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Hmm. . . What shall I say? I usually leave these blank.

My name is Chrissandra Shedrick. I live in Baltimore,Md with my mother, stepbrother (even though we share the same brothers) and stepfather. I am thirteen years old, and I wish to grow up and become a veternarian. I have recently discovered I have a talent of putting words together and creating a story. I have a long way to go if I ever wish to be like one of my favorite writers on this site, Sueric.

I like writing because it makes me feel free, allows my to express my soul to probably millions of people all over the world. To say that I cry every time I receive a good review is an understatement, it makes me so glad to know that a simple thing that come out of my mind onto a website can make someone's day.

I'm just a teenager. This means I won't be able to post everyday, as you may already know, and sometimes everything doesn't go as planned for me. But I try to do my best, so please don't hold that against me.

My website is still under construction, simply because I couldn't find the time to get it together. But this Christmas, I'm going to try and get a real domain name, and finally, my website can be like I want it to be. Sorry for the long wait you guys . . . it's getting much better.

Don't be afraid; join in on the fun! Here are the links :

A Yahoo Group!


I'm looking for an artist that will be able to draw me some characters based on the descriptions given, I really don't have anything I can give you, but I'll be very grateful if you decide to do it for me.

YashaLuva Fanfiction

My very first website. It still has to be put together more thoughtfully, and I haven't yet converted all of the files for Genuine Desires: Unity, but the beginning to the sequel is there as well. I advise you DON'T read that until I finish the prequel. (LOL)

Questions? Comments?

Please feel free to email me at :


Breakdown of Stories:


My very first fanfiction, ever. If you ask me, you can tell. It was thrown together, I just had a bunch of ideas and thrown them together into a story . . . but I enjoy reading it over and over again. If I do say so myself, the deeper into the story you get, you can see where I grow as a writer.

This story is completed.

Covetousness 2 : Discoveries

Well, the first of many sequels. I have to say, this story is starting out very well, though I have no idea where I am going to take it now. But, this is still a masterpiece in making, hehehehe . . . .

(I am thinking about revising this story and starting it all over again--I don't know. It depends how I feel after I think it through and I have spare time.)

It is still in progress.

Genuine Desires

Now, this story might be the one I take the most time with. This one I am trying to make it a true story, one excellent like the one author I favor, Sueric. I want my writing to, no offence, surprise and please her, and I want her to one day say, 'Well done. You have come far.' Then, I will consider myself a true writer, and my quest to find out my capabilities will be finished. This story, I only update when I have an idea so perfect, and so pure that I make it fit into the story and nothing goes wrong, nothing is out of the ordinary. It's safe to say this story might take a while. It's going pretty well, besides my horrible memory and my lack of research, but . . .

Oh! I have a hundred reviews for this story! Woohoo!

It is still in progress.

Kichou Megami : Shojo Saisei

One of my newest stories . . . and probably not a good idea. I've posted the first chapter on Mediaminer, but I don't think I'll update this one until I finish Angels & Genuine Desires: Unity. I'll supply a link if you want to check it out.

Let me see it!


This story has created a special place in my heart, and even though it still has a long way to go, I'm really proud of this one. I've realized something, as well. I haven't written very long stories yet. So this one hasn't been put on hold, however, I've decided that maybe I'm moving a little too fast with this one, and I might just stretch it out a little. My goal is at least 45 chapters . . . and I think that I might make it. I'll supply a link if you want to check it out.

Let me see it!

I also have a yahoo blog! For those of you who would like to check it out, please send me an email with yourname and the words 'Yahoo Blog' in the subject bar. I'll then know that you want to join. Also, if you would like to join the yahoo group, you can click on the link above, or send me an email so I can invite you.

God Bless!

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Genuine Desires : Unity reviews
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