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Info About Meh

Name: Katie
NickName: Katie/Rimbo
Resides in: Some City, Ohio
Fave Fics: Transformers (G1 and on), Pokemon, Digimon, FullMetal Alchemist name: Armorandonomon / Katiemus
MSN screen name: Available to friends...aka, people who are regularly reviewing my story(s)

(UPDATED!!!) My Characters (yes, I'm aware that I need to get a life and stop making them up):
Armorandonomon (DNA-Digivolutionof Conjornomon and Misslemoonmon)
Gender: Female (even though half is a male Digimon)
Specialties: Swords, snipping
Attacks: Spiral Cannon, Sword Slam
Attitude: Sarcastic, Moody, that of a typical teenage girl.

2.) Conjornomon "Fado"(Mega level)
Pre-digivolutions (sometimes used)-Mamumon (rookie), Frogpackmon (Champion), Spikemon(Ultimate)
Armor Digivolutions: Tankordromon, FlamingSpikemon
Gender: Male
Specialties: Claws, spikes, fire, fangs
Element: Fire
Attacks: Conjornoblast, Hingada Slash, Conjornoquake, eat-everything-in-sight.
Attitude: 9th grade educated attitude...that pretty much sums it up.
Tamer: Katie

3.) Misslemoonmon (Unknown stage)
Gender: Female
Specialties: Swords, lasers, hand to hand combat
Attacks: Missle Barrage, Twister Missle, Laser Sword, Blaster Blitz
Attitude: See Armorandonomon.

4.) Gandenmon (DNA-Digivolution of Taijornomon and Andonomon)
Gender: See armorandonomon
Specialties: N/A
Attacks: Quadra-Pulse Cannon
Attitude: See MissleMoonmon

5.) Taijornomon (Mega: Created by giving Time Crystal to Conjornomon)
Nickname: Tor
Gender: Male
Pre-Digivolutions: See Conjornomon
Specialties: See Conjornomon
Element: Time/Fire
Attacks: Hingada Slash, Taijorno-Crush, Taijorno-Quake, Tai-Twister
Attitude: See Conjornomon
Tamer: Katie

6.) Landonomon (Champion)
Nickname: Sparkon/Sparky
Pre-Digivolutions: Optimon (rookie), Greylixmon (Ultimate), Electronmon (Mega)
Armor Digivolutions: Gaurdonomon
Gender: Male
Specialties: Claws, Spikes
Element: Lightning
Attacks: Thunder Burst, Lightning Slam, Thunder Crunch
Attitude: Well educated book worm, cautious
Tamer: Link

7.) Timemon (Rookie)
Nickname: Luna
Digivolutions: (Champion unknown), Palkimon (Ultimate), Galactimon (Mega)
Armor Digivolutions: Unknown
Gender: Female
Specialties: Lasers, Claws, Spikes
Element: Time Bending
Attacks: Time Claw, Icy Blaze, Time Warp
Attitude: Serious
Tamer: Vector Prime

8.) Shadjornomon (Ultimate)
Nickname: Garaesheed
Digivolutions: Noralimon (Rookie), Sinjurmon (Champion), Shadonomon (Mega)
Armor Digivolutions: None
Gender: Male
Specialties: Shape Shifting/Digi-Shifting (the ability to become any Digimon)
Element: Darkness
Attacks: Shadow Claw, Darkness Blaze
Attitude: Mocking, Sarcastic, Independent
Tamer: Diana (Though he despises her)

xD For now, that is all.

THESE ARE MY CHARACTERS! I THOUGHT THEM UP, SO IF YOU USE THEM WITH OUT MY PERMISSION, YOU WILL PHEAR MEH! /hisses/ =3 Gandenmon is partially owned by a friend of mine.

Updates that I'm too lazy to put on my homepage:


Eventually, I'll actually /work/ on my petpage. I have to wrestle with my teachers to do it, but, eh, what do ya expect. I have about 3 more chapters done for IHATTS (IronHide and the Transformers Stone) that I wrote during midterms, but I just have to find them...I am so unorganized...well, I'll get them up soon, meh loyal fans!


I'm not going to be able to do much fanfiction updating for awhile, even though I have some of the newer chapters and stuff ready. I also have been working on another story, but, eh, that won't be up too soon either. I'm kinda grounded from the comp, but, I got on to tell you all about this. I'll update IHATTS asap. I just have to bring up meh B- to an A, then you'll have your beloved Harry Potter parody. Okay? Okay.

In The Works

1) -untitled-: Fado is warped back to the Digital World through a mysterious channel, while traveling on the Space Bridge Project with the Autobots. Luna (Timemon, Vector Prime's former Digimon Partner) gives Fado her most precious item: The Time Crystal, the one item in the universe that controls and keeps balance of time. Being changed into Taijornomon from wearing it, beings of the Digital World, and many other worlds try to get it by kidnapping Timemon, who holds a secret of her own. Will Fado, now Tor, be able to save his dear friend, and keep Time safe?
(This one is turning out to be a fun one to write=D)

2) IronHide and the Cavern of Mysteriousness: Part 2 in my Harry Potter parody series! I know, I'm supposed to be working on IHATTS, but, I've got writers block for that story at the moment, so, I've been working on Numero dos. Yes, all of your good old buddies like Wingy, Arcee, Blurr and Omega Supreme are back...just a little more hyper...hyper good


Jan 13th, 2007
I have been changing the first chapters of IHATTS, since I now have a program that can correct grammar and spelling! YAAAAAY so now, it's fun. =3 Muchos better. Also, in school, I am now part of the new FanFiction Club! My friends and I are writing a collab story which I get to host! Isn't that nice? Yes. It has our beloved Transformers! Did you think I'd leave them out? Also, I'm starting to put my pictures of the Digimon (Conjy, Sparky, Luna and Garaesheed) on my Home Page! Yeah. I'll get the others on there as soon as I feel like it. =D Wheeeeee.

DO NOT READ IHATTS RIGHT NOW. IT IS UNDER A SERIOUS REVAMP!!! YOUR EYES WILL BE BURNED OUT IF YOU READ IT! Metaphorically speaking, that is. o.o; But. We don't want that. Do we?

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