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So do people actually read this thing? Well, if you're taking the time to visit this page, then I may as well take the time to give you some info...

2010 Update: I'm not even gonna bore you with the extensive details of what I've been up to in the nearly 4 years since I've posted here last... I'm currently working for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives... or ATF as most of us still call it... and spending my free time raising a family. I hope to maybe fall back into the fanfic writing spirit one of these days... but I wouldn't hold your breath. :(

I am, however, planning on finishing the remake of my first story, A Loss of Innocence... the remake, titled A Loss of Innocence: Redux has long been on the back-burner here, but now that I'm finding myself on at least one transcontinental flight per week, I do have the necessary free time to hammer it out. If anyone is actually still subscribed here, you can expect to see the remaining chapters added over the next several weeks and months.

About Me

So who is recon228? I am a twenty-four year old male living with my loving wife Kathryn in the San Francisco East Bay. I was born in Concord, California in 1980 and lived in the small bedroom community of Lafayette for the first twelve years of my life. Around the end of middle school, my family and I moved up north to a small coastal town in Mendocino County, California.

I hadn't even been in Mendocino for a week before I met my future wife, Kate. I was the new guy in town and she offered to show me around. Since then we've been inseparable; we went to school together, we spent our free time together, and at age 16 we joined the local police department as police cadets together.

We worked together as cadets for two years until our senior year in high school. Once we both turned eighteen, I convinced Kate to take night classes at the academy with me and around the time of our high school graduation, we both upgraded our status from cadet, to level III reserve officer. We continued working as reserves for about eight months until an incident nearly destroyed both our lives...

In January of 1999, Kate and I were conducting traffic control at an accident when she was hit by a drunk driver. At the time of the accident, the guy's car was traveling at over thirty-five miles an hour and the force of the impact threw her over twenty-five feet down the road. She was in a coma for two weeks, during which time we had no idea whether she was going to live or die. I was the only one besides her mom who stayed by her side for most of that time. I only left once to attend the arraignment/bail hearing of the man who hit her.

That incident was by far the darkest moment of our lives... but in the end, it was the concept of nearly losing each other that brought us together. We dated for six years and were married last March.

In 2001, I once again upgraded my status from part-time reserve officer to full-time police officer. I rose quickly within the department; eventually reaching the rank of Patrol Detective in May of 2005. I enjoyed my job immensely, however, due to a limited public safety budget and neo-fascist city council; I left my job in Mendocino County and returned to the San Francisco East Bay in September of 2005, taking a job with a top-notch metropolitan police force near my home and family in Lafayette.

In December of 2005, I completed my department-mandated field training period and transferred from patrol, to SWAT. My prior experience training with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office up in Washington made me a shoe-in for the position and in February of 2006––just two weeks after learning that my wife was pregnant with our first child––my team and I attended a one-month counter-terrorism training course at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The academy consisted of both hands-on and in-class training provided by the elite-of-the-elite; the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team.

In early March, I returned from Quantico and was surprised to find my role of lead entry had been upgraded to Team 1 sergeant; a rank that placed me in charge of half the department’s tactical operations.

When I'm not working, spending time with my wife, or just being lazy, I enjoy writing Kim Possible-themed fanfiction. As you may guess, most of my stories have an underlying law enforcement theme to them, which has seemed to be well accepted by many of you fellow readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm rather surprised by the amount of email I get on a daily basis from,, deviantART, and ARA members. What's even more surprising is that almost none of it is hate-mail! I'm always thrilled to get email from other Kim Possible fans and like to lend a helping hand whenever possible by acting as a beta reader/law enforcement consultant for other authors.

If you're writing a story (Fanfiction or not) and have a question about law enforcement/criminal procedures, feel free to drop me a line and I'll do my best to get back to you with an answer. I do, however, have a rather hectic schedule; so if I can't fully answer your question, don't take it as a personal dislike of your story or you. I just don't have time to fully answer every question.

I also seem to get a lot of emails/PM's from readers/members asking the same, or similar, questions. To help save time (Both your’s and mine) I've posted some answers to a few of the more frequent questions I get asked...

Q: Are you really a cop?
A: Yes, I'm really a cop... read the above section entitled About Me for more information.

Q: Why do you write fanfiction?
A: Put simply; it's something to do in my spare time. Plus it's kind of fun to take something you like (Kim Possible), and make it even better by twisting it to your own personal taste.

Q: Have you ever shot anybody?
A: Why is it that everyone who carries a gun in the course of their duties is always asked this question? Yes, I have shot someone before. A few years back I made a traffic stop on a vehicle for a routine moving violation. Unknown to me at the time of the stop, the driver was a member of the PEN1; an ultra-violent white hate group whose members received high honors amongst their ranks for murdering police officers.

Before I could even approach his car, the suspect got out and opened fire with a fully-automatic assault rifle. He fired a total of 28 rounds; hitting me once in the left shoulder, just below the collar bone. Before I went down, I managed to return fire, hitting him in the leg and hand. He was caught a short time later by Mendocino County SWAT and I made a full recovery.

Q: Why haven't you posted the sequel to A Loss of Innocence yet? You said to look for it in a few weeks... and that was in May!
A:For those of you still wondering where the sequel Eleven Ninety-nine went, here's the sitch:

Unknown to most of you readers, the Kim Possible fanfiction Eleven Ninety-nine that you have been reading is actually based on an original 'Inspired by actual events' story I came up with last year.

Though I originally never intended for it to go anywhere, after much coercion from a former coworker of mine, I relented and allowed him to submit some notes I had made to his brother who is in the entertainment/publishing industry. They contacted me a few weeks later and wanted to know if I had any intention of turning my story into a fiction novel. When I told them 'no', they offered to buy the rights to the non-KP storyline. I, of course, was quick to agree. The only downside of the purchase was that they requested I remove/discontinue my KP version of Eleven Ninety-nine so they could develop it to their own liking.

Those of you who have read A Loss of Innocence probably realize that this leaves the story at a rather unstable ending point without the sequel to continue it. So, I am currently working on a rewrite of ALoI with a new K/R-friendly ending. Those of you who were sore about Ron's demise in the original will probably be very happy with it. It's currently third on my update list, but I do have Ch. 1 posted on my deviantART page under the title A Loss of Innocence: Redux. You can access it by clicking on the Homepage link at the top of this page.

Q: Are you Sean Pollard?
A: As much as I'd like to say yes... no, I am not Sean Pollard. In many ways I'd like to think I'm cooler than Agent Pollard, but alas, I'm just a humble cop.


For those of you who have enjoyed my fanfictions, you should check out these awesome title shots designed by KP fanartist EddieButlerIII;

A Loss of Innocence -
Kim Possible: Bailout -
Kim Possible: The Thin Blue Line -

I also have a scrap-image done by KP fan salimoo, which I have posted with his permission on my deviantART page;

KP: The Thin Blue Line (scrap) -

Ivymae457 recently posted a fanart pic on her deviantART page as well, which is based on one of my stories;

In Their Darkest Hour -

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