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Joined 05-27-01, id: 73476
I have been writing personal short stories for some time now. Just recently, upon joining, have I started writing fanfictions. To be honest, I thought the idea was rather interesting, so I went with it.

I'm an individualist (often stereotyped as a goth or a freak) who simply adores Anime. The stranger the story line, the better the Anime (like Vampire Princess Miyu, Akira, etc,) . I also enjoy cute Anime (like CardCaptor Sakura, Sailormoon, etc,).

I have a diverse love for music. It ranges from classical (Vivaldi, Bethoven, etc,) to German Techno (Scooter) to Japanese Rock and Pop. I will not listen to American pop. The meanings behind it are emtpy in my opinion.

I like getting criticism on my stories. Just be mature about it, please. And, also, please do not shread my story to bits.