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Author has written 4 stories for Teen Titans, Final Fantasy X-2, and Totally Spies.

Important: This account is no longer in use or updated. For more stories from this author for the Final Fantasy X-2 fandom (and plenty more), see her new profile listed as her homepage. For more information, see chapter two of "Rikku's Melody by Blitzing for Moogles" or chapter three of "Helpless Alliance." Thank you!

P.S. I just keep this old profile up for kicks. I'm not such a retarded fourteen-year-old anymore. Swearsies.

Well hillow there! This is my page, as you can see, and I am here! Well, I mean I'm not here persay but... y'know what, I think you get it. Anywho, I like... stuff. Wow, I am braindead. Anyway I better go edit the latest chapter of my story. See ya!

Oh my GOD I love reviews! I LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM! (Hugs absolutely everything in sight) I am so HAPPY! Okay, I am gonna be posting SO often, you're gonna be like, "WHOO! What was that!" HAHAHAHAHA! Wow simple pleasures.

I think I'm gonna be depressed a lot less often from now on. (Winky)

Haha my Socials teacher rocks! "Whitney, you ask me that question EVERY class, and if you do it again, I will put you through a WALL!" Of course he was just joking but holy crap it was freaking FUNNY! Well buh bye!

And WHAT does AU mean! I AM SO CONFUSED! No, but seriously, what does it mean?

Name: It's not important

Nicknames: O-Rikku-O, Rave, Raven in Red, Rikku of the Desert

Sex: YES PLEASE! Ha, I kid, female. That joke is sooo overdone, it's not even funny. Unless you're immature, like me! In which case... it is!

Hobbies: Reading, Writing Poetry, Writing Fiction, Manga, Friends, Drawing Anime, Laughing at How Koda Kumi CANNOT Pronounce the 'Th' Sound, Stuff and Junk, Writing Notes to Yunie in Al Bhed (Yuna is my IRL friend, O-Yunie-O, and YES, I HAVE got the entire Al Bhed Alphabet memorized!)

Weight (Because I had to put at least ONE totally unrelated and odd category in here): 115 lbs. YAY! I'm on the road to Skinnyville! Wait, I'm IN Skinnyville. ... SCORE!

Favorite Thing in tha WHOLE WIDE WORLD: Right now? Probably my pink kitty jammies! But my blue ducky ones are a close second. I am so mature it's shocking! Wait, maybe my favorite thing is the fact that I got a lotta lasagna in the house right now... Hmm... nope! I think it's the jammies, yup yup!

Favorite Pairings:

Kyou Uotani (It just fits. But then again...)

Kyou Tohru (So does this. x3)

Tohru Yuki

Hatori ME (I am the BIGGEST Hatori fangirl EVER. SO. SEXY. AND. AWESOME.)

Auron Rikku (SO creepy and yet so cute.)

Gippal Rikku (Gippal is so arrogant and cocky. All the more reason for Rikku to love him! Because she needs... I totally forgot where I was going with this.)

Paine Baralai (Baralai is really sexy in the picture of him, Gippal and Nooj. Where as Gippal just looks really pissed and evil.)

Raven Beast Boy (He's such a sweety!)

Cyborg Jinx (Poor Cyborg almost never gets the girl, but you can totally see the attraction between him and Jinx in the episode "Deception". They went to the dance together! Can you say "Awwwwwwwww"? xD)

Raven Robin (Robin's teh sexx. I want him ever so much.)

Starfire Robin (So meant to be, but makes you wonder... what if Robin really wasn't interested in Starfire? You can see it there, but sometimes, just sometimes, you can see a flicker of more than friendship for Raven. Whoops, there I go being the psycho TT fan again! (sweat))

Kagome Inu Yasha (Kikyo is a bitch. Sorry, but she is. A huge, undead bitch.)

Sango Miroku (Okay, so he's a hentai and a baka, but he's so hot! And they are so meant to be! Even if Miroku DOES overstate the obvious... a LOT. Have you ever noticed that? Whenever something extremely noticeable happens, he explains it. It's really annoying.)

Kitty Pietro (Pietro is also teh sexx. Uh oh, I shouldn't have said that out loud... Robin: That's darn right! I'm sexier! Red: Crap. Crazy paranoid hyper-competitive spiky haired little.. grumble mumble...)

Seymour and an extremely homicidal and rabies infected dog.

Nah, that's not fair to the dog. No, I think it's better when it's...

Seymour and the Bubonic Plague (Yeah, that seems about right. =D. ... Wait, what about the rat that transferred the disease to him? Argh, is there no solution?)

Least Favorite Pairings:

Lance Kitty (Sorry to all you fans, but A) he's and asshole and B) he's an asshole!)

Raven Malchior (See above. Same reason applies. I mean, come on! He wasn't cool! If you're gonna use a stupid pairing, at least use Rorek. That makes a LITTLE more sense! He was the wizard, after all! You crazy crumb muffins, writing about Malchior. Shame shame shame! xD)

Tidus Rikku (It wasn't meant to be. Stop living in the past.)

Kikyo Inu Yasha (Are you INSANE? Kikyo is a lying, cow herding, milk absorbing sponge head! I hate her sooo much!)

Sango Naraku (Okay... what? Just... WHAT?)

Kagura Sesshoumaru (She's evil and really annoying. I would like her to die now, please.)

Homosexual Pairings (Nothing against homosexuals or anything, but it does not FIT with the story!)

Robin Beast Boy (Accidentally read one. I nearly gagged. It was creepy... And then Terra and murders and... urgh... Scarred for life.)

Okay, just one more totally unrelated and odd category? Okay... two? FINE! I'm gonna put 'em in ANYWAY! And y'know why? Because I refuse to be bound by the constraints of conformity!

Favorite Smiley: I got two! xD and t(-.-t) . It's fingering you! BUUUUURN! (I hate that saying!)

Favorite Flavor of Muffin: Choc choc chip!

And just for the hell of it...

Favorite Flavor of Pie: Choc choc chip! Haha, just kidding, it's Apple! But Blueberry Pie DEFINITELY has the coolest name. Just rolls of your tongue... blueberry pie. BLUEberry pie. BlueBERRY pie. Blueberry PIE. BLUEBERRY PIE! Say it with me! BLUEBERRY PIE! There, now doesn't your life feel at least sixty three percent more complete than it did before?

Oh, and Favorite TV Show: Teen Titans! ALL THE WAY!

SEYMOUR CAN DIE! He is SOOO creepy. Ewwwwies! (Does the signature Rikku shoulder shrug)

In The Works

Recollections and Reconnections: Chapter 9 (I think): Rikku returns to the Celsius and Yuna tells her something shocking (but not that shocking. So don't get your hopes up.). But what will happen when Rikku finally expresses the hurt Gippal put her through? Biography of a Summoner, water on the rocks, short circuited brains and an unexpected performance, all comin' up in Chapter 9! Which is currently in editing!
P.S. And a little treat for all my readers in the Author's Note!


Pryde Gone Punk: Chapter 1: Kitty takes Pietro up on a 'challenge' when she feels she's become too generic. But could her change in style attract some changes of hearts? Kietro. Already written the first four chapters just haven't submitted them yet. Finding two of those such chapters a little hollow, with a few plot holes. In the process of fixing them.

Untitled: Chapter 1: It's been eight years since Rikku saw Gippal, the love of her life, with another woman. These years haven't been easy, but now she lives a somewhat peaceful life in Kilika Port at the age of 25. But when a 26 year old Gippal sails into town for a vacation, and finds the one that got away, will he be able to win her over? Or will the pain be too much for her to forget?
Will be PG-13 for mention of attempted suicide.
P.S. What sounds better, Lady Protectress or Lady Protectrix? E-mail me your answers to this question, please!

Untitled: Chapter 1: Co-Written with O-Yunie-O. A veritable hexagon (Nope, not triangle, not even square! Hexagon!) of love, lust, emotion, friendship and mistakes are featured in this story! Set 3 years after the defeat of Vegnagun. Not much to say right now, the story is still in development with Yuna and I, but it will feature: Yuna, Paine, Rikku, Leblanc, Lucil, Elma, Calli, OC Nameless Chick, Shinra, Baralai, Tidus, Gippal, Nooj, Buddy, and Brother! And maybe someone else I forgot.

Pairings are: Baralai X Yuna, Baralai X Paine, Tidus X Yuna, Tidus X Paine, Gippal X Rikku, Nooj X Leblanc, Nooj X Paine, Nooj X Lucil, Buddy X Lucil, Buddy X Elma, Brother X Leblanc, Shinra X OC! Man, that's a lot of pairings! I know it's confusing, but you'll get it soon! I am so excited to be writing this story and am truly privileged! I am greatly indebted to my good friend, Yuna, whom offered my the chance to co-write this story. We promise you a wonderful result, that should be out by the end of the month!


"Oh, stop it, stop it. Look, you can't become a bloody fiscal hermit crab everytime the Nique undergoes a self correction. Asia's market has nowhere to go but up."- Stewie 'Rocketman' Griffin. xD

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