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Oh God, sorry about the inexcusable laziness!! Actually, I kinda do have an excuse...I'm over FMA. gasp! noooooo!the universe collapses But then, I really don't want to leave something I've worked so long on unfinished...

spoilers if you are not that far in this fic

Okay, I tried making this as short as possible because there is way too much going on and if this story does not prove that I have ADD then . . . aw, you finish this sentence for me. Damn it, that rhymed!

Edward -
got chickenpox from Elysia; regained his full body thanks to a possessed Clara, but now sicker than ever.
Alphonse - busies himself with Benjamin the ugly duckling.
Envy - trying to get Ed to make the philosopher's stone before Lust or Pride beat him to it.
Sloth - trying to act like the Elric's mother, but is pretty bad at it; got drunk and now is unconscious on Ed's bed.
Maes - just got back from the hospital; chickenpox is not serious for him as expected.
Gracia - nothing is out of the ordinary for her.
Elysia - has chickenpox, but seems fine.
Clara - unconscious on the living room floor since being un-possessed.

Pride -
tricked the military into making a huge transmutation circle around Central; expects the philosopher's stone to be made very soon.
Gluttony - wondering where Lust is.

Winry -
thought she heard Ed and Envy having sex, so she tried to go back home but the trains were not operating, so she accidentally ended up with the Armstrongs.
Denny - after all the stupid crap the others made him go through, he finally has a chance with Maria!
Maria - after realizing that Denny was not behind the stupid crap, he has a chance with her!
Katherine - thinking of meeting Jean to see if she could wake him.
Others - nothing special; had a nightingale problem, but Maria scared it to shutting up.

EAST HQ (turned into the Beast's castle)
Jean - still asleep and looking ill.
Cain - babysitting Jean and getting paranoid after hearing Roy say he thinks Cain will be the one to wake Jean.
Zolf - having fun dressing up and being treated like a princess.
Roy - trying to keep Zolf happy so he can get his well-deserved (ha!) promotion.
Riza - wanting to keep an eye on the others, but seems a bit off most of the time.
Black Hayate - lost somewhere in the castle.

Frank - being 'protected' by his mother since even she knows he is in danger of Snow White's curse.
Mrs. Archer - Frank's mother, allegedly "the fairest one of all."
Sheska - happily taking it easy after splitting from Roy's group.
Heymans - same as Sheska.
Vato - same as Sheska.

Greed -
planning to make a deal with Izumi to get her to kill Dante.
Wrath - totally believes that Greed is his daddy and wants no one to oppose that.
Izumi - sick as usual, and actually hearing Greed out.
Sig - nothing special.
Mason - dropped another medicine lid behind the stove. Loser!

Fez (Scar) - looking for Zolf for revenge.
Lust - now the only reason she follows Fez is to make him see that they belong together.

Marta - not too happy that Zolf left, but no one else sees the point to look for him.
Dorochet - not doing much, except drinking.
Roa - accidentally killed Shou while drunk.
Others - busy drinking their asses off.


Jean Havoc . . . . . unknown
Edward Elric . . . . Envy
Zolf J. Kimblee . . .Black Hayate
Frank Archer . . . . unknown
unknown . . . . . . .unknown
unknown . . . . . . .unknown

TRUE PAIRINGS (so far; a slight chance for another)
Maria x Denny
Fez (Scar) x Lust

Envy x Edward
Zolf x Roy
Jean x Cain (but that would be too obvious, no?)

Beatrice -
a playwright and childhood friend of Jean, but did not even try kissing him because she knows she loves her husband; now working on a play inspired by how gay she thinks Roy and Zolf are.
Tourist - seems like just your everyday weirdo that likes taking pictures of people to sell; got a really nice perverted-looking shot of Zolf on top of Roy.
Benjamin - the ugly duckling from his respective fairy tale.
Puss in Boots - from his respective fairy tale; ignored most of the time so the others would not have unnecessary things to deal with, but they tried catching him once.

A horrible phenomena that occurs when a certain word or phrase is spoken out loud, usually the title of a Disney song, nursery rhyme, or a main line from either of the two. The person with the crappiest childhood (Envy, because he died) is affected by the nursery rhymes and is forced to recite them out of his will. As for Disney songs, they only affect those based on their Disney counterpart (e.g. Zolf is the only one that would sing a song Belle sang). The only way to beat a trigger word is to suffer through it or if an unaffected person interrupts it with something loud and irrelevant.

Wow, that took a little longer than expected. And, oh my God, it would suck so bad if I got some information wrong . . . of my own fic! Seriously, it happened before. Luikaki loved Operation Graduation and we talked about it one day and it was like he knew more about it than I did!

And I guess my other fics deserve their own spots here, too:

yes, Guatemala is a real place

Wow, just wow. I started this one after watching like, not even three full episodes of Full Metal Alchemists, but my friend Paola gave me some background information and she really liked this anime and I would never imagine she could be an anime person. What really got me to write this is that she gets so annoyed when someone asks her what nationality she is and when they get the answer, they have never even heard of "Guatemalan." So I wanted to inform the world that there is a land below Mexico and even if just one person learns that because of my fic, I feel it was worth writing.

amazing that even one graduated

While writing this, I eventually saw the entire series via Japanese import and I was really into Full Metal Alchemist during this time. For a while, I thought I was writing another crack fic, but when I actually read one of those, I was like, whoa, my stories actually have a plot and stuff! But I did not want to get too serious so I tried plugging in some really ridiculous things, then eventually, I wanted to write a more serious story, which led to...

Kimblee Kimbley Kimbly Kelly!

. . . this. Why is the Crimson Alchemist so unpopular? Or is it that this story sucks? Grr . . . no, I think it just sticks out too much since everything else I write revolves around situational comedy and happy-go-lucky-ness. And here this fic stands; the narrator a mentally ill man who can not see how horrible everything around him is. Also, an OC named Kelly shows up quite a bit, but no, she is not a homuculus, nor a powerful alchemist, and definitely not a love interest to any character.

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