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Author has written 6 stories for Card Captor Sakura, and Digimon.

My LiveJournal

A sketch/drabble dump, along with personal (but not too personal) rantings and such.

My DeviantArt

Artwork, mostly old at this point.

Want to contact me? My e-mail can be found here on my profile, and my AIM is misstakin22. I'm wonderfully imaginitive with my screennames, as you can see.

04/26/08 - I'm still alive, I promise. I've been extremely busy with school work (April/May tend to be my worst months of the year), so bear with me.

In contrast to that, I've joined an LJ pan-fandom RPG called Discedo. It's a whole lot of fun, and if you go there looking for me, I'm playing Sheik from Legend of Zelda. I figure it's excercising my writing muscles in the very little spare time I have, and it's just a whole bunch of fun.

Story: Fairytales Unlimited - 12/24/07 - (Digimon Adventure 02, AU, in-progress)

Progress: 2,216 words written of Day 3, Part II: Revelations as of 04/13/08. There's just one scene left in this one, but I'm not going to post it until the edited chapters are up.

Summary: The short tale of two knights, a kidnapped princess, an unhappily betrothed couple, two indecisive dukes, and the scandalous side-stories of kitchen maids and squires for your entertainment. Presenting, Fairytales Unlimited.

Rating: T (for a few mild sexual references and language)

Notes: Yet another forum generated idea. This time it was the "Favorite Couples...All Couples Accepted!" thread in the Digital Connections forum. We were talking about the old damsel in distress is saved by knight in shining armor storyline and I came up with this little gem, in which two knights are competing to be the princess's savior, and the princess actually knows what she's doing. Lot's of fun ensues. I think this will be a relatively short piece, so try not to hold your breath for a long adventure.

Story: Sibling Rivalry - 12/19/07 - (Digimon Adventure 02, in-progress)

Progress: 1,110 words of Chapter 6 written as of 05/10/08. PROGRESS :O

Summary: Siblings will always fight, but this rivalry's about to get a little more personal.

Rating: T (for various sexual references and Taichi's potty mouth)

Notes/Extra Information: This is just a fun thing I decided to do after a conversation that took place in the Daikari vs. Takari thread in the Digimon 02: The Clash of Love forum. I was discussing how I would like to see Hikari with Yamato, and GuitarDude215 mentioned that Yamato would probably be eyeing Taichi instead. So, as much as I hate to see people fighting over Yamato, I thought it would be funny to pit Hikari and Taichi against each other for his love. So far it has amused me greatly. I hope you enjoy it.

Digimon Pairings Fanfiction Challenge

This challenge has ended for me at least. I ran out of time and couldn't complete the 4th, 5th and 6th pairings and now it seems that the whole challenge is off. I hope you enjoy the three one-shots I did write and I hope to be able to participate in more challenges when I have the time.

1. Patamon/Tailmon (01/10/07) - A Night Out: Tailmon's bored, and Patamon's got his heart set on cheering her up. A/N: I'm not incredibly proud of this, just because it's pure fluff and I usually like to watch characters squirm in embarrassment... but I still like it enough to keep it here for a while.

2. Yamato/Jun (01/30/07) - Coffee is for Mornings: Yamato and Jun meet up in a cafe and find out that the perceptions they had of each other weren't quite accurate at all. A/N: I am officially in love with Yamato/Jun. I didn't think it would flow this easily, but here it is, and I'm rather proud. I know it isn't my best, but still I am proud.

3. Daisuke/Takeru (02/27/07) - If Looks Could Kill: Daisuke finds himself in a horribly cliched situation, and can only find one way to get out of it. A/N: My first attempt at shounen-ai, and I like it. I've always liked shounen-ai, but I never bothered to write it until this story and although there are patches that can be fixed up, I think I got the job done at least.

Story: Digital Boarding School - deleted on 02/05/08 -

This was a generic high school story. If you seriously liked it enough, go ahead and contact me and I will go so far to send you the story up until the point at which I stopped writing, but I really disliked the way it was going and it will not be continued.

Story: Powers of the Moon and Stars - 06/13/05 - (Card Captor Sakura/Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, haitus)

Recently I've been having some inspiration as to how to go about rewriting this... so I do think I'll be rewriting. Not very soon, but it'll happen one day.

Progress: Indefinite haitus.

Full Summary: When a new power threatens the Sailor Senshi, 16-year-old Card Captor Sakura senses the power and comes to help. Suspicions arise, and the Senshi are reluctant to join forces with Sakura and her friends. But a teammate is taken, and they are forced to band together and save them, and that begins the alliance of the Moon and Stars

Rating: K+ (language, minor violence...?)

Extra Information:

Art: A picture of Aiko is here . It's in my own style rather than Sailor Moon or CCS, but I'm rather proud of it.

Unpublished Works

Most of the stuff I write from now on I will try and finish before posting here. I find, though it doesn't make much sense, that I somehow lose the inspiration to finish stories once they're up, so for all of our sakes, that's how it's going to be. If you're actually interested in any of these, you can check the progress underneath the title and I will try and give a percentage of how much of the story's been written.

Story: Untitled - Digimon Adventure 02 (in-progress)

Progress: 13,722 words written. I think I might be about half way through.

Full Summary: Breaking Taichi out of jail was only the beginning. After 25 years, the Chosen Children find themselves thrown back into another adventure that will decide the future of both worlds once and for all.

Rating: T (language)

Notes: Although it has been very difficult, I have come up with names for all of the kids that appeared in the epilogue. Once the story gets posted, I will post the names and their meanings here as they come up.

Story: A Black History - Harry Potter (in-progress)

Summary: "You want to be great," the Sorting Hat said. The little girl's confident smile widened as her eyes slid over the students, her audience. "Greater than great."

Notes: This story will follow the lives of those in the generation preceding Harry Potter and his friends, but I'm not limiting it to the Marauders. In the beginning it will center mostly around Bellatrix Lestrange (who has quickly become one of my favorite characters - blame this site) in her school days and the Death Eaters she went to school with - including Snape - and from there it will work in other characters from that time period.

I don't see this story starting up very soon, but I do plan to write it. Just sit tight if you're actually looking forward to this at all.

Story: Digimon Warriors - Digimon Adventure 02/Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (in-progress)

Progress: 7,617 words written. I've hardly introduced the main plot yet, so I'd say maybe twenty percent finished.

Summary: Obsession. There was no other word for it. They were so close and yet so far away, until now.

Notes: This is, for some reason, pretty Takeru-centric. I got a PM asking if I would write a Digimon/Sailor Moon crossover, and although I really couldn't predict anything at the time, I got all of these ideas for one and all of them involved Takeru. So, anyway, this is a fun crossover and will contain straight, shounen-ai and shoujo-ai couples.

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