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Welcome to my profile! I'm Tsuki, and I am Rock Lee's NUMBER ONE FAN PLEASE!

I worship you, Lee-kun!

Oh yeah, aside from me being Lee-kun's number one rabid, obsessive fangirl, I am now known by my friend Dan (from a forum) as a..."Narutard!"

Aside from entering freshman year in High School, I'm just your average anime-obsessed rabid fangirl, like my closest friends. I'm a Pisces, which means I'm empathetic, thoughtful, a dreamer, weird, and calm. Just don't make me mad, or I'll go Juken on your ass. As you can see, I'm obsessed with Rock Lee. MINE!

Okaayy...ahem, anyway, I love reading random books, especially literature and manga. Currently, I'm reading: Tsubasa ReSeVoIr ChRoNiClE, Chobits, Naruto, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow, Full Moon O Sagashite, Desert Coral, WISH, Tokyo Mew Mew

Likes: reading, writing, ballet, dance, correcting grammar, watching AMVs,annoying Karen, watching anime, reading manga and comic books, feminism, proofreading, women's rights, being semi-goth, being emo, horses, collaborating with Crystal Sapphire on Operation: Duped!

Dislikes: MS. MCCUEN, MY EVIL SCIENCE TEACHER FROM THE UNDERWORLD!Homework, MATH, my dead computer, school, therapy, being the only girl in The Comic Book Club, Regents

Favourite Characters List

Teen Titans: (show and comics) Raven, Robin, Kid Flash, Troia. Beast Boy, Lilith, Kole, Starfire (Kory Anders), Golden Eagle

Full Moon o Sagashite: Izumi, Madoka, Meroko, Full Moon, Takuto, Gutchan

Tsubasa: Chii, Syaroan, Kurogane, Tomoyo, Atashi, Sora, Fai

Star Wars: Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Leia Organa, Jaina Solo, Dark Woman, Aayla Secura, Mara Jade Skywalker, Darth Tyranus (Count Dooku), Yoda

Shinzo: Yakumo, Saago, Rusphine, Mushrambo

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Jupiter, Neo-Queen Serenity, Prince Endymion, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailors Phobos and Deimos, Black Lady, Galaxia

Naruto: OMFG ROCK LEE! Oh yeah, and Sasuke, Anko,Neji, Tenten,Tsunade, Hinata, Haku, Deidara and Temari

Desert Coral: Camu, Lusia, Levi, Naoto

Wish: Kokuyo, Koryu, Ruri, Hari, Hisui, Touki, Shuichiro, Kohaku, Shinju/Sango

Tokyo Mew Mew: Zakuro, Ryou, Keiichiro, Retasu, Masha

Chobits: Kotoko, Freya, Minoru, Chii, Sumono


"That mirror you found is for meditation. It's a portal to my MIND! NOT A TOY!"-Raven

"I'll protect you until I die!"- Rock Lee-kun!
"I always thought of myself as a proper ninja...I always said I liked Sasuke-kun...I would lecture Naruto as if I were better than him...But all I did...was always just look at their backs. Yet...they always fought to protect me. Lee-san...you said you like me...and with your back turned to me, you risked your life and fought...I feel like I've learned from you...I want to become like you guys! Everyone...this time...get a good look...at my back!"- Haruno Sakura
"We're having a moment here. Don't ruin it."- Raven
"OMOTE RENGE!"-Lee-kun
"I'm probably gonna kill Botan in a rape and torture by Koenma."

"The BABY?"- Sam and I

"We are the Red and Blue Priestesses, and we shall destroy you by creating giant paper versions of you!"

"If you're gonna make a giant paper version of Inuyasha, then, SIT BOY!"- Red and Blue Priestesses and Kagome

"Omigod! There's a message in my Alphabits! It says, 'Oooooh!'"

"Those are Cheerios, you idiot."-Brian and Peter from Family Guy


"Kake? What's the- oops, did I spell cake wrong?"-Karen (KAKE!)

"Karen, are you twiddling your thumbs again?'

"No, I'm thumb wrestling, and right now, Mr. Right is beating up Mr. Left! Oh no! Here comes the tag team index fingers! (explosion sounds)"- Karen and I

"I just had an extremely hard German test last period that I completely forgot to study for! There goes the honor roll!"-Karen
"There's 3 things that I hate: singing, dancing, and people who live on a farm... in Oklahoma." Karen, making fun of the school play, Oklahoma!
"Say, 'the cotton gin will make you a nice new shirt!'"

"Karen, it doesn't do that; it just makes the fabric. That'd be false advertising!"

"So what? TV does it all the time!"- Karen and I

"Do you think he even knows it's a circle?"- Hiei
"No, I'm an evil demon from hell. OF COURSE IT"S ME!"- Sam
“I like the cloth! It makes me feel like Kakashi-sensei!”- Me, in social studies. This quote was used in our collab, Operation: Duped!
"Do you know what I want to do when I grow up? TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"-Briana
"Meanwhile, at a random middle school in New York...

A kid ran around while screaming, 'Whoo! I have noooo pants!'

A few other people stood there just looking really disturbed."- My idea from Operation: Duped!

"Wake me up inside, wake me up inside, call my name and save me from the dark; bid my blood to run before I come undone- save me from the nothing I've become"-Amy Lee of Evanescence
"But why is all the rum gone?"- Captain Jack Sparrow
“HOLY EXPENSIVE ITALIAN FOOD STUFFS!”-Prince Zuko from Operation: Duped!
"..."-Sparky, the creepy little monkey plushie Saph always has in Operation: Duped!
"TOMAHAWK! THROW STAB"Kaze-san in Social Studies
"Zakuro's Strawberry Minty Lettuce Pudding?" Kaze-san, making fun of the characters from Tokyo Mew Mew
"coughyouuneducatedpeonscough"Kaze-san just being her usual cynical self
"You know, once, I got so bored, I wrote 'Can one die of boredom?' over and over again in my notebook. It took up like, three pages."

"Actually, I guess while you were writing, you could've gotten a nasty paper cut and like, bled to death. So yeah, you can die of boredom. And stuff. ... Hey! Let's think of random ways you can die from boredom!" - Kaze-san and myself. The one who wrote in the notebook is me.

"SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPIES!" Kaze-san mourning sheep killed by atomic bomb testing in Social Studies
"Oh, these smell good! (rubs head in Tsunade's chest) W-whatdo you thinkyou'redoing?"

"That's my line! You perverted brat!"

"Try saying that again!"

"Oh? Do you still want me to say it? PER-VERT-ED BRAT!"

"Don't call me a perverted brat!"- Konohamaru and Tsunade


But, you probably already knew that by now...

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Ocarina of Konoha by lackofname reviews
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The Parody of the Opera by Christy Tortland reviews
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Phantom of the Opera - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 24 - Words: 32,116 - Reviews: 477 - Favs: 87 - Follows: 44 - Updated: 6/20/2009 - Published: 5/6/2006 - Erik, Christine - Complete
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How I prayed this day would never come. I know even before I turn to look at Serenity what she is going to ask of me, what I've hoped would never be needed." Only Hotaru, Soldier of Destruction can prevent evil from ruling the universe. But what will the
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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