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Name: Something or other.

Favorite Fandoms: DC, DBZ, Ranma 1/2. Halo, Elder Scrolls, and GOT.

About Me: Never got too much into comic books, so anything I write would be based off of movie, tv shows (live action or animated), or games. A bit of a nerd, and although I really only have a few series listed for fandoms, that's just more of the fanfics I enjoy. I like a whole lot more than just those. Everything from high literature like Lord of the Rings to sci-fi like Star Wars, to even comic book based series like Justice League, Young Justice, DBZ (manga is the Japanese version of comics), and a lot in between.

If I write Anything: I hope to finish it, particularly if people enjoy what I write. Because if there's one thing that bugs me is when an interesting story is being told, but hasn't been updated in a year or more. I also prefer to stick more to established storylines and what not than throwing them to the wind and making something up that seems completely out of character for the established characters. I will also do my utmost to keep stories updated regularly, at least as much as possible.

I will say this; I am a very picky reader, both on here and in real life. For instance, if a story has less than 2,000 words a chapter, I won't bother opening it. If the story is slash, filled with out of character moments, character bashing, and/or nerfing, I won't read past that point. If the spelling and grammar are bad to atrocious, I won't read past the first line or so. If the tense is all messed up, well, you get the idea.

And, if people ask nicely, I don't mind helping out with their story. So long as I at least have an idea with their premise, and actually know the series they are using. But, I have a tendency to prefer more light-hearted, humorous stories.

Not really into overly dramatic stories. I prefer ones that have an air of comedy about them, or at least a fair amount of humor in them. But stories that are straight out of soap operas? Don't expect me to read those.

Covers for stories: Yeah, I suck at art. And I don't feel right about taking some random image off the internet. If someone feels like making it, and allowing me to put it for the cover, I'll do that.

Some of my favorite fanfics? Dragon Sagas, by TheDarkPrinceOfSaiyans. Not really recommended for younger readers, but it includes DC, DBZ, Marvel, and several other anime. And the author does a great job in blending the universes in together. Definitely one of the better done original character stories I have seen. Just waiting for the next chapter of his installment is all...

Dragonball DC. So far, an excellent combination of Dragon Ball and the DC world without actually bashing on any characters, which is impressive. As many such crossovers have a bad tendency in doing so, some indirectly, others way to blatantly and often, unnecessarily. So big kudos there.

Dark Lords of Nerima. A combination of Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon. Two old school series that have done a lot of influencing on today's anime/manga. Best of all? It doesn't shit on any of the characters, it keeps the humor of the series, as well as the craziness that often accompanies the Nerima Wrecking Crew. And the characters are actually in character to boot. Most other Ranma fanfics, in general, have a bad tendency to over exaggerate Akane. Often being influenced by other fanfiction and taking that as canon. This story, does none of that.

Just about anything by Vintage Taylor (mainly DBZ). Her stories with Bardock especially capture the spirit of DBZ both in action and comedy. Not to mention the personalities. Walking Towards the Sunset and When the Sun Rose are her takes on the Great Saiyaman Arc, Majin Buu Arc, and DB Super with Bardock thrown in the mix. As well as several side stories, one of which, Bloody Mary, is my favorite. And she includes one of the more humorous fusions I've ever heard of. Who? Read her story and find out.

When I do Stories: Sometimes an idea hits me, and I'll just begin writing it. Whether it's good or bad, I don't know. And sometimes I even upload them here.

I am open to helping people with their stories, to a degree. As a beta? Depends on the story and my own schedule. But I do not, ever, do slash of any sort, and only stories of fandoms I am familiar with. At times, I may ask about adding or revising part of it, but I will only do so if you give your approval. And, while petty sounding, I'd prefer chapters with at least 2,500 words and a decent understanding of spelling and grammar.

Story Status:

Crisis on Earth-Next chapter is started, but temporarily postponed. Came down with a throat infection, that may end up being bronchitis. Trying to keep my thoughts straight enough to write out a chapter right now is about impossible.

Pet Peeves for Fan Fiction:

1. Absolutely hate slash fic. It just completely shatters part of what made the series it was based on so good. Like creating or magnifying traits of a character that were either practically non-existent, or pretty well negligible. Making the character OOC. This is not just aimed at homosexual relationships, but relationships that just comes across as badly out of character. Gay, straight, whatever. For crossovers, I can give some leeway for who a character is paired with, so long as that character's personality lines up with whoever their interest is. But things like Chichi and Piccolo? Piccolo (and Namekians in general) don't even have a concept for romance. Ranma and Kasumi? Nope. Kasumi herself stated she prefers "someone older" (like a certain doctor). Goku and Vegeta? ...Just, just no.

2. OOCness. If a person completely changes the personality of a character or over amplifies a tiny part of their personality just because the author hates that character? Yeah, I do not like that. A big target is Goku's wife Chichi. Many "authors" do this to her to add unneeded drama to an action/humor series. This also ties into #1, a lot. And I mean a lot. It's a big reason why I don't touch slash if I know what it is before hand.

3. Less than 1,000 words per chapter. Nit picky? Maybe. But if a person can't be bothered to put more effort into something they put out, why should I bother putting in my time to read it? It just tells me there is a severe lack of detail, either in the story, characters, or both. And personally, I like chapters with around 3,000 words minimum. I've always been a fast reader, so anything less than say, 2,500 words, I skim over.

4. 99% of Naruto fanfics. Why? Naruto is either some mary sue (worst trope ever), a "harem master" (since when? the guy is incredibly awkward around girls), abused by the village (nope, that never actually happens, not like how most people portray it), or somehow made ridiculously OP for no real reason (the hell's the point in training then?). And that's not even including the scores of ones with horrible grammar and spelling. I'll set this straight: I do not hate the Naruto series. I greatly enjoyed the manga (got fed up with anime fillers). So when I read a story that portrays the character(s) wrongly, I drop it. And that's even if I bother opening it. Harsh? Maybe. But I am a very picky reader.

5. Grammar and Spelling. If English is not your first language, I'll give you a pass. Though at that point, I recommend getting a beta reader to help out. English speakers? After a certain age, simple grammar and spelling should be easy. No excuse. I can overlook a small mistake here or there, but not when it's prevalent throughout the story.

6. Word walls and shoving tons of dialogue together. All too often I see this. I'll suggest to the author how to fix it. Why? Because the potential for a good story could be there. But being jammed together like that makes it SO much harder to read. If I see this, I refuse to read any further until the author actually goes back and fixes it. Nothing against any one author, but I'm not going to read something where everything is mashed together.

7. Excessive and/or unneeded swearing. I'm not saying to take out all swearing or anything like that. Most anime, and indeed, series, have it to one degree or another. But when used as an attempt for "humor", it comes off as low brow and immature. When used by a character to describe another character that in canon, would never say that, ties back into my OOC part.

8. Guest reviewers that only flame/insult a story, chapter after chapter, and can't even offer anything constructive. One of the biggest known ones, goes around from story to story, calling everything "clithe". What's worse, they can't even spell "cliche" correctly after calling countless stories "clithe". They insult the author and the author's story, while calling it "constructive criticism". And never once offer any actual suggestions to the author. Best off either ignoring such reviews entirely, or even deleting them. The only people that will actually care about such "reviews" being deleted, are the little trolls that post them.

DBZ Pet Peeves

1. Soap opera drama shoved into a series where it doesn't exist. Like cheating on spouses, child abuse, etc. None of that EVER happens in DBZ. Shoehorning it in comes across as heavily OOC.

2. Slash. Let me say this; if the characters in a series already show to have bisexual or same sex tendencies in canon, that's fine. But if they have not, and the only proof they have even had sex are their kids (like Goku), then yeah, I'm staying away from slash. I know a lot of people are obsessed with this, but this ties in with OOC. And I don't like OOC.

3. Way out of left field pairings. And some of these are way past borderline disturbing. Something like pairing Goku and Bra. Which is just wrong on so many levels. Or bringing DB Super Goku and pairing him up with another series' teen characters, despite being old enough to be their father.

4. Chichi is abusive. No, she is not. Overprotective? Yeah. Overbearing? Certainly. Abusive? That's about as out of character as calling Goku "Albert Einstein". It just doesn't work. She simply wants her children to grow up to be successful, and not have to scrape by like what she and Goku have had to. One of the better characterizations of her, is in VintageTaylor's "Walking Towards the Sunset" and it's spinoffs. Also a good Bardock series.

5. Shoving power level numbers into a story. Particularly well after the Namek saga. It only comes off as contrived and pointless. And no, there are no canon numbers after Trunks kills both Frieza and King Cold. Just fan speculation, at the best.

Ranma 1/2 Pet Peeves

1. Making Akane into a monster. A common misconception, is that Akane often beats Ranma for no reason. This generally derives from fan fictions borrowing from older fan fictions. In canon, Akane only hits Ranma when the guy goes too far in words or action. And truth be told, she's actually a lot better than a lot of other female characters in similar situations. She actually has character growth.

2. Making Ranma into some saint/gary stu. Ranma is not the perfect guy. He's rude, crass, loves insulting people, loves pissing people off, exploits people's weaknesses, and can say and do some pretty hurtful things. And after this is pointed out to him, he'll, in his own way, try and apologize. He's been called the "Jerk with a heart of gold", which fits him.

3. Ranma is uber powerful. He is not. At least, not like what people make him out to be. He's strong, but there are those stronger. Claymade actually has a pretty good setting for this; in that Ranma is about speed and agility, Ryouga is about power and tanking hits, and Mousse is about range and sneak attacks.

Series Advice:

1. For crossovers, my best advice, is to do ones where characters aren't completely out of their depth. IE, taking say, Jaime Lannister of Game of Thrones, and tossing him onto the Normandy of Mass Effect. That just doesn't work. However, mixing say, Game of Thrones with Lord of the Rings, can work. Or with Elder Scrolls. A good example is Hear Me Roar: The Lannisters in the War of the Ring. Or DBZ mixing with DC/Marvel, because few other series out there, period, come close to the kind of action that DBZ has. Yet the technology and powers will allow them to blend in without becoming background characters.

2. Never make a Mary Sue/Gary Stu character (i.e., the perfect character), because they're boring and you already know they won't really face any actual dilemmas. Let alone, grow as a character. This is a BIG trap people fall into when they create original characters.

2. A. A good example of a canonical character that is not a Mary Sue type, is Son Goku. Aside from fighting, he's a country bumpkin. He knows little else. He cares for his family, but love for fighting comes first, even over common sense. Formalities are practically a foreign language to him. And romance is practically a foreign concept to him.

3. Avoid self-inserts, as this too ties into the Mary Sue/Gary Stu problem.

4. When using characters from the canon series, and thinking about their interactions, think about what they would say and how they would react in canon. If you cannot see the canon version of the character being like that, then that will simply come off as OOC. If need be, go back and re-watch the series, and pick up on the things the character says, and how they say them.

5. Avoid character bashing. You may really not like a character, and that's fine, but many fans of the series may like that character. If you don't like them, avoid using them. Simple as that.

6. Love-at-first-sight tropes are another thing that should be avoided. And I see them rather often in cross-over series like Sailor Moon with others. I'm not even sure how that happened, as even in Sailor Moon anime, that doesn't happen (I know that much!). Unless this is taken from some sappy romance series, like Twilight (don't get me started there), I strongly urge against this. It takes away from character build-up AND story content for the writer.

7. Dialogue should ALWAYS be it's own paragraph. Each person's dialogue goes into its own paragraph, and not into the previous one that is a third person thought on whatever is happening. Keeping dialogue separate makes reading it SO much easier. This is basic grammar for a reason.

8. Paragraphs are your friend. Don't do word walls, which ties into my previous point. You never really want a paragraph more than 5-6 lines. Otherwise, the sentences and lines tend to blur together.

9. I urge people to use Word Documents, because it helps with spelling and grammar immensely. It won't catch everything, but it will catch a lot of things.

10. Unless it's over one thousand, spell out numbers in near everything. Rather than "Super Saiyan 2," put "Super Saiyan Two." That's just proper grammar.

11. Unless part of the canonical story (one of them, if doing a crossover), do not do harems. Why? It breaks the characters. And, honestly, tends to just be someone's wet dream written down. I see this all too often with characters like Harry Potter (who couldn't bring himself to ask Cho Chang to the dance because she was always with friends) and Naruto (who had a thing for Sakura, but was pretty awkward around girls himself). Often times, these take place in series that don't have any sort of harem in them. So, if doing a pairing of some sort, avoid harems. And seeing characters like Goku get harems, when he guy's only proof of anything sexual are Gohan and Goten, I avoid.

12. Not as bad as others, but still a pet peeve of mine, is when a character from one series, essentially steals the main lead from another character of another series. Or even completely replaces that character. There was one I came across a while back, that while it was actually really well done, I just couldn't get into it. This is more a personal than a general one. Still, half the time this happens, the new character, often acts exactly like the one they replace, negating any point in doing this. Rather, if the two main protagonists did a little switch-a-roo thing, that would be fine. Or one comes along for the ride with the other (so long as they have an impact), is fine too. But one stealing the storyline from the other, just comes off as wrong to me.

Challenges: These are ideas that swim in my head, but I don't know if I could ever really do for one reason or another. If you take one up, shoot me a pm with your story. However, I expect a few things from it.

A. At least 2,500 words a chapter.

B. Proper spelling and grammar. I can overlook a misspelled word or two, but not the entire chapter.

C. No word walls or cramming dialogue into non-dialogue paragraphs. Each person's own dialogue should be it's own paragraph.

D. No 1st POV stories.

E. No Gary Stu/Mary Sue characters.


1. Crossover with DBZ and Sailor Moon.

The Future Warrior (MC of Dragon Ball Xenoverse) gets sent back home for some vacation time after being gone for several years. His home? Another Earth (yes, a human character). Juuban of Minato Ward in Tokyo, Japan. His reason? To check on his old friend and student Haruka Tenoh, whom he had taught how to fight when they were both younger. FW has Unlocked Potential, rather than Kaioken. PM me for further details on overall story if interested.

Reason for not doing it myself- knowledge of Sailor Moon is pretty well based on fanfics. I did a oneshot somewhat based on this, but would love to see one fleshed out. Just don't make it all "ooh, lovey dovey" and "love at first sight". Comedy, action, and a bit of romance would be my guidelines for this one.

2. Crossover between DBZ (really Super, but that category doesn't exist yet), Justice League (and maybe Avengers)

Trunks and Goten decide to give the Super Dragon Balls a go. Their wish? For their universe to have more strong people in it. The result? Their Earth and Justice League's Earth get magically merged. Along with the rest of their respective universes. Please include the Time Patrol and Future Trunks.

Reason for not doing it myself- I'd rather it be a non-DCAU. Not New 52 (breaking too many characters and their backstories for my liking), strictly at least. A combination or Alternate Universe is fine. Sadly, I know little beyond fanfics and the DCAU. Plus, I already have a Justice League story going. And, I may not have too much in the way of a plot thought out.

3. Crossover beteen Ranma 1/2 and Legend of Korra.

No real synopsis, but I think such a thing would be interesting. Two popular series (despite a TON of misconceptions in Ranma 1/2) that don't have a real crossover. And Ranma 1/2 has plenty of weird ways for it too happen. All I ask, is that the characters remain in character. In other words, say, if the story focuses on Ranma and Korra, it would be interesting to see a clash between two arrogant and cocky protagonists. And Ranma loves pissing people off.

4. Crossover between Saints Row and Star Wars

After the inevitable destruction of Earth, the Boss, his gang, and the Earthling the Zin Empire had taken, come across the Star Wars Galaxy, in the middle of the Clone Wars. Never one to pass up an opportunity, the Boss (male) conquers the Outer Rim, dethroning the Hutts and establishing a power base. Rather than ruling through fear, he rules through loyalty. And thus, a third power throws itself into the fray.

Been a longtime fan of Saints Row (since the first one), and with the ending of SR4, I figured this would be one way to continue it. Possible pairing of Boss (whatever name a person wants) with Shaundi (not required). Just not overly familiar with the Star Wars universe beyond the movies. But along with the Zin forces now under his control, there will also be a number of other humans that were kept in stasis by Zinyak. Being a SR crossover, it needs humor and crazy shit happening.

5. HTTYD, Frozen, Tangled, and maybe Brave Crossover

Canon pairings. But the cast of these four are called together for a big meeting as representatives of their respective peoples. Why is there a meeting? Don't know. Trade maybe? Overall feel of the story? Light-hearted, comedic. Maybe pair-off Snotlout with Elsa or Merida. Why? Like I said, comedy. That's about all I got for this story.

6. Skyrim/Dragon Age Crossover

The Dragonborn has defeated Miraak, but, Hermaeus Mora has other plans for him. With nearly all knowledge of Nirn at his fingertips (so to speak), the Daedric Prince orders the Dragonborn to collect new information from another world.

This one would be a long-haul story, beginning with the Dragonborn meeting up with the Hero of Fereldan in or around Lothering. No Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guid, or Volkihar background. Of the races, one of the races of men (preferably), or a Wood Elf/Bosmer. Hero of Fereldan to preferably either be the Cousland boy, or male mage. Pairings would be Dragonborn with Leliana (afterwords, assists her in her travels for the chantry, and serves as her "bodyguard" if raised in Inquisition), and Hero of Fereldan with Morrigan.

The Dragonborn stamps a book with a special seal given to him by the Daedric Prince. Loyalty Quest for Dragonborn should involve either Dragons, or an outbreak of Dremora Lords. Weapons and armor should be reasonable, not over powered (yeah, I know, just trying to level the playing field). Dragonborn tries to keep his Thu'um under wraps until the Loyalty Mission, with Hero of Fereldan and Leliana join him.

7. Lobo/Deadpool Crossover

You have two insane psychopaths that break the fourth wall. Both with crazy regenerative abilities. And Lobo is one person that not even Deadpool can kill (being banned from the afterlife). It wouldn't be Lobo's first crossover with another crazy guy (he crossed over with The Mask). Just an adventure/dark comedy series with the two going at it half the time, and going after whoever (writer's choice). Deadpool can try his usual "flirt" things with Lobo, if the author wants, but the Main Man just punches him/stabs him in response.

8. Dragon Ball and Ranma 1/2 crossover

Yeah, regular Dragon Ball. With kid Goku. The premise? The NWC take a shot at the World Martial Art's Tournament. Either the first or second one of the series. Combined world, with Goku and friends coming over from China and the NWC from Japan to meet on the fictional island of Papaya Island. Of course, shenanigans ensue. If it takes place during the first one, have Goku try and figure out the NWC's genders in typical Goku fashion. Double points for both versions of Ranma. Of course, Goku does stop by Nerima to visit them afterward, in search of the Dragon Balls. Shenron cannot remove the curses, as they derive from another source of magic.

Humor, mainly. Of course with action, but FanFiction doesn't have that genre.

9. DBZ and InuYasha crossover.

No, this isn't some Mary Sue Kagome. But rather, an alternate story, where her cousin on her father's side comes to visit. And little Goten just loves to play with strong opponents. Particularly, a certain half-dog demon. Takes place before Buu Saga, and gives Goten the ability to turn Super Saiyan, but can't fly. Pairings can be canon. Just remember that Goten is about 7 at this point in time. Kagome would be a bit protective of him, but would come to realize he can hold his own against a lot of demons. And finds out her aunt Chichi (it is an alternate universe) married an alien. Needs humor/adventure.

10. Supergirl (TV series) and DBZ

To be more specific, with Future Trunks. No, I'm not against Trunks x Mai, as I kind of like the dynamic sown between them. This though, is a cross over. Takes place after episode 18 of Supergirl with the introduction of the Multiverse. Trunks' time machine, due to age, unseen damage, whatever, ends up in Supergirl's Earth. Humans of this Earth (and other races) are not able to harness Ki, unless they have Saiyan blood. If there is a pairing, that's fine. But the overarching theme, is that Trunks takes a much harsher stance on hostile aliens, thanks to his own experiences. In essence, he kills them as soon as he can. Naturally, this would put him at odds with Supergirl and company. But, like how Supergirl does the glasses/nerd thing, Trunks does the Super Saiyan thing. Eventual allying with one another, certainly.

Depending on what happens with Flash season 3, could even do a whole retcon within the story to more lineup with how things happen. But one line must be said with Trunks' first scene upon seeing the city; "Now where am I?"

Adventure/humor. Romance is up to the author.

11. DBZ and Supergirl

No, not with Future Trunks. Rather, with Supergirl really going into the whole "alien" thing, a Saiyan bounty hunter (canon or original character) lands on Earth searching for a rogue White Martian. The main thing about the character, is that he is generally antagonistic towards Supergirl and friends. And since this is an alternate universe, the Saiyans are still the cruel, brutal warriors of canon DBZ, but no Frieza. They are not so quick to simply annihilate planets though. And Warriors, which the Saiyan in this story is, can go Super Saiyan. And of course, they have scouters which like in canon, act as communicators, but can also identify various races. Even Martians.

Down the line, the Saiyan isn't as antagonistic towards the group, but does become something of a troll to them. And, at best, only becomes an anti-hero if the author feels they must progress the character. I'll admit, I am contemplating doing this myself, but not sure if I can get around to it.

Note to self; look up someone that knows Sailor Moon fairly well for possible collaboration story that is crossover. Not smut/overly sappy stuff, needs humor. No out of character stuff either. Why? Too many ideas, not enough actual knowledge of series (anime or manga).

Remember, if interested, shoot me a PM about the story you're interested in. I do have a few guidelines and plot points for each, but would overall, give the one who adopts them control over the story. If you want my input, at least on a character that you are unfamiliar with, I'd be happy to help.

Rootaba- A Saiyan that had been sent to conquer Krypton, but had been overwhelmed by the planet's technologically advanced ships and weaponry. Taken prisoner, and later ended up with Alura Zor-el, sister of Jor-el. Later became the father of Kara Zor-el.

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