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00/00/00: I just revamped some chapters in Faded Hearts, Strong Determinacy, and Cluelessness. About time. Everything is a little different in there, so check it out and let me know what you think. I deleted the fourth chapter because I didn't like it at all... gotta redo that, and it's been giving me a little trouble. Vlah.

FHSDAC is still giving me some trouble, so I posted a Daystar and Shiara one-shot. I've decided to extend that plot further though, in Test of Heart as Temperature Rises, a new story! That.. is in progress! I have a fair amount of my new Shiara and Daystar story done, it just needs to be typed up and such. Although it is indeed a continuation of We Need a Break, it will be listed as a new story, not as a new chapter. This is just a heads-up for those of you who have a story alert on that one-shot.

12/26/08: Alright. Snowfall a Daystar/Shiara oneshot that hit me out of the blue. It has absolutely nothing to do with my other stories, and I know that I should update previous things before creating new ones. But the season hit me with that storyline snowball, even if it is only a page. As far as time goes, I'd place this after We Need a Break and before Test of Heart as Temperature Rises. This story isn't meant to be full on detail, but focused rather on interaction between Shiara and Daystar. Fluff-stuffed. Perhaps they seem OOC for you, but they're perfect to me.

I know I'm horrible at updating, but I believe I'll be better about it. I have a new laptop now and I am determined to break in the keyboard. To those of you that remain patient with me, thank you!

6/13/09: Wow. Um, first off, another chapter of Test of Heart as Temperature Rises is up. And I feel so bad about the update time. It's just a lot of personal things were happening. If I wanted to try to start writing a chapter, I would be guilted about not going out of my way to write something completely different for that person first. It sounds ridiculous because it totally was, and that discouraged me from writing at all. But, that problem is no more, and I am finally free to be myself.

In fact, Erowen has helped me a lot recently in terms of encouragement; she actually takes it upon herself to act like she's interested in the rough handwritten copies of my stories. (Whoa) That's never happened before. O.O (I'm in the thinking process of your oneshot, journal be damned.)

Well, my next goal is to finally throw out the next chapter for FHSDAC and maybe follow through with one or two oneshots I had in my head for a bit. Maybe even try drawing out a scene and posting it on my deviantART, I'm not sure. I'll ramble about it here though. Stay tuned!

6/25/09: I'm actually excited. I really am. No... I'm not updating Test of Heart as Temperature Rises, or Faded Hearts, Strong Determinacy, and Cluelessness. Not quite yet, anyway... But perhaps really really soon! Look, I can't focus on one thing when I have another idea in my head. So, a new Daystar and Shiara oneshot will be up within the next week or so. And! I finally found my idea for the Mendanbar and Cimorene oneshot I started so long ago! It was really bothering me, I mean, I had one in the works but had to stop because I drew a blank. But now, in my state of insomnia, I had this epiphany. Muha.

So as of right now, I'll be posting a new Shiara and Daystar oneshot, followed by a Cimorene and Mendanbar oneshot, and then an update of one of the two stories.

And I am also happy because I thought of an idea for Erowen (see above) and her story. So with any hope, things will be moving faster... as in.. no more year long waits. XD Thanks to everyone who clung on stubbornly.

6/27/09: Hmm... I'm just re-reading my oneshot for the millionth time, and... you know, I spent weeks writing that thing, I believe its longer than any of my stories, (including the ones with chapters) but.. I don't know. It just seems to read really fast. Maybe it just needs a fresh set of eyes to know for sure, but I'm rather impatient, and would like it up as soon as possible.

And I enjoy writing things that I think should be. I see examples of love all around me and I hate when everything seems to fizzle out. No! I refuse to follow the examples that I see everywhere I go! I'm going to write the cheesiest things I can think of, because I like believing that it can happen. -nosleeprant-

So watch out for a new story today, entitled Warmth. And please leave me a review. Tell me if you liked it and what you didn't like. Is my grammar okay, or should I take a class for it on the side? Things like that are very much appreciated. PM me about any questions if you are keen about answers.

6/28/09: Warmth is now up and running, please read and enjoy.

My only complaint/concern is the way takes my document, rapes it of its format, and then throws it upon the web in scattered shambles. The format is much easier to read in the original documents and gives it that sense of flow. I hope to all of those who read my stories to find that not as distracting as I'm pointing it out to be. Oy.

12/19/09: You know, with as much as people seem to like Warmth, no one bothers with leaving feedback. I mean, does anyone like it? It really motivates a person when you remind them that someone still cares. But anyway! My semester was over with a week ago, and I've been working on my Cimorene and Mendanbar oneshot. So according to my to-do list from above somewhere, let's recap.

Shiara and Dayshot oneshot: Warmth. Complete!

Cimorene and Mendanbar oneshot: Dance with me. That's about three-quarters of the way done.

And an update of one of my two stories! Which one should I update? I'll mention it when I post Dance with Me that I want you to decide! Or you can send me an email with the title of the story you want me to update next.

And there we have it. I'll update my page here again once the oneshot is up and running.

12/20/09: I've been up all night writing, and I've decided something. I will update both of my stories instead of just one. I may have to postpone the oneshot until I get my books back. I let Erowen borrow them, and she's halfway through. So... so.. I think I'll update Test of Heart as Temperature Rises first, and then Dance with Me, and then Faded Hearts, Strong Determinacy, and Cluelessness.

Sounds like plan, right?

That chapter update should happen within the next few days, and hopefully the oneshot can happen sometime next week. Thanks everyone.

04/14/10: Hello again all! I’ve just updated Test of Heart as Temperature Rises, I hope everyone enjoys reading. I know what has to be updated next and I don’t know why, but I’m awfully hesitant about it. Be on the lookout for updates and random oneshots. Wow, something happened when I just uploaded. It took my other stories chapter and replaced it with my other document. That was strange, I knew I clicked the correct thing. Well, regardless, I’m sorry for the confusion if any everyone. To those who read that and was like, huh, you just got a preview of a rough draft for FHSDAC4 …. Aie. Ignore that and refresh please?

6/26/10: Chapter Five is now posted for Test of Heart as Temperature Rises. This is actually kind of big for me, seeing as I have trouble getting past that four chapter mark, as previous things can be used as an example. But anyway, I wanted to mention that things will pick up in the story from this point on. Chapter Six will have more oomph to it and such. And I know transition chapters can be annoying, but sometimes it's necessary for things to progress. A thank you to those who have emailed and pm me about the next chapter, you guys are never a bother, and it gives me a little push.

As a random note, my keys have been sticking, and it's obnoxious. I'll post here for more thoughts like always. Hope you all are enjoying the story so far.

7/24/10: Hello curious ones. I'm just about to update chapter six of Test of Heart as Temperature Rises. And I think it's a little short, but I've been working on it for many nights and I think I should just post it so I can start writing the action! Pow! Yes. So, oh. I have another little thing I'm working on, Cimorene and Mendanbar wise. It's a new type of exploration for me, as I usually try to keep things fluffy because it warms my soul. But I felt this type of desperation was necessary and... you'll see what I mean later. And that's that!

Thanks to 'Belle' (let me know if you have an account!) and also to Kingdom of the Sword , and Esmerelda Diana Parker . Kind words and actions spark motivation.


I’ve read all the books and the extra story as well for my subject of fanfiction. I’m aware of it. I know. But that’s what fanfiction is; you make it what you want to. Which leads me to my next point. I love and appreciate feedback, but I don’t do it for the reviews. I write my stories for myself. And that may sound selfish, but I do; I write things that make me happy personally, and that’s what everyone should do in my opinion. I don’t write for you, but if we think alike that’s great and you’ll love the stories I post. I put them up to share because I like to share. I’m just saying, I’ve read so so so so so many stories on here that have authors begging or not updating because of reviews. Why? Write to please yourself, it’s so much more enjoyable. Write what you would want to read! But that could just be me.

Next chapter of Test of Heart as Temperature Rises up soon. Thanks.

Til later.

-The Sword of Flame

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