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Hello! I'm DarkFlameWarrior, which might describe me sort of well. Dark, because... well... I'd rather not say. Flame, because I'm apt to burst into flame i.e. get mad really easily, so don't tick me off, please, unless you happen to be one of those sadists that like being in pain. Warrior, because that's the personality I got when I took some personality survey thingy in class.

2010: Dude, this username is hella outdated, but I don't really want to change it.

Some things about me:

Um. I like Pokemon. I like drawing, writing, reading, and playing video games. I'm a girl.

For some reason, I always get scared that people won't like my writings. Then again, I do have some experience in that, and if there's a coherent flame among the first few reviews of my stories, it often disappears from the face of the earth. By it, I mean the fic. Yeah, that's how low my self-esteem is when it comes to writing. It also means that any fic that's still up has survived the initial onslaught, but that doesn't mean I'm any more confident in continuing them :(

Liberties that I take in my writing:

First off, my Pokemon don't exactly have levels. This comes from watching the anime too much, where levels are only slightly alluded to. As such, my Pokemon are liable to learn attacks that they would normally learn at say... level 5x, when clearly they probably aren't that strong. I apologize to anyone who is bothered by this.

Secondly, all Electric Pokemon know how to shock people. All Psychic types can Teleport (whether or not they learn the move!), all Flying types can Fly, all Fighting types know how to use punch and kick, all Ground types can... I think you get the idea. Even if they don't learn the move, if it's something that seems natural for a Pokemon to be able to do, most likely they can.

Thirdly, not all Pokemon are uniform in size. There will be some that are bigger than others, it's just like that. Especially because I also forget how big they're supposed to be, and the anime clearly has some over-(and under-)sized Pokemon (not counting the intentionally giant/tiny ones).

Fourthly, I really don't know what universe I'm writing in. It's all in there: animeverse, mangaverse, gameverse, TCG, anything that you can find on Bulbapedia. Redemption doesn't really destroy universe boundaries (it's gameverse with a bit of mangaverse) as much as Magi-Magikarp!, which has already transcended all of them (started off animeverse, then I threw in mangaverse characters, gameverse mentions, and Pokemon that exist only in TCG. fun eh?).

Fifthly, there will probably be more things that aren't listed here. :P Never was one to follow the rules to the letter.


Pokemon (if you haven't gotten this by now, I don't know why you're reading) - stopped watching the anime because I got sick of the new voice actors, and also I don't have CN. still reading Pokemon Adventures as fast as /a/nonymous scanalations comes out with them, and has bought some of the VIZ English translations. Plays the games (owns: Leafgreen, Sapphire, Emerald, Colosseum, XD: Gale of Darkness, Red Rescue Team, Black; wants: all the DS games (inc. White), and Pokemon Battle Revolution and PokePark Wii, along with a DS and a Wii)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - watched the entirety of the original series, and has the manga in Chinese. Skipped GX, watched 5D's until PrismWeapon got suspended on YouTube and her laptop started acting up when watching vids.

Bleach - mostly reading the manga. skims through the anime just to see things in color, but my laptop has developed this habit of freezing when I play videos... The manga has been preeetty disappointing as of late.

Fairy Tail - this makes me tear up at the happy/sad parts. Stupid Gerard needs to stop being stupid.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic, X/1999 - mostly reading here. Watched the anime series for all of them, but they're all incomplete x-x

Vampire Knight - watched anime first, still reading the manga (which comes out hella slow). Not sure why I'm still reading, maybe it's because the people are pretty.

Battle Angel Alita - started reading this when the English books came out in my library (a long time ago), and recently discovered it again. Sechs is awesome, but Alita is awesomer. Too bad it stopped again.

1/2 Prince (1/2 王子) - saw this manga, started reading it, and couldn't put it down. It's quite hilarious, but deep at other times. Unfortunately, the updates are terribly slow...

Noblesse - was bored one day, picked it up, and stayed up until 1am to finish it. It's hilarious in it's own way, and the art is gorgeous. Franky and M-21 are awesometastic.

My Writings:


MagiMagikarp! - has been rewritten! The storyline is far from finished, though (I'm having trouble keeping track of my characters and Pokemon now), but I'll leave this oldie up here for laughs (and all the silly mistakes and whatnot I committed as a high schooler).

Redemption - Seven years after the events of Pokemon Platinum, Dawn returns to the Distortion World to retrieve Cyrus. Why? Because he's an awesome character, and I really wish he would stop being so stubborn and whatnot. It's slightly more serious than the tale of Kelvin and Kari, but I have a feeling Cyrus is going to get rather OOC (as if he wasn't already to begin with). Originally intended to be a one-shot, it expanded a lot, so this might take a while to get up. I actually wrote this last year (summer? winter?), but it needed revamping before it was presentable, because the first draft seemed a lot like a fangirl's rantings (which it is). Set in Sinnoh, of course, and Dawn will be 19. Also features my own team, since I'm too lazy to think of another team for her.

This is taking a bit longer than I thought to put up, mostly because I am most dissatisfied with how a bit of it is turning out. But hopefully the next chapter will be out soon. I just discovered a plothole I created by adding in some more subplots, but hopefully any that I don't catch will be caught by my awesometastic super special beta. :P


Magi-Magikarp! - Yes, the only thing different is the dash, but this will be the re-write of above story. Coming November or December 2010, I haven't decided whether or not to upload my progress every day (the faster, and less stable product), or edit it after I'm done rushing towards 50,000 words (more thermodynamically favored). Expect things such as character designs to randomly show up here as I scheme and plan the improved plotline. (yes, those are chemistry references, blame organic chemistry classes) Since October is quickly approaching, I'm going to start writing the character sheets and outlines for this, hopefully all goes well and they don't decide to take the story in a whole new direction that I didn't plan!

11/5 - So far, I'm sticking to the current storyline, with a few tweaks and changes. Trying to make more of a focus on Kari :) but also going to be introducing more characters, and a bigger plot.

11/10 - Just passed the 25,000 word mark, and writing one of the biggest deviations from the original plot. But I think it really works, and ties the whole story together, plus it's another battle so how can you not like it? :)

11/22 - hit the 50,000 word mark, and nowhere near done with the fic. But at least now I don't have to think of ridiculous plot devices to get the word count. Still not quite sure what sort of weird things are going to happen now, though.

11/29 - I think I'm going to finish up Redemption first, since that's shorter, and my brain is exploding from working with so many characters. I don't know why my muse decided to drag in more mangaverse characters, and it always has to spout a romance somewhere or other.

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