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January, 07--Happy 2007, everyone! So anyway...I've been saying that I'm "gone" from fanfic for some time, but somehow, that's not entirely true. It's been almost a year since I last updated this, so since I have a spare moment now, here I am. I'm still working on my novel, and making good progress so far. Phantom of the Opera is still my life...and so are a couple other different things, but I still love it dearly and am always more than glad to see new RC phans! For some odd reason, Fanfiction still alerts me when posts for some of the Poto forums come out, so I'm still in that deal, in a sense. I've been commenting on a couple stories for new phanfictioners, and that's always fun. I might actually write another Poto story again some day, just because I can't stand what I wrote over a year ago. For some reason or another, all those fics suddenly seem childish to me when I come back to read them. Maybe that's good? Who knows?...

Anyway, I've also put up new book/movie favorites, so take a look!

xoxo --roselight writer

PS: to all die-hard RC phans, I recently stumbled upon an EC writer who is truly talented. I've rarely heard of anyone, published or not, who can write this way. Wandering Child's "Demons" is a must read...I don't care if you can't stand EC pairings. Read it for the writing, if for nothing else. You will end up in tears, as I did. So please, please, do yourself a favor.

Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile page. Here's just a bit of random stuff about me...who I am, what I love, and what my life is like! I hope you take a look at my fanfictions soon; PLEASE REMEMER TO GIVE ME FEEDBACK!

~Well, I'm apparently a writer (just in the sense that I can't live without writing), but I'm also a musician as well as a painter! I've loved writing all my life, and my greatest dream is to become a writer. It always has been that way, and I know it always will. I started my obsession about six years ago, when I was 7. I don't know what got into me then (I mean, it sounds strange, doesn't it?) but I was just as stubborn as any mule about it and have kept at that dream since, because I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm also a pianist as well as a violinist--For those of you who are also musicians--I'm a total Chopin-lover! I think I'm obsessed. I also like painting a lot. hehe. I also love to sing, and I can't stand rap, metal, pop, rock...all that stuff. (Yeah...okay--I'm weird. Get over it.) I luv classical/Broadway stuff though!

~A few of my favorite books are :

-The Seer and the Sword--a beautiful story that I still often reread even now...three years after I read it for the first time. One of the best, most inspiring romantic fantasies I've ever read and ever will read.

-A Great and Terrible Beauty--great great great great GREAT book

-Memoirs of a Geisha--all-time favorite

-The Namesake--very well written

-The Last Silk Dress--a must-read historical novel. Insanely good.

-Can You Keep a Secret?--okay, fine, so this is in the chicklit realm, but still. It's a ton of fun.

-The Time Traveler's Wife--my next reading project...can't wait!!!!

-Harry Potter--sorry, I just HAD to put this.

Okay, that's that.

A couple of my favorite movies are:

-The Holiday (The sweetest, most amazing romantic comedy film I have EVER seen. My new favorite!!)

-The Lake House (Special, beautiful, and unforgettable...if a bit strange..)

-Devil Wears Prada

-Tristan and Isolde (not flawless, but definitely a wonderful movie...the goods outweigh the bads by far and the romance is incredible)

-Phantom of the Opera A timeless classic that never loses its place in my heart.)

-Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I LOVE THIS SOOOO MUCH!)

-Hero (Okay, so it's difficult to understand if you don't speak Chinese, but this is just a gorgeous movie no matter what.)

~I think that'll do it for now. I hope you enjoy all of my stuff! I'm actually using fanfiction as a tool for practicing my writing. I'm currently working on a novel, but that's a tremendous and exhausting project (to say the least!) I think I've used up enough creative fuel, and I need something to renew my spirit. =) So, I thought this would be a good idea!~ Please, please, please REVIEW MY STORIES! Comments really mean a lot--whether they're positive or negative. Positive reviews always give me such encouragement; you have no idea. "Negative"--okay, not truly NEGATIVE--reviews are also helpful, because they help me improve!

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