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Age: 35

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So I'm shy, and when I have free time and nothing is urgent then I'm lazy. I'm not really good at story writing, but I always have some idea's that really don't amount to much. Normally these idea's stay in my head, but my current story for Undertale is the first story I felt I needed to try. As much as Undertale may not be for everyone, the characters and story was very motivating. It made me laugh and cry, which for me I rarely cry for shows or games. So I hope that Toby Fox will make another game once he feels up to it, I'll be patiently waiting til then.

Anyone I went off a little bit, I don't have that many friends and it's hard for me to meet people & make new friends due to my shyness. Most of my time as of late is spent in my room. I'll list some of the stuff I like below.

My top five video games would have to be Undertale, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Breath of Fire I & 2, and Lunar: Silver Star Story.

My least favorite games are FPS and Platformers(Even though I don't like them if there is a good story I don't mind watching others play them).

Favorite movies: Anything fantasy related(I.E. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit)

Current Favorite TV shows: Game of Thrones, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow(just to name a few)(Also big Star Trek fan)

Favorite anime: To many to name, but current one's I'm watching: Gate, Erased, Myriad Colors Phantom world, Utawarerumono: The False Faces, Konosuba: God's Blessing on this wonderful world!

Music: Anything I can get behind, If it's good and I enjoy it; I will listen to it.

Food: Pasta and Pizza are my favorites. I dislike very few thing and willing to try anything at least once(most of the time).

(Note: An Experiment Gone Wrong? Is currently being re-written, current chapter out now: 9)

I Just take one day at a time and do my best each day. I hope everyone has the best day possible and take care of yourself and those around you :D

11/13/2016- *Take a deep breath and releases*

Hey everyone, I've been down for a bit, I did a bit of thinking over the last week and a half and I'm feeling a little better. What changed? Nothing overall, I just accepted the current situation more and decided to stop worrying over certain things. Now I've been Disabled/Unemployed(a year each) and have been looking for work for the last few months. That hasn't panned out too well and what little cash I have is slowly running dry, but my parents are being super cool and supportive knowing how tough things are. Yeah, I'm 35 and still live with my parents. CA isn't exactly cheap and every attempt to move out with friends ended up in failure. I hate being judge about still living with parents, but an ex-co-working I knew was in his 40 and lived with his parents still.

We knew how rough living on our own is and he's even married, Wife lives in the same house as him and his parents, but I'm getting off topic. So I decide to just table all this worry about money, job and so forth for now. That doesn't mean I'm not going to keep looking for a job or anything, just I'm accepting it for what it is. It could be worst and I could be living on the street, but I'm not. This has effected my ability to write as of late and I'm slowly building back up. It maybe a while, even to the point until after the holiday's until the next chapter. I also come to accept my stories for what they are and yeah, I'm not great, but that's okay. I'm still trying to become better at it. I'm writing to share a fun adventure with everyone, there's going to be typo's, errors in the continuity(problem even some currently in the rewrite), and so forth, but even professional shows and such have that.

So I'm just going to try my best, but if something like that does happen, let me know. That way I can learn, go back and try to fix it. I even fixed a few grammatical error as of late that I missed(even with proof-reading beforehand). I've been thinking over my other story idea for the last few days thinking that having a slight break to work on some new might help out with my current story. So that's what's been going on, I've also notice a lot of other Undertale Fanfics I've been following have also slowed down. I'm sure they have other IRL stuff going on and that they need a break from the subject of Undertale for a bit themselves. I also follow a lot of blogs on Tumblr for Undertale and the same can be said as well.

I still love the game for what it is and everything everyone has drawn and wrote. Currently I'm going back and catching up with some anime, shows, movies, games and books that have piled up since this whole Undertale adventure took off. Well I think I went on longer then I should of, anyone who saw the previous post here I'm sorry about the depressed rambling I went on about. I hope with this increase in contentment of my situation my mood will increase more over the next couple of months. Well until next time you all have a nice day and happy holidays :D

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