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Hey! This is Zoe. I'm an American, and 14 years old.

Field Hockey Rocks! So does skiing, except not as much...

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You wanna know my view on ships? You really want to know? Well, here I go: GINNY IS A MARY-SUE! GINNY IS A MARY SUE! GINNY IS A MARY SUE! There you go. I mean, come on, describe her in any other way than what she looks like, the fact that she's Ron's sister... the fact that she's athletic and popular? What is there to her? There's nothing there! She's a perfect character who comes into the story, falls in love with the hero, and then finally has him fall in love with her! No character! No flaws whatsoever! Here's what I THINK should have happened in book 6, though I REALLY don't mind RHr that much, it just... well, HHr is my thing, even though I know now that it's never going to happen in the real books, but, let's just say... well, read the rest and you'll know.

I'm technically an HHR shipper, even though I don't really believe that they will work out in the real books. But you know.. I dunno.. maybe they will. I can see Ron and Hermione in a heated, on fire relationship, (haha, like Ron and Lavender) but, well, I just can't see the two raising kids together. (well, maybe I can, but Harry and Hermione are so much cuter anyway) If they would they'd probably cut eachother's heads off and get a divorce before their kids turned five. Now HARRY and Hermione. Hmm.. I can't really see them making out like crazy, but I CAN see them settling down.. having kids.. driving their four-year-old to soccer practice and cheering for the kid when he kicks it into the wrong goal. You know what I mean? I just can't see Ron in a long term commitment with Hermione. My belief; (well, my hope) is that Ron and Hermione will go out in 6th year,(hahaha, they did, didn't they? First step of my wish has been completed) but Harry and Hermione will get together after Ron and Hermione realize that they just can't work together, and the two will settle down and have a merry little life together. But it's also very possible that Harry could get together with Luna.. which makes more sense that RON getting together with Luna, so I tend to get confused when I'm writing. :( (But, of cours, JK Rowling COULD trick all of us with that "Harry Heart, blacked out with the top of an O" Harry loves LOONY thing, which just turned out to be what PEEVES said, so, you never know.) HARRY AND LUNA IS BETTER THAN GINNY! AT LEAST LUNA HAS CHARACTER! Gahhhh! (excuse me, just had to let that out) But anyhow, I have my wonderful editor to keep me on track. A strong HHR shipper, Jess is always there to scream her head off at me if I make the Ron/Hermione relationship work a bit too well.

Thank you to Jessie, thank you to all the HHr shippers in the world for making me 'hold fast to dreams' and curse the 3rd movie producers for sticking in so many 'just friends' moments for HHr and so many 'do you want to move closer? Huh?' moments between RH. That really messed up my inspiration (sp?) for a while. Oh! And thank you to that wonderful editorial at Muggle Net, Madame Puddifoots! (The 'very indepth editorial of HHr in OotP') Thank you Player!

Here's the quote from that editorial that really made my day:

"his vision was obscured by a large quantity of very bushy hair - Hermione had thrown herself onto him in a hug that nearly knocked him flat, while Ron's tiny owl, Pigwidgeon, zoomed excitedly round and round their heads"

Player says that the HHr hug isn't that important, but once one looks at the owl which 'zoomed excitedly' you can really get caught up in the scene. According to Player, it is a common romantic element to have a bird flying over the heads of a couple, but what makes it important is that PIG is the one zooming. Player says "Now everyone reading this I'm sure is familiar with the phrase '(something) will happen when pigs fly'. Now this can be looked upon in two ways; one, H/Hr is ludicrous, and will not happen, thus 'a pig flying;' OR two, you can look further into it and say, 'but the pig IS flying'."

I want all my readers to know, that in my world, THE PIG IS FLYING! LONG LIVE HHR! Thank you Player, for making my day! Go you! (whoever you are out there) But, anyway, you rock my socks! (here's the link to that wonderful editorial)

Patches Make the Fabric Stronger: An Hhr ff, PG13


When the trio returns to Hogwarts for their 6th year, they face many changes ahead of them. These obstacles include screeching birthday hats, Quiddich Tryouts, flying accidents, a visit to Hermione's house, a Muggle Prom, and Ron joining a band because, well... he has his own reasons, (you'll see). Then there's new romances for every trio member and a new student from New York City who, like it or not, makes life even more complicated. Not to mention an attempt murder (And no, the one I'm referring to is NOT attempted on Harry.. ) and the climatic defeat of Voldemort...

Find the details in "Patches Make The Fabric Stronger" a nover length ff

Rated PG13 for language, moments of violence, severe peril and thematic elements

The Chronicles of Harry and Hermione, PG13


This is a story that I'm just kind of winging, very different than Patches, which is planned out day by day on a calender of the entrie year. The first chapter is written by Jess, my editor, and she gave me full rights to the fic after she decided to discontinue it. In the beginning of this story, we find Harry depressed and unwell in every part of his 'health triangle' (those of you still in school might know what I mean). He is brought to Headquarters, the last place that he ever wanted to go after Sirius died, and Hermione is there to make him feel better about himself. Except... she has some problems of her own. This is probably going to be around 15 chapters- not very long when you compare it to Patches. Jessie didn't leave me any guidelines- except the title and the first chapter, so the plot is mine.

If you are looking for the fluffier one of my stories, CoHHr is the one. For the Action/Romance lover, I recomend Patches. Though the plot of Patches is based on Love and Relationships, it IS really how I guess that HP7 might end, even though my fic is a rendition of book 6.

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Patches Make the Fabric Stronger: An Hhr fanfic reviews
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