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I also still use lol too much.

Ray's Mini Blog-

Hi there! I'm just a writer tinkering on the alternate universe side of Final Fantasy VIII, mostly. When I'm not writing, I'm drawing fan art and if you're interested to see my work, please go to the links following this paragraph of puff. I do everything just for fun. If something ever becomes un-fun, I'll discontinue doing it. I'll be writing and finishing DollFace as soon as possible, but I have hit some financial difficulties as well as internet issues, so hopefully, I'll be able to keep my goals on point. I think that's all that I wanted to say so far. Hey, if you're reading any of my stories and you like them, and you've reviewed, followed, or you faved them (or even faved me) I must thank you for doing so. It makes me happy knowing that I've got some support and it also makes me work harder on my projects. So thank you again for reading and supporting. It really means a lot, guys!

I have a feeling the links will not work. In the event that it doesn't, I'm PuftPrin on DeviantArt. FFnet hates me, which is why I'm rarely here, lol.

Goofing Around in Timber

You can find my latest fan art here at PuftPrin.

For Frey.

Hope you like it! Yes, that's what I've been busy doing...drawing, drawing, working, overcoming a cold, and drawing some more. That's the story of my life. Thanks guys, sorry again.

I was inspired by Freyjadour's "Find Me" and drew this! I'm working on another image for it also, but just wanted to share it here for the time being. I felt so happy to make something for someone else. I feel so selfish at times. I don't mean to be, but I guess I kinda am. I'm sorry.



This Bio Madness of Mine Commenses...

Name: No, My name isn't Ray! I'm Trena

Age: Actually, I like being my age, and it is for me to know alone!!! (kekeke)

Gender: Female (In case you were wondering. .)

Birth Sign: Scorpio (Bleh...I don't take astrology seriously, but according to it, I'm "Sexy" and "Loyal" hehehe.)

Country/Nationality: USA. My experiences during and after that storm have brought me to appreciate the people in my life more. Although I lost my home, I haven't given up on life. Life goes on and things, even when storms come, will never get harder than you can bear, always remember that.

Other Info About Me: Writer, gamer, musician, and nutcase. I'm a goofy person, so name any comedy and it's on my fav's list. I like anime, but I think I've grown out of it for now; however, I am in love with the artwork of anime. I like everything from Studio Ghibli, everything. I can only dream of heralding such massive storytelling... Video Games- Oh yeah, Resident Evil 4 wasn't as bad as I thought, but I haven't finished it yet. I'm pretty outdated by now, but I love Shadow of the Colossus and Okami! These are both stories with vivid storylines and gameplay. If you're a fantasy nut, you'll love those. ...I beat video games so fast and then I get bored with them for a few months--then one day I pick them up again and I start to play at random parts... Yeah...I'm weird like that. Typos are funny. Typos are really funny. I'm glad I've come across a few other authors who find typos hilarious, too!

Other Other Info: I am a very humble writer, also, a bit wordy at times. I write scientific paragraphs about nothing more than anything. I don't really have a set style in writing, at least that's what I changes so much and it's frustrating. I think others notice more than I do, and they can tell you if I'm decent writer. I'm just doing it for practice and because I like it. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and criticism, as I am striving to learn how to capture feelings, emotions and detail onto paper--it's a growing experience and we all improve every day, so keep writing! I want to expand my writing field, so don't be surprised if I write some unusual stuff and post it up here...hehe. Yeah, positive feedback is nice too, it's good to have your spirit's lifted once in a while, so don't be too harsh! Be constructive without the nasty unnecessary-ness, okay? -makes puppy eyes- Is it working? lol

"I love war stories...but then...I'm a sucker for romances too..."


Side Note: Every time I set a date of completion, things tend to go horribly wrong with my updates, so from now on, no more promises. Some days I just don't feel like writing as much, while other days, I have too much going on to do anything about it. Bottom line, I'll update when I'm inspired to. I like to call my writing block episodes, "Writing droughts." Hey, what do you know? I'm feeling good. I'll be writing as much as I can.

Story Summaries:

Clash of the Gardens Completed! -Finally! If anyone is reading all this, don't be afraid to take on that 94,thou-something word -typo infested story, lol. Yeah, I seriously need to go through this one and get rid of ugly typos...they're funny. It won't really seem that long anyway. It's my first fanfic, so don't be too hard on me! I shortened it up the best I could, now I wonder if anyone will still read it? Who really cares? lol --Here's the Summary-- Alternate Universe- Under Galbadian President Deling's control, Timber seeks outer support to liberate itself from his rule, but when Timber is bombed by the hands of Deling himself-- killing dozens of innocent people--including the Resistance Factions' leaders and the Trabian Headmaster, forces begin to form and rebel against Galbadia. But as time progresses, Deling becomes a threat to not only the world, but to Galbadia itself, and soon wages war with every force on the face of Gaea; SeeDs from Trabia and Balamb retaliate upon this crime. Among those sent to extinguish Galbadia is Squall, a loner and battle hungry SeeD, who wards off soldiers in Timber and finds a young faction member in the middle of the entire crisis. Seeking revenge for her fallen comrades, Rinoa decides to stay with Squall, unaware that he only looks out for himself and cares nothing for others' well-being. But as tension rises and the situation changes with every passing day, he finds himself protecting her--not because he has to, but because he wants too--which happens to be one of his worst fears...

Between Heaven and Hell-Completed! -Be sure to check this one out too. It's my personal action thriller involving T-Rexaurs (my favorite enemy to fight in FF8) and characters that I enjoyed, and people getting eaten and so's a bit weird, so be warned. And Review, review! lol ...or not! But I'll be more than happy if I'm on your fav's list, that will count as your review, and if not, then you should send me a Review- I'll work harder if I know people are actually reading. lol Thanks!--Summary--Squall had the perfect life: a promised career, family and friends, and a fiancée. Living life at the all time highs, he looked down on others below him, especially those who led reckless lives. But when he walks in on his fiancée and another man, things take a turn for the worst. Following a day of drinking, Squall awakens to find he has taken a life, and is then arrested and sentenced to death--plunged into the forests of Esthar and stalked by great beasts, the T-Rexaur, as way of persecution. Along with other convicted felons, Squall must strive to survive day by day as thoughts of his crime unfold in his mind, driving him deeper into insanity. He believes himself to be innocent...but the longer he stays with maniacal and homicidal convicts and vicious T-Rexaurs, the more he begins to believe otherwise... The odd behaviors from the others cause Squall to suspect that maybe there was more to his story, maybe his victim had some enemies...

Damaged Hearts-Completed!-- Forced with responsibilities rising to his throat, Squall leaves Rinoa to rediscover who he is, but it takes him four years to come back to his senses. Rinoa now mothers a young girl and is currently dating a younger man, one that she could possibly fall in love with, with a silver spoon in his mouth. When Squall unexpectedly drops in, her world begins to crumble. After nights of crying herself to sleep, she had finally convinced herself that her love for Squall was dead, but then seeing him again ignited a cold, but warm feeling in her heart. Could their love have survived for four years, and more importantly, how would Squall feel about the child, a child she can't bring herself to tell him about?

Eternal Breath- A Work In Progress-- A reluctant Sorceress and a beast of two minds and two hearts embark on a journey to rid themselves of who and what they are... Life has always been hard for Rinoa, as she lost her mother and was outcast by her town at such a young age. She's learned to live with herself over the years with her dad as well as the elders of Dollet. However, when a mysterious recurring dream begins to haunt her, tragedy soon strikes Dollet. Rinoa, in hopes of saving her father, unknowingly calls upon a force locked away deep inside her body in order to protect her dad, but ends up causing more damage than helping. After summoning Griever to her aid, he vows to protect her even though a battle that could possibly shake his mentality has begun within. Currently, Griever is bedridden inside the mind of Squall Leonhart who has a shared past with the beast, yet Griever has belittled the man and confessed to Rinoa that he, Squall, was a fool. Rinoa has promised to help Griever in his fight, but she is becoming more and more curious about the man who attained Griever. Just what is his purpose and why is he after the Lion Heart? Why is Griever urging her to not trust Squall and his personal intentions? Rated T: The language isn't horrible and I'll change it if I think the violence gets worse, if not, I think le youths can tolerate this one, eh? lol. Status: Not Active

A Moment In Time- A collection of One-Shots. 1.We Needn't Say--Laguna and Squall, father and son, total opposites. Laguna ponders if he and Squall could ever establish a relationship as Father and Son. Is there, from the lives of two very different individuals, some common ground between the two men? 2. The Way I See It--Seifer stands on the docking bridge back at Balamb, daring to recall his past and his flaws. What goes on in the mind of man whose been exhiled from his community simply for choosing his dream over discipline? 3. Sis--A look in the past at Ellone's abrupt departure from the orphanage and its effects on Squall's life thus far. ( I wanted to add about this idea that the events are completely random and I only write them whenever I feel the urge to write them. Please don't expect an update every week for this particular work, as it's just a free world for me to explore. Does that sound selfish? I hope not...I'm not a selfish person, hehe.)

Fate Wild- A Work In Progress-- A story of two teenagers on opposite sides of a power struggle. Squall has been raised to become the general of Galbadia while Rinoa has lived with her parents in the midst of the oppressive galbadian rule. When a series of unplanned events occur, the truth will break through the facade that is the galbadian empire. Will Squall ultimately betray his father to protect the people who have spent years plotting to destroy his family's power? Even so, what would happen if he knew of his true lineage? Status: Not Active.

D.o.l.l.f.a.c.e.- A Work In Progress-Rinoa is a girl who, after a car accident years ago, is living with a huge scar on the left side of her face. She has managed to live a normal life with her dog, Angelo, despite the scar’s grotesque appearance. One day at work, however, she meets an attractive young man named Squall whose nonchalant attitude will challenge everything she has come to believe about herself, including the truth behind the acquiring of her scar.-- Funny story. I wrote this story about 4 or 5 years ago and had only then begun to start revamping it and uploading it here. It was inspired by Twisted Metal: Black. Here's where it gets crazy, Twisted Metal PS3 eventually came out and featured the character DollFace with a storyline involving her in a car accident! It is totally a coincidence! I am a huge fan of Twisted Metal, but man, that's really weird that my mind somehow synced with its writers there... Oh well. There's a lot of my favorite things invested inside this story, but whatever, it's now rated M, and it's's an emotional rollercoaster. Status: Active.

One Step Closer-Deleted (-.-) -One shot fic I decided to delete, RIP. Anyway, it was mostly my view of each character from the game: Zell, always dedicated but most likely to screw up; Quistis, always despairing about her life; Selphie, always smiling no matter what happens to her; Squall, always proves to be courageous and takes on any problem in his life alone; Irvine, always having the knowledge about his and everyone elses life, but deeply hurting inside as well; Rinoa, always cheerful and dedicated with over flowing determination; and Seifer, always cocky, but knows right from wrong. I blame myself for deleting it...I should've kept it posted for a little longer, that entire story is now lost...drowned in the depths of the Hurricane's fury!...(-.-)

God Bless!

--Random quotes that never get old to me...hehe.

"A Wise Man speaks because he has something to say-A Fool speaks because he Has to say something."

"I've been kidnapped by the village idiot."--

"Who's the bigger idiot? The idiot or the idiot who gets kidnapped by the idiot?"-- Z -Antz

"[Don't be so stiff!] Just let the music move you!" --

"The music moves me, but it moves me ugly." --Wild Hogs

Also, I add to my favorite's list in the story section of my bio, but I wish I could add more. There are so many stories that I really like, but I don't really remember the names of them all!! I'm so sorry!...It's terrible...I know. So check out their works also, but be warned: My list is a little everywhere--as I enjoy many different Genres and pairings at times--Most of what is contained in my faves are comedies anyway, so have a good laugh, I'm sure you'll like them too. Heck, you may have already read them!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Quistis is considered the world expert on all things Blue magic, but she knows very much how little she knows.
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The Meaning of Resistance by Ashbear reviews
AU. When the world forgets you've ever existed, only the memories they shared under the stars remain. After an undercover agent's death, Rinoa becomes a key witness and placed into protective custody. Squall is the FBI agent assigned to her and Seifer the local detective. Rinoa loses everything she finally found. When the trial ends, so begins the new life they've assigned to her.
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 19 - Words: 128,590 - Reviews: 299 - Favs: 55 - Follows: 65 - Updated: 8/28/2013 - Published: 10/19/2012 - Rinoa H., Squall L.
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UPDATE! Everything seems to be going wrong for Selphie when her 'no good, cheating shmuck' of a boyfriend is caught kissing on another. Wanting to get as far away from him as possible, she decides to return to Trabia only to be stopped. *Squalphie* R&R
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 14 - Words: 116,752 - Reviews: 242 - Favs: 115 - Follows: 62 - Updated: 2/29/2012 - Published: 7/22/2003 - Selphie T., Squall L.
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"You don't want to feel what he felt jumping off? You don't want to be at the edge of his dreams and actually hit the reality at the bottom?" Squinoa Post-game oneshot. Minor suggestive adult situation. No lemons, no limes... maybe an orange.
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An indepth retelling of Caim and Angelus' story, based on the first ending, so no giant, flying, maneating, evil demon babies. Starts from the first mission. I'm trying to keep it as accurate as possible and to fill in the game's plot holes. UPDATE!
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After a brief excursion, Ellone finds herself pregnant and without the one who had made it so. This is her reasoning of the situation itself and how she plans to deal with it.
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Crimson Lies by Ashbear reviews
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If Squall knew I wrote this fic, he'd kill me.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

DollFace reviews
Sometimes the scars that are unseen run deeper than those that are exposed for the world to see. I lost myself behind my scar, and if not for him I might not have ever come to know myself. Everyone has at least one scar. The only problem is, I can't find his. Full summary can be found within. Also, summary and rating is subject to change with the story's progression. Squall/Rinoa
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