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My name is Brandon. I'm 19, a student at the Florida State University and a huge Incredifan. As you will see, that is my primary interest. If you have written an Incredi-fic I can guarantee I've read it. I'm a meteorology/political science major thus my name TheFLHurricane but many of you will know me better as Dash on the boards of the greatest Incredi-fansite ever. Actually since you've come this far I'll let you in on a secret. My fics can be read there in theire entirety if you're really anxious. To wrap up the about me part I live in Cape Coral, FL but go to school in Tallahassee, FL.

Now for my fics.

Updated 4/28/05

My deepest appologies that I've had to move all my dates back AGAIN! This has been a very rough school symester for me but fear not! My last exam is tomorrow after which I will have all kinds of time. I promise I will not disappoint you.

Primary Incredibles Fics:
Please note that these fics are finished before I begin uploading them so that they are of the highest possible quality.
1. "The Incredibles: Reviving the Glory Days"
Writing: Complete
Uploading: Complete
Thisis the first in three planned fics. It is 28 chapters in length and in it you will find the saga that unfolds with many triumphs and stumbling blocks as supers gradually return to society. The setting begins where the movie ends and follows a two week time span. You never know how those politicians will react.
2. "The Incredibles: Older, Smarter, Stronger" (working title)
Writing: about 1/3
Uploading: Expected Start Date - May 15th
This, mysecond fic, is in progress. In this fic you'll find us forward about four years from the last fic (and the movie) and discover what happens when the supers are duped from the inside out. Who will be able to save them when every weakness is exploited.
3. "The Incredibles: Back to the Glory Days" (working title)
Writing: 0
Uploading: Expected Start Date - June 5th
The third fic is planned for a late May release. It will definitely happen though as the plot line has already been determined. In this episode we'll flash forward another ten years (14 years after the movie). With the older supers on their way out the younger ones are taking over. Will the Incredible family ever fight together again? Chances seem less and less likely until an old foe appears and forces the kids to chase him/her 30 years into the past.
4. "The Incredibles: Revealed" (working title)
Written: 0
Uploading: Expected Start Date - July 10th
When a major cotastrophe suddenly strikes Metroville, super city wide must act fast. But are they fast enough? What happens when numerous supers (including our favorite family) lose their "most valuable posessions." Will supers be able to survive such a crisis? Flash forward about three years (17 years after the movie).

Cross-over Fics:
At the request of Sean_Malloy I will also be writing a set of cross-over fics between The Incredibles and other groups. These stories will be released intermittently while my main fics are released. They will be comparatively shorter than my main fics and follow certain rules. There will be no character building or life-altering events that occur in them; this will allow them to fit into the universe that Brad Bird created and I have since expanded on. They will merely be single events in the lives of the character. These fics will also be subject to the rules and laws that I created in my other fics so that they will all fit in the same timeline. Anything that comes from me will be able to be rconciled by a single timeline. Also - these will be updated as I write them unlike my other fics which are completed before being uploaded.
(Note: These are temporarily being put on hold while I get back into the swing of my main fics)
1. Untitled
Cross-over: Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (Original)
Uploading: Expected Start Date - N/A
Storyline yet to be determined.

Independent Fics:
These fics are mini-fics that tell small events in the lives of our favorite family. Mostly for enjoyment, these are merely cute little stories.
1. "Bob's Scar"
Writing: Complete
Uploading: Complete
This is a one-shot of how Bob received the scar barely visible beneath his right eye. A cute family story taking place abouteight years before the movie. Written in my best Brad Bird style.
2. "Picnic" (working title)
Writing: 0
Uploading Expected Start Date - Not Available
This is a mini-fic that I will be writing in tandem with a friend. You've seen on the secret NSA files that there are secret NSA picnics. So what exactly happens at these picnics? Find out when we go behind the scenes.

I want you to know I pride myself on staying true to the characters, themes,settings, and plots. I will never write something in that I can't justify. If you ever see me fail to clarify something let me know so I can fill you in on my reasoning. I hope you enjoy all I put into this.


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One Shot about how Bob got that little scar below his right eye that's not there in the Glory Days and just barely visible in the present.
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