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Author has written 12 stories for Lost, General Hospital, and Maximum Ride.

Hello everyone! I’m so glad you decided to check out my profile for whatever reason. My name is Ashley and I am currently nineteen years old. I have written a bunch of fanfics, most of them are Maximum Ride fics, cuz I luv MR with a passion! A lot of people tell me I write like JP, which is the greatest compliment you could possibly give me. Seriously, the man is a mastermind.

I recommend going to the Maximum Ride board and reading the fics there, because there are some AMAZING ones there for you to read. And the people there are so awesome with the constructive criticism. It's a great place to meet friends with the same interests as you, I've made tons of friends there. Just come check it out! You won't be disappointed, I promise.

I am currently writing a book in hopes of getting it published. I am planning on being a writer and will be striving to be an English teacher at least until I get a book published. I’ll probably continue teaching even after that because I love kids (cliche but true). I know it is completely unlikely that I will get published, but I’m up for the challenge. Cross your fingers!

For those of you that are curious, here is a picture of me... http:///HoboPajamas/ashleyash1.jpg

Feel free to visit my MYSPACE, leave me a comment, add me as a friend... I'm serious, I'd love to hear from ya guys!http:///ashleyannhead


Prisoner- Prisoner is basically an MR3 with action to a ridiculous amount. I'm serious, they go through SO much, it's almost ridiculous. I originally posted in on the Maximum Ride board with no intention of posting it here, but when it got such a HUGE response I decided to post it. The Prisoner thread on the Maximum Ride board is by far the largest on the whole board. It was amazing to see it become so popular. (Won an award for best drama!)

Relapse- Relapse is a short (25 chaps) sequel to Prisoner. In it Max and Fang learn they have a daughter! That alone makes it worth the read! I promise you won't be disappointed with this story. Just remember to read Prisoner first (all 3 parts = 100 chaps)!

The Sickness- The Sickness was a story that came to me one day and I was like 'I have to make this a story or I'm going to regret it'. And I would have. The Sickness became a popular one on the board, especially since my name was already associated with Prisoner. It is about the whitecoats creating a virus to kill all the mutants, erasers and all. It has new winged kids with special powers too!

Coincide- It became quite the hit! It is my highest reviewed story and the stats are the highest of any story I've ever written. All I can say for this one is... drama and romance (fax) are going to be the biggest part of the story. And I take writing fan fics very seriously, they'll stay in character to the best of my ability.

My Secret- I stepped out of my comfort zone with this one. So far, the response to this story is really great. At first, no one seemed to be reviewing, but now the response is more than what I expected it to be. I realize people are probably bored with this plot, but that is the exact reason I wrote this story. I wanted people to see how much potential this plot-line has. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the drama and relieving add ins of faxness. Give it a shot, please.
(SPOILER: If Max has a girl the name will be Ava Iowa Ride and if she has a boy he will be named Talon Iowa Ride.)

I have other stories that are Lost and GH fics, but they're just my first attempts at fanfics. They're decent, but my Maximum Ride fics blow them away.

Pointers/ Author Insight:

There are lots of things that a Maximum Ride fanfic writer should think of when writing their stories. Here are some things I do and things I avoid to keep my fics realistic and keep the characters in character.

1. If you are going to write an MR4... Max and Fang were still very separated at the end of the book. Having them admit their love for one another in chapter two by the fire is not realistic. They need to talk things out or go through a life changing experience or something.

2. A lot of people have the flock stay in hotel rooms in their stories. I do. So let it be known that Max would never split the flock up into seperate hotel rooms and NEVER share a bed with Fang.

3. The flock doesn't cuss. Max prohibits it, so having them throw out vulgar language is just gonna disrupt the flow of the story.

4. When writing Max, simply use a lot of sarcasm. The girl is 95 percent sarcastic. She uses cliches too, so don't be afraid to throw them in.


Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Nickleback, Papa Roach, Holly Brook, Crossfade, Muse, Finger Eleven, A Perfect Circle, My Chemical Romance, Carrie Underwood, Blake Lewis, Sevendust, Daughtry, Avenged Sevenfold, Yellowcard, Hinder, 12 Stones, Paramore, Daughtry

Favorite T.V. Shows



Prison Break

Lost (before it killed off Charlie)


The Office

American Gladiators

I will put the books I read back on here. I'm gonna do alphabetical order so I can keep track of them better.

I always write the same kind of fics. They’ll center around a pairing that I love and that pairing will suffer through some very dramatic and challenging times. But they ALWAYS make it through. I’m a sucker for happy endings.


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Max and Fang find comfort in each other one night, two months later Max realizes she is pregnant. Basically, this story is a totally fresh look on an overdone plot. You'll love it. Rating to be safe.
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The sequel to Prisoner. Read it before starting this story. Faxness.
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The flock has gone three months without being attacked, but then everything comes crashing down and all sense of safety is lost. They find their lives are in more danger than ever before. THERE WILL BE FAXNESS!
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Continues the story of Prisoner. Has Faxness.
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My version of MR3, packed with drama, suspense, and romance. Rating is just to be safe. FAXNESS will be included and will play a pretty big role in the story!NEXT TWENTY CHAPTERS WILL BE POSTED UNDER PRISONER PART 2!
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This takes place after the season finale, therefor has spoilers for Exodus 2 and 3. Charlie and Claire are perfect for each other, so I'll just leave it at that.
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Claire is Back without her memories of the crash. Can Charlie help her see what they once had?
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