never return, but (being the wonderful person that they are) they leave you a little thumbs-up anyway.

I plan to finish what I started, guys. Thanks for holding out on me. ;)

NOTICE: I haven't written in a loooooong time, and I still haven't finished editing "Not Again" (which I promised to do...I know, I'm sorry). I'm busy with my University work (--and OMG! The Faculty of Science is absolutely wonderful!--), so I've only really had a little time to read a few pieces here and there. If you watch closely, you might spot one of my reviews amongst the many marvelous stories on this site. I don't believe in bad reviews, so don't be afraid if you see a review from me--which brings me to the important part of this notice: flamers beware. I've finally initiated something online (under another alias--hurrah!) with the help of many many many people (we're a committee really), and I'd be pleased to hear from anyone that wants to join the club.

Well...keep reading--keep writing!--and never let a flamer burn you down. See you around--I'm going to hunt a few flamers...

(On a side note, what is written below was composed when I think I was fourteen...whatever--the point is, there are grammar mistakes and all that other jazz which I haven't had the time to weed out yet. The "Honourable Authors of this site" still holds true, as do the Quotes at the far bottom and the Flamer post. Tune out on everything else please).

Honorable Authors of this site:

There's quite a few people with a tonne of talent and little credit who belong to this site. I owe them all a lot of thanks for their support and friendship--and the wicked-awesome stories they wrote . This is just a few of them (I'll add better sub-notes later after I re-read their work):

Insaniac the Maniac, dlsky, Ada C. Aliana (formerly known as Sarah Shima), Creative Spark, cayhleenlovestowrite, Farmqt, Furubanfun24, GDeacur, KaliAnn, KelseyAlicia, Insanity 101 (alos known as Dusty), OtsegoSpartan78, PixieGirl13, Rebel-Aquarius, Remix17, RobinRocks, Rocky-White Wolf of Curses, Rose Eclipse, Slade Wilson - Deathstroke (even though I hate you--and this is not a surrender; we're still enemies and I'm stil convinced you're trying to manipulate other people on this site...I'm watching you...), Victor Van Heiring (though, technically, he's my cousin and really doesn't deserve credit...I'm kidding here. He deserves it, moreso than Slade...and I'm not kidding about that), The Almight Panamint, trallgorda and many, many more. You'd have to check out my "favorites list" to see just about everyone.

If you're ever bored, check one of these guys out. Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed.

Who am I? I am Alexnandru Van Gordon, but my real name is Robin Manning, born January 6th 1989 (go Capricorns! And...whatever Chinese zodiac I happen to be...). I'm a Canadian guy who believes that words hold more power than some of the man-made weapons our people have created. Think about it--if the Emperor of China (back in the ancient days, I mean...) said. "Kill Him!" Guess what? You're dead. See my point. Heritage wise I am: a heck of a lot Ukrainian, a little Chez-Solvakian, a little Austrian/German, a little Romanian (hence my nickname), and a tad bit Irish, but the only language I speak besides English is Latin. Funny, huh? Some of my hobbies are teakwondo (Hiyah!), swimming (backstroke all the way!), fencing (with the sword, not the actual boundary), drawing (clean anime), music (drummer, but I play percussion in school, used to play the flute, and am trying to learn the piano), writing (duh!), ballroom dancing (I know it sounds funny for a guy) and watching movies (horror and anything with action and adventure. I hate chick flicks-but sometimes they're funny to watch, especially when our friends (who happen to be guys) star to cry), oh--and I love listening to cd's like classical, and Rammstein...Satbilo is pretty good now and so is Muse...

I'm also an adventurer. Absailing/repelling down a mountain cliff side, bungee jumping, free falling--bring it on! I have an older sister who is in grade twelve and a young sister who is in grade seven. Both of my parents are alive (THANK GOD!) but they're divorced, oh well. I live in Edmonton Alberta and today it is a low of 45 degrees Celcesus, although I've gone camping out in a tent in much lower temperatures just for the heck of it. Last thing: I suffer from something of half insomnia, so I do almost all my writing in the dead of the night. It doesn't effect my day life though so my grades are good and I'm never tired for sports.

Things I admire/value in a person: intelligence, strength, endurance, and compassion. What I really admire in a person is the loyalty, honesty, forgiveness, and the will to go even when the going gets tough. Even if you're a baddie and you possess those three things, as long as you know what mercy is, I guess I could get along with you. Another thing I like about people, which I believe is very important, is the ability to keep a secret. I also admire it when people keep going at what their heart believes is true. If it's true for you, than it's true enough. You only ever need to prove it to yourself. Another thing I'm intois people who take silver bullets for good reasons. There are times when a person needs to be punished, and then there are times when they need saving. My major goal in my time on this earth is to save at least one life (but hey, like that's ever gonna happen). As you can tell, I admire heroes. I also admire risk takers, who takea chanceonly when necessary.

Things I hate/dislike in a person: not looking over your mistakes, quiting, thinking you're better, lying (unless its for the better good), procrastinating, and pinning the blame on someone else. Sometimes I hate certain villains, but I think some of them are pretty okay if they are honourable. I do, however, absolutely dispise control freaks. Okay, every team needs a leader, but you don't have to act like whatever someone else does is all wrong. Robin (Teen Titans, not me) isn't like that though...And it makes me sick to my stomach when people make fun of others, when they know it's not "funny". Give me a break! You stupid or something? I also hate people who take pleasure from the pain and suffering of others. It's psychotic.

Things I look forward to: my mom wants me to be something like a docter or a lawyer. I have the brains, but I just don't have the heart. A lawyer will always be at the risk of saving a guilty criminal, or condeming an innocent man/woman. A doctor...I want to save lives, but not inside a building day in and day out. I want adventure, and I think I would die of boredom if I was stuck behind a desk all day. I want to be a cop or a detective--someone who's "out there" to make a physical change in society. But I think I would be a writer on the side, or a psycologist--or someone who works with the human mind. Even though I'm behind a desk then, at least I'm in an adventure in my mind. My dad has written a very long book he's going to get published soon, but he's been slowly working on it for years aside from a job and all that. I think he inspired me to write and my mom, a nurse, inspired me to want to save lives.

Things I sorta don't look forward to, but can't avoid: Dying. I'm not scared of the whole process, I'm just curious about what comes after. I'm Ukrainian Cathloic (as you noticed in my stories I have refrained from saying major swears and the sexual content stuff), and I believe in heaven, hell, and purgatory, but I don't know if God's gonna let me pass the pearly white gates ifI becamea cop, shooting down people. Killing is a no-no. Will I be spared if I ask for forgiveness? Then there's the issue I debate with my non-religious friends who think that when you die--'you die.' You rot away in a state of unconsciousness...O.O that's creepy. But I don't believe that. Ever hear of the Prophecies of Fatina? Wanna hear a story then... (Please skip this next paragraph if you don't)

~Back when WWI began, three little shepherd children lived in Poland (...I think...), or somewhere along there in Europe. Anyway, one night when they were out in the fields watching their sheep they were visited by Mother Mary. Shetold themthree prophecies...1) in three years WWI would end, 2) in about twenty years after it ends, another, greaterwar will begin-AKA WWII, and 3)... Well, the first two came true and everyone began to wonder what the thrid one was. The Pope at that time was told the prophecy by a woman named Fatina who was known for predicting the future. The Pope wrote it down and kept that piece of paper locked up in the Vatican where it was to remain a secret for what he hoped would be forever. People wondered why, and it wasn't until five Popes later-our time Pope-was shot did he reveal that final prophecy. (If you're scared, please skip the rest of this paragraph. I'm only warning you once.) It said, a priest robed in white would climb to the top of the hill with his followers and will bleed until dead. When that happens... (looks around, frightened) ...the devil will rise from hell. It doesn't mean God won't save us...but it might be the end of the world, where the sheep and the goats are divided from one another (the sheep to heaven (the good people) and the goats to hell (the bad people)). The only priest in the the whole world robed entirely in white is the Pope. After our Pope almost bled to death on a hill from the bullet shot at him, with his followers around, he felt it duty to let us prepare for what was to come~

...Scary huh?

Things I'm afriad of/regret: I'm afraid of another World War. I don't think the planet can take it anymore. I'm also afraid of the day I will have to watch my relatives die. If I die of old age I will see my parents and granparents die...maybe even realitives younger than me. I'm afraid to say farewell forever to friends, and regret not getting on better terms with my enemies before leaving them to my past. I will regret not doing something more than I will ever regret doing something. Sometimes you just have to take the risk. I'm afraid of hurting an innocent or letting someone else hurtthat innocent. I just can't stand to see someone cry. I'm sometimes afraid of mirrors...O.o don't ask me why, because I'm not even sure why. I'mscaredto deathof clowns--that's a biggy! Did you know that clowns were actually taken from ancient designs of demons? Wide red mouths, pale skin, crazy colours and spiked up hair--yeah,I can see the resemblance. I'm afraid that my existance on this planet will not make a differnce in the future. I'm also afraid of being replaced, or left behind. I need my own purpose. I'm afraid of hurting another being out of pleasure. Okay, everyone gets angry and hits someone across the head then and again, but I think I would die if I were to take pleasure from doing such horrible things. Please kill me if you ever hear I'm wanted for murder on the news. Thank You. But the number one think I'm afraid of is losing those who are close to me. Life is precious. I think if someone threatened to kill anyone (yes...even my sisters...) I can't say to you how far I'd go to help them. I gues that's why I admired the Teen Titans' Robin when he became Slade's apprentice to save them. He gets a gold medal for everything I've got written down in my book. And don't think I'm trying to patronize myself, becasue (when it all boils down to it) we act upon the instance. In reality, I think I'm a pretty big coward.

Things I like: Fetticini Alfredo (or however you spell it) is my favorite food, and popcorn is my favorite snack. But you know what? I couldn't cook to save my life. Everything in the kitchen I touch burns--especially popcorn in the microwave. I'm seventeen for goodness sake and I have to get someone else to cook the popcorn for me. How pathetic...I like charities and I like people who donate hours of their time to volenteer work. I like various colours but red takes first place. Horror, Action, Adventure, and "clean" Anime are my favorite catagories for movies and books--especially Trigun! That's awesome! I like to read and write, what else is new, and I like painting. I also like school (to a degree, and only because my marks are good), and sports. You've got to keep fit both mentally and physically, you know.

Things I hate: Mirrors, as I've already stated, and clowns. I hate swearing. The "hardest" thing I probably ever use is damn, and even then I substitute that with hoy crow, craters, or holy crayola markers. My slightly older cousin (he goes by the nickname "Victor Van Heiring") thinks that I'm a preacher boy (my nickname, invented by him) and I aslo hate him. We have been competing in grades and sports for years (especially writing, whcih I always beat him at) and he's out to make me "tougher" in the bad-guy sense. His goal for this year is to make me say one decent swear at least every week. HA! Like he could make me ever do that, but he's quite smart and looks sometimes like he could be my brother--my evilbrother of course! I also hate the sound alarm clocks make when you don't play them on music. Another thing I'm irritated with is when people use bad grammer or say cliches wrong. I correct them politely though. No need to start another war. Anthing Not momentarily, but I'll think up of other stuff as I go along.

If you've read through this whole thing without yawning, I bow to you. Thank you for lending me an ear...err...eye, I guess, since you're reading this... And I hope you don't mind what type of person I am. If you have any questions, you know my e-mail (points to the top of the webpage) and if there's a shoulder you need to cry on, you can use mine. Or, if you just want to talk, that's fine with me. I suffer from something of a half-insomnia anyway so I'm usually on for hours on end each night.

Forever your friend

Alexnandru Van Gordon

Oh--And this is new--I usually don't do things like this, but I have a conflict with my cousin Victor who, this week, makes it to the top of our favorites list (seeing that that's just about a hundred people...whoops...)


5) Fifth place goes to...OtsegoSpartan78, with his grade A story Some Adversaries NeverDieWhy? Well, first off he knows how to write a long chapter without leaving you bored for a spilt second. Action, suspense, mystery, angst--you name it! This guy doesn't give you a breakfor asimple sigh or sweat drop, always keeping you on the edge even if he's a little tardy on updating...but aren't we all?

4) Fourth place goes to...Rebel-Aquarius for all her stories but really for, my favorite, Face to Face, Mask to Mask If you like good action scenes and mystery holding you in a fit of worry, I suggest you look her up. Her writing is incredible and she as a person is someone you might like as a co-writer or editor, always making you guess what will happen next. She practially holds you over the edge of a cliff, making you beg for life, then let's go...only so that you realize you must have fallen a maximum of three feet until you reached the ground. She knows how to get you going and I can't say she'll ever give your mind a break.

3) Third place goes to...dlsky for the ever mysterious Cat and Mouse This story takes a new spin on all those things you ever wondered what Slade would do to get his first apprentice back. Not only that, but it takes off a major spin off the comics and fits just pleasantly into the place of the cartoon. You'll have one hell of a time trying to figure out her amazing plot and I'm sure you'll be astounded by her writing. Mistakes are near to non-existant in her stories and she doesn't mind corrective feedback. It reads like something a real-deal author would have written, so if you like it when a person keeps your detective skills crisp and your mind on a wonderful spin, I'll advise you to look her up. Trust me when I say you're most likely not to regret it...

2) Second place goes to...Insaneiac the Maniac for The Blink Triology, Master of the Beast, and...that other one. Sorry. I can't remember the name. But this thing is loaded with action, quick remarks, awsome descripiton (of pain and all) and suspense like you wouldn't believe. His OC, Blink (the Aussie guy) is a real original and he is nothing near a Mary Sue. Go ahead and read his stories. He'll have you guesing until your last breath...

And Finally...

1) First Place goes to...

(Scroll down)

Shara Shima! for her wonderful Oblivion and (just new) If At First You Don't Succeed. She knows the comics (something rare) and she knows how to keep them right to history while adding a twist. You must all also know about the big conflict between "Which Robin is Robin" (Richard Grayson or the little Tim Drake). Well, she knows just how to settle it in a way that will make everyone happy. Once Nightwing moves on to the Outsiders (another Titan like superhero team), little Tim Drake takes up the Robin suit and goes to the original Titans. Add Slade to the mix and you know something is bound to go terribly horriby mortifyingly wrong...

...Why are you still here? I gave you some sggestions--Now Go! Read! Be Free!...

Have a nice day/night, you guys.

Out of boredom I returned to this...that and Victor is driving me up the wall with his humor. I can't stop laughing and the only time he stops talking is when I write, so I decided to get to this...

(clears throat) Ahem...Friends/Enemies (although I prefer to keep away from enemies...I'll just start with the Friends...)

Insaneiac the Maniac: I have to tip my hat to this guy. He's thesaniestinsane man I have ever met, to the degree where he is a danger to yourown sure mind if youhang around him for too long(that...and he as an aspiration for world domination), and I've never trusted an online friend more thanhim. I also have to say he's one hell of a good writer. I like the angst, even though I'm trying to pick up another catagory for my stories, and his action scenes are awesome. If you ever have the time towander around for new stories--look up this guy. I promise it you won't regret a moment of it, especially if you have a liking for BB in a dark situation and Slade picking at everyone's nerves. He's also currently gone missing and I would like to report that sometime...okay, a long time ago, I talked to him and found out his dog died and he was offfor who-knows-what reason, but it's been kind of long and...if anyone finds his body, please alert me immediately so I can set up a proper funeral. He's also my co-writer, so unless he wants our boss killing me sometime soon I hope he sends me a message to me himself...

Jeez...I haven't heard from this guy in a millennium, but I have to admit he writes one hell of a good story. If you enjoy someone jerking on your strings and then shocking the socks off you, read his stories--that, and his updates are always long. You have to give him credit for that...

DLsky: Awesome writer, fanfiction and fiction of her own. She's a great editor too and full of advice, the perfect person to talk to if you ever need an ear for listening. You can be sure to label her as a friend if you ever get a chance to talk to her--also a master at jerking your puppet strings...

Remix: Her stories never fail to impress, mortify, exciteor humor me to death. She a kind soul with a great imagination it just me or does everyone here like to see their favorite main character suffer? Oh well, I have to admit I like it too otherwise I wouldn't be killing my characters and she has a great way of torturing a poor soul. You'll hav eto read her stories to understand what I mean...

RebelAquarius: my second co-writer and another good friend, she has awesome stories and I hope yo check up her list if you want a good read. She too has an angst kind of catagory going for her stories but I love every minute of it...

Shara Shima: Ah tormentor. She, in my opinion, is writting "the best" story on fanfiction residing in the Teen Titans section, but apparantly we have this war going onbetween usthat one won't update their story until the other does, each in turn, and I apoligize to our readers for whatever agony this causes you. It was, in fact, my fault that this happened because of what I said in a review to her, although I've done worse to other people (and yes--I stopped my hunger strike for the sake of my mother's mental stability. Apparantly I'm heavily underweight...). You have to read her IAFYDS, or, personally, I will hunt you down with e-mails reading: What the hell is wrong with you!--until your give me a good excuse to stop. (Sorry, I'm on a rare sugar high due to Victor's constant nagging. Sugar numbs the pain...) And I hope this doesn'tstop her from continuing her awesome work.

Now, there's a long list of other people I'd like to mention, but there are just too many and I have to leave for a football game in five minutes...So just read my favoirtes list or my review page and you'll know all the people I'm talking about, but not before I mention this guy...

Slade Wilson - Deathstroke:...Okay, I know that if I didn't even acknowlegde his presense in my profile after talking about everyone else, he would literally deliver me to the devil's doorstep. I can't call him an enemy because...well, then he wouldtake me to hell for another round with Luciferand I won't get into the detail about what power he has to do as such. Just be warned that as soon as he sees you as a real person--not some annoying e-mailer--you're dancing ball-room style with the devil. I'll refer to him as my boss for the challenge story I'm writing with Victor, Insaneiac and Rebel, because--whether I liked to admit it or not--he is, and that last time I ticked him off my buddies had to pay with him. For your safety--ignore this man! And if he tells you that I'm just some silly little child who's had way-too-much-sugar--don't listen to him! I'm telling the truth! (PS: this is getting deletd in a week because I'm keeping it up since Victor and I made a bet. DO NOT tell him about this or I will find you...(evil glare)).

Have a nice night/day,

Alexnandru Van Gordon

I"M BACK! And I can't believe I forgot to put this in. I've seen other people do this so I decided to start...(I can't remember where I found half of these, so forgive me if I quoted you accidentally)


"I kissed thee ere I killed thee--no way but this: / Killing myself, to die upon a kiss." - Othello, before he dies, from Shakespeare's Othello (Note: the "/" represents the beginning of a new line)

"Demand me nothing: what you know, you know; / From this time forth I never will speak word." - Iago (the villain), also from Othello. My English 112 class agreeed that these are the most powerful words of any villain in the history of villains--Iago is evil, and because he refuses (in this quote) to never say another word, we will never know the true reason why he brought so many people to ruin.

"You're born crying, and, when you've cried enough, you die." -The movie Rain (I don't know if I got it exactly right.)

"A scorpion's sting, for a pretty nice thing..." -Mr. Pronovo, my Biology 20 teacher. (Talking about the catch to our supposedly easy up-coming exam...I hate it when there's a catch, and yet there's always one...).

"God made man and all things good...We messed around and came up with everything else coughallcoughcoughthecoughevilstuff" -My friend's view on who made the evil stuff in the world.

M: "Ah yes...isn't this something--to watch liberty drown in a thunderous applause..." Smiles. "Isn't it ironic." (sister...but I think she got that from Star Wars)

Stop Flamers Now!

No more shall we tolerate flamers that flame for stupid reasons such as for pairings, who wrote the story, and just because they can!

Copy and paste this into your profile if you want to join the organization called "Stop Flamers Now"

(Alex: I got this from Insaneiac the Maniac...JOIN NOW!)

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Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,109 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/24/2004
Blue Eyes by xT-Zealot reviews
It has been five years since Robin had joined Slade. And now, a certain Tamaranian is going to have a visitor, where all will be revealed to her and finally having her love back. (One shot Robin and Starfire)
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It's almost Christmas, and feeling lonely in his new home, Dicky runs away. Santa to the rescue!
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At the World's End reviews
He'll see them, he knows, even if it's only in his dreams; in death; at the world's end. He'll see them again...He just will.
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Tall, masked, menacing and unknown – the worst combination in the world. Why couldn’t Chuck’s kidnapper be a small, sweet, old lady? “I came for you, Chuck.” He clarified impassively. “And I plan on showing you all that you can be.”
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Includes SladeThere’s a major villain in Jump City that can ruin everything unless he’s stopped. The problem—Robin’s the only one who knows about him. After his hallucinations of Slade, his friends think he may be crazybut guess who goes to save him?
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For Slade, a villain is evil and ruthless. Morals are void. But…what if, once in a blue moon, the bad guy realizes…maybe he isn’t as bad as he wanted—or thought—he could be…They all have a heart stored somewhere… response to DLsky
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Slade’s up to something and the Teen Titans are determined more than ever to stop him. But what happens when two persons come from the future—one aiming to aid Slade’s plan and the other to help the lone Robin (attached: AlloMeToLiveLikeYou)
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Dick The young Richard Grayson goes through his side life from Robin as a young child with Bruce Wayne. If you thought fighting crime was hard enough, just wait until you see the trouble he gets into one summer...series of Oneshots
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Robin has always been one member on the team who keeps his past an absolute secret. What if something happened to those memories and he needed to get them back? Add a new villain to the mix and all you’ll get is trouble...
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(HellsingTrigun) What happens when Vash and Knives somehow find themselves on earth after their final showdown? And who is this Alucard? What is Hellsing and what exactly is a vampire…
Hellsing - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,608 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 2/24/2005 - Published: 2/21/2005
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