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Author has written 2 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Mega Man.

Hello, I am the Used, and Fallen. I am new to this web site but I am not new to writing. I have recently posted my first fic entittled: Broken. I mostly like to write dark fics with romance.

About me:
Penname: The Used and Fallen
Age: I'm a 17 year old missunderstood girl.
Sex: Female
Info: I like SoraKairi fics, and thats really the only pairings I really like.I also enjoy RikuYuffie. RikuNamine, ChaudxLan or better known as NettoxEnzan (from Mega Man). LysergxHao, LysergxRen. (From Shaman King.)
Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 10. Devil May Cry and a little of Mortal Kombat.

Broken: AU. Pairings: SoraKairi, CloudAerith, LeonRinoa (a little), and YuffieRiku.
Stats: First chapter already posted.
Future Fics:
Spoken For-AU. High school fic. Dark. Romance. Drama. Kairi is a goth who has never spoken due to shock from a car accident. Sora is a jock, a ladies man who is too out spoken. When dared to ask out the young goth Sora doesn't know how much she will change his life.
"When I turned world was shut from all that was good and warm. Reality is nothing but a slap on the head...people are born, they mate, and they die. For only God knows why this cycle goes on and on...he is nothing to me. I was born alone...and possibly die alone. When my parents died...that was the day my soul truely died. My eyes burned from the wet tears that spilled down my cheeks, my nose reddened from the hard and cold tissues, my throat felt as if someone had wrapped around their cold and long hands around it. was the day I died. It was the day I'd never smile ever again. It was the day...that I started to hate."
Furture Mega Man Fic: NettoxEnzan. Yaoi. One-shot Summary: Enzan goes out to tell Netto how he really feels only to see him with Meiru. Rated M for sexual content/lime in first chapter and later lemons.
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