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Information for Damnatio Memoriae


Next Update: Reapings!

Tribute List:

District 1 Male: Casper Dallas, 17 (HungerGamesL0V3R)

District 1 Female: Ruby Hester, 18 (TheRaichuinRavenclaw)

District 2 Male: Ryker Gore, 18 (Oliverhgd)

District 2 Female: Ara Teali, 17 (SpicyBanana101)

District 3 Male: Maxis Coda, 14 (ladyqueerfoot)

District 3 Female: Allie Fonata, 16 (AlEmily360)

District 4 Male: Ryder Slant, 18 (SpicyBanana101)

District 4 Female: Gemini Foam, 14 (HungerGamesL0V3R)

District 5 Male: Terren Gray, 17 (Frenchie is French)

District 5 Female: Anya Quinn, 16 (Frenchie is French)

District 6 Male: Apollo Dean, 15 (LittleAvery88)

District 6 Female: Georgia Motor, 13 (RubyTree7)

District 7 Male: Ambrose Lovett, 17 (BradiLain)

District 7 Female: Emily Waters, 14 (AlEmily360)

District 8 Male: Olivur Mardh, 16 (curiousclove)

District 8 Female: Aliki Floros, 15 (curiousclove)

District 9 Male: Zeke Opturner, 17 (LittleAvery88)

District 9 Female: Aliyah Halo, 15 (SpicyBanana101)

District 10 Male: Sauger Coot, 18 (santiago.poncini20)

District 10 Female: Maya Lopez, 17 (Semperfi9)

District 11 Male: Aurora Boreal, 13 (santiago.poncini20)

District 11 Female: Athena Kolumns, 12 (HungerGamesL0V3R)

District 12 Male: Ash Whole, 18 (santiago.poncini20)

District 12 Female: Liliana Johnson, 12 (AlEmily360)

Characters I've Submitted: The Selection

James Zheng, a lab technician with dreams of being an artist, but has too many expectations to live up to in Fools Gold by rysarium

Ami Kennedy, an impulsive snowboarder who just wants to stop living in her sister's shadow in Fallout by a singularity in the milky way

Taylor Jones, a former star volleyball player who longs to be somewhere that isn't his parent's farm in Happiness is a Butterfly by G.G. Madden

Kiana Mayer, an impulsive student vying for the attention that she never got as a child in Knifes Among Roses by bastardmanjack

Khalore Angelo, a steadfast, angry soldier abandoned by her family, determined to prove her worth to Irij in Wir Sind Die Jäger by izarilunak

Margot Lee, an ambitious, goal-oriented captain who seemingly has a heart of ice in The Cruise of a Lifetime by Abizeau

Elodie Hargrove, a book-smart but life-dumb student who has fantastical dreams of being princess in Bloody Lies and Secret Ties by tyozzie123

Characters I've Submitted: The Hunger Games

Victoire Stone (D2F), a last-second career desperate to prove that she's more than the second best choice in Heart of the Wild by IIStarrySkiesII

Paria Claymore (D2F), a slightly deluded girl who had all of her dreams of glory ruined by a civil war in Civil War by kremit1000

Maia Clear (D3F, 5/24), an ambitious athlete and student who's dreams got cut short by the Hunger Games in Metamorphosis by BamItsTyler

Ruthie Mercras (D6F), a smart, curious girl who spends her free time taking things apart for fun in Sons of Light by CelticGames4

Challis Lam (D8M, 15/24), a kind and soft, yet unintelligent boy who really does not deserve to be in the games in A Perfect Union by ladyqueerfoot

Characters I've Submitted: Other

Tristan Asher, a disgraced teenage celebrity who thinks he's way above having to go to Hogwarts in A Conspiracy of Ravens by GreenWithAwsome

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Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Suspense - Chapters: 5 - Words: 13,113 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 8/30/2020 - Published: 7/4/2020