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Name: I go by Icy :)

Gender: female

Age: 14 dang i really am aging HUH someday i'll come back on here and be 18..

Fandoms: I primarily write Warriors fanfiction on here but occasionally I'll also write things like Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Wings of Fire. They're not exactly the books that I still actively read, but I still enjoy writing them.

tribute submission form

Name(I would prefer first and last name, but just first name is fine):

Gender(Self-explanatory, if you submit two tributes I would prefer if they were different genders):



Appearance(Pretty important for your tribute. If you don't have a lot of description, I might add to it. You can also add a faceclaim if you'd like):

Personality(Again, very important. Try to have equal amounts of pros and cons, since a perfect character gets boring to read):

Backstory(What is their life like in the Districts? Is their family rich/poor/in the middle? Are there any important events in their childhood that impacts them now?):

Family(They likely will only be described in the Reaping and Interview POVs, so you don't have to include a lot of detail. However, I might use certain families for plot purposes):

Reaped/Volunteered(Please be realistic here. Not everyone is extremely selfless and will volunteer for their best friend. Additionally, almost all Careers are volunteers.):

Reaction/Reason(reaction: reaped, reason: volunteered):

Reaping Scene(What did they do on the day of the reaping? Was it an ordinary day, or did they have plans?):

Reaping Outfit(It won't really affect anything, unless your tribute is a Career who wants to draw attention to themselves, etc):

Token(I'd really recommend adding a token since it can really show some of your tribute's personality/backstory):

Strengths(They can be small things, like having a strong will or being persuasive, stuff like that. Keep in mind that Careers typically have more strengths and most other tributes won't have previous skill in weaponry. Please no child prodigies though):

Weaknesses(Try to have equal numbers of strengths and weaknesses. Nobody's perfect):

Weapon of Choice(Kind of like their signature weapon):

Where they go in the Training Center(If they go to more places, they won't be able to learn as much in each place):

What they show the Gamemakers:

Training Score:

Capitol Scenes(Might not get written):

Parade Outfit(Can be simple or complex, but it will affect what other tributes think of you):

Interview Outfit(Typically more fancy and formal than the parade outfit):

Interview Angle(It can reflect their personality, but it doesn't have to):

Bloodbath Plan:

Will they die in the Bloodbath?(Please submit a tribute for this, I know no one wants to die but I might just pick a few if I don't get enough):

Games Plan:

Preferred Death:

Predicted Placement(This probably won't affect anything, but it might):

Allying or No(Allies might get you farther, but it really depends. If you do choose allies, please list a couple of Districts/tributes/personalities whom you'd want to ally with. You can ask someone else to ally with their character, but if you don't, I'll probably pick their allies based on what you put here):

Fight or Flight Instinct(What will they do in the face of danger?):

Other(You don't have to fill this out if you don't want to):

tribute list:

D1 Female: Merlot Adare (ElliiLouise)

D1 Male: Ember LaRusso (Tyquavis)

D2 Female: Aella Silver (TacoPhoenix88)

D2 Male:

D3 Female:

D3 Male: Harrow Schumer (chthonic python)

D4 Female:

D4 Male

D5 Female:

D5 Male:

D6 Female: Caitlyn Berezak (kealimepie)

D6 Male:

D7 Female:

D7 Male:

D8 Female: Arlington Snow (matts0688)

D8 Male:

D9 Female: Clementine Thomson (matts0688)

D9 Male

D10 Female:

D10 Male:

D11 Female:

D11 Male: Tyrus Marlowe (civilwarrose)

D12 Female: Harper Miles (civilwarrose)

D12 Male:

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Icy The Icicle Goddess - the second goddess after muffin heh





Clan Of Endless Night


LakeClan, Home To The Lynx

Luna's Light RPG

Night's Shadows RP

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We The Trees

Power Cats

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