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Hi Everyone, PeaceSeeker here! Let me just start off by telling you guys a little bit about myself. :D


I am 19 years old; all though, I've never really looked my age. People have often mistaken me as two years younger, due to my appearance.

My interests:

1.) I really enjoy writing stories; preferably long ones, and poems; ones that relate to how I'm feeling, or some that are on a more lighter note, like childrens poems, or ones dealing with fantasy.

2.) I am also an artist. I am often found drawing things like portraits, scenery, animals, and once in a while, some Japanese anime. I enjoy drawing so much that I hope too one day become a perfessional, and perhaps become well known!

Goals For Success:

But in the meantime, I attend college full time in order to develop a career in teaching. I would like to start off by teaching highschool students, and then one day become a perfessor for a community college or university. The subjects I plan on teaching are; English, Math, Art, and Music. I know thats quite a load, but I've seen some teachers do it, and thats what I wish to accomplish.

More interests:

1.) One other thing I enjoy doing immensly is singing. I've been singing pratically my whole life, and I thank God that he's blessed me with this gift. I've often noticed that its a real stress reliever; so I'm often found singing ALL the time! I also play the guitar, and my next goal is to learn how to play the keyboard and the flute!

2.) Right now, I am currently interested in only two Japanese anime shows. These are Yugioh, and the ever popular FruitsBasket!I've only recently discovered Fruits Basket from a friend, and ever since than, I've been hooked!

3.) My other interests are the Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, as well as The Last Unicorn. You know; there actually making a live action movie of The Last Unicorn? Yay:)

4.) I'm also greatly interested in the Chronicles of Narnia!

Just a special note to everyone out there:

If you haven't read the Chronicles of Narnia yet; I don't care how old you are, you should really take the time to read them! To say that the series is awesome would be an understatement!

Well than, now that you all know a little bit about me, I hope you enjoy my stories. My first fanfic on this site will be a Yugioh one. But I do plan on writing some fics that are related to the interests listed above.

So thanks to for allowing me to post my stories; and I hope you all enjoy!

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