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Author has written 3 stories for Inuyasha.

name:Rose (i changed my penname but at times i will still refer to myself a kitsune for i am one a heart) sappy yes i know!
age: 16
sex: female
eye color: brown/blackI don't know
hair color: black
location: -looks around and frowns- "I have no clue where I am right now, can someone find me?"
preference: girls boys are jackass's and to all that have a problum gay people deal with it or go away.

WARNING: Most of this will not make any sense at all and will be completely random at times. Also, my spelling isn't all that great so please dont bash; I have all my stories beta read so they won't be as bad as this. (Miss -tress- Kitty: Kitty has fixed typos, grammar,and spelling errors in her stories; so have no fear, Super Spelling Bitch is here!)

Hum...anything I want to tell you...I like swords and sharp, shiny objects I also like wolves and foxes. Love their ears; I wish I could have ears like them. That would be so cool to have ears that could hear like that and that could move

I also like wings. It would be cool to fly outside of an airplane; they're evilI swear

I think thatI should tell you more about me let's see...I like anime, books, dragons, vamps, and...dark places.I really don't like light; it hurts my eyes and I'm not just playing vampireI really am kinda light sensitive. I like to chat online and go on Giaia i thinks thats it but i really dont know my Avitar looks like Sesshoumaru but with a cat tail and black claws ew! i just remembered i love the color black and blue and green and red and silver yes i love black and silver the most or black and red.

my fav. animes and there pairings:
WARNING:lot of girl/girl pairings don't like it I don't really care
Sesshoumaru: "what do you think you are doing Rin will not be falling for that little kitsune this Sesshoumaru will not stand for it."
stands in her chair and yells vary loud "I DIDNT SAY SHE WAS I SAYED(sorry for the bad grammer but i wared you)that i would like it if they would so shut up you pompus puppy! um...ou oh runs away vary fast with her demon speed
Sesshoumaru: glares in kitsune direction"will kill her when she retuns to finish her profile."
sits in Kitsunes chair and plays on her gameboy

hours later...

Rose:looks around the door then walk in and finds her gameboy crushed on the floor she then falls to her knees and starts crying"Sesshoumaru finally left but"sob...hic...sob "he broke my gameboy" sob..sniffle..hic "i guess i shouldnt call him names anymore...anyway back to the pairings"picks up broken pieces and walkes to the store pulles out a 20$ and buys aused gameboy and throwes a
Yu-Gi-Oh gamein and starts playing "shut up im adicted and cant help it!"

Harry Potter:
Hermione/Tom Riddle

"hey why am i set up with all the bad boys? and Ginny?"
Rose: "cu'z bad boys turn good girls on. and cu'z bad boys get good girls to do kinky things".
Hermione: "a little horny are we today?"
Rose: "shut up" walks away darging Draco behind her
Hermione:"Hey he was supost to be mine!"runs off after Kitsune

Seventh Tower:
Chrono Cross:
Legend of Dragoon:
for some reason i don't like Anzu/Serenity an much as Anzu/Mai
Yu Yu Hakusho:
Witch Hunter Robin:
Tenchi Muyo:
Rurouni Kenshin:
how could i forget the
Teen Titenes
Raven/OC(CrowDrool!) if i get the TTstory up then you'll all know what i'm talking about


"ok i could keep going but i'm bored with this so i think that i'll see whats up with the Inu-gang"
walks to the closet and looks in"well i see that Miroku is dead or almost and Kagome and Sango are doing um..stuff with Fluffy-sama in a corner."frownes looks around in the closet kicks Miroku and finds Inuyasha a foot in the ground
"maybe locking them in a closet alone for three hours wasn't the smartest thing to do. wheres Shippo?"
looks in the kitchen and finds him eating all the ice cream
"Hey thats my ice cream!"
Shippo: I got another spoon wanta share?
Rose: aww how can i stay mad at you? give me that spoon befor you eat all the strawberry.

for anyone who cares i'll have other stuff up soon alot of stuff will be about the Inuyasha group and maybe some Teen Titen

working on:
Banishment-Teen Titen (Raven/OC, Star/Robin) not starterd yet
Lost Memories-Inuyasha(Kagome/Sango) on hold till some one reads it

pleaes someone read and review. Iv'e only got three reviews and if no ones going to read i dont think i'll do a next chapter sorry to Fantastical Queen Ebony Black if I drop this story. T_T
A Lone Wolfs Pain-Inuyasha(Sango/Kouga)ch2 up as soon a kitty finishes bata reads it

stupid computer its got a vires and eavry thing is geting erased so the stupid thing is going to the people that can fix it and i wont update till i get it back unless Miss-tress-Kitty gets a hold of me then im in troble...hi kitty why you got that hammer for?...kitty...please don't hit me HELP ANYONE HELP!

“I learned that it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is only to be expected from those who are strong.”
-Leo Rosten

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
-Ursula K. Le Guin

“The way back home is always long, but if you’re close to me; I’m holding on…”
-i dont know but i got if from a story by Foxterrit was really good.

i like Quots they give you so much insight sometimes

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Kagome, who was abandoned as a baby by her Youkai mother, is a Neko Hanyou Miko. She was raised by Keade and trained in the arts of a Miko. She is the new gaurdian of the Shikon no Tama and on a quest to find herself. Discontinue
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AU:Inuyasha very OOC. Alone in the dark, Kagome struggles to find her past. Along the way, she loses old friends, but gains new ones. And the girl with the honeybrown eyes and sweet smile helps Kagome find that not all is dark in the world. KagomeSango
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