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Seeing as this is my profile, I should put something witty here to gain your attention. However, I cannot think of anything witty at this moment, so I'll just move on to about me and crap.

My name is Jordan Tao, and that's all you need to know of my name.
I am female. I live in the USA.

I love animals, which in turn (I believe) edges on my addiction to Pokemon. I'm a vegetarian, but I also eat some seafood because fish is quite healthy for the body. My favorite foods are anything cheesy (and fried, too). Like pizza, nachos, macaroni & cheese and such. I basically live on eating carbohydrates, too. Since I'm so picky all the time, I usually eat pasta, pizza, ramen, etc.

I've just started writing stuff for fanfiction, but I mostly write normal fiction stories with OCs and such. I like to roleplay with friends, and sometimes strangers. I like the genres of romance, comedy and action/adventure. I don't like realistic fiction very much (it makes me yawn), but I love fantasy and sci-fi.

I am going into my junior year in high school this fall with my friends, including SCREAMINGwhispers and Kippsie

Favorite Anime/Manga

Fullmetal Alchemist

DN Angel
Death Note
Millennium Snow
Code: Lyoko

Favorite Video Games

Kingdom Hearts
Shadow Hearts
Fire Emblem
Final Fantasy

Favorite TV Shows

Star Trek:
(Deep Space Nine; Voyager; Enterprise)
Babylon 5
Top Chef

Favorite Web Sites

A great pet site! (Better than Neopets)
I'm sure you know what Youtube is.
A wolf-sim-ish site. It's down now but will be back up soon.

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