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Hmm...the basics. I'm 18, my birthday is April 28th, I love to read, and write stories, and I am an aspiring film actress with theater experience. I love writing fan fiction because it is a way to take my favorite characters from books and movies and put my own spin on it, or in the case of my first fan fiction, the way I wish things would have been. I'd like to start working on my sequel to that one, "Where Angels Tread" again, but unfortunately, I haven't had any inspiration for that one in a while. One can always hope, however.

I've got a few ideas for future fan fictions--we'll see how those turn out. :)

My Phantom fics are basically ALW verse, although those who have read "Anywhere You Go" know that I tend to sprinkle little Leroux tributes for good measure. Once I read Susan Kay's elusive version, perhaps she'll find her way into my Phantom fiction. The reason for this is simply that I read Leroux after seeing ALW, and so the images of ALW are what always enter my mind when I think of Phantom.

Besides, I like Gerard Butler and that nifty half-mask better than a full mask and rotted face.

So sue me.

Regardless of what I'm writing, I always seem to gravitate towards two things:

1. Angsty melodrama
2. Romance (fluffy or hot, sometimes both. Read Ch 12 of "Anywhere You Go" if you don't believe me. Mixture of the two)

These always seem to work their way into my writings somehow. I'm also a sucker for accurate historical fiction, so you'll find that in my fan-fics I try to stay true to my source.

WIP (Works In Progress)

"William the Young": Braveheart, rated PG-13 for medieval violence/warfare and sensuality. A sequel to the 1995 movie. Probably will not begin posting until "Anywhere You Go" is finished. Title subject to change.

FW (Finished Works)

"My Immortal": The Phantom of the Opera, rated PG-13 for sensuality. ALW verse. One-shot fic based off of the song by Evanescence.

"Anywhere You Go": The Phantom of the Opera, rated PG-13 for violence, sensuality and brief language. Contains at least one R-rated chapter that does not hamper the reading of the story if skipped. ALW verse with Leroux tributes. Alternate ending to 2004 movie and beyond. Updated regularly (every few days or so, except for odd exceptions when research is necessary. Completed 08-02-2005.

As far as recommendations go, the best stories I've read to date are:

Demons, by Wandering Child


Sojourn, by Aathiya Lia

Both Phantom fictions, and excellent reads.

Feel free to email me if you have questions, comments, or just anything in general you'd like to talk about.


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