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Author has written 20 stories for Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

Hobbies: Writing, Skiing, Motorcycles, Shakespeare, Ancient History, and Woodworking.

Favorite shows:

Xena: Warrior Princess
Stargate - SG1
Battlestar Galactica
Just about anything on the Discovery Channel, or the History Channel.
The Tudors
Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

Favorite Movies:

Patton (A must have in any collection!)
Star Wars (Episodes 4, 5, 6, 7, etc)
Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Who didn't like that!)
Chronicles of Riddick
The Mummy 1 &2
The Count of Monte Cristo
Sherlock Holmes
Book of Eli
Movies in both the MCU and the DCU

I've been writing as a hobby for more than twenty years. I enjoy taking characters that we all know and love and placing them in strange new situations. The challenge is in keeping the characters "true to character" while at the same time trying to make them grow and remain interesting. I find the challenge helps me keep my edge when I work on my original stuff.

I have been lax on posting here, I know. I finished Chapter 21 of Shadows of Angmar a LONG time ago and I was never quite happy with it, so it got a rewrite. Then, as is usually the case, life got in the way and the rewrite suffered delay after delay, but here it is - finally! The final draft of Chapter 21 of Shadows of Angmar has been posted, and I am much happier with this version of events over the original. Additionally, some of the elements of the story have provided a launching point for Chapters 22 and 23, which is a huge help as this epic begins to move towards its conclusion.
Thanks to everyone who has followed this story since it's inception way back in October 2006! (My God, have I really been working on this monster for over a decade??? Where does the time go?)
As always, your comments or critiques are most welcome. Thanks for stopping by!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Chapter 21 of Shadows of Angmar has dropped and I am please to announce...the story is STILL not finished! I also came across some old stories I wrote about fifteen years ago, centered around the original Battlestar Galactica TV show and I'm debating on posting them here. They were originally posted on under a different name, but I lost my login information for that account and ended up creating this one when I came back. Additionally, I learned today that I am less than 45,000 words away from breaking the 1 million word mark here on fanfiction.net, can you believe it?! By posting my old stories, I would easily break that mark, but somehow, that would feel like cheating to me, so maybe I'll wait to post the BSG stories after I reach that goal. I'll think about that one. Anywhoo, Chapter 22 is in its first stage of writing, and I am also fleshing out the first chapter of a Star Wars - Old Republic story that I am creating, thanks to inspiration from friends, family, and some CGI artwork. I've also started dabbling into an Agents of SHIELD and (David Tennant) Dr Who Crossover. Not sure what to expect there, and not enough to warrant posting anything story related yet, but it's an intriguing idea. Heck, any time the Doctor comes to America it can be interesting.
I'm also in the process of re-doing/creating new book cover images for my stories, which is a process all unto itself. Yes, there is a lot on my plate, and that's the way I like it!
Please be sure to leave your reviews and opinions on my stories. It is through your suggestions that my craft has improved these past ten years and I can't do it without you.
Thanks for stopping by, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Well, I downloaded chapter 20 about a month ago and have slowly been working on chapter 21 of Shadows of Angmar. The inevitable conclusion is fast approaching, and I have been steadily pecking away at it.
This will most likely be my last foray into the Xena-verse for a while, once completed. As I look back (and re-read) some of the earlier chapters, I am amazed at how far, and how large, this project turned out to be. This is really the danger zone of a project here. I have found many good stories that leave people hanging towards the end because the writer loses steam and never gets around to finishing the work. I am bound and determined that Shadows of Angmar does not turn into one of those unfinished works.

Thanks to all the old guard who have been waiting, (very, very, very), patiently for the updates, and welcome to the handful of new readers who have begun enjoying this tale. See y'all soon! Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there! Have a great weekend!

P.S. if anyone here plays ESO (NA Megaserver) on PC, I'll be out and about in the Aldmeri Dominion area this weekend. If you see Eldrich or Wulfrich Kerr, feel free to say hello.


Wow! Time just...passes. I can't believe its been over two years since I posted CH18 of Shadows. Well, Chapter 19 is here, and the final act of the story is beginning.
Life's been crazy, full of ups and downs, but otherwise alright. Back in 2013, someone had mentioned that the story seemed to be leaving Xena and Gabrielle out - a position, upon re-reading chapters 16-18, I was forced to agree with. This left me two options. 1) rewrite the latter half of Chapter 15, and rework chapters 16-18 before continueing with 19, and 20. In fact, this was what I started to do, but then the story felt forced, so I went back to just letting the story tell itself. With a cast of characters this large, and all the subplots, though, it still seems like X&G are still somewhat in the background. Chapter 19 and Chapter 20, (which is nearly complete as well), begin to bring X&G back into the spotlight, but slowly. Chapters 19, 20, and 21 will set the stage for the final confrontation, and there are a lot of characters to move. Thanks again for everyone's patience and understanding. As we begin moving towards the end of this incredible journey, the hard part now, will be to keep from rushing. You see, I know what will happen to everyone, and it's starting to bug me because I very much want all of you to know as well - just not yet. :-)

Chapter 18 (FINALLY) has been posted for Shadows of Angmar. One of the criticiszms I've received most often is that Xena and Gabrielle seem to be slipping into the background a bit, and I do understand. In a story this complex, with a group of characters this large, (Xena/Gabrielle, Middle Earth, The Predator, and a dozen original characters,), occasionally I will have to focus on what moves the story forward, which means that some focus is removed from certain characters. That being said, we are past the hump, and heading down hill towards the home stretch with the posting of Chapter 18. From here on out, the action, (if not the posting of chapters) should begin to move very quickly, and X&G will once again move to the fore.
Thanks for all the favorites and the comments, (and patience), as this story progresses. I can honestly say that - after this story concludes - I will NEVER attempt something this big EVER again! :)

Well, it only took 18 months, but here it finally is...Chapter 16 of Shadows has been posted, with C17 in the works! Hope y'all enjoy!
Have a great rest of the week!


Holy Cow! Has it really been a year and a half since I was last here? Good golly miss molly, where does the time go? Well, I haven't been completely idle since my last submission here. I began a new hobby, digital 3d art, and as a result, have been able to create images of many of the characters in my stories. Very soon, there will be images associated with my stories. Something that I could not imagine a couple of years ago has now become a possibility! Finally, a chance to "see" the characters that you all have been reading about! As soon as I get a gallery together, I will post the link here.
Aside from that, I have been writing, just not as often as I would like. Life has been hectic (two kids in college, one in high school, and fouteen hour work days), so I have had to wrestle, cajol, wheedle and steal the quiet time I need to be able to write.

To that end...a short list of what to expect: Chapter 16 of Shadows is in final edit. Another RoWP story is in the final stages of writing, and I will be openning up an acccount at the affiliate site, for some original storytelling in the near future.
See y'all soon!


Can it be? Is it really there? Oh my freakin gawd, yes! Chapter 15 of Shadows has FINALLY arrived! And yes, I have already begun chapter 16. With Chapter 15, I think I have finally crested the hill and now things are going to begin to move steadily towards the final conclusion of this epic. I say this for two reasons: First, because the darn thing is long enough already, lol. and Second: With the closure of Chapter 15, the game is set for a bunch of fun surprises, action, drama, humor, and the usual nonsense that we've come to expect from our heros. I can think of no better way to head to a finish. Also, there is room for me to twist the plot a bit more (evil chuckle) and thats something I am good for.
I haven't been idle on my other projects either, just less focused really. The RoWP series will probably resume in earnest after I finish Shadows and had a few very large, very powerful drinks. =)
Not sure when I'll be back so let me take this opportunity to wish all you Irish out there an early Happy St. Patricks Day!
See you all soon!


Yes, I know, still no Chapter 15 on Shadows. All I can say is, "I'm working on it!" =) For all of you who celebrate it - Merry Christmas! And for those who do not, "Happy Holidays!" CHapter 15 is still developing, bringing the 'band' back together and continuing forward in the plot. Shadows is one of those large adventures where the hazards of "plot block" abound. It would be very easy to slip into a pattern of "problem - blow it up - continue," with this particular cast of characters, and thats precisely what the first draft of Chapter 15 was doing. While I like a good action sequence as much as the next guy, it can sometimes be counter productive to the advancement of the story. Solution - scrap 90 percent of the original and try again. (sigh) Have I really been working on this project for almost 3 years? (See post dated 11/2/06 - DAMN!)
Unfortunately, that also put a hold on my latest RoWP story. There are several characters in that cast that I desperately want to develop, as well as expanding on Xena and Hope's relationship. I just can't devote the time I need for that while Shadows is happening.

Well, thats this addition of "What the hell is he doing?!"

Have a great and SAFE holiday season and see all of you next year! =)


My goodness, has it been this long? It just shows that time does fly when you aren't paying attention. Chapter 14 of Shadows is now posted. My work schedule has really cut into my writing time, along with going back to school. Unfortunately this means I must focus more on academic writings than my favorite hobby.
Chapter 15 is in progress, albeit slowly, and I am also continuing my Reincarnations series with a reborn Xena and Hope, though that project is secondary to Angmar at present.

Not much else to report. Happy Reading!


You know, it never fails. Put a deadline on yourself and something comes up to totally mess up the timeline. Obviously Chapter 14 of Shadows has not been posted. Computer problems and scheduling issues haven't left me any time for edits so it still sits waiting to be finalized. Many things happening in my corner of the universe, so my writing time has been severely curtailed of late. As soon as I finish ch 14, I'll post it.
Thanks for the patience,


Happy St. Patricks Day! Antithesis of Light has been completed and the final chapter posted. I'm already playing with the next story in the RoWP series. No working title yet, just some rough plot ideas. Also, CHapter 14 of Shadows is nearing completion in its rough draft form, so I should be getting close to posting that in the next week or so /-.
Hope everyone has a great and SAFE St. Patricks Day!


Holy S#! Did I get a pasting for not having X&G in that last chapter, lol. Never fear dear readers, the dynamic duo and their compadres will be back in Chapter 14. =) With the plot twist sending Nicolla into the back of beyond, there was no way to tie in all these individual story lines in one chapter, so I used Nicolla's side adventure to bridge the time.
I find the exclamations like that very flattering in fact, because it tells me that the story is good and that y'all are enjoying it. In essence, those messages are the best form of feedback.
Thanks for the reviews and have a great day!


Chapter 13 of Shadows is up and I've also reloaded some of the previous chapters after doing some edits. One of the things that I referred to in the stories that featured Tyrion Darquefyre, was the book he read. "Concepts and Philosophies of War and Peace". I thought it would be fun to include a line or two from this enigmatic fictional writer, Shin-Chi-Mon, at the top of each chapter, so I began doing that.
More to come in the near future, but for now, take care all!


Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and kicking. :) I haven't been able to post much lately due to personal and work constraints but that is about to change. My fingers have not been idle and I have continued to work on several projects here and there. Look for the ROWP story 'Antithesis of Light' to wrap up soon with the next installment in that series to begin shortly after, as well as chapter 13 of 'Shadows of Angmar' in the very near future. I had to go back and reread what I had done so far in order to keep things straight, which is also part of what slowed me down.
One other interesting twist.
As an avid gamer in my spare time, (what's that?), I actually met someone in Star Wars Galaxies who adopted the name of one of my characters for their avatar. Imagine my surprise at logging on one day and finding Nicolla Sheil was a member of my newfound guild! I was amazed and greatly flattered. I hate to admit it, but her pestering me about finishing the latest chapter of Shadows has actually been a great motivation. I've also reworked some minor inconsistencies in the previous chapters, (another reason for the delay), so I will be reposting them as well very soon.
If any of my fans are left out there, thanks for the patience. Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long. I didn't really understand just how passionate some of you are about these stories until I met a character from one of them in SWG.
See you soon folks!


P.S. Hey Nicky! This does NOT give you permission to be obnoxious about motivating me. ;)

FINALLY! Chapter 12 of Shadows is loaded up for your reading pleasure. The exploration of Middle Earth continues its twisted adventure as our heros continue their journey. Also working on the next chappie of Antithesis, but it might be a while before I post. The 2008 Bristol Renessaince Faire is in full swing and soaking up my free writing time.
Aside from that, not too much new to report here. Hope you enjoy.

Catch Y'all Later!


Okay, so much for 'working titles'. The first chapter of the story, originally entitled 'Bridging Darkness' has been posted under its new title 'Antithesis of Light'. The ROWP series is off and running in the middle of my crossover, and my Star Wars story, man I got a crowded mind. =)
I'm already working on the 2nd chapter of Antithesis as well as the 12th chapter of Shadows, plus everything else on my platter. Again, feel free to shoot reviews my way, and my offer to anyone willing to beta read is still standing. If you got the time, I got the words...lots of words. =)

Later all,

If you haven't noticed...the gap between chapter posts has gotten wider. Life has been busy so I won't be making any promises on when Chapter 12 of Shadows will be ready. Chapter 11 is now available for your reading pleasure, and I appreciate your patience as I try and juggle life, work, and a teenager while maintaining my ability to write.=)
I also have started the 2nd part of my Reincarnations of the Warrior Princess, tentatively titled 'Bridging Darkness'. Not sure if this title will be the actual one for posting, but it is on the way.
Thanks for popping by...enjoy!


Happy Belated New Year! Okay, fine, I know I promised chapter 10 of Shadows before Christmas, but hey, things come up. =) I posted it today for your reading pleasure and I have no doubt that my friend Blade will happen on a few typos just like last time. Sorry dude, but being my own beta reader isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be.
I'm also toying with a continuation of my ROWP Series, but I need to flesh the plot out a bit more, plus I still have to finish my SWG story, Courtship of Katy Sunwalker. All this while working with a friend on a new MMO that he and some other enterprising people have started from scratch and while working full time. Nah, I'm not a busy person, not at all.
Quick congratz to all the kids at Crimson Blades Fencing Academy for their awsome performance last Saturday. I'm proud of all of you and you each did fantastic! Way to bring your full game! Check out the results at !
More later, time to go back and write, or work, or sleep...something constructive. =) Laters!


Twas the week before Christmas and all through my brain, My muse was exhausted and began to complain... I just posted the 5th chapter of my Star Wars Galaxies story and am almost finished with the 10th chapter of Shadows, so that should be popping up in the near future.
One thing Blade brought to my attention with regards to these stories was the fact that, in spite of my repeated efforts, there are typos that tend to get by me. Well, you try reading your own work a half a dozen times after getting it out of your head and see what you catch? lol If there's anyone who would be interested in being a beta reader prior to my posting, I would welcome a fresh set of eyes on these projects. This also includes the remixes of the GTAS series that I have been toying with recently. Some of those modifications have already been posted here and more are to come. Look for Chapter 10 of Shadows before Christmas...my gift to you guys for being so patient. =)

Have a Merry Christmas Folks!


Heya folks! Has it really been 3 months since I updated here? Damn! Talk about dropping the ball. =) Well, there it is...work, write, work, write, and thats all I do lately. Wanted to drop a quick line and thank HAZMOT for a most generous review of Chapter 9 in 'Shadows'. Please feel free to send any messages you would like in regards to discussing the story as it progresses, and that goes for anyone reading. It is one of the best tools for me in writing, to have input from the audience. Chapter 10 is progressing now, and I think that this is going to wind up being a multiple book series, (fitting, since LOTR is the same).
As always, thanks for dropping in and reviewing what you read.

More later,


Posted the third chapter in The Courtship of Katy Sunwalker, my Star Wars Galaxies story. Chapter 10 of Shadows is also progressing, and Tiger Eye is officially on the back burner for a complete reorganization before I post anything in ROWP series.
Aside from that, all well on the writing front here...thanks for popping in.



At the request of a friend, looking to read something in the Science Fiction genre and taking a hint from a simple line in a bio, I posted the beginning of a story set in the Star Wars Galaxies MMO. This is a game I have been playing for the last two years and I can't get enough of the people and places that have ben created in that wonderfully surreal world. As a result, many of the characters in that story, including the main ones, are actually based on the characters and players that I have been most fortunate to meet and interact with.
Also still plugging away at Chapter 9 of Shadows, and I've temporarily shelved Tiger Eye for the near future. I think a Muse recharging Roadtrip is in the near future...
Anyway, check out the Sci Fi serving, and if you're interested in a good MMO, and you liked Star Wars, I highly reccomend Star Wars Galaxies.
Catch you all later!


P.S. Valcyn rocks! (You know who you are.)

Okay, well, I was half right. I got chapter 8 or Shadows posted...still not happy with Tiger Eye yet, so that one's on hold for a bit. Thanks for reading. Nothing else to report at the front! Catch you all later!


As I was perusing the old GTAS series, I started to rethink some of the elements of #4, Remains of a Nation. As a result, I have reposted the story with all the changes. Hope you all like them, I know I'm much happier with the version of events over the old ones. Also, I'm working on Chapter 8 of Shadows of Angmar, and should have that ready in a week or so, plus I am still working on my new ROWP story, Tiger Eye. The first chapter of that should be posted in a day or two.

Later folks!


Posted Chapter 7 of 'Shadows' after rewriting the latter half of the chapter due to a computer crash. Gotta start Chapter 8 all over as well, which sucks, but hey, thats technology for you. Also fleshing out a little more of the plot for my ROWP story 'Tiger Eye'. Not sure when I'll get to posting something on that one.
Catch you all later!


FINALLY! I have chapter 6 of 'Shadows of Angmar' posted, and the twists keep on coming...Working on Chapter 7, and started working a little more on the 'Tiger Eye' project. I tell you, the taking notes and roughing everything is the most tedious part of this whole process. UPDATE: Page count! page count! 'Shadows' has officially become my largest work ever, passing over 200 pages at this point, and we havent even gotten half way through it. God only knows where this will end.
Please read and review this monstrosity and let me know where you think it does well/poorly. it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again folks, hope you all enjoy!


P.S. Just because Turbine named their LOTR MMO 'Shadows of Angmar' does NOT mean I am going to change the title of my work. hehe...I'm such a rebel.

Talk about wierd. Here I am working on a crossover called 'Shadows of Angmar', and then I go to the new LOTR MMO beta site and discover that the game is entitled, 'Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar'. Strangeness.
Anyhoo, The work is moving along slowly with this project. I realize that those of you reading want to see fast posts, especially when the chapter ends on a cliffhanger type note. The only thing I can say in response is, please be patient with me. This is one project that I am taking my time with. I want to get this one as right as I can before turning it loose. Also, I have a lot of individual storylines that are about to emerge as the story progresses and that means I need to keep all this madness straight in my head (and in my notes).
I have also, (because my brain won't stay focused on one project at a time), begun the second installment of the ROWP series. I hope to have the first part of 'Tiger's Eye' up soon.
Thanks for your patience, and for your patronage. See you all soon.


Work on 'Shadows of Angmar' is moving along slowly. Working in the Tolkein universe isn't as easy as it seems. =) Also, I began scribbling some notes for the next ROWP story, tentatively entitled 'Tiger's Eye'. I have the protagonists and the antagonists developed, as well as a rudimentary plot, so that one should start hitting the WP soon. In another twist of fate, I have teamed up with a fellow NIWWT member and begun going through the GTAS series, making subtle changes and fleshing out areas that were (to me at least), weak in the first run. Look for those remixes to begin popping up in the near future.
Switching gears, check out my first ever Star Wars Galaxies fan fiction submission, "Rori Homecoming", and if you're into the whole MMO thing, I reccomend you give that game a try. I posted it back in January, but it hasn't seen much action. As always, I hope you enjoy the stories I post here, and I'll see you on the flip side!


Well, It's been a while, with plenty of real life drama, but I finally posted the next chapter of Shadows for those of you that still have me on the alert list. =) Aside from that, there isn't much to report. The next chapter is progressing and Chapter 6 is percolating, so I hope to get back on schedule with the project. Thanks for your patience everyone! Enjoy!

I had an old short that I decided to post, based on a character from an MMO that I play. It was the result of yet another challenge by the crew, though I never bothered to post it, (I don't know why). Still progressing on Shadows of Angmar, albiet slowly. The holidays really monopolized my writing time. I hope to have something worked in the next few days, give or take.
Have a safe New Year everyone!


Hola there! Chapter 3 of Shadows of Angmar is up. Plot is slowly setting up. Also had to make a few small corrections in the frst two chapters, so they have been reposted. Nothing major in as far as content, just me picking nits.
Hope everyone out there has a happy holidays!


Just an update from your friendly neighborhood freak=) The first chapter of the latest NIWWT challenge has been posted for your pleasure. "Shadows of Angmar" should turn out to be rather long, so please bear with me.
Thanks again for reading!


Hi there kids! just dropping a line on the ole' profile to let you all know that the latest NIWWT challenge is progressing. The current story, tentatively titled "Ghosts of Angmar" is slowly progressing. The initial plot line is forming nicely and I should have the first chapter and an "offical title" very soon. As a teaser, I will say this: The King of Westernese (aka Gondor and Arnor, aka Aragorn) has met a certain pair of women that we all know and love, while his Steward (aka Lord of the newly rebuilt city of Osgiliath, aka Faramir), and his son Denethor II has encountered a certain group of people who fell from the sky in a strange craft. Yes, the members of Ol' Number 7 are back by popular request!
With a cast of characters this vast, the possibilities abound. I haven't had this much fun since I came up with the concept of Full Circle. hehehehehe...
More later!

Me and my big mouth. Well, at the regular NIWWT meeting last weekend, yours truly decided to open his mouth and talk smack. The end result is yet another challenge. A dare, if you will, on two fronts...First, to bring several characters back from my original XWP stories, not the GTAS series, (that would have been too easy), and since I seem to be the resident expert on all things LOTR, toss Xena, Gabrielle, and any other pre GTAS characters I can think of into Tolkiens Empire and make it work.
As with all challenges, my compadre's had their prerequisites. First, it cannot take place during the Lord of the Rings storyline, since that has already been done. Secondly, it must remain canon, (of course), and finally, it must be a believeable storyline.
My counter conditions for this challnge were simple. I can utililize ANY of the characters I have used previously in my XWP stories, even those that are from other universes. I will submit progress every two weeks for the benifit of review, but there will be no time limit, and no page limit for this work.
What does this mean to you, the reader? A new story of EPIC proportions! Endless opportunities for me to twist the paradigm like taffy! And who knows how many other little quirks!
The timing was perfect since I am ccurrently in the proccess of finalizing the last chapter of the first installment of my new 'Reincarnations of the Warrior Princess' (ROWP) Series, Rekindled.
With this huge project dropped onto my shoulders, I may not get to book 2 for quite some time. =)

Catch you all later!

With the Bristol Ren Faire finished, I can once again get back to focusing on some of my writings. I can also work towards fulfilling the 'whatever happened to Hope' challenge laid down by NIWWT. If anyone has been reading the story, you'll notice several scenes that I have borrowed from favorite movies and TV shows of the past. NIWWT 'adjusted' their challenge to me right after I started writing this and challenged me to utilize scenes and characters from other shows/movies that I liked. The trick, I needed to use them in their original format, asking me to incorporate no less than five other characters or shows into this story, hence the Dagobah/Yoda stuff, and now, with this latest chappy, my Tribute to the Matrix and Morpheus. Just a hint on the next chapter, Hope will NOT be fighting in the Mu-Tai on Babylon 5. She's going there to speak with someone...you'll see who. =) This one is turning out to be rather long and wilder than some of the other stories I've posted. Even I don't know where this one will eventually end up. I LOVE it when that happens! hehehe.
Catch you on the flipside, and as always..thanks for reading and for stopping by.
BTW I have opened a discussion forum on the GTAS series. I'm probably going to go back and 'remix' them a bit, fleshing out parts, or even adding another story somewhere in there. Not sure yet. If there are any ideas, suggestions, etc...please post them on the forum.

Okay, maybe there will be a cameo beginning including David and Gabrielle...I couldn't help it. I had to get those two back together again after all the happy years they shared. In spite of frying my a and a few other body parts over the past two weekends, I have been able to devote a little time to working on this new story. BTW if anyone reading this lives within a decent drive of the Bristol Renessaince Faire, in Bristol Wisconsin, come on down and say hello. Heck, you might even learn how to fence=)
We men of the Crimson Blades would be happy to teach you!
Happy Reading Everyone!

Well, I've sorta been on hiatus before my gig at the Bristol Ren Faire begins, and wouldn't you know it? NIWWT throws down the gauntlet two weeks before opening weekend with another challenge - What ever happened to Hope?
Well, I have an opening and a plot line idea, so the first chapter or two might be on the way. This story will not, however be an encore to the Ancient Scrolls Series, that much I am certain. Wish me luck!

It's finally done! The Reckoning (GTAS 10) concludes the Ancient Scrolls series. Thanks to everyone who read through them. And now, its time for me to rest a while and see what the next challenge will be. I confess to a sense of relief, in as much as I am sorry to see it end, but that's the way of things, I guess.
Also, I want to extend the NIWWT challenge to any who have followed the series. As you know, there were several points at which I skipped ahead a number of years, or left a couple of loose ends. (I am thinking specifically about the Virgil/Gurkhan angle). While I did these for the sake of continuity regarding the series and for my own sanity, I've also done it to leave the possibility open for another writer to approach these from a fresh perspective. =)
The floor is open, jump in and take these characters in a new direction, or someplace different. I'd like to see how others would fill in those large empty spaces or continue the journey these characters.

Best of luck!


I'm Back! I've been putting thoughts in order for over a two months now, and I think I've come up with the last installment of the GTAS series. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the stories of Gabrielle and David are no exception. I've posted the Prologue as a teaser, but more chapters should follow very soon! Look for this to surpass all the other stories in the series thus far!
Just a note to the NIWWT guys: When this is done, I'll expect the 100 proof gallon of Southern Comfort delivered, pre chilled for the next meeting!

As I sit here and post the final chapter to my 9th story in GTAS, my muse has given a final cry of exhaustion and collapsed from the overwork. (She just needs a day or two of rest). Unfortunately, Awakenings took an unexpected twist, and pretty much ixnayed the next story I planned to do, so it's back to the drawing board, once my Muse has recovered. I finally wrapped up the 'Cure for W.A.D.' as well. I never realized writing wedding vows for an imagined wedding would be so d#ed difficult. :-) I think a road trip might be in order for me at this point, to seek fresh ideas, so I might be gone for a short time. Don't worry, though. When I get back, I'm sure my Muse and I will be ready to rock! (I still have to tie up that whole Gurkhan/Virgil thing from GTAS 2 'the Bounty'. I hate loose ends) Ah well...
Thanks for reading everybody, and please..be sure to review. I really want to know what you all think about this stuff.
Catch you all on the flipside!


While still working on 'Night Terrors', a suggestion made by EBFR kept bouncing about in my mind, and I started the ninth story in the series. I still have to wrap up the W.A.D. story as well as Night Terrors, but that's the way my brain functions sometimes.
Thanks for the idea, Evil. I hope your project is going well! Later!


Restitution is complete - the 7th story in my Gabrielle: The Ancient Scrolls series. As per the N.I.W.W.T. Challenge, I still need to come up with six more for what could be considered a "full season". They aren't letting me off the hook either. If anyone has read the series and has an idea, please let me know, I fear that I may be running out! (gasp)
I'm also toying with a "Firefly/Serenity" idea, but that one is moving along rather slowly. To any of you that haven't seen that movie yet - What are you waiting for! Even if you haven't seen the television show, you'll love it!
As always! Thanks for stopping by!



'Chosen Paths' is complete, and wouldn't you know it, I have another first chapter for the next installment already posted. Also, I've published yet another N.I.W.W.T. challenge regarding everyone's favorite archeologist and a certain descendant of a wandering bard. As these stories continue to form in my mind, somewhere deep inside, I really hope that Rob Tappert, Lucy Lawless, or Rene O'Connor don't read what's in here? I'm afraid of what might be said. :-) Oh, well, the momentary angst has passed. I haven't gotten an email from any of them yet, so I guess I'm safe? Still, the new BSG series has a ship called a Raptor, and I came up with that idea back in 99? Hmm?


At this stage in my Solo Gabrielle adventures, I feel that I should direct some of the recognition for these ideas to a select group of friends and their (oh, so patient) families, most of which are Xena fans. The majority of the stories I write are a direct result of meetings with what I have dubbed the Northen Illinois Whiskey and Writing Team or N.I.W.W.T. (yes, it is pronounced like 'newt'). This is a group of four or five of us that like to sit down with a couple of bottles and shot glasses and discuss various shows and hypothesise about different character arcs, crossovers, and that sort of thing. After publishing the stories 'Flight of the Phoenix' and 'Terror of Andross Island', the folks challenged me to come up with a whole season's worth of solo Gabrielle adventures, and not just mediocre ones either. You can actually get to know some of those people if you read 'Full Circle' since N.I.W.W.T. members are also guys that I ride with. (Had to pay them back somehow?) As I prepare to finish up GTAS-6, 'Chosen Paths', I'm sure the boys will help me come up with something new, usually when the bottles get about half empty.



Look for fast posts over the next month or so. I'll be cooped up at home, recovering from surgery, so about the only thing I can do is write! Still working out the details from the W.A.D. Gabrielle story. That one still isn't finished, and what I've got for the final chapter isn't quite where I'd like it to be. The other stories are still rolling out pretty steady, and It looks as though I'll be introducing several new characters (Good and Bad) fairly soon. I also might be forced to bid a farewell to some of the older ones (Xena and Gabby did sleep in a mountain for thirty years, after all?) As usual, I'm always up for any challenges that you might have, just post them in a review or zip me an email and I'll see what I can do.

I need to make a personal thank you to TpolTucker, who has made herself my defacto Beta Reader and was also kind enough to set up a C2 archive for my solo Gabrielle stories! Her consistent reviews have really been invaluable as I develop this totally new series of stories. Thanks again for your help, T! I really do appreciate it!

And thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to read my works. I've seen the number of hits and I do find it very flattering and humbling at the same time. As always, I appreciate it! More later!



Well, instead of Xena/Gabrielle adventures, I've gone and picked up where the end of the show left off (sort of). I've started a new series of Solo Gabrielle Adventures I'm entitling Gabrielle: The Ancient Scrolls. (GTAS) I'll post them in the Xena catagory unless otherwise instructed. Please read and review, and feel free to offer story suggestions or challenges. The more you review, the better these stories will be. Thanks in advance!


The Xena adventures have been pouring out! Can't seem to get my mind off those pretty Greek women. :)

I hope to work on some Andromeda fics, and continue a HUGE BSG/Star Wars crossover that I've posted. Please be patient with that may take a while to shift the mean time, thanks to everyone who has stopped by and read my stuff!

As always, your comments and critiques are most welcome! Thanks again for reading and enjoy!

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Crossover - Farscape & TV X-overs - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 23,080 - Reviews: 77 - Favs: 71 - Follows: 87 - Updated: 3/22/2010 - Published: 9/21/2005
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